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Peoria, ILL

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We are possibly moving to Peoria at the beginning of this Summer. We are visiting at the end of December and would like to drive by some places to live. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some good suggestions for rental townhomes or duplexes. We are home owners now, but will most likely rent for a while in Peoria. I've looked at Craigslist, but we aren't really finding what we're looking for.  As well, we will have a 1st Grader and 3rd Grader next year so we're looking for good school suggestions. It seems, from research that I've done on this forum, that schools in the 61614 area are most suggested.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks

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We just moved from Peoria. I grew up in Chillicothe (20 minutes North of Peoria), but moved away when I went to college. When my husband and I married we moved back to Peoria. The 61614 zip code is probably a good way to search. Finding decent rentals are hard to find. We relied on Craigslist and word of mouth. The schools in Peoria are notoriously horrible, which is why lots of families homeschool. There are lots of homeschool co-ops as well. We preferred to stay north of War Memorial and West of Knoxville, though there are some pockets that are desirable outside of that grid. Dunlap, Chillicothe and Morton are great school districts. Dunlap has better rental options and it's very close to shopping and food. I'll try to check back if you have more questions. Is Caterpillar relocating you?
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I'm in the 61614 zip code, but my kids aren't school age yet. I did pick this house with school districts in mind. I know there are some nice apartment/townhomes near the Rock Island Trail out this way. Maybe call a realtor? You'd be looking at places in district for Kellar grade school. The middle school is Lindbergh. I like this area a lot.

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Thanks so much for the info. We are not relocating with Cat.  If I have more questions, I'll post. I so appreciate the hellp!!1


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The townhomes are Versailles something...


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