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50 and over mommas with kids younger than 18

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I hat telling ppeople my age because most people think that I am in my late thirties to early forties and when I tell them the truth the other moms go running.

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Yeah, I get it. Until a few months ago, I had 8 and 10 year old foster/adoptive kids. Now my youngest are 15 and 16. I guess I look younger, because people are often surprised when I tell my age. But I love it!

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The same here! I don't think of myself as old, I feel mature, yes, but I don't look a lot older than many of the "younger parents". I think it is a pity some of the other mothers can't accept this!  in my life, I've always had a few friends who were a lot older than I was, and I have valued these friendships. I don't see why anyone would run but it is sad but true :(

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I'll check back in two years when I'm 50.  My DD will be seven then and I'll let you know how it's working out!  I'll keep my eye on this thread, though, if you don't mind.

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Hi I'm co-momma to 4 year old twins. We are all over 60. I have a grown son and the other co-mom has 2 grown married daughters and 3 grandchildren. The boys are her husband's bio-kids by a gestational surrogate and an egg donor. We may be crazy but we're having fun. A lot of folks assume we're the kids' grandparents, but they're ours!

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Greetings! I had my last child, a daughter, at 45. She will be 8 in May. I also have three adult children - a son - 32, a son - 31 and another daughter -  24. Not very many older Moms in my area, but I am surprised at how many there are once I joined some on-line groups.


I, too, find it interesting watching reactions when they find out my age. I don't think I look that young. In fact, I feel as if I have aged a bit in the last couple of years. Or is it that I just feel it more now...


I try not to mention my age for as long as I can, but then it just comes up in conversation. I might mention my grandchildren. Anybody else a grandparent?


We recently moved and the people are more accepting of my being an older Mom than where we were previously living. Like some of you have said the younger Moms almost run away or all of a sudden lose interest. Why is that?


Did any of you find yourselves in a sort of limbo between new friends and old friends? Old friends that no longer have children and are a lot freer to just go and do things and new friends that are wary of your age? I did and do!


We are also homeschooling our daughter and our current social circle is the result of being around other homeschoolers.


Nice to meet you here and looking forward to some good conversation and support!! 

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