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We have been waiting (not so) patiently for five months. This morning we got a BFP!!! Holy crap! Today is 12 DPO, nice pink line on a FRER.

Psyched doesn't even begin to describe it. We literally were jumping up and down just now.

We've never gotten a positive before, so it's incredibly surreal.
Thank you all so much for your support and kindness. Hooray for Threadkeeper's Luck!
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desert, I've been following your story... I'm elated for you gals! huge congrats from over here!!! joy.gif
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Hooray Desert!!! Stick little bean!! joy.gif
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Desert--dropping in to say CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful way to go into the holidays, especially after saying goodbye to the kids. I have been following along and am overjoyed for you and DP.joy.gif:joy Good thoughts to you for a sticky bean!
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Originally Posted by DesertSunsets View Post

We have been waiting (not so) patiently for five months. This morning we got a BFP!!! Holy crap! Today is 12 DPO, nice pink line on a FRER.

Psyched doesn't even begin to describe it. We literally were jumping up and down just now.

We've never gotten a positive before, so it's incredibly surreal.
Thank you all so much for your support and kindness. Hooray for Threadkeeper's Luck!



YAY!! Threadkeeper's luck prevails!!!! SO happy and excited for you both :) Congratulations!!!! joy.gif

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oh Desert, i am soooo happy for you and DP.  i guess i'd better get a move on finding those french onesies!  Felicitations and huge warm hugs to you both!

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DESERT!!!! I can't even begin to describe the joy I'm feeling for you and DP right now! The timing just seems so perfect - the universe giving you this special gift right after having to say goodbye to the kids. Wow! Ahhhhhh!!!! So happy! 



Hi to everyone! I'm still lurking every once in a while - keeping tabs on y'all! I'm enjoying the hell out of my break and am in a MUCH better head space about this whole ttc business. Who ever first described this journey as a roller coaster was dead on. Happy Holidays everyone champagne.gif

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Desert--congratulations! What an awesome present for the holidays! I just want to give you a big ol' hug.gif !!!

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Congratulations on the BFP Desert!!

I'm so excited for you guys.  What a great Christmas present.


I'm grinning from ear to ear as I type this!  joy.gif



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It litterally made me tear up reading your news.....I've been hoping this was it....what a happy ending to the sadness you have been feeling over the kids leaving....everytime u wrote about that experience ..my heart went out to you and dp......I think the universe knew exactly what she was doing.....and to think you weren't even going to try this month....funny how things work........I'm so over the moon happy for both of you!!!!

Hi and welcome everyone new smile.gif

Afm...waiting to start progesterone until Thursday..putting O hopefully around the 3rd of January...cutting it close to us coming back from our trip to Az....earlier this week I had one day of very light spotting and I was so mad that I thought AF was coming ...that would have had me O while in Az ....but I wished it away...and someone listened to my pleas .....I am dropping off all papers to sperm bank ..decided to go with the local bank for convience and found a great donor both dp and I like .....

Hope u are all surviving the holidays!!!!
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Desert - I am thrilled for you!  What wonderful news!! This couldn't have come at a better time!









To answer your question from yesterday,  it was my partner who donated eggs the last time as well.  I heard someone call this reciprocal surrogacy? I had no idea there was a name for it!

I turned 40 this year so I am at a point where the age of my eggs could be an issue (I did six cycles of IUIs before moving on to IVF).  DP is younger (as are her eggs winky.gif and she was not particularly thrilled about carrying since her sisters and mother had very difficult pregnancies.  Plus it seemed a good way to share in the experience...   If others on the board are involved in or thinking about IVF, I am always happy to discuss further. We have stumbled through the last eight months and have learned a lot.



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Desert -Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! broc1.gifbanana.gif carrot.gif


Outdoorsy -Our clinic is the same way, but they ran the insurance before we ever came in and told us exactly what would be paid for before our first consultation.


Only two more weeks until my appointment!!!!!!!


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Desert!!!!!  Yay for bad timing!  I'm so happy you stuck around for another try. Next Christmas you'll have your hands full for good. 

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Desert- We have been foster parents for about 4 0r 5 years now..We also had to give up our baby boy 3 years ago our lives have not been the same since.


Your story really touch our heart after all the drama of foster care YOU GOT A HAPPY ENDING FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!.. We are thrilled for you and your dp


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Desert -- that is awesome news! Here's hoping for a sticky bean for you!!! It doesn't replace your love for your foster kids, but will still be a great blessing to you and perhaps offer some healing for your hearts.


Happy Hanukkah to everyone here who celebrates!!!

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joy.gifDesert-what a fantastic news just in time for the holidays.  I'm so happy for you and your DP.  Wishing you happy and healthy 9 months.  See you over at QP.joy.gif

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Desert-WOW! I am sooo happy for you and DP! You give me hope...good news after heartache. Well my heartache is just begining so FX that at the end of mine will be some good news too! Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!!


Mrs.PP- I wish I was enjoying my break as much as you! Keep on relaxing right into your BFP :)

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Congratulations, Desert!  I am so happy for you!  Your story gives me so much hope!


Thank you for all the warm welcomes, everyone.  I'm grateful for this arena for my obsession, and it's so great to know that I am not the only one obsessing!  I've been getting through the wait just fine, trying to stay busy and keep myself occupied.  I also rely on acupuncture, though I'm taking a break until 2012 starts because of insurance.  Last time I saw my acupuncturist was the day before my IUI, so next time I see her I'll know what the deal is!


We're going to test on Friday.. 14dpo.  I want to avoid the testing too early rollercoaster.  I'll keep y'all posted!  Good luck to all of you!!!



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Desert, HUZZAH!!!!!!!!  That gives you a late August baby??  Ish?  So so so excited for you and DP!!!!  Congrats!  :D


afm, we're DPO 7.  I was meditating the other night (couldn't sleep) and the baby spoke to me.  It told me to be patient, I would get my proof soon.  Uhh...what???  DW thinks possible wishful thinking, but she's optimistic about this too.  She was feeling pretty pukey the other day, but it's gotten better.  She's POAS every day since Sunday, but BFN (I realize it's too early!).  I hope it's real and that I'm not just going insane...  I've always been the cool and calm one during the TWW, so the fact that I'm jumpy is a little bit tough.


Work's also been super insane.  Too many Christmas angels this year, breaks my heart.  Last year we didn't have any.  


Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas/Solstice!!  

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thanks for the headache/ migraine advice, needsgills and carmen.  

carmen- i've never heard of inhaling apple cider vinegar but we have a gallon of that stuff in the pantry, so I'm definitely going to suggest it next time! Thanks!


S suffers from migraines, unfortunately.  They're caused by muscle tension in her shoulders, which pinch nerves in her neck and so on... She sees an osteopath regularly, which helps, but doesn't prevent them all the time. We asked our doctor about what she could take during pregnancy and she told us that for all her patients who normally suffer with migraines these usually go away during pregnancy... 

S had a bad one on Friday. She tried all the alternative prevention things first, like hot and cold showers, massage, tiger balm, heat/cold, sleep, food... nothing worked. In the end we resorted to tylenol and coffee. Not ideal, but after 6 hours of pain, what other options are there?

Of course, we have no idea if she actually is pregnant or not.


We're at 12 DPO today and probably won't test until Friday.  Until the weekend I was pretty sure she was pregnant- the signs were just too overwhelming.  Then Sunday night we both came down with a horrid gastric virus- throwing up and later diarrhoea all night. Oh yes, it was a party at our house!

Monday we spent pretty much all day in bed, weak as kittens, sleeping and stumbling downstairs to make tea and weak soup... urgh, it was ghastly. We both had low-grade fevers and felt like crap.Yesterday we were (almost) back to normal, although still weak. We both went back to work.

S says she doesn't feel pregnant any more, which makes sense.  So, I guess we'll see.

Her boobs still hurt, and have for about 6 days now which is out-of-the-ordinary for her, so we'll still test on Friday.


I'll keep you posted either way!  smile.gif




Welcome, planet   Welcome.gif and esenbee2  Welcome.gif


Hope your insem goes well esenbee2.  Don't be nervous- it's an adventure!  thumb.gif



Planet- sounds like you're on a similar time-table to us. We'll be testing on Friday, too. Finger crossed for you! fingersx.gif



alphahen- good luck for today's transfer!!  shamrocksmile.gif

The numbers certainly sound good for you guys!  

I'll be following your progress with interest, as we've also discussed reciprocal surrogacy (try saying that fast before your morning coffee).  We have a similar age issue (not sure it IS an issue, actually, we're on our first try at the moment) but if things don't work out with DWs eggs after a few months, we might go down a similar route.


lisedea - sounds like your insem went very well indeed! what great timing! And back on your island safe and sound. Not fog, not air planes, not winter storms- nothing will stand in your way!  

My fingers are crossed for you!



Allison- wow, you really are having an interesting cycle! First during yoga, now the baby speaking to you during meditation... that's pretty intense!

I hope you can be patient for another few days and then get the proof you so hope for! I can't wait to hear what happens.



I'm really excited about the solstice celebrations in the city tonight.  We'll be going to a lantern procession at the Chinese Garden, which is so, so beautiful each year.  My sister also arrived from Switzerland last night, so I can't wait to see her today, and hopefully drag her with us to the lantern festival this evening.  It's one of the highlights of the year for me.

I also haven't told her of our TTC yet, so that'll be fun.  She'll have lots of questions, I'm sure.


To everyone else celebrating tonight- happy solstice! 

Tomorrow the sun starts coming back to us.



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