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Went to the store to pick up Hoisin sauce (I walked to the Asian grocery that is a couple blocks away), and they had purple yams, which are a favorite. So now the edamame lo mein is getting scrapped for curried black eye peas and purple yams.

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Catnip: Yup, I stole a bunch from you. :-)


Here is our plan:


Portobello mushroom burgers & artichokes

mushroom bourginon and steamed green beans - can't wait to try this!

chili & cornbread (the chili is leftover and in my freezer)

pumpkin curry over brown rice with steamed cauliflower

refried bean tacos

soup & bread - probably the white bean/rosemary one I like to make. But I might try the bean/kale combo.



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Tonight I made vegan Mac and cheese from Vegan Planet. I added broccoli and topped it with Franks Red Hot. YUM!


I am so bummed reading through everyones meal plans. They all sound so yummy but  feel like I can't make most them because my kids won't eat it (and in some cases DH won't eat it either) but then again DS2 wouldn't eat the mac and cheese tonight either. Uggh! I don't know what to feed these kids anymore. I am so burnt out on making the same things. I hate cooking and listening to them complain just makes it that much harder. I need some serious inspiration. (Sorry, I guess I needed to vent a bit)

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My 3 yr old won't eat any of the mains I make! She will eat the veggies (thank god for small miracles!) and I usually serve them with cubed baked tofu, veggie chicken nuggets, nuts, or her favorite - Amy's pizza snacks (the kind with spinach in them). She hardly touches dinner anyway. I think chickpea cutlets might be the ONLY main she will touch. It's horrible and I have no idea if or when this is ever going to change. But I still have to cook for myself and DH - so might as well be something we like. 

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Yeah, well, we have that problem here too.


Pumpkin curry and basmati rice - HA! She'll eat the rice, but last night I gave up and made her tomato-cashew soup and toast

White bean and kale soup - will eat the beans. Not the kale, I pull her portion first then add kale.

Black bean tacos with cubed roasted squash, avocado and shredded cabbage - this she will eat, minus cabbage plus Daiya cheese.

Black eyed pea curry - No dice. She'll eat the sweet potatos and rice, and then cold tofu on the side.

MuShu veggies - she had broccoli and the ww tortillas I wrap in and fried tofu chunks

Baked potatos and broccoli - this is something everyone will eat.


I'll go nuts if I try to eat on what a seven year old will like. She has about 20 meals that she'll eat, and most of them what I'd consider boring.

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I'm another mom with at least ONE very picky eater! Many times he's only eating pasta w/tomato sauce that I cook for him while DH, DD and myself eat the other planned meal!.. *sigh* He's finally started eating all of my soups -as long as they're pureed! Otherwise he's only wanting the broth and eats it with a fresh piece of home made bread we usually have with our soup!..

I keep hoping it's a phase he'll eventually outgrow...eyesroll.gif (He gags with pretty much everything else; beans, rice, mashed potatoes.. ugh, don't get me started!..)

I'm only glad I know they both get their vitamins through several different Animal Parade vitamins.. But of course I'd still wish they'd both rather eat everything that's on the table!!!..



I envy you for your 7 y.o. at least having ~20 dishes she eats! Mine won't even eat half the amount, unless I start counting fruit too! lol


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Mine won't even touch fruit! Thankfully she will eat a good number of veggies. But yeah - vitamins and a lot of encouraging each day to get her to eat those veggies and she will eat those "pouches" that have fruit and veg in them. 


I was mostly raw vegan when I got pregnant w/DD. I had all these lovely thoughts of how I was going to feed my baby/child. Ha! She has her own plans! ;-) And all those things they say about babies liking things that their mom ate while pregnant with them? It's a bunch of crap. 


Can't wait to make mushroom bourginon tonight. I know DD will eat the noodles. And the veggie on the side. She actually picked out the cauliflower. DH and I don't like cualiflower very much but we eat it bc she does.



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LOL, Cindy, I wish my DS would eat veggies! He's been a really 'strange' kid from the early years on! With ~ 2 he started liking grapefruit of all fruits (not even with lots of sugar, just a tiny sprinkle was enough!) and he'll eat blueberries fresh from the bush, apples and oranges are his favorite! But Heaven forbid I try to get him eat broccoli or a green bean!.. I have the biggest drama on the scene complete with projectile vomiting! I don't know what it is!..


But yes, I hear you on having had such lovely thoughts on how one'd raise the child and then it all comes differently, right?

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We had the Mac Daddy from Veganomicon for dinner tonight with lots of spinach mixed in...DS LOVED it.  Last night we had the Mexican lasagna from fatfreevegan.com  


ETA, DS (21 months) requested the Mexican lasagna for breakfast this morning when I was packing some in DW's lunch!  



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This week is all wonky as last week's menu plan was only half  followed due to DH's job interfering with our dinner times..

Anyway, 2 days ago we had Pasta w/sundried tomatoes pesto and yesterday Isa's dilly stew with rosemary dumplings, which was a HUGE hit with DH! (I loved it as well!) We'll be having it again tonight and for Friday I'm planning Isa's Mac 'n Shrews, which is another of my favorites of Isa's recipes! 

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Mm dumpling stew sounds yummy. I'm off to look up that recipe. Lentil soup w/dumplings is one of my favorite recipes!


I made a navy bean, tomato, spinach soup yesterday. I was kicking myself bc it ended up being the warmest day we'd had in a while. But now that I am coming down w/the sickness my DD has had for the past week, I am applauding my foresight. ;-) Leftovers really hit the spot.



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Ugh, I'm in a dinner slump because the mexican lasagna and mac daddy I made early in the week made so much food that we all ended up eating that for lunch and dinner until yesterday (and I was soooo tired of both!).  Since then we've been doing lots of quesadillas and tonight I had the masala veggie burger from Trader Joes (yummy).  


But, I need ideas for fast and easy for the toddler and myself b/c DW is out of town and DS is in a phase where I just can't leave him out of my sight for very long (seriously, I've had to hide any toys that can fit through our heating grates b/c he's suddenly obsessed with putting things down them).  


So, hook me up if you have a sec (we do dairy but no meat).


ETA he's also decided to not nap...so there goes that prep time...sigh.

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I made the dumpling stew. I think I am partial to my lentil soup w/dumplings. I do eat eggs and that recipe calls for using an egg in the dumplings (or more milk if you don't eat eggs). I think I highly prefer the texture of the dumpling w/an egg. But it was tasty. I think just a bit rich for my taste buds right now.


Toddler fare? Well since mine is so picky, she only eats a few things. Maybe this will give some ideas for you. Pasta, mac& cheese, quinoa/rice, veggie chicken nuggets, Amy's pizza snacks, sandwiches, hummus in pita, grilled cheese, baked tofu (I buy it from trader joes). When I don't have to cook for DH, I make her one of these easy things and then for myself just have some canned soup or something easy to throw together too (veggie burgers, etc). Sorry you lost the nap - that is a rough transition!



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Thanks Cindy!  We did a Trader Joe's run and we've been doing lots of quesadillas (tofu/cheese; bean/cheese; veggie chorizo/cheese) and last night I made vegetable soup with tortillini in it.  And, today, he is napping!!  He is far too young to drop the nap (only 21 months) so mission wear him out this morning was a success! 

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We just had our new favorite breakfast--fried rice with tofu and carrots.


Last night we had sandwiches with marinated baked tofu, cucumbers & onions soaked in vinegar and agave, cilantro and avocado on baguettes. So good!!



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I think its going to be homemade minestrone soup with some homemade bread.. 


I really need to meal plan more! This thread is giving me some inspiration! 

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We had scarlet runner stew with mushrooms and polenta last night--it was so-so but the leftovers will be tonight's dinner.  But, speaking of quick and easy...a friend suggested using pre-made naan as pizza crust.   It works really well, and it's nice to make individual whole wheat pizzas for all of us that seriously take the time it takes to pre-heat the oven to 425 and then bake for 12 minutes!  

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Hello everyone! I am sorry about all the picky eaters out there but I have to say it makes me feel a lot better! lol. My three year old DS is driving me nuts! We are vegan but I've started giving him cheese because he just isn't getting enough protein, sigh. He'll do smoothies, bread, sometimes some nuts, pb&J, good guacamole, coconut yogurt. Sometimes tofu scramble, and that is pretty much it. 


Does anyone have a picky eater friendly quesadilla recipe they like? With dairy cheese.

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We mash up beans to put into the quesadilla and DS will happily eat that (so a couple of T of mashed black/pinto beans inside the tortilla with cheese and sometimes spinach).

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I haven't been on in forever since lack of internet and new baby dont allow it much lol


WE've been so busy the past couple weeks(school for the big two,dhs weird work schedule,after school activities) I feel like I've been living in my slow cooker. Ive also been gf since dd has been having nursing issues. So were a gf,dairyfree family most meals now. Not to mention Ive given up eggs. 


Here's a few meals frm the past couple of weeks

All in the slow cooker


Minestroni soup

red lentil w masa dumpling

sweet thai chili sauced tofu/quinoa and veggies(dh & I loved this! Kids ate the tofu & veg but the sauce made the quinoa a bit 'goopey')

tamale casserole

pasta bake w daiya cheese


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