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5 Days late - BFN

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Hi all...

just throwing this out there to see if anyone else had the same thing happen to them. I'm currently in the tww... AF was supposed to be here 5 days ago and so far as been a no show.


I've been charting, so I know for sure I O'd this cycle... I've got practically every symptom in the book aside from morning sickness to dizzyness and still... every test I take is BFN.

I don't know whats going on, I don't even feel like AF is anywhere near coming. I just wish I could get an answer one way or another... Anyone have this happen to them? How did it turn out?

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I looked at my charts from when I conceived DD four years ago and I had a negative test the day my period was due and two positives about 4 days late. I think for some women it just takes a little while for the hormones to spill into the blood stream.


How many days past ovulation are you?

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As of right now... I'm 16dpo. My usual LP is only 10-11 days long.

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I would say that sounds promising! I know there is that rare cyst thingie that can happen and keep your period from showing, but I would just retest in a few days and assume you are. TCOYF says that 3 days longer than your longest luteal phase is a good sign.

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What tests have you been taking?  Some are more sensitive than others.  If you had late implantation then it will take more time to show up on an HPT, some embryos produce lower levels of hCG, and as anyalily said, some women take longer to metabolize the hCG into their urine.  Going 3 days past your longest LP length is a great sign of pregnancy and of course 18 high temps is as accurate as an HPT- assuming that your O day is correct.  Can you share your chart?


So the two most likely scenarios here are that you will simply get a late BFP OR that your O day is incorrect and you aren't as many DPO as you think meaning AF or a BFP is just around the corner.  As anyalily also mentioned there is the slight chance that you have a corpus luteum cyst, which is continuing to produce progesterone keeping your temps high and AF away.  They are benign and usually resolve on their own within a few weeks.  Though not common it is thought that every woman will have at least one during her menstruating years.  So if AF or a BFP does not show within the next week, I would suggest making an appointment with your OBGYN for a blood test and palpation of the ovaries to check for cysts.


Good luck and FX for a BFP soon!

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