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I know i've posted this years ago, but wanted to "revive" the topic


Anyone have any ideas about how to treat a bartholin cyst? I've tried sitz bath (after DD1) and that didnt do anything to it.  right now i'm doing calomine lotion, tea tree oil and witch hazel compresses (as i've read online) and dont see any changes (i've only done it twice). 


can anyone think of anything else?? it doesnt hurt (although sometimes i feel a tiny bit of pressure there), i just dont want it to get any bigger, or worse... get worse! after DD2s birth it did increase in size. now its about as big as a large quail egg. (my mw said she could see it growing as i was pushing... sorry, hope that wasnt TMI)


another question, when people say "it drains" does it literally drain on the outside, or does it drain on the inside. my cyst is very much inside the labia, so i cant imagine anything coming out from the outside