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Moving this week

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So, I have a Baby Center pregnancy app on my phone that tells me how far along I am, how big baby is, and gives little bits of pregnancy advice every day. Anyway, this week I have moved and am frantically trying to get everything set up in our new house so we can be settled and start enjoying the holidays. I have spent the last two days moving around furniture, boxes, and toys. I am so sore!  Anyway, today my pregnancy app's notification was: "Should I move furniture while pregnant" with 3 different OBGYNs take on the matter. All three said no!  Well, I guess I'll put that in my list of pregnancy advice I don't listen to!  It's amazing anyone survived pregnancy before all the "professional advice" - for like the last thousands of years!

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Lol, we moved two and a half weeks ago. I remember carrying up some boxes and then thinking, "hmm should I be more careful about what I am lifting?"  Then I just decided my body would let me know if I over did it.  I don't mind using that excuse sometimes when my DS doesn't want to walk up the stairs to our third floor apt winky.gif  Hope settling in to your new place goes smoothly!

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oh, i know that my body will tell me when 'enough is enough'. 


last time i moved i was 6 months preggo and i use it to my full advantage...."ill watch the baby hunny while you and your friends move that couch...it looks super heavy..good luck!" haha  i stuck to boxes. ;)

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HA! I moved a mattress down from our attic bedroom yesterday by myself wink1.gif My DH was NOT impressed when came home and saw that. I was fine though, it was just a double. I said "how did pregnant pioneer women survive?" lol
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I moved when I was 8 1/2 moths preg with my 3rd. I literally say on the sofa and told people where to put things BUT I also got crazy nesting the new house before the move and in 2 or 3 days tore down four walls of paneling and pulled up multiple layers of carpeting, pad and linoleum in most of the rooms.

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I have moved several times before when pregnant and will lol with you that we all survived despite the advice. I crack up when people tell me not to lift or overdo things...I haul 50 pound feed bags every single day and manage a household. I can probably move some furniture.

That said, please do listen to your body and don't overdo it. Good luck getting settled in!

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My favorite was the advice I got with my last pregnancy. I have a history of miscarriage and had a low-lying placenta. I was told that I needed to take it easy and couldn't walk much, especially in a fitness context. "Uh, my job requires me walking and crawling around for 5 hours at a time. I probably do 3-4 miles easily during a shift." "Oh, that's ok then."


Yeah, I ignored that advice.

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When I saw my doctor early in pregnancy (desperately needing medicine for morning sickness, and couldn't see the midwives for a month. Plus I was spotting), I asked him about lifting. He knows I have to do a lot of it at work, since I work with kids and young adults with special needs.


He basically said "This is going to sound harsh, but if you are going to lose this baby, there isn't much you can do to stop it. Conversely, if the baby is healthy, normal activity won't cause you to lose it. Riding a horse won't cause a chromosomal abnormality resulting in miscarriage, but NOT riding the horse can't prevent it either. The difference is, if you go horseback riding, your mother in law can cast it up to you, and you can feel the need to blame yourself for something if it happens. So am I going to recommend you take up horseback riding? No. But I wouldn't tell you not to either."


I still lift the kids at work (kids... they are teens and early 20's...). I am careful HOW I do it, but I do it, regularly. Maybe I won't be able to at 9 months, but I am trusting my body to tell me, and not worrying about it now.

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wow, i'm pretty impressed with that doctor's frankness!  

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With my first I went in for my 1st midwife appointment and they gave me all the standard paperwork. There was a sheet with dos and don'ts of pregnancy. On it was a whole bunch of don'ts, including horseback riding and snowboarding. I told them I was willing to not snowboard for the winter, but I wouldn't give up horseback riding.  My midwife basically said the same thing that that doctor told you. In fact, she said that horseback riding is great for the pelvic floor and abdomen.  She did caution me to be careful and not get bucked off (not something I try to do at any time) but said to go ahead and ride away!  It's funny though how many people when I'm out riding want to lift my saddle, or the feed bags, or chop the wood, etc. just because I'm pregnant.  Sometimes I take advantage of it and let them!

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Yes my doctor is great. I would have used him for prenatal care if I didn't want a home birth and midwives. He's down to earth and doesn't believe in pushing medications on you all the time.

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Everyone around me seems to think I'm broken these days. The neighbor doesn't like me carrying my toddler, no one lets me help move anything, random people in the stairwells at school ask if I should take the elevator, and DH doesn't even want me to carry groceries (he had a fit the other day when I put the TV on our new TV-stand while he wasn't home). It's funny because it was never like this before...maybe everyone figures that at almost 35 I'm somehow more fragile LOL

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HA! I moved a mattress down from our attic bedroom yesterday by myself wink1.gif My DH was NOT impressed when came home and saw that. I was fine though, it was just a double. I said "how did pregnant pioneer women survive?" lol

Their uterii fell out when they were my age.

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Zuzu, could be. Last pregnancy I had severe SPD and I had a hard time getting any sympathy, let alone help. People seem to think a fat woman in her mid-20s has nothing to complain about, especially because my hip pain was totally caused by my excessive (read -3 pounds) weight gain.


This time around is better across the board, thankfully.

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I moved at 8 weeks pregnant and helped with all the furniture, and I had a little spotting scare right afterwards (maybe a coincidence?).  I still do most of my own heavy lifting these days, but I appreciate the help when I can get it.  My personal trainer has no problem giving me the heavy weights to lift in our workouts, though!

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People are funny. DH thinks it's weird that I don't want to carry some 80-pound object up a flight of stairs now because I'm "not that pregnant" (not that I couldn't, my balance just doesn't feel right and I'm afraid for myself going up the stairs carrying nothing if I don't hold the rail. I even ask for help carting the laundry hampers up and down the stairs these days) but my dad saw me lift an oversized bag of groceries and asked if I should be lifting that and tried to take over himself even though he's not supposed to lift much of anything by doctors orders!

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Their uterii fell out when they were my age.

LOL. I was thinking maybe they were all long gone by our age? winky.gif Not that we're that old or anything. And your imagery is far more amusing.

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A funny thing I have been experiencing is that i was getting more offers of help BEFORE i was pregnant (or noticeably so). Like at the "regular" supermarket i shop at, they always, ALWAYS ask if i need help taking my groceries to my car, and I always decline. I swear no one has offered once in the couple weeks since I've really started to show. And when I fill up my large water bottles at the natural food store, no one has offered help with that recently, even though I could really use it (I am not big and strong, and I have back problems). Maybe when I am pregnant I acquire an aura of strength and power I don't usually have??? shrug.gif lol.

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well for the ultimate don't do while you are pregnant, I rode a roller coaster (a big one) during the first trimester of my last pregnancy. It wasn't worth it because of how scared I was afterwords and during, but Juniper is fine today. 


people are crazy with this whole pregnancy thing, saying I shouldn't lift my kids, or crawl through tunnels. You should have seen people freaking out 2 pregnancies ago when I was 41 weeks pregnant and jumping up trying to grab a bag of dogfood off the top grocery shelf. It was pretty funny.


but yeah, I do stop when I feel uncomfortable and I do sometimes use it to my advantage...as I do with breastfeeding. My friend and I complained to each other once when our husbands wouldn't do what we wanted while we breastfed. they over heard us  and said they are happy to do things when the baby is under a year PLUS they had both seen us do things like bowl and nurse and cook a meal and nurse and they knew we only needed their help when we didn't feel like doing something. We pointed out it would still be nice if they did stuff for us while we nursed...then they did.

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