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ok ladies... I posted this in the diapering forum, but I know it doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic anymore. Help?



 I pulled out our NB stash of bummis prefolds and the superbrites covers, and DH went to put it on, and flat out refused because the aplix laundry tab on the inside looks like it's going to rub horribly on DD's skin. How do people get around this? We were just going to lay the prefold flat and be done with it, since people seem to say for this stage that is sufficient, but it doesn't give any protection against the aplix. And the prefolds really do look too small to wrap and snappi properly. 


Any suggestions? I'd hate not to be able to use these covers, but I can't stand the thought of them rubbing on her skin. 


On the upside-- all of her SM and OS AMP diapers fit (haven't tried the FB smalls yet) *cheers* so we've been doing half cloth and half sposies since we still have about 40 sposies left over that aren't going to fit soon. She's almost out of newborn size sposies and into the size ones. It'll be nice to just buy a small bag of them for when we're out and about instead of a huge box. 

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Hmmm, JJ, I never even considered the laundry tab might irritate DD's skin. My DD has SUPER sensitive skin and those tabs have never bothered her.

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the laundry tabs never have. HOWEVER something to consider once baby is sitting up, the outside ones will, if you let her go shirtless, or basically just in a diaper (something we do a lot here, once the weather warms up) The aplix rubbed awfully against DS's skin. Also he can easily remove Aplix by himself, so we switched completely to snaps. (I know your DD isn't there yet, but it is something to consider)


There are some aplix dipes that put fabric on the outside of the tabs, these are my favorite for comfort, but the ones with aplix on both sides have better fit since the tabs can overlap in front. I hope that makes sense.


DD is 11 lbs and has been in 2's (sposies) about 3 weeks. I ran out of size ones, and I think I still have about 10 packs of size 2 left. so that's about 400 diapers I think. I haven't really done much cloth with her since we have so many sposies to use up. I think she may grow out of size 2's before I run out of them.


If I want to sell my Aplix covers, how do I clean the velcro? it's gotten kind of natty. I know it can be done.


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The aplix on the back is just the fuzzy part, right, not the hook part?  I don't think it would be an issue.  Kat is right tho, the aplix on the front can be scratchy.  That's partially why I got all snaps.


I'm thinking of jumping back in to cloth!  We aren't doing as much puke wash these days.  I'll see how it goes!!


Finn is teething something fierce and was super fussy (for him) yesterday.  Also he's not napping well.  So strange for him.  


I forgot his stats with all the vax talk!  At 3.9 months (lol, 4 months next week) he's 18 lbs even and 28.5 " long.  Big boy!


Oh - MW - I ordered one of those free seven slings.  How do you like yours?


Anyone have weekend plans?



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We are getting together with friends tonight for pizza; it's been months since we all got together (we all had new babies this year - threw a wrench in the works!)


Tomorrow we are going to a holiday fair in the morning (DH's cousin makes and sells jewelry and will be there. we don't see her much) and doing a lights on the lake thing in the evening, there is supposed to be a bonfire and food and stuff.


Sunday is Norah's dedication at church, and then we are seeing a parade in the afternoon. It is a busy, busy, weekend!


Carrie, you totally should! I'd have Norah in cloth full time if I didn't have all these sposies to use up. I honestly don't mind the laundry.

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JJ ~ I don't know about those particular covers. I can't picture what you are talking about because it's been so long since I even looked at anything with Aplix. I don't like it because it can rub and irritate skin and because it doesn't stay closed very well, ime. I got some cloth pull-up style diapers for Kellen a couple of years ago with Aplix because I thought that would be easier for all of us. They were for PL so him being able to undo was a good thing. They did rub his legs raw so we quit using them fast. I don't even know what to do with them because I can't, in good conscious, sell them for someone else to use on their baby.

Kat ~ You guys are always so busy! You could donate all those sposies to a women's shelter or teen pregnancy program and just use your cloth. That's what I did with the dipes I had left over from the hurricane.

Oh, and JJ ~ You can use cloth while out and about. It's all I use everywhere. I do tend to use my pockets and AIOs while out just because then I don't have to keep changing D's pants, too. I can actually make a matching outfit out of a shirt and a pair of his woolies.

I even use cloth wipes for him while out. Although, I'm a little disappointed in it. I got some wipes sprays and read that they work well while out. You just spray the wipe before wiping the baby or you can spray the baby directly. I tried spraying the wipe but it took a lot for it to feel wet enough to me to clean. Now I just spray D and that works better but it doesn't seem like it gets him as clean as a really water wet wipe.

I'm upset about some of my dipes shredding, though. Mostly, it's the used ones but some of my brand new bamboo ones are even getting really thin and at least one has a hole in one of the soakers. The new ones are not the same brand as the used ones so I don't know if it's the dipes or my washer. I'm leaning toward my washer but we can't afford to buy a new one right now. I hate to think of my dipes getting ruined in the meantime. greensad.gif

Carrie ~ D has just recently gotten enough body control that I feel comfortable putting him in the Seven Slings pouch. I almost exclusively use the pouch for a hip carry so baby needs really good head and neck control. i've been using this one around the house if i need to pop D in it real fast because he's fussy and i'm trying to finish something up. i keep meaning to put it in the car for quick runs into a store but i rely so much on my RS that i don't think of it. my RS is really great for those things because it has a pocket i can throw me keys and sunglasses in for easy access. plus, i've discovered there are some drive-thru convenience stores around here so i don't even have to get out of the car if we all want drinks or snacks. thumb.gif

no plans this weekend. i'm hoping we can all get over the colds we have. according to K we have reached a very important milestone. D has snot for the very first time. lol.gif

i caught the dr. searses on the dr. phil show last night. dr. bob said that leaving a baby to cry or scream for several minutes (CIO) decreases oxygen flow to the brain. if done continually, it could lead to brain damage. greensad.gif i wonder how many parents would do CIO if they knew that? Dr. Ferber should be sued.

on another note, the Drs. also said kids get 8-10 illnesses a year and it's normal. now i don't feel bad about the handful that we get. i was beginning to think we had weak immune systems. it seems that maybe ours are pretty strong.
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8-10 a year! wow! What counts as an "illness" I wonder . . . DS has never been very sick; he sometimes gets a perpetually snotty nose, or a bad cough. but certainly not 8-10 times a year. But then, he's only 2.


I never got the hang of pouches; but by the time I could one of those, I could use a SSC and I find it pretty easy to use. I am becoming so wrap-curious though! there is just so much endless variety.


MW: I know I could donate them, and I probably should. the 2's say they are 12-18 lbs  but DD fit in them at 10 lbs and I know DS grew out of them by 15. I haven't tried my OS on her yet, mostly b/c I'd have to adjust them down and perhaps fold down an insert to get it to fit for her and I've been too lazy :) hehe.


I wonder if that takes into effect the car? I mean, sometimes you just really can't do anything. and you aren't in a place to stop. I don't see it the same as CIO because then most parents blatantly ignore the child, and I try to keep talking to DD every other minute or so, sometimes she will take the paci, sometimes not, and sometimes we lose the thing.  I dunno (I totally disagree with CIO, just trying to postulate there are circumstances that may happen on a regular basis that may seem similiar on the surface)


Hooray for Snot!


We use sposie wipes. in and out of the house. DH likes them better and we have TONS. people that know we use cloth get us wipes instead :)


Can you pre-wet your cloth wipes and keep them in a ziplock baggie? just curious, having not used them.


I hear alot of people (not that use cloth) question using cloth while out and about. I find it no different than using a sposie; but then we use pockets/AIO's exclusively. The only real difference is we don't throw diaper in the trash. I use the disposable little diaper bags rather than a wet bag. I find they hold the smell in better. I had a PlanetWise wet bag and just didn't like it. plus I felt it just took up too much space in the diaper bag.


oh, got DD amber in: here is a pic (I know they say not to wear it while sleeping, but I think she's fine)




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Yeah, I don't find cloth to be difficult to use while out and about, even when I use my fitteds or PFs. I do use a small wet bag. They might be Bummis. I bought them so long ago that I don't remember. Have you guys seen the new Mastercard commercial with a baby in what looks like a vinyl diaper cover? Very cool! thumb.gif I've seen one other commercial with a baby in a cloth diaper but can't remember what it was for now.

WRT crying in the car, sometimes that is unavoidable, and I think that if it's not a regular thing, it won't cause permanent damage. However, if it happens for extended periods almost every time you put baby in the car and you put baby in the car several times a day, I'd be worried that it could cause damage and suggest not going out so much.

When E was a baby he cried almost non-stop every time we put him in his carseat. I stopped driving anywhere unless absolutely necessary. I even walked to the grocery store. I'd put him in the stroller that had a large basket underneath and load up the basket with as much groceries as I could. That's how I carried the groceries home. It meant I had to go to the store every couple of days but that was so much better than dealing with E screaming in the car every time. I'm sure I've mentioned that it turned out he was car sick. Things got better when he was big enough to be front facing and we had a DVD player for him to focus on. He still hasn't completely grown out of being car sick but now it usually only happens on long trips and when he's had candy in the car.

I like that amber necklace. I got a milk & butter one but think I might get one that like if I get another one sometime.

I used to put the wipes wet in a ziploc baggie but that was a pain. I would sometimes forget to prep them or they'd sit in the bag too long and get moldy. I was hoping dry wipes with wipe wash spray would work better.
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Finn is outgrowing the crying in the car like I said, but I think it's the same as accidentally CIO.  I do think that it's repeated CIO that causes the most damage, and that an episode here or there happens.  Of course I beat myself up every time and rarely left the house the first 2 months b/c of it, so I do think it's harmful in some way.  But most people have no choice and need to go out even with screaming babies.


Oops, you're supposed to take the amber necklace off for sleep?!?  Uh oh I've just been leaving it on.  bag.gif  I put both necklaces on around his neck and I don't really care for him having both on.  Seems to bug him a bit.  One at a time would be best but I can't decide which to leave on.  I suppose as he's getting older I should just lean on the amber more and try taking off the hazelwood.  His reflux is getting so much better (tho, I still can't side lie nurse, sigh...) and the dr said soon if we wanted we could step down his medicine and see how it goes.


And I did it - trying out those diapers again!  I'll see how bad they stink after washing to see if I can continue. lol.gif



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The MC commercial is cute, love it! though I do sort of wish they'd show off a newer type of diaper; too many people think that is still the only way to CD (not that there is anything wrong with it, but it scares some people off)


It isn't everytime, thank goodness! only when she's awake. Everywhere we go is at least a 15-20 minute drive, so shorter distances/walking isn't really an option. And nighttime is far worse than daytime. daytime she can see herself in her mirror and that seems to help alot. DH thinks she cries more than DS did. I think he has amnesia. DS had far more inconsolable, WTF is wrong with him nights by this stage than she has. Also we could just lay him down or pick him up whenever. Can't do that with DD, sometimes in the middle of dealing with DS, or the dogs may be running around, or DS may be going insane (happily running, jumping and kicking everything) and it just isn't safe for her to be on the floor. She loves it though. enh. maybe both of us amnesia about different sorts of things!


I thought about the milk and butter one, but I like the variety and it still has plenty of the lighter colored, more effective chunks in it.

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i agree it would be cool to see some more modern CDs in the commercial but then that might look like an endorsement or maybe they'd have to get permission. shrug.gif

yeah, sometimes you may not have a choice about taking a screaming baby in the car but i would argue that those times are really very few. other grocery shopping because we need food and maybe something like going to the doctor, everything else is a want rather than a need. i say maybe the doctor because i think the only time that is necessary is if you have a very sick or injured child. otherwise, the WBVs or just going in because baby has the sniffles is not necessary. for me, it's another one of those, this is such a short time period in the big scheme of things, that i'm willing to give up a lot in the short term so that we can all be happier now and later.

it's similar to EBF. an argument against BF that really annoys me is that mom will be completely tied to the baby and will never have any time to herself or to get out. that's just not true. there are always choices and ways to work things out that don't involve not BF, even for a short time. i'm not saying that it's not ok to give baby a bottle every once in a while if that's what you want to do. just don't use the "i need some me time" argument to justify not BFing.
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I was really just thinking about if you have a few other kids and they need to be driven to and from school, practices, etc and you have to take the baby with you.  You still have a responsibility to your other kids, you know?


We have Apple TV and download all our shows.  I haven't seen a commercial since we watched the parade live on Thanksgiving.  I don't miss live TV one bit!  LOL!


Oh - remember I complained my BG's were too bulky?  Now that I have them on the largest rise, they aren't anymore.  I like them.  Tho, with CD butt he's just barely fitting his 9 month onesies!  

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So busy today guys! 


Thanks for the feedback about the aplix. I guess we'll try them today and see how it goes. I know they're supposed to be the soft side of it, it just looks so rough still! But it would be nice to be able to use those two covers, since they're quite a bit less bulky. We've been using the prefolds as inserts with the pockets in the meantime.  And definitely agree about the snaps/aplix. Everything else we have is snaps, literally just the two bummis covers and 4 kushies NB AIO's have aplix/velcro. 


I'm ok using cloth out and about, but for now we dont own a wetbag yet (haven't gotten around to it), combined with having so many NB sposies to use up. I'm in the same boat as Kat though... I don't think we're going to go through them quick enough and we;re going to have extras. Once we're into cloth full time I just want to have a small amount of sposies available for longer trips out or places where I know the cloth will be a hassle. 


Tenley loves the car and I feel sooo lucky for that!


Had our two week visit today-- she's sitting at 100th percentile for weight, and is 50g over her birth weight at 10 days. We think the spitting up is just because she's nursing for comfort... but then she over fills herself and has to puke it back up. DH and I are going to revisit the soother idea. She has one that we've just used in 'emergency' type situations where I just need her to stop screaming for 10 minutes, and then we take it away again. But it seems like it might be time to actually introduce it. \She's latching great (my nipples are finally scab free!) and my supply seems to be moooorre than enough, so Im tempted to go for it and just keep an eye on her nursing as well. We really need to do something about her nights though... last night was so brutal. We started trying to put her to bed at about 9. I nursed her, changed her, then she was upset again... nursed again to calm her down... and then she needed changing again. Then calmed her by bouncing and walking... nada... had to nurse again, she throws up. Then that wakes her up, and she's soaked so we have to change her... and then she's inconsolable again, and won't calm with rocking, bouncing, walking etc... end up nursing her again... etc etc etc. She didn't go to sleep until 2:30am!! Everytime we got her asleep, it was such a light sleep that even taking a step towards her bassinette and she would freak out and wake completely back up again. Then we'd be back to square one. I'm hoping that a soother would allow her to calm a little bit without adding in the hour long nurse-burp-throwup-change pattern into the equation. 


MW-- ITA about the "nursing is bad for mom's independence" type argument. There are few women who can't pump- so if you need a break, pump and go somewhere for a bit. It doesn't mean that baby should miss out on all that breastmilk for a few hours worth of independence. 


On that note-- when do you guys think is the 'best' time to start pumping? Now that my nipples are almost completely healed I'm trying to decide. I want to build up a bit of a stash (although I have to go buy bags first...), but I'm also worried about starting too early and increasing my supply too much, especially since it already seems fairly heavy for her needs. 


Oh, and Kat-- I am jealous of your pizza night! I'm craving company and entertainment right now- but at the same time, I'm too tired to interact that much. Everytime we've had visitors, it's fun- but it totally throws off our day. 

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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post
We started trying to put her to bed at about 9. I nursed her, changed her, then she was upset again... nursed again to calm her down... and then she needed changing again. Then calmed her by bouncing and walking... nada... had to nurse again, she throws up. Then that wakes her up, and she's soaked so we have to change her... and then she's inconsolable again, and won't calm with rocking, bouncing, walking etc... end up nursing her again... etc etc etc. She didn't go to sleep until 2:30am!! Everytime we got her asleep, it was such a light sleep that even taking a step towards her bassinette and she would freak out and wake completely back up again. Then we'd be back to square one. I'm hoping that a soother would allow her to calm a little bit without adding in the hour long nurse-burp-throwup-change pattern into the equation. 

Are you swaddling her?  That might help her settle and stay happy once she's down.  Do you have a swing you can try for the first (or middle of the night) stretch?


So much of this is typical nb behavior, though, that it's more like "welcome to the club" than anything else!  Now you see what I meant when I said sleep is #1 -- you do whatever you can to just get an HOUR if that's all you're going to get!


I'm so flipping tired!  I'm already looking at the clock and it's only 4.  Yikes.  I need a pick me up STAT!

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Busted out the good camera to see if I could get a good pic of Finn's amber!!



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She likes to be swaddled, but it doesn't seem to make a difference on how heavily or if she sleeps unfortunately. We don't have a swing either, but we did try her in the bouncer chair yesterday. It worked for a couple minutes, but then she got sick of it. She just really seems to be craving the comfort of nursing or at least someone holding her during that time. The holding is fine-- but the nursing for 40 minutes only to have her throw it up, start screaming, and then want to nurse again when her belly is still full... that part is what I want to fix! lol. We'll figure it out, it's just hard in the meantime. Definitely grabbing the bits of sleep though like you said-- I was waiting in the car today for DH who was in a store, and i totally put my head down on the edge of the carseat and catnapped for ten minutes. Do what you gotta do! I've been getting good naps during the day, so it evens out. I just can't wait for some form of 'schedule', even a loose, baby directed one. Soon!

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How many days old is she now?  Is she a happy spitter or is she very uncomfortable when she spits up/pukes?  Finn's reflux kicked in right at about a week -- I was in denial until about 2-3 weeks.  Just be aware.  If she's screamy or looks for boob to soothe her esophagus after spitting up, you might want to check it out.  I still can't lay Finn flat at 4 months old don't forget.  What about an incline in her bassinet?  Would that help?  Is she barfing within a few minutes of you putting her down? 

Sorry, not trying to be crazy, it's just this has been my life for the past 4 months and if there's anything I can do to help another mama, I will!


Oh -- and white noise!!  It's a godsend.  Do you have a machine that makes white noise??


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JJ ~ a lot of that is just typical newborn behavior. they are hardwired to want to stay with you. it's a survival instinct. you know there aren't any hungry lions about but she doesn't. Dr. Sears suggests waiting about 20 minutes after baby falls asleep in your arms to try to move them. that's about how long it takes for them to enter that deeper sleep. you can test by picking up her arm slightly and letting go gently. if she's limp and her arm just drops, you can probably move to put her down. if her arm is at all stiff or resists movement, wait a little longer. you can always wear her to keep her asleep longer and get your hands free.

Carrie ~ Yes, I thought of that and of having to go to work and take the baby to daycare. But the work thing would only be twice a day and the other things can be worked around to some extent. One parent could, hopefully, take the older kids to activities. The older kids could ride a bus for school, expect preschool, I guess. Plus, the older kids might have to just deal with not going anywhere much in the early weeks or months. Once a day for a few minutes probably wouldn't cause any permanent damage.

I'm cooking again. I think I made a mistake. I picked up some Jumbalaya rice mix to have with turkey sausage. It smells so good but spicy. I hope it doesn't keep D up during the night. I read the box quickly in the store and missed the spices (including red pepper) in the list of ingredients.

On that note, I can see now that all my complaining about not cooking was just from being sick and exhausted from pregnancy and then tired from the craziness of having a new baby. The fog almost instantly after 3 months. The 4th trimester is so real.
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I always forget half of what I want to say.

Kat ~ If Norah only gets fussy at night, maybe she's afraid in the dark. Have you tried turning a light on in the car for her? I'm going to do that for D next time we are in the car after dark. That's the only reason I can think of for him crying the other night when we were coming back from Wilmington.

See, there was one more thing I wanted to say and it's already gone from my brain. lol.gif If I remember, I'll be back.

Have you guys noticed we are already up to 6 pages and 119 posts in just 9 days?!

Ah, D is sleeping and the boys just went next door so I have some quiet.
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i remember the rest.

on the necklaces, i'm in the same boat. i have both necklaces on D but i'm thinking i should take one off. the amber one doesn't seem to be helping with the teething. i'm afraid to take the hazelwood necklace off because i'm convinced it helped with the colic/silent reflux.

wrt pumping, unless you are going back to work and will need to leave bottles for when you are away, there really is no need to ever pump. i have never pumped with 4 babies and never had any issues. i really don't get the trend for all BFing moms to pump.
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