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Would you go to a pet intuitive for a sick pet?

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My 10yo lab mix, Raven, has been healthy all her life.  All of a sudden she got really sick this summer with dramatically elevated liver enzymes, vomiting, etc.  We treated her with homecooked foods for 4 months and a round of antibiotics.  All her tests (for leptospirosis, Lyme disease, etc) came back normal, so we never figured out what caused her illness.  Her liver enzymes are normal now.  But she has slightly low platelets.


Then twice in the past couple months she's had hot spots.  She never had those before.  Right before Thanksgiving, she chewed a hand-sized raw spot on her flank by her tail.  It got infected, full of pus, and was very painful.  She developed a fever and the shivers.  She got goopy eyes and painful hips.  A few times she wobbled and stumbled when she walked.  She's itchy all over.  Again all the tests were done and everything was negative (except the low platelets I mentioned above.) 


It's now a week later.  Antibiotics and skin ointment healed the hot spot, and her fever is gone now.  Still isn't back to normal though.  Still really itchy all over.  Poor thing has been wearing an e-collar all week.


I have no idea what's going on with her!  (Let me know if you have any ideas!)


There's a pet medical intuitive who owns an herb store in a nearby town.  She does iridology too.  Have you ever been to one?  Would you go to one? 

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No...but I have full access to amazing vets at work.


Have you tried a hypo-allergenic diet (not a homemade diet but a true hypo allergenic one?)

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Hi. No, I've only tried switching to Wellness (from Canidae) and then the 4 months on white chicken, white rice, canola oil, plain yogurt, green beans, carrots, parsey.  Added to that is the Balance It powder from our holistic vet. 

Do you have any recommendations for foods?


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Chicken is a common allergy for dogs who have food allergies.


A hypoallergenic diet should be available at your vet's office.  These types of specialty diets are not available at pet food stores.


We had good results with the fish-based Limited Antigen (now renamed Dermatologic http://www.purinaveterinarydiets.com/Product/DRMDermatologicManagementDogFood.aspx) formula from Purina Veterinary Diets but we didn't have issues nearly as severe as your dog does.  A hypoallergenic formula is another step beyond a low-antigen formula as the proteins are usually hydrolyzed.


Food choices may have interactions with the liver issues though, so I'd suggest talking with your vet about food.

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considering your dogs age it probably isnt food allergies, I would be going back to the vet or too a different vet to get a proper diagnosis. It cant hurt to do a food trial though.

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I have read about rabbit meat being popular. I would give that a try-just meat raw or a bit cooked. If you have the money try out alternative things.Me, I would probaby mess around with food and herbs on my own.

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I would totally take my pet to a intuitive Dr. I am just learning about communicating with pets, and they really have something to say. So if you can find an expert, it can be very reliable!
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