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~The NEW Master Due Date List~

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 joy.gifApril 2012 Due Dates joy.gif


Some time in April


xiola (Heather)

winterhalter (Rachael) babyboy.gif


Late March/Early April

thumb.gif thomatuttle (Erin) - March 30 babyboy.gif

~Christina~ (Christina) - March 31

rasa (Kristi) - March 31 babygirl.gif

holz (Holly) - March 31



April 1

thumb.gif sunflwrmoombeam (Ashley) babyboy.gif

Jackies Ladybug (Danielle)

thumb.gif Thursday Girl (Courtney) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif NCMtnMama

thumb.gifzuzusplace (Brande)

thumb.gif miss_honeyb (Mellissa)

resi (Resi)

thumb.gif Ravensong13 (Holly) babyboy.gif

 thumb.gif carastar babygirl.gif


April 2

gotrenzi (Sara)

mommamegan (Megan)


April 3

momma2be_kim (Kim)



April 4

secondimpression (Emily)


mommyrachael (Rachael)

thumb.gif RosieL

thumb.gif Countrygirl10


April 5

thumb.gif Tracy McCall babygirl.gif

boobyjuicex3 (Tiff)

thumb.gif southernfriedkarma (Jamie)

thumb.gif SpiderMonkey babyboy.gif


April 6

tatsu15 (Darlyne)


kim_nz (Kim)

Surefirelime (Darlene)


April 7

MamaChick (Sarah)

Ircurry (Laura)

thumb.gif kbochniak (Kristy) babygirl.gif

adoremybabe (Celia)


April 8




April 9

thumb.gif justKate (Kate)babygirl.gif

thumb.gif 1goodmama (savannah)

thumb.gif cjmullin (Christina) babyboy.gif


April 10

thumb.gif flavorfull1 (Melinie) babygirl.gif

babycatcher01 (Amanda)

Nazsmum (Andrea)

Liss86 (Elissa) babyboy.gif

mikeandfel (Felicia)

thumb.gifCherryBombMomma (Andrea) babygirl.gif


April 11

Maevankayt (Heather/Mae)

knstrong (Kristi)

natwatson84 (Natalie)

MommaHen (Karie Anne)

thumb.gif lalazap


April 12

Hillaryblaire (Hillary)

thumb.gif dealic (Rebecca) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif AiryFairy (Tanya) babyboy.gif

thumb.gif itsasecret babyboy.gif

thumb.gif Tarabelle (Tara)

alexandrad (Alexandra)

thumb.gif belacmsage (Bela) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif wwisdomskr (Jessica)


April 13

thumb.gif tarasue babygirl.gif


April 14

thumb.gif Mom2SammyJoe (Teresa)


thumb.gifReadingRenee (Shelley) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif Remark71 (Ellen) babyboy.gif  -  Scott Edward born 03/13/12

thumb.gif Marnica babygirl.gif



thumb.gif jennyvangy (Jenny)




thumb.gif prettyisa

thumb.gif chiromama01 (Jen)

thumb.gif rubyjune babygirl.gif


April 15

thumb.gif ShyingViolet


April 16

thumb.gif Tara2 (Tara)




thumb.gif saudade (Valerie) babygirl.gif

Radish4ever (Jenn)

anneca77 (Anneca)

thumb.gif hazelbranch (Laura) babyboy.gif


April 17

CarlyVHT (Carly)

ShannonBFCDAP (Shannon)

thumb.gif csekywithlove (Lauren) babygirl.gif



April 18

thellmemore (Bethann)

thumb.gif Tulafina(Tulafina)

itsybitsyspider (K)

Annika (Heidi)

tinyflame (Erin)

countrybound (Marelle)

Desirezdream (Kristen)


April 19

thumb.gif usagi629 (Sarah)


April 20

Lileon (Lena)

SBradbury (Sarah)


April 21



April 22

thumb.gif autumngrey (Jill) babyboy.gif

sallyrae17 (Sally)


April 23

Cheap Sunglasses (Aimee)babyboy.gif

thumb.gif rik8144 (Rikki) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif arbybee (Rachel) babyboy.gif

thumb.gif daylicious (Dayle)

ashleyandbaby (Ashley)


April 24

thumb.gifNicMom (Nicole) babyboy.gif


AnnaB77 (Anna)


April 26

two_sets_of_twins (Janet)

UnassistedMomma (Kim)

thumb.gif pookahjade

thumb.gif fern5fern


April 27

rajahkat (Kat)

carolyn_mtl (Carolyn)

thumb.gif chapluqa (Pheonix)

graf214 (Michele)


April 28

thumb.gif vivica2 babygirl.gif


April 29

kindchen (Anna)

thumb.gif Blueone (Andrea)babygirl.gif


April 30



PsycheGal (Michelle)


Late April

Christy1980 (Christy)




thumb.gif kaismum (Liz) babygirl.gif

thumb.gif jessinhawaii babyboy.gif



candle.gif In our hearts candle.gif


autumngrey (Jill) and Maxwell Thomas - 5:10 pm on February 7





If I've missed you, if your info changes, or if I make a mistake, just post it here and I will update. 

For those who know what they are having, update and I will add genders as well. 

YAY for Spring time babies!!!  That's 176 so far! 17 babyboy.gif and 20 babygirl.gif!


59 thumb.gif checked in to the Social Group

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Okay, so I just moved the entire thread over.  I don't think it is worth checking who is joining here vs. staying over at the DDC.  I will try to keep it updated.  It would be nice if we could do a roll call, and I will try to keep track of who is still with us and who isn't.  So, post here if you are here!!!

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I'm here!  


Once I get the gender thread moved and people are all approved (a week maybe?) I plan to ask for the gender thread to be locked. This should facilitate the move.

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jennyvangy- you can add a little boy next to me. thanks smile.gif

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Hola! You can add a little dude next to my name.

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jennyvangy - When you get a chance you can put a babyboy.gif next to my name. Thank you.

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I'm due april 5th with a boy!

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Found my way here. thumb.gif  I also would like a babyboy.gif if you get a chance. Thanks!

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I'm here. Thanks for moving this list. It feels more homey here already with it.

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Trying to see if I can post.



ok..cool it works, I'm here...thanks


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I'm here!
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Yay! We're migrating! You can add a little girl to mine! Thanks.

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Would you add 'boy' to mine?



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Congrats on the boy, itsasecret.  My mom had 8 kids: 7 girls and a boy.  I never thought I'd be able to raise boys, having grown up with so many girls, but I just love it and would love a whole team of them!

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OOoh, are the thumbs-ups for people who have successfully migrated? If so that's awesome! It'll help us know when we've got the majority over here.

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Still no clue for me, but obviously I'm here too!

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I'm here, but can my name get moved to April 16th?  My due date changed after seeing my midwives. :)  Thanks!

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I'm here!

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I am here too, can we get this thread stickied?

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I'm here, too. Good to "see" you all!

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