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I've been really, really busy and frantic and stressed. I may try to get out an run today, but I also have to pack.
Just do a 15 min run then...you'll feel better, honest!!!!
Then you can pack away!~
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geo -- good luck with the interview!

sending you positive vibes for your lectures : :
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Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I just got a couple of good pep talks, which are very needed at the moment since I just got pretty bad news on a proposal I wrote. I just practiced my talks again, and I sound semi coherent. Off to make sure everything works with the projector!

Is this one new?Does this guy look like a weightlifter to anyone else?

Kinda appropriate, I guess.

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Good luck Geo!

Shantimama, I had the same experience today with a pair of pants. It is so exciting. I doubt I'll be in prepregnancy clothes by this summer (I gained a lot of weight while pregnant), but I maybe my early pregnancy clothes.

I couldn't run yesterday because it was pouring all day. And it made me grumpy. I was so excited to run this morning, even though it was drizzling. I feel like I'm definitely getting in the exercise groove. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

I'm finding the pushups very challenging. I remember when I could do a bunch from the toes, I can't wait to be in that kind of shape again.
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I just ran 3.1 miles, 30 mins and 30 seconds....as I was running and at 13:06 mins, I saw a coworker, so stopped and chatted for about 45 secs...other than that NO STOPPING!!!!

I'm so proud of myself!!! I was unable to go for more that 3 mins at a time, 8 wks ago, remember timid me asking you girls for advice????? 'Wow. I've come so far...the only thing I'm NOT so proud, is I've slipped on the healthy eating this week... Haven't stopped since the weekend, which is well over now!!!:
I told dh to watch me a little more closely again!!!!
I also went for a short hike with the dogs,and ds in the pack, and I'm about to go for a short bike ride....can you tell I feel guilty about the eating??? :LOL

Missbliss~Glad you had a good run today!!!!
The pushups are also very challenging for me...I could only do like 3 at a time what, about 4 wks ago?? Now I"m doing 4 sets of 15...so that's a huge progression. Just keep at it....I think the key is NOT to get discouraged...kwim????


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Thanks for the encouragement! We are going through a major, major stressful time right now and the hour long walk/runs are keeping me sane. For the most part I have been eating healthy, but I just had a handful of almonds and chocolate chips as an appetizer and put some homemade macaroni and cheese in the oven for supper. : I will try to get some salad on my plate too, but right now I just want filling comfort food!

I hate stressful stress.
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just wanted to say good morning! The sun is shining here and the birds are chirping.

I ran this morning but not yesterday. I awoke at 4 yesterday to dd sick in our bed (yuck). She had a fever and was pretty uncomfortable in general. Fever lasted all day and came just shy of 103 last night and then broke around 2:30 a.m. She's better this morning. It was so weird for me because she was not ever a spitty baby and this was our first fever. Although I knew it was probably just a little virus that wouldn't amount to much, it's a bit unnerving the first time around.

So, I had to run today to make up for yesterday and to wake myself up.

'Wow. I've come so far...the only thing I'm NOT so proud, is I've slipped on the healthy eating this week... Haven't stopped since the weekend, which is well over now!!!
Mamasoleil -- great job on the running! Don't worry about the food. The beauty of making exercise a habit is that 1) it diminished the effect of little binges, and 2) it makes a person more health concious in general so you don't continue eating junk for too long. One of the big reasons I try to run regularly is so that I can eat what ever I want. I HATE dieting. I would rather be healthy, strong and active and eat things in moderation than try to maintain my weight/shape by eating alone.

I'll be out of the office on Friday (which is where I usually post from) so this will be it for this week for me. Happy weekend to all.
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Well, I went running this morning, even though it was sleeting and raining. Yuck. I am so ready for nicer weather. Thank goodness I have a cover for the babyjogger. I do feel like I'm getting stronger. I have a big hill at the end of my run, and it is definitely getting easier. I have this mantra that goes through my head when I'm going up it that keeps me at a steady pace, "My body is strong and healthy"

Mamasoleil, I agree with Schatz about healthy eating. Regular exercise helps smooth out the bumps. And it sounds like you are doing great as far as that goes.

Shantimama, I hope your stressful stress is lessened

I still have to motivate myself to do the situps and pushups. And we are going down to see my mil today. The good part is that she has a sauna, which I absolutely love. The bad part is that she drives me crazy. :
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Hey y'all! Glad to hear people are getting out there and making progress!
I've been doing a little weight-lifting this morning and I took the babe for a walk. I'm actually motivated to walk again this afternoon AND do my yoga tape. I can't believe I'm actually doing this!!
It is oh so helpful to have you all here for encouragement!!
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Missbliss, thanks for the good thoughts but I think this stress is here to stay for a good long while. I am doing what I can but unfortunately that isn't much - I can't change any of the situations so I am trying to take good care of myself in the midst of it all. I wasn't able to get out for my walk today and I can feel the difference - all that negative energy I usually walk off is swirling around inside of me. So I just cleaned my house instead! There will be a chance for me to walk later tonight but I have a feeling this is going to be one of those nights I fall asleep with my little ones.

If I wasn't walking, trying to eat well, welcoming spring and have an outlet like MDC I think I would be in some big trouble. I also have an amazing husband, family and circle of friends.
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Shantimama~I'm sorry to hear you are under a lot of stress. The reason I started running was to destress myself as well, or rather, take a healthy approah to dealing with stress. I thought, physical health=mental health, right? I do feel better, and though the stress is still there, doesn't seem unsurmountable anymore, kwim???

Okay, I DON"T know what to do...I haven't registered for the marathon yet, and I was JUST about to do so...but now, I'm wondering if I should do the 10k, rather than the 5k?
I still have almost 4 wks of training, and I can start incorporating a 10 k run once/wk...until then? Or should I stick to my original idea, 5 k in May, and 10k in August???
Oh, so many decisions!!!!!
I'm working tonight, so I'll be bound to the pc!!!

I also agree about excercise, and healthy eating...today, I was tempted to make myself some mac and cheese for lunch , but fixed myself up a salad instead!!!!
Very proud of that...hopefully I do well tonight at work!!!
Missbliss~I like your mantra, can I use it?
SpiralChrissy~Sounds like you're getting into the groove of active living!!!
Schatz~Glad to hear you are better, and very glad dd is better!!!thanks for the encouragement, and have a good weekend...

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The rain has finally stopped here! My run/walk today was actually dry! I get really cranky at the cars on my road when it is raining. It is amazing, I can feel myself getting stronger and the running getting easier daily. Now, if only the pushups would start getting easier :

Shantimama, , I hope that you are able to get out today for a walk. And I will keep hoping your stress will lessen.

Mamasoleil, of course you can use my mantra. I find it particularly effective on the big hill, to counteract the "I'm tired and weak feelings"

Spiralchrissy, Good job! Doesn't it feel good to keep following through with exercise? Sometimes I really have to talk myself into walking out the door, but I always feel good that I do.

I'm really counting on a walk/run tomorrow to help keep me sane, mil is coming up for the day with her (oh so fun new) boyfriend. (Did you catch my sarcasm?) Mil always asks me what I'm doing about THE WEIGHT, so it will be great to say, I've got to go excercise, bye! :
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Missbliss~Glad the rain is gone, but I think you sent it my way!!!!

Well, I'm about to bike home, in the pouring rain. It's the LAST thing I want to do, I'm just finishing my second night shft, it's 617am, and still dark outside...because of all the clouds.
Good news is....my sis sent me a package yesterday, with her size SMALL biking pants (she got herself a new pair)...and though they are VERY snug, they are wearable....I sniff sniff, haven't worn size small, in over 5 yrs...sniff sniff!!!!
THis has motivated me SO much more...I will RUN rain or shine!!!
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Bit of a sluggish run today...one set of 14mins, one 10 min set and one 3 min set, with a minute of stretching between sets.
Not too bad considering i just got off two night shifts and didn't REALLY want to go running.
But, I wore a tank top, which was fun!!!
Only 2.75 miles today...two MAJOR hills...
Tomorrow, I'm trying for 4.5 miles.....

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Mamasoleil, I think it is great that you manage to run at all, coming off two night shifts

I did my 5th run this week today, 2 min run X 6, 4 min walk X 5
It is a little more than two miles, with a couple of big hills. Most of the time I am either running up or down. Running down the hills is equally challenging, because I try really hard not to run fast while my dog is pulling really hard. I can sometimes have knee problems, so I don't want too much impact on the downhills.

I also did my pushups and situps. I can definitely tell that I'm building muscle, but I'm still really pushing myself to do 10 pushups and 50 situps a day.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend
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Oh I missed the new thread....

I've done pretty well this week. I have run four times so far...25, 35, 35, 22 mins. I want to run 40 min. tomorrow. My goal was really just to run 5x this week and tomorrow is the last day of the week. I really hope I don't wimp out.

Geo how did the interview go?

mamasoleil - go baby go! I'll cheer for you if you cheer for me! :LOL It's not even tomorrow and I don't feel like it!
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Haven't been yet...and don't really feel like it...but I'm going to take a really scenic path...so should help a little..it's also fairly flat going....
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It is hard to get out there sometimes, isn't it??

I'm getting ready to do my yoga tape...but it would be oh, so much easier to just sit here and play on the internet!

I get so little time to myself 2hours a day while baby naps that it's hard to use it for my highes good. But, I'm doing it. 10more minutes of posting and I'm out there!!

Happy SUNday!
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I did it!!!!

I just ran 7.05ks...4.4miles.
42 mins of running, 4mins of walking.
So freaking proud of myself.
It's the longest run I've done so far!!!!

So, my stats for the wk are:
5kms>walking(poor dogs)

I only did 3 runs this wk...due to work schedule, and kid schedule..but the biking made up for it!!! I feel good..next wk though, back on track with 5 runs!!!!

The next thread will be in the Fitness and Weight management forum..cause I noticed they added Fitness to the title...and so we should head there. I'll post a link tomorrow,

Happy trails....

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mamasoleil you rock! on two fronts. For your wonderful run and for motivating me to run today! Your last post gave me the umph to do it. I ran 40 minutes, I don't know how far it was though. Probably between 3 1/2 and 4 miles.

So this week I ran a total of 162 minutes. Not bad for my third week of running. Next week I want to maintain, maybe have two 40 min runs instead of one, but otherwise the same.

No weight loss or anything, but it is getting easier.
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