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I cannot get enough of pink grapefruit. Seriously. I am due to create an allergy or something I am so desperate for this stuff. What are you craving?

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Beef and tomatoes! I think I must be low on iron with those cravings (red meat high in iron and the vitamin c in the tomatoes helps with iron absorption). 


As for food aversions, the smell of cooking celery last night (making soup) was so disgusting! I also had to gag the chicken down...

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anything salty for me!  fries with salt....burgers with extra pickles!  hum it is actually hleping with my nausea!

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Cheese.  I crave cheese with every pregnancy I've had.  Cheese and crackers, macaroni and cheese, fried cheese curds (SO unhealthy!), pizza with extra cheese...  I also seem to eat a lot of burgers, but I think that's more of a comfort food thing than a true craving.

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A lot of fresh foods, like apples, pears, kiwi, spinach, carrots, even tomatoes eaten like an apple. I guess that's good but I am having a hard time getting protein down, which worries me. I am trying to gag down protein powder mixed into water because I get less sick with that than eating chicken or beef or fish.

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My cravings are pretty random and seem to be for just about anything.  The other day, it was black olives.  Two days ago, it was a big, bloody steak.  Today it's sushi.  It's so hard to plan for meals like this!!!  LOL

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I keep wishing I'd have a craving for something! I'm looking forward to some fun cravings and weird food combining. A friend of mine ate pear and peanut butter sandwiches a few times. I think she even added pickles once. haha


I'm normally not picky about eating at all but lately almost everything sounds gross to me. If I get it in my head that I want a particular thing, I better seek it out and eat it, though the very next day or even sometimes just hours later the same thing I wanted makes me nauseous to think of.

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and I've found I usually only start feeling REALLY sick or actually throw up if I eat sweets.

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I have no desire for protein, either. I ate some steak (usually a veg) but absolutely spin at the thought of chicken. I even just got chills..


I also have a huge fruit of any kind craving, and a bagel and cream cheese one too though I try not to indulge that one. Thankfully, leafy greens still taste good to me!


I had a craving for a snickers bar, which i never eat, and resisted. But boy...sounded so good.

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With my son I craved nectarines and orange juice.  I remember the nectarines were just SO juicy that summer, and I couldn't get enough of them.  And I drank orange juice every day until the heart burn kicked in.  I was hungry all the time and I gained 40 pounds with him!


With my daughter I didn't really crave anything from day to day, but a few times I got a hankering for fried ice cream from a particular Mexican restaurant.  I'd just keep craving it until I got some, and it tasted heavenly!  I ate "normally" with her and only gained 20 pounds, right at the end.


This time I'm ravenously hungry, but not really craving anything in specific.  I had two eggs this morning for breakfast, and by 11 my stomach was grumbling again!  I'm really trying not to overdo it, but ugh!  It's so hard!  I bought a bunch of produce so I can make salads, and Golden Delicious apples are just about the best tasting food in the world to me right now!  With both of my previous pregnancies, meat was revolting.  It almost tasted, I don't know, too wild and "gamey" to me.  I could eat it every now and then, but it was hard.  This time, meat is totally fine.  I just find it so funny/interesting/mysterious how different this pregnancy is from the previous two.  :) 

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I've been a vegetarian for 4 years and never once craved meat, until this week - I've been craving a whopper and KFC. I know I'd barf if I actually tried to eat them. It was just weird to crave it. I can hardly force myself to eat anything though just now. 

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I'm craving Kratiem from a Thai place we used to go to. But last year we moved to a very rural area and there is no thai food anywhere!


And it's bizarre, because I can't eat anything. I choke down baked potatoes and crackers lately.

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Until know, I've been mostly craving meat and potatoes -ish comfort foods (pot roast over mashed potatoes, shepards pie, beef stew, etc.).  And even in nyc one one makes them the way I want them, so I have to do it myself which is just too tiring!  So I usually settle for a good hamburger or a steakhouse.  Chicken makes me ill to think about. 


With my son I was all about red meat too.  He was enormous, though I only gained 30 lbs. 


Now this week I have been craving indian food-- specifically palak paneer (spinach and fresh cheese).  I sense an iron thing again, even though I'm heavily supplementing with Florodix. 


I had my first big wave of nausea last night over my family ordering BBQ.  The smell was so revolting. 


I crave soda, which I did with my last pregnancy too.  trying do hard just to have seltzer, I normally don't drink soda.  Had a ginger ale tonight and it was heavenly. 


I also craved a snickers (almond) today but I wasn't so good and I bought it. 


Every morning I crave yogurt and granola and honey.  Not homemade either, but from the expensive farm to table place near my work.  And I crave their lunches every day-- grass fed sloppy joes, ploughman's sourdough, fava bean salads, creamy tomato soup and chedder focachia yuuummm now I'm hungry.  I'm spending way too much on food this time around. 

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I love indian food! Palak paneer is one of my favorites. 

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Originally Posted by Altair View Post

Every morning I crave yogurt and granola and honey.  Not homemade either, but from the expensive farm to table place near my work.    


I'm spending way too much on food this time around. 

oh. my. gosh.  me too!  exactly the same.  expensive fancy whole foods granola and greek yogurt.  $$$$.  but it is so good. (luckily my MIL is a bee keeper, so the honey is free!) i wake up and feel so nauseated and just getting down the stairs to make the sacred bowl takes focused concentration not to heave, but once it's concocted, it is the perfect morning food for me.  it fixes everything.


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Went grocery shopping and stood staring at the nuts for a good ten minutes because I wanted them ALL but couldn't afford to buy them all.

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Right after I found out I was pregnant, I couldn't get enough protein.  It was all I wanted to eat, and carbs were kinda gross.  Now its the other way around.  The problem is that if I eat only carbs, obviously I don't feel great by the end of the day, so I've been trying to figure out how to sneak in protein.  Oh, and I've been loving cold veggies, too!  So the perfect solution for me right now is sushi. Yum.  I may have to run across the street and get some now that I'm thinking about it....

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Yogurt kefir smoothies with fruit and chocolate chips. Been having 2 glasses worth a day.

Fruit was big last time, too.

Yesterday and today, I really wanted pork chops (I pan fry them in olive oil with salt, pepper, and curry powder.) Made those today.

Getting greener by the day.. hoping not to have weeks of nothing but animal crackers in the future (and only one certain brand, at that.) Right now eating usually makes me feel better instead of worse.
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and I've found I usually only start feeling REALLY sick or actually throw up if I eat sweets.

I couldn't agree with you more. I typically have an out of control sweet tooth, which tends to mean I give in more to it while pregnant. However - we did a cookie bake with family today... and made over 15 different kinds of candies and cookies... and I didn't sample ONE because nothing sounded good to me! (this has never happened to me before)


Meat. Yes.


However - every single dinner I made last week, by the time I had it finished, I couldn't even take one bite of it and all I could eat was some frozen fruit and pasta. We typically have chicken 1-2x a week (as we raise meat chickens), and preparing it doesn't gross me out... just the consistency and taste - I can't touch the meal! :(


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Meat. And I am usually the kind of person who only eats it a few times a week. I ate beef tonight for the first time in years. 


Also, melted cheese in any form. Pizza. Nachos. On top of a turkey burger (oooh meat AND cheese lol!) However I can get it, I want the melted cheese lol. 


And sweets sound gross to me. Which seems so odd because I am the kind of person who has to use all my willpower to not buy a candy bar every time I got to the store. Now it just sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen. There has been icecream in my freezer for a week and I haven't touched it. Sooo not like me (but probably a good thing!)

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