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I feel sort of stupid right now... I'm craving green olives but I'm afraid if I eat them I won't like them... I have a whole bunch in my fridge but the thought of eating one is both exciting and disgusting. what in the world is going on in my brain?!

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I get my peaches in the little cups and it tastes way better than the canned ones. New craving for me- today I made an avocado, banana, almond milk and brown sugar smoothie. Very thick, but delicious. It's a good sip on it when you can't think of anything appealing but have to get nutrients in the system kind of thing. Never thought I'd want bananas and avocados in the same smoothie. LOL.

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olives were tasty. I ended up eating like 10 of them, sheesh... and didn't upset my tummy.

Now, I want a chili cheeseburger, but it's not payday until tomorrow :(

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I had swedish fish today :-). I'm so naughty.

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all i want now are cinnamon bears! yes, the artificially flavored, corn syrup, waxed, artificially colored with yellow 6, red 3 & 40 bad boys.


why oh why. I already emailed natural candy companies to see if they produce or distribute better alternatives....snake eyes. reasoning? "we tried. the taste doesn't work."



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I took my three boys to the grocery store yesterday during a bout of severe hunger-induced nausea.  (Why?? Why did I do that?).  The sort of trip where you really learn where the store trash cans are, because you really might need them.  In any case, my milk-and-eggs kind of trip turned into more of a popcorn chicken, pizza rolls, chips and salsa con queso sort of trip...duck.gif Sigh.  

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LOL. I regretted my Swedish fish and pizza consumption yesterday. Not quite sure what I'll eat today.

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I'm still pining away for fresh peaches. I have only 3 jars left of home-canned ones before I'm out, too. Dang it. 


I've also been really wanting some Mexican food lately. The sucky thing is that where I live there isn't really anywhere to go to get decent Mexican. It's all some weird Canadian idea of what Mexican food should be. I'm going to try and make some stuff at home this weekend. This is what I get for living in Texas a few years ago! Now my expectations are quite high.

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I got my burger! I am currently not craving anything, yay!

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Now it's Amy's frozen Cheese Enchiladas (with corn and black beans)... 2 nights in a row.. and whole foods yuuuummmmy candy canes.  

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Amys! Yum!


The crew at my local whole foods knows me, and are starting to give me worried looks at my current purchases.

Clearly I need help.

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Black bean and lime dip from Vitamin Cottage was so good yesterday and I am so looking forward to more later today (poor DH, lol).

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Meat, cheese, chocolate, anything with curry powder. I made curry pork chops about 5 times in the last 2 weeks.

And sour ish things. I am looking for some kind of candy to suck on that's sour enough. Have not found one yet. Warheads maybe?
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On friday, my DS told me they had brownies at their school Christmas party.  I said, MMMM, brownies, and could not let this thought go.  So I went out and bought a box of mix that would make a big pan, a bag of pecans, ice cream and hot fudge...and then skipped eating dinner to eat brownies instead.  MMMM, there are some left in there too, gotta go!  lol


edit to add: I added a lot of ground flax and an extra egg, plus used applesauce...so they weren't totally nutritionally deficit.

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I'm not big on sweet things but we picked up a jug of Sugar Cookie Egg Nog and I can't get enough.

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I'm having the issue of it sounds glso good until I'm cooking it. Then I can't stand the thought confused.gif:

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Lactomom- I can totally relate to that one!

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suddenly totally in love with grapefruit!

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i'm really getting depressed.  i've had clogged sinuses now for going on 2 weeks.  nausea hasn't subsided much.  but i've now realized that i have NO appetite because i CAN'T smell!  I have all these cravings, but i can't satisfy them b/c the smell is gone, so i have no taste.  it's killing me, i'm so over it.  the first trimester superhero smell sense that i'm lacking is just crippling.  I'm sure i've lost weight, i just don't want to eat anything. one of the few pleasures of the first tri illness is the random sudden hunger for whatever craving strikes and then the absolute nirvana of satisfying that craving.  


i'm so sad.  mecry.gif


maybe this post should have gone under "venting"...




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tolovemercy- Me too! Particularly grapefruit juice.

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