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sharp pain, numbness???

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i had a c section exactly two weeks ago... the first 2 nights i got a morphine button that i could push every 10 mins which helped me out A LOT! then they switched me to percocet, i had my c section on Friday the 18Th at 7 pm and was out of the hospital on Sunday by noon... the doctor was really surprised with how well my incision and i was doing.. 

they didn't have stitch or staple me up on the outside. 

i couldn't sleep in bed for the first 4 days i was home because when id get up with my daughter it would feel like something was tearing inside of me.. so i slept in the recliner. 

i started sleeping in bed and i started feeling the tearing sensation again, it hurts a lot almost every time i have a couple tears, it also happens when i get in and out of my boyfriends pickup. 

but the other day i was standing in the closet and turned to leave the area and it felt like my muscle right above my incision was ripping apart, the pain was so bad i almost passed out. 

Ive read some and saw that numbness was common, so I'm not so worried about that.

i looked at my incision the other day and where i feel the tearing sensation there is a scab, its the color of blood not pus, so i know its not infection,. 

i think i may have tore open my incision, my doc did'nt seem too concerned about it since it wasn't a pussy color or liquid draining, i was just wondering if anyone had felt the same muscle tearing sensation and what it might possibly be??

oh and also on the right side of my incision its really hard like there is a rock under my skin, any ideas??




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I had tons of pain for quite a while after my c., and, at 20 months PP c-section, still experience numbness and at least some discomfort on a daily basis.  For me, c. recovery has been a LONG road.


Getting in and out of a truck is something I would not have done unless I had a stepstool.  Big steps=big pain and risk of tearing open interior sutures/staples.


If you are concerned, I would suggest a check-in with your HCP.  Even if it just puts your mind at ease that what you are experiencing is normal, it may be well worth the effort of going.


If you get a fever, that may mean you have an internal infection and need to be seen by a doctor.


I am sorry you are going through all of this.  You have been through MAJOR surgery...it takes a long time for many moms to recover.  Be as gentle with yourself as you can, and don't deny yourself pain meds if you have access to them!  Six layers of muscle and tissue being cut is a LOT from which to recover.


And, lastly, a big congratulations on your newborn!  joy.gif

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ok i was just really worried, i know its only been 2 weeks today since ive had my c section and my doctor said that i am doing very good for having major surgery only 2 weeks ago.. i think i just want the pain to be completely gone and ive never had surgery before so i never knew how long it would really take. thanks! =]

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I have these more and more with each baby. I'll get little tears. Sometimes it's even had a bit of yellowy color come from them. Every time I get checked, ob says its fine. They have always been superficial for me, just the skin layer. It's important to keep your incision dry. I would keep hurt - free sterile pads there and change a few times a day, but not at night. It also needs a good amount of air circulation. 

And ditto pp on everything! The pain takes a long time to go away. I almost think I will never feel pre-c/s again, but it's worth it.

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