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What is in your toy box?

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I also have a frilly girl and also an I want what my siblings have girl, plus I have a rough and tumble 7 yo DS!  


Cars!!!  We have a ton.   The "good fast" ones are in DS' room w/his underbed storage box of tracks.   I also have a canvas bin in the play area and the best thing ever.  A Little Tykes green mountain.  It's huge green and plastic, but ever child from 1-12 that has been in house has played with it for hours.   With cars or guys or animals.  


DS has legos up the ying yang, but those are his and his only.   (small parts and treasured creations don't ya know!)   The girls aren't that into building but we have a set of cardboard blocks (like brick size).   Again something every child (and there have been many as I used to babysit in home!) loves.   Dominoes, forts, mazes, roads...etc.   


Thomas Trains.  We have the trackmaster ones (battery operated) and while they are DS' toy technically, when he opens his track all the kids come play!!   The boy can build some great track layouts!!! (under the bed or desk..etc).  


DS loves his animals and he makes habitats and zoos often.


Dress up of course.  Ours is filled with tutus and fairy costumes, scarves, jewlery and lots of other fun stuff and ODD 4 yrs makes some funny outfits!!! 


Fully stocked kitchen w/pots,dishes and food.

Baby dolls w/stroller, clothes/accessories.



Arts and crafts


Outside we have

a small toddler slide

giant sandbox



volley ball net and other sports equipment.

I could get away w/just the sandbox as my kids love it to death and honestly would be quite content digging in the sand or garden or climbing a tree.

tree swing


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Here is a link to post in my blog that I wrote last year about exactly what was/is in the childrens play room. I have two girls age 6 & 3.http://mamauk.typepad.com/mamauk/2010/12/our-ostheimer-nativity-as-each-christmas-passes-we-are-more-and-more-striving-for-simplicity-in-our-celebrations-we-want.html


To add to this, for Christmas they are having Lego, beautiful Haba play fruit, vegetables and items like a tiny carton of milk/slices of cheese etc and a vintage cherry red tin cash register which is 60 years old! Still tyring to keep it very simple, even though this seems like alot ot me, I know that they will get so much play out of the play food and cash register. I can't comment about the Lego as they have never had it before, I have no idea if they will play with it, I hope so! I am keeping away from the lego sets which feature TV/film things and staying with more basic Lego like the Lego town with bright coloured bricks and the small mini-figures I know they will like.

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What about the 100's of little cr@p toys?  We are overrun with little toys/crafts my dds pick up from school/birthday parties/friends/my inlaws.  Do you guys not have these, and if not, how do you avoid them?

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Oh we have them!!! 


It usually is tossed within a week.   And every couple months I purge.  Broken things or things not played with or just plain ol' junk are tossed/donated.   (and sometimes things I'm just sick of picking up.   Like the play coins and paper money ODD got for Christmas last year...what was I thinking with that purchase?!  lol) 

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Love hearing what everyone has in their toybox, especially now that LO has reached toddlerhood (our older 2 are 6 and 8, so we are working on being more minimalistic with them).  


My 8-yr old:

-Legos, legos, legos

-Nerf stuff

-some random smaller toys

-plenty of books

-about 10 stuffed animals, all hiding up in his loft bed, so at least I do not have to see them and trip over them, lol!


Last night I got some baskets to store/hide things in - DS was SO excited to see his "new and improved" room!



My 6-yr old:

-too many dolls and clothes and some furniture for them

-lots of books

-purses and bags

-IKEA tea set

-too many little trinkets to count

-stuffed animals


Her room is crazy since she has such varied toys.  I am trying to help her pare the variety down, especially since she does not play with much at all - she has a large bookcase we made into a dollhouse for the 18" and 15" dolls, but she ends up putting EVERYTHING on them shelves.  Hoping this improves with age!



My 15-mo old:

-2 long baskets (about 3 ft long) filled with baby toys, wooden ring stackers, shape sorting house, etc.

-ride-on toy and push toy

-car toy for toddlers

-odds and ends



He will soon be receiving a new-to-him set of Geotrax trains (he will grow into them, but since his b-day is not until the end of Sept. and he really does not need much right now, and we found a terrific deal on Craig's List, we went ahead and got the trains now - the older two will love them, too!), as well as a few other presents from relatives.  Trying to keep things as light as possible.  With our older 2, toys were literally EVERYWHERE!  The massive quantity resulted in them barely playing with anything I think due to being so overwhelmed and not as thankful for things because of having too much - does that make sense?


Anywho, thanks for thread - it has been helpful to hear everyone's toy story  :)

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Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

Yep, makes perfect sense. For us, it was a combination of purchasing the wrong type of toys and too many of them. Once I was able to let go of my ideals of what toys should be, things became a lot easier. They were constantly bored, annoyed and plain old overwhelmed with the selection. I do think children become less thankful with the more they receive. A bit like adults really.. When there is too much to take care of at any one time, something has to give!


Just an idea for your daughter's room: Perhaps ask her to pick her favorite 6 dolls and enough clothing to keep them warm. ;) Get a medium sized, pretty box to put all of her small trinkets in - That way they are contained and when the box is full, something has to leave before a new item can come in. I'm guessing a good size would be 10" x 10". You could always make this box smaller down the track, if need be. With the bags/purses, get a hanging rack with 6 hooks and ask her to hang her 6 favorites on there. Whatever is not picked is probably safe to go. Don't worry about the bookcase - My kids try to shove every conceivable item into the same space too - I think they just like the way it looks, like a toy store!



Thanks for the ideas!  Seems my 6-yr old decluttered some of her own bags today - we have been gathering toys and clothes, housewares, etc. for some families whose homes were destroyed in a fire this week; she very matter-of-factly came into my room with load and loads of toys, some bags, clothes, and such to give to the little girl her age and size who lost everything in the fire.  She made me very proud of her, especially parting with her Hello, Kitty bags, lol!


The dolls are a toughie - partly b/c of me redface.gif  They are truly beautiful dolls, complete with books about them and their historical era...most of which my Mom and I found on ebay for super prices.  Now that we are homeschooling, we are able to more easily connect some of her dolls and their books into our lessons, and I hope that since the dolls are really geared for older girls, that maybe she will grow into them.  I went waaaaay overboard with things for the kiddos during DH's deployment a few years back, oops!  However, she does not play with toys - she may dress the dolls up or do their hair; she may play with some Legos twice a year with DS, but mostly she is into arts/crafts.  She has speech/language issues and some possible other neurological issues, so I wonder if this is the reason for her not playing, despite having friends over, me modeling or playing with her, her brother, my husband...


I do pack away half of the dolls (she has 7 and is receiving her last one from grandparents this holiday that looks like her), so they are fresh and "new" to her every few months.  Ergh - I am a recovering packrat, but some things I have a harder time with Sheepish.gif  I have, however, decided to part with my 30-yr old huge 3-pc Barbie Dreamhouse and accessories since DD does not play with Barbies at all and has said she does not want it.  That was a hard one to part with!


The box idea is perfect, and we have a pretty hat-style box that is a perfect size for holding some of her little treasures.  


Thank you again for the super ideas!!  Tomorrow may be a fun day to declutter her room! 


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Most of our toys are in storage awaiting when we move (never got them back from our last move, waiting to complete the move so the military will ship our household items to us) but I only kept the stuff that was being played with.. The girls ask about these toys daily as well so I'm thinking that is a good indication that they are well loved:



a bunch of wooden blocks

felt food/pots and pans

noah's arc


cars, cars and more cars- these items are probably missed the most

nesting blocks

a lot of books

stacking blocks


an easel

a blackboard

trike, push car and rocking horse

ball tent and play center (again, missed a lot, its our indoor play area for when its nasty outside)

pull along animals

a bunch of board games


The few things we have gotten while living here:

a few stuffed animals

trios (a type of building legos)


a train table that we use for arts and crafts to keep the crayons away from the baby

a wooden bowling set

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Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

They sound like gorgeous dolls! If I were you, I would hang onto them and do the same thing you're doing - rotating. The dolls my girls have are very pretty too (Kathe Kruse Elea dolls), except they don't come with stories. They have one doll each and one baby doll each.. And a plethora of clothing.


That's really cool that she decluttered all on her own! :)


You mentioned your daughter does not play much. It may not be the speech or possible neurological issues... she may just enjoy creating more than playing with something that has already been created. I was a little like this as a child and I used to make my own toys and find far more joy in that, than going to the store and purchasing something ready made. Arts and crafts are fantastic and I would build on that and make up a great caddy to hold anything and everything artsy. This might motivate her to further declutter as she finds where her real interests lie. I love buying presents for artsy kids, as they are all mostly transient.


Oh, wow - the Kathe Kruse Elea dolls are so lovely - and I love their slightly smaller size (and that they are made in Germany - my 1st 2 kiddos were born there, albeit on an Army post).  


I wonder about her play a lot, especially coming from a speech pathology background - it may be making me too vigilant as to possible causes!  We inherited an old wooden desk we keep in the basement just for the kids' arts and crafts - the singlemost wonderful hand-me-down in our home!  I also love the consumable nature of art supplies - so much easier to deal with than the 101 board games (not really, but an entire walk-in closet) and toys!  Thanks for sharing your own story about playing and creating - it is nice to hear that it is not abnormal for her to not want to play (causes some social "issues").  I do love her creations  :)


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