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I'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong with this RS

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Since my son was born at the end of September he's been in my arms.  I recently moved in with my mother who has VERY different ideas about raising my son than I do-- and by "different" i mean "completely opposing on every issue".  She nagged me about holding him so I got smart and looked up ways to be a little more productive while still keeping my LO close to me and lo and behold!! a whole community of people who keep their babies near! So I went on ebay and got a ridiculous deal on a used taylormade sling ($8!) and put DS in it and he LOVES it.  only problem (i know, unnecessarily long back story) is that after a few minutes i feel like the rings start to slide further and further down.  I tried spreading the fabric out on my shoulder more, but after a few minutes it starts bunching at my neck.  Help!  i feel like i got my arms back for those first 15min but then it all goes to bunched up hell.  what am i doing wrong? I tried to ask on a forum at thebabywearer but i only got 2 responses and they were almost condescending in tone.  i'm new! i know nothing! show me the ways of the babywearer, please!

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I've only been babywearing for a few months, but I use my ring sling a ton. I'm not too sure exactly what you're asking, do you mind clarifying? When you say the rings slide down, do you mean that they loosen up and the fabric is loose, or do you mean that the sling migrates down so the rings are further down on your chest? Also, do you think they could be sliding because you haven't tightened it up enough, and your wiggly baby moves it around too much? If that's it, you might just want to snug him up better.  I usually start with the rings high up on my shoulder, so when I tighten it up, the rings end up in the proper spot.   If this isn't the case, can you upload a pic so we can see what you mean?


The only way that is comfortable for me to wear it for long periods of time is to have the material spread very wide and down the side of my upper arm a bit. Unfortunately that means that I can't use my full range of motion for my arm/shoulder on the ring side. If I try to lift my arm up all the way it slides the material up to my neck, which I hate. So, no hanging laundry for me in the RS.



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Here are still pictures to help you get an idea of each step on must take to use a ring sling. http://www.sleepingbaby.net/wearing/threading.php

Here is a video resource for using a ring sling. http://www.youtube.com/user/sakurabloombabysling#p/u/0/da3DODqV_nM

Hope these help.


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As Cat says, I can imagine 2 possible scenarios. If it's the first scenario, where the fabric is getting loose, here are some things that help me when that happens:

1. Sometimes when the sling fabric is too smooth or thin (which can happen if it's a well-used sling) the fabric moves around and can slip on the rings a bit. I guess the fix for this is tying the fabric around the rings after you've got it to a good tightness, or reinforcing the fabric, or purchasing some new, smaller rings and using those instead (they can be bought online, I won't do a promo for the company here, but google ring slings and you should find all you need to know. The rings need to be weight-bearing tested and would only run about $5)

2. Focus on tightening the 'rails' (that's the 2 edges of the sling fabric) so that they are a bit tighter than the rest of the fabric. In most carries, the rails are not carrying most of the weight, the rest of the fabric (which forms the pouch) is. I've found that if they are in position, the rest of the fabric is a lot less likely to slip. And if it does start to come loose, I try to tighten those first. It's like they hold the rest of the thing in place. I do not understand the physics of it. ;)


If it's the second scenario, where the rings are sliding down your chest, maybe you could try...

1. Positioning them further back on your shoulder when you're putting the baby in.

2. Switching sides. For some reason this always happens when I'm doing a hip side carry on my non-dominant side (I'm left handed, it's always easier to carry baby on my left side), though if your baby was born in Sept, you're probably using a kangaroo carry and I can't remember having the same problem with that particular carry.


And lastly... your mom may have lots of great insights into raising children, but it seems like your instincts are in good working order. ;)



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Thanks, everyone! the tips are really helping out.  I thought i was puting the rings high enough when i started but finally i just decided to put them ON my shoulder.  since DS squirms so much that seems like the best way, they usually slide down to an appropriate level.  I think part of it might be my bad posture, but i'm working on it and we're doing so much better!

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Just as a side note -- I've found babywearing has helped my posture sooo much. Espec with the ring-sling, I have to stand up straight and use my shoulders for him to be able to sit + balance properly (we do a side hip carry). And of course my back muscles get stronger as he gets heavier. Side benefit!

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