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Sciatica Nerve Pain Anyone?

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Mine is back darn it. It is literally stopping me in tracks sometimes! My pain is right above my left buttocks where my back meets it! It feels like a shooting/tugging/locking feeling if that makes sense. I had it really bad with my 2nd pregnancy. I could not straighten my body from a sitting to standing position! It felt like my butt, back and leg would just lock up in pain. I mean I would try for awhile to straighten up but the pain was crazy! Anyone else have experience with sciatica nerve pain?
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I car accident in high school makes me very pron to this. However, seeing my chiropractor and/or massage therapists for cranial sacral massage makes it better or keeps it at bay! 


Also stretching the muscles around your hip/but is a BIG help too! 

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My sacrum is notorious for torquing and triggering some sciatica pain. It wasn't so bad with my two previous pregnancies, but a 2yo pee-on-floor accident which caused me to slip and fall RIGHT ON MY SACRUM onto a large, hard plastic car on the bathroom floor last spring has made it a zillion times worse. (not that i'm bitter...) My chiropractor said my pelvis is already tilting and I need to do foam roller stretches at least once a day every day and try to strengthen my abs and back while I can. 


I get pubis symphysis pain pretty bad starting about midway through pregnancies, too--so I need to get this sacrum/sciatica crap under control or I'm going to end up a heap of misery!


You know, the motion you describe uses your buttock muscles a LOT, which pulls on the sacrum--I wouldn't doubt that it's what is triggering your sciatica, too. If I get any muscle tightness in my buttocks at all, my pain really increases. Do you have a chiropractor? That's really the only thing that will help, ime. (If you don't, I have a chiro friend (and her dh) who graduated from StL Chiro College & I'll bet she can give me the names of some reliable practitioners near you)

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@stegenrae no I don't have a chiro I just tuffed it out last pregnancy because of my insurance not covering much!  I now have better insurance and I would love the names of some great chiro in stl thanks

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