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Pennywhistle, that's great!  It was such a relief when I realized I could start doing my normal thing again.


Moremadder, there are actually quite a few prenatal videos online.  I just found this one: http://www.prenatalyogacenter.com/cmps_index.php?page=free-yoga-videos

And there are more at a site that I can't remember for the life of me, but I'll have to get back to you on that one.  I need to incorporate some more yoga to my routine.


I went to the gym this morning and found a move I shouldn't do.  It's a roll from back to front (basically an ab and lower back strengthener) and when I rolled to my front, it felt like there was a grapefruit in there.  Whoops.  I guess I now know I'm at the stage where belly exercise is out.  Other than that, the lunges and so on felt great.  I'm debating going tomorrow morning, though the workout they have planned looks painful (in a sort of good way). 

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Awesome, thanks LilyTiger!

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I was super active before I got pregnant so I am doing my best to stay active while pregnant. :)


Pre-pregnancy I usually would try to run 4-5 days a week. for 4-6 miles per run. If I didn't run I would hike or ski. My goal most weeks was 4-5 days of activity a week.


I am still running but I have cut it down to 2-3 days per week and never over 3 miles. Some days I can run 2 miles, some days I run 3, some days I just walk. I also do sort of 'intervals' where I jog then walk when I need to. I also have started to walk some days 3 miles instead of run. It just depends how I am feeling but I got food poisoning in December for a week and that really took me out for most of the month. :(


At some point I will transition (once the snow melts and I can ride my bike) to swimming at the pool here but its across town and too far to walk in the snow. Once its spring/summer Ill probably be on a bike, just no idea how big I am going to get this pregnancy since I have 2 vs 1 in there.. 



What online videos have people found they like? I enjoy doing aerobics videos when pregnant but havent found any that dont require a lot of sit ups or jumping.



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ithappened, I found a few on Netflix that I liked, including some of the bootcamp videos.  The Pow or Spark or whatever it is fitness (my brain just shut off.... curses!) has pretty good circuits.  I've found you can substitute planks or step ups or whatever feels comfortable for the moves you don't want to do (like sit ups).  Lunges to an overhead press with dumbells is a pretty kick-butt ab move that also happens to help pelvic floor strength.


So, I need advice!  I'm being soooooo vain, but I did a really great workout last night and I have a dinner with family friends planned for tonight and I am having an awesome hair day.  My plan was to get in a quick workout before dinner today, but I just cannot get over this hair day!  I have really thick, long hair, so it takes FOREVER to dry and then it's frizzy for a good 12 hours.  greensad.gif  I know it's totally awful to not workout because I'm having a good hair day, but is it like completely awful?  I mean, how terrible do I have to feel about it?  Sheepish.gif  Maybe I'll compromise and do some light yoga so I don't get super sweaty.  I can't believe I'm even thinking about this, but man my hair feels awesome!  I don't want to shower!  Someone beat some sense into me.  Or just tell me my rampaging vanity is ok.  Either one.

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Speaking as someone with very unruly hair...embrace the good hair day.  If you want to get some exercise, do some light yoga and some squats, then be done!  Vanity is always acceptable whistling.gif


Also, what is this "lunge to overhead press with dumbell" thing?  I'm intrigued.

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This is totally a topic for another thread, but one of my passions is teaching others how to care for their hair type without the use of harsh detergents. If you want to talk hair, let me know! My own curls have gone from frizzy and unruly to lovely and smooth over the past 7 years. smile.gif

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+1 for skipping the workout in the name of vanity.

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Well, you guys won out.  I'm embracing my awesome pregnancy hair and instead I cleaned a little around the house.  I got a whopping splinter under my pinkie nail (OUCH) in the process, so that's making me mad, but my awesome hair day is still sort of making up for it.


Cecilia's Mama, I would love info on hair stuff.  I use the all natural stuff (Nature's Gate right now) and I try not to shampoo more than every other day (usually it's every three days or so).  I've looked at the no shampooing regimen, but I can't find six weeks in my life where I'm comfortable looking gross for the whole time until the oils calm down.


Pennywhistle, it's a great move for pregnancy.  Just hold two dumbbells at your shoulders (I was using 15# each, which was challenging after a while) and you do walking lunges, but as you come up you sort of use the power you've generated to push the bells overhead.  Then you bring them down to shoulder height and lunge forward with the other leg, repeating the process.  The first time I did this, my abs were rocked the next day.  Basically, you're stabilizing the entire time.  Another good one is just walking lunges with one dumbbell held with super straight arms overhead.  You should feel that one in your abs the whole time as well (assuming the dumbbell is heavy enough).  If you're having trouble feeling them, pulling in your abs and focusing on them helps.  I did the lunge to overhead in a circuit with rows and dips and I felt almost every muscle group (in a good way) the next day.  But the ab stabilizing was what shocked me.  You really do feel the whole darn ab muscle group.  And lunges are supposed to be really good for pelvic floor strength too. 

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Honestly, if your hair is naturally dry, which frizzy hair generally is, in my experience you won't have much, if any, an adjustment period. This was the case for me, and has been corroborated by all of the curly folks I know who went shampoo-free. It's generally the folks with oily hair that have the longest adjustment period. As for the nuts and bolts of it, just give it a try one time and see what happens-- try scrubbing your scalp with conditioner, gently massaging your hair with it, and rinsing. Re-condition if your hair doesn't feel soft enough. See what happens! smile.gif

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I have oily hair, and I gave up the no-shampoo because I couldn't handle the adjustment period.  :(

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possibly stupid question but here it goes- :)



does walking 4 miles carry the same to similar fitness benefits as if I was to run 3 miles?



Right now I typically run 4 times a week, average is about 3-4 miles but my DS's daycare is a walk of 2 mile round trip- if I walk there in the morning and again in the evening to pick him up, its 4 miles total.


I am considering just doing this as my baseline fitness routine for 5 days a week, then possibly doing 1 run of 2-4 miles or a lap swim session on a saturday or sunday but I am curious if walking would have the same benefits as running will for cardo/endurance/weight etc?





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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

I have oily hair, and I gave up the no-shampoo because I couldn't handle the adjustment period.  :(

You may already know this, but there are a couple of things you can do to ease into it. First would be to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo, since it's the sulfates in shampoo that are the biggest culprit for overstripping hair-- they're the same ingredients that make dish soap cut through grease and really are too harsh for hair. The second thing to do is to work your way down to shampooing less during the week. If you do it every day now, try every other day for a few weeks, then try cutting back more. You can still use water every day if you want to.


Anyway, sorry to hijack the "staying active" thread! I'll stop now! ROTFLMAO.gif

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ithappened, walking won't have quite the same effect, but if running is uncomfortable, then walking is a good alternative.  The problem with walking (depending on how fast you go) is that your heart rate doesn't really get high.  When I take my dogs for somewhat vigorous walks (trying to keep up a good pace) I'm still only at around 120 bpm.  For endurance purposes, you really need to get it to 140 or so.  Walking can, however, be good for weight control and it's also just nice to get out.  I find it relaxing.  So, it really depends on what your goals are.  Personally, I'd try to keep running as long as it is comfortable.  Do you have a jogging stroller?  Because you could jog DS to school and back too.  Either way, four miles a day is nothing to sneeze at.


(Another thing to take into account is that cardio endurance is lost more quickly than, say, strength, so you probably need to get your heart rate up three times a week just to maintain your current fitness level.  If you're more concerned about other stuff than fitness level, then walking might be a good option.)

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My running ability is returning!  I went on the usual 3.3mi trip around the lake with my friend - we walked most of the way, but threw a few runs in too (just 2-3 blocks each time) and it felt great!  Our overall pace was 14:30.  I'm going to try to increase the running every day and see how I feel...maybe I'll be able to run/walk March's half marathon after all!


Thanks for the lunging info - I'll definitely try that out.  Sounds like a great way to hit up abs, arms and pelvic floor all at once!

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Personally, I'd try to keep running as long as it is comfortable.  Do you have a jogging stroller?  Because you could jog DS to school and back too.  Either way, four miles a day is nothing to sneeze at.


I do have one but its at home and we're working away from the apartment and staying at the university's housing. . I want to keep running but then working 8-9 hour days right now is so exhausting the idea of going running at the moment feels impossible- i dont know if I should force myself out or not.. I am just so tired this week all I want to do is be still :)


I am walking about 5 miles right now a day after you include the long walk with the dog after dinner so its better then nothing but I am missing the idea of running.. if that makes sense :) hoping my energy is back in the next few days again.


With DS I was able to run until about week 18 but I am not sure with twins if that will be true as well. Only time will tell :)

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ithappened, I forgot you're dealing with twins!  I would listen to my body as far as fatigue goes.  I can't remember what week you're in, but it took me until around week 10 before I was doing anything like a real workout, and I was still only squeezing them in every other day because my body just would not work out on consecutive days.  So, I wouldn't fight the fatigue right now.  Five miles a day with a swim or something thrown in there is really good.  If you have that second tri surge, you could probably get back into running for a little while too!


Great news about the run, Pennywhistle!  I haven't run since we got back from California last week because I am freezing all the time and the weather is so gross here.  It makes me sad.  I miss the sun.  If you're like I was three weeks ago, you're still in Fatigue Land, so nice work on getting out!


I've definitely been "blah" this week since I got back.  Fortunately, I'm paying for workouts at my gym, so that's incentive to get out of bed at least three days a week.  Then if I can fit in one to two workouts at home, I feel pretty good about things.  I'm actually really really trying to motivate myself to workout right now...  Even a quick one would be good, but my butt is like plastered to the bed.  I really must get up...

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LilyTiger: Paying for the gym is a GREAT motivator!  My due date is 20 days after yours, so yeah - I'm almost exactly 3 weeks behind you!  It's nice to have your energy to look forward to winky.gif


I think this morning's walk/run really helped with my overall wellness - I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday, and yesterday I had to leave work at 3pm because I was literally tipping over in my chair I was so tired.  I got home and immediately fell asleep sitting up on the couch for 2 hours, and all day/night I felt really nauseous and gross.  But today I haven't felt nauseous at all, and I'm only now starting to feel a little tired (2:45pm my time).  Oh exercise, you are the best.


ithappened: I TOTALLY understand missing running!  This morning was the first time I was able to run at all in weeks, and it felt amazing.  And that was for maybe a minute at a time.  Running is so much fun, and feels so good!  Like LilyTiger said, I would just listen to your body re: how much to work out.  It was hard, but I forced myself not to push anything, and it is now starting to come back.  If you have access to an elliptical, you might want to try it out - even when I was unable to run, the elliptical felt easy and good, and I was able to get my heart rate up to 150 without feeling any strain or shortness of breath.  Not sure if it's because it's low-impact, or what, but it felt really good to me.

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pennywhistle we live literally a block from a gym back at home and when we get back I am considering joining just so I can use the pool and the eliptical machines there.. it just feels so expensive and excessive esp. when I live in the middle of the mountains but I also recognize at some point in the pregnancy all my 'normal' outdoor sports wont be possible- skiing, climbing, etc and I also have to admit I love the idea I could go to the gym late at night for a swim or workout when I would otherwise just have to sit at home because of the ice on the roads etc..




I still am not sleeping well at night and with the construction next to our apartment Im being woken up super early too .. I am aiming to start running this weekend again, I basically will have taken 6 days off so it will be interesting to see how it feels going into week 12/13 with twins. . . but so far, so good!

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I wish we had a gym nearby.  The closest one is probably half an hour away, and I can't afford it anyway.  Swimming sounds wonderful but it always seems like such a hassle for me, with the getting there, doing it, showering and getting re-dressed, either drying my hair or waiting for it to dry on its own, blah.  Anything outside even sounds good, but it's too cold here.  I'm sick of indoor working out.

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Swimming sounds wonderful but it always seems like such a hassle for me, with the getting there, doing it, showering and getting re-dressed, either drying my hair or waiting for it to dry on its own, blah. 


I totally agree.  It always seems so high maintenance.  But I know it's good for me, so I'm hoping to come around soon shy.gif  A friend of mine invited me to join her at aqua aerobics, which sounds fun!

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