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I'll probably avoid the pool until later in pregnancy for that very reason.  I feel like I end up spending two hours at the gym just getting ready, getting in, then yadda yadda.  But we have faculty/staff fitness classes, one of which is aqua aerobics, and I agree with pennywhistle that it sounds fun so I'll probably do it in the summer when everything else feels terrible.


I did rowing, deadlifts, walking lunges, dips, and double unders (jumping rope) at the gym today.  I got up to 10 reps of 70# deadlifts, which is the heaviest I've gone since I've been pregnant.  It felt pretty good.  I could have gone heavier, but I would have had to switch to a bar (I was using kettlebells) and didn't want to mess around.  So, overall I'm feeling good about the workouts and general strength stuff.  I need to make sure I'm doing cardio at home for recovery.  Part of this crazy weight gain this week I think is that I've been doing less cardio at home than I was before.  I need to start an actual training log so I can look for patterns like this.  I have one at the gym, but I only write down my gym workouts.  I'm also exhausted, which is why this post reads like a really boring stream of consciousness.  Sorry!

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Oh its below freezing here and we have snow/ice everywhere.. I guess I get used to working out in all weather- the key is really to have the right clothes to workout outside and then its surprisingly comfortable!!  I guess there are just some days (mostly when its raining hard) where I'd love to have the option of the gym because I just don't want to be cold and wet at the end of the workout..  its not that I can't but I don't like the rain in my face and my feet being wet at the end of the run..  :P Just feel guilty spending the money at the moment when my only valid reason not to run is I am a little tired. .  . hmmmm.



Oh and to answer the question: I am just rounding into week 13 at the moment but I think with all this work and traveling the last week or so that's been a big part of my exhaustion.... I think I've been to like 4 countries in the last 8 days or something insane on top of having a lot of days I work long hours then don't get much sleep.

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Those who swim, do you wear a maternity bathing suit and if so where did you buy it?

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I wear a normal one (a bikini) which adjust with ties sort of like this one - I can wear it well into the 9th month and then its great after too. the bottom ties are key as once you gain weight it doesn't 'muffin top' you as you can expand the ties to go up or down but this is also true for the chest. I found the maternity suits either were too big or too small and I didnt want to buy multiple so I ended up just sticking with a bikini with ties I could wear before and after pregnancy.



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I got a maternity one on clearance when I worked at Target.  It was like 2.50 for each piece.  I tried just getting a bigger bathing suit but something about the way my hips changed made it so I really did need the maternity cut.

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I have a larger bust so have to go to specialist places for bikinis. I'm hoping to get to the pool a fair bit this year (or be able to use next doors pool) so I can keep active, get DS in the water, and cool down. I think I'll end up getting a little water skirt thingy to wear though (or avoid mirrors) as this is my first time pregnant in summer so I imagine things won't be pretty down there.


Today I did a really good Core on the Ball thing. I recorded loads of stuff from the TV, pilates yoga and some core stuff. I love the ball workout, trouble is my son has seen the ball as his toy until now. I was doing pressups on the ball and he was using me as a tunnel, or pushing my head up and down saying helping, this way. It wasn't helping. I can see how the ball stuff will be really easy to use until the end and some of the gentler stuff will be good to ease back pain. I can really recommend getting a swiss/yoga ball for exercises now, towards the end (and help in early labor) and afterwards. Oh and you can still do crunches on the ball throughout your whole pregnancy (unless your abs separate) because you're not lying down you're just incline on the ball.


A girl on my first DDC posted a good link to a youtube prenatal pilates video so I'll try to post that up.


I did a prenatal yoga from the TV and it was so boring. Just slow and nothing really happened. I swear the warm up exercises from the ball workout were more involved than the prenatal yoga. Maybe it'll make more sense when I'm bigger.

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Oh and if anyone wants to do some workouts at home this site http://www.bodyinbalance.tv/ondemand does a really good monthly deal for only £5 which is about $8, you can pay by paypal too. I've done some of the workouts on the tv channel and they are good. I did a kids yoga one with my DS and he really liked it. There's loads of different pilates and yoga type stuff for those of us without sports bras!

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Thanks for the swimsuit recommendations, ladies.  I hadn't really thought of that, but I'll need to get one too.


I'm buying new workout pants and a blog I love recommended these (they do great things to your butt!).  They're spendy, but I am living in my workout pants right now, to the point where I actually have succeeded in wearing out the crotch, so I'll pony up and deal with it.  Other workout stuff I'll probably get a Target.


Here's the link.  Other maternity workout recommendations?  I think Gap has some stuff, but I haven't looked too hard.


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Same Post in July 2012 DDG:


I just can't bring myself to a "set" workout time everyday. When I do rarely have a solid 30-45 min, prenatal yoga... My energy is still so low that it just doesn't happen. But I am exercising throughout the day. 


Wall sits 4x a day: My goal is to get up to or past 2 minutes. The goal here is to reinforce the pelvic floor, strengthen with muscles in my hips and thighs and increase stamina. 


Squats every time I pick up stuff  from the floor: Same goal as the wall sits


Deep Squats: As often as needed. This really helps with bowel movements, and stretching the glutes pullign the sacrum into proper position. 


Pelvic tilts: loosen the muscles in my back


Other stretches through the day as needed. 

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Lactomom, I am LOVING the deep squats for my SI joint/pelvic issues!  They totally do away with the pain.  Instant re-set.  It's awesome.


I've been lifting more and doing less cardio lately, which feels really good.  But, I'd like to add in more running while I still can.  Just lacking motivation when the weather is crappy.  I did two long two-hour walks this week when the weather was nice, which felt amazing.  My mood shot through the roof.  I can't wait for winter to be over!

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I feel really lame this week. Saturday and Sunday were great- I managed 3 or 4 mile runs.. I felt strong and then I got really really sick with this cold/flu and Im not sure I have even left the house :(


Hoping by this weekend I can start at least slowly jogging again but its really been a bad week for health.

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Lactomom, I am LOVING the deep squats for my SI joint/pelvic issues!  They totally do away with the pain.  Instant re-set.  It's awesome.

That's great it is so helpful with that! I need to tell a few mamas!
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So far feeling much better in the workout arena ever since I hit 13 weeks.  I'm not quite as restricted in terms of workout times (9am doesn't feel like 2am and 5:30 pm doesn't feel like death), so I can actually get to the gym consistently.  The weather has also been a tad bit nicer, so I squeezed in two two-hour walks with the dogs this week, which felt amazing.  I can't wait for a little more warm weather and I can get a few more runs in before my belly takes over the world.  I'm doing mostly interval work and weights right now. 

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Im still pretty sick with this cold/flu but I did feel well enough today to get in an almost 3 mile walk-- :( I tried to run and ended up jogging like 30 ft before I lost my breath and was too congested to breathe. gah.


I havent really done anything but work and lay in bed since last weekend so Im looking forward to the small window left I will still be able to run comfortably. I figure by the time we go home in 2 weeks or so I might be confined to swimming until the snow melts and I can take my bike out.. Im not looking forward to my next OB weigh in.. its going to be scary.


I feel really out of shape right now, its been one thing after another this pregnancy (food poisoning, colds, more colds/flu)

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Well, I win some sort of active award for today.  It started out totally sedentary, but I did an intense workout from 5:30 to 6:30 and just as I got home and was ready to shower, DH came running in to remind me that our first swing dancing lesson was about to start.  Ack!  So I shoved half a Lara bar in my mouth and we ran out the door.  I spent the next hour and a half dancing (it wasn't intense or anything, but it was non-stop movement) and then we stopped for pizza (for the fetus!).  I'm hoping I sleep well tonight as a result.  I'm really excited though because the place also hosts a social dance every Wednesday night, so we were going to go to that too.  That would be two nights of dancing a week!  I love dancing.  The only sad thing is that the lessons are group lessons and they make you rotate partners so you don't get any bad habits.  But DH and I get to dance together at the end.  And at the social dance tomorrow too!


(This was also my first time getting an extended look at myself in the mirror, and I'm definitely showing.  Most people would probably think it's fat, but I have no waist and my belly has popped.  I'm hoping in a few more week it will look like an actual bump.)

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I need motivation and am joining this thread!!  Now that I've been feeling better these last few weeks, I'm getting a bit stir crazy around the house (I'm home alone all day).  I've got a couple of yoga dvds which are nice and I've also bookmarked some of the online workout links that were shared on this thread..... push ups, squats are good too, but I need to get out to a gym!  Or do a group class!



We recently relocated to Winnipeg, so I'm still getting to know my way around the area.   I wish we had a gym close by, like we're used to ....we are a 1 car household (used to living in larger cities and relying on the subway), so I may have to break down and start dropping off/picking up DH at work to keep the car (no subway here).  It's -13F outside, so a walk through my lovely neighborhood has been out of the question for quite some time (and even warming up the car's a pain!).  I'm waiting for it to get up to the 30's and then I'll be out the door!  I kind of feel like I'm on house arrest right now!

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yes! house arrest.. thats it! newmomjoy me too. I have not been feeling well enough to go out except for picking up DS in the evenings.. so I get a 2 mile walk in but thats about it. I am really really hoping this weekend I feel well enough to go for a jog outside, I dont know how many more weeks I have left until running will be uncomfortable so I am getting really anxious..


Im considering joining a gym when we get back from this contract- Id like to have access to a pool and some machines for the rest of this pregnancy- if I cant run, I need to be able to do something and the public summer pool doesnt open till June!

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ithappened, I found this cool blog by a woman who just had twins and thought you might be interested in checking it out. I only really read the 6 months postpartum update, so I don't know how helpful the rest of the blog is, but it seemed cool. 



I also found a neat blog by a trainer who does a bunch of interviews with women about their experiences exercising during pregnancy.  I've been lucky that no one has given me crap for working out at the rate I have been, but I'm also not showing yet, so I'm sure the negative comments will be coming.  It's nice to have a bunch of cool interviews that demonstrate that exercise really is great for mom and baby.  That being said, this blog is horribly edited and the spelling and grammar mistakes are driving me a little crazy.  But the message is there. 



I did a quick interval session today with light weights (45#) for the thrusters and then a little heavier for the part where we deadlifted (70#).  I'm still trying to balance getting a good workout with lower intensity, since the baby only gets oxygen after I do.  The website I trust the most says to use the "talk test" instead of a heart rate, so as long as you can talk during the workout, the baby is getting enough oxygen.  The problem, of course, is that I don't usually chat during my workouts.  I've been counting reps under my breath to try to mimic talking, and so far I guess that's working.  My asthma is also a ton better since pre-pregnancy, which I was told might happen due to all the natural steroids running through my system.  Finally, a pregnancy symptom I can enjoy!

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lilytiger thats an awesome blog post and super helpful to read her experience PP with twins/exercise etc.. thank you! I also SUPER enjoyed the other one was well, its so great to see other active pregnant women- with my first I felt pretty alone in that.. I wish I found a blog like that with DS...




I am still not running, was super hoping today would be the day but still just riding at 80% .. heres hoping tomorrow is a run day but Im getting so big Im starting to wonder if its even an option.. We were suppose to go home next week (yah skiing!!!!) but now have to extend our stay here since Ive been so sick to get all the research done.. and so its now another 2 weeks here until we leave..  sort of bummed.. was looking forward to some skiing/swimming and such before I got much bigger..

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I need more motivation!  I think that running is just going to be completely off the books until the baby's out.  Everytime I start jogging or bouncing at all, I get these weird stretching/pulling pains way down deep - almost behind my pelvic bone.  I imagine it's near the bottom of my uterus.  Anyway: ouch.  So, anything high-impact is out for me.  It's so hard to get exercise otherwise - the elliptical at the gym is great, but it's just not as fun as running outdoors greensad.gif


My dance troupe has started rehearsals again, so that's one form of consistent exercise for the next 2.5 months.  We have a show at the end of March, and another at the end of April.  Should be interesting to see how much I'm showing!  One of our numbers is a can-can, so I spent last night's rehearsal trying to find a slightly lower-impact version of that crazy dance.  Needless to say, the part where I usually roll around on the floor and do shoulder stands with crazy kicking has been cut!

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