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ithappened, one of the women on my other preggo board recommended this for running.  I haven't tried it, but a friend of mine used a support belt to run all the way through the 6 or 7th month.  After that she said things just got too uncomfortable.  They make different levels of support, just like a bra, which is hilarious.  I love the idea of a belly bra.



Pennywhistle, so sorry about the running.  That sucks.  I'm trying to think of other moves you could do that would be fun.  Can you Zumba?  Or do step classes?  There are lots of exercise videos on Netflix that you could try too.  The Crunch! series has pretty good circuits that would be easily adaptable to pregnant lady parts.  Is it any running?  Could you do walk/runs?  Are there stairs anywhere you could climb?  Hills you could walk up fast?  I'm just throwing ideas out there.  As far as motivation goes, just remember that you're setting the stage for your little one's metabolism, heart rate, and even BMI in there.  The dancing sounds awesome and fun though, so it seems like you're still staying pretty active.  It just stinks that running is off the table for you.


I've been trying to increase my gym workouts to four days a week with active recovery (dancing, brisk walking, spinning) on the other days.  So far it's been pretty good.  My back is definitely a little wonky, but it goes away after a few deep squats so I'm guessing it's crazy SI joint issues.  Everything else feels pretty good.  I'm definitely popping out a bit though.  I got my cute maternity workout pants and shirt from For Two Fitness last week and I love them both!  The pants are ridiculously comfortable and the maternity tank is very cute.  I haven't been wearing them to the gym really because I don't feel like I should be showing yet and maternity clothes make the bump pop out like a spotlight.


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hmmm I wonder if I could find that 'stomach sports bra' in Austria.. tempting.


I am still so congested and sick, I haven't managed to go running yet. I am just walking 2-4 miles a day and doing some squats when I think about it.. really frustrating.. Last pregnancy I was active and healthy up to the last day and this one has been anything but.

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Thanks, LilyTiger, those are some great suggestions.  Walking is fine - it's just the bouncing that causes problems.  So even a walk/run combo is out.  But!  Spinning!  That is a great idea!  The Y has a ton of spinning classes early in the morning, so I will definitely check that out.  Going to a class will be so much more fun (and therefore I'm more likely to stick with it) than just hitting up the elliptical on my own.  And we live near a really hilly area, so I'll start doing my morning walks there instead of going around the (flat) lake.  Thanks!

Had my 12 week ultrasound today, and the baby was moving around like crazy!  Looks like it's going to take after me joy.gif

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ahh Im so happy right now joy.gif


I finally felt well enough today to try running again.. its been 2.5 weeks so I had no idea if it would even happen for me.. . I managed to do 3.5 miles (had to walk here and there) with the dog around the river.. !


I am really happy I can still run! Last pregnancy by 14/15w I was not able to run without it being uncomfortable.. I didn't even feel pregnant (yet anyway) !! superhero.gif Most of my slowness was from the lingering congestion and the dog having to pee often.



Im looking forward for the maternity belt to arrive that lilytiger recommended, i was having visions of running into my 7th or 8th month with that thing whistling.gif



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ithappened, that's awesome!  So glad you're feeling better.  I can only imagine how much that sucked to be stuck inside and sick for so freaking long.  You'll have to tell me how the belly bra works.  I'm going to borrow my friend's, so we can compare notes.  I haven't tried running yet because it's been too cold, but I did some sprints at the gym and everything felt fine.  We'll see.  3.5 miles is awesome though.  I bet it just felt great to be moving your body again.


Pennywhistle, glad I could help a little.  Sounds like you're finding some really good options.  It's so interesting that something like running effects people completely differently.  Some friends I know ran all the way through their pregnancies and others immediately had to stop.  I wonder if it just depends on where your tendons, etc., are and where the baby is sitting.  I had weird shooting pains all night last night after I worked out and then went dancing with DH, so there must have been some kind of angry tendon action going on.  Congrats on the ultrasound too!  I couldn't believe how much our little dude/tte was flipping around.  It's so cool to see!!!!!


My workouts have been great this week, thanks to crazy 15 week energy burst.  I do have to pee like eight times during each workout though, which is really annoying.  I've been a little paranoid about hydration, so I probably drink a little too much water and then whenever I start to move it's like "here it comes!"   We did box jumps (low ones for me) yesterday and man, just jumping was like Bladder Overdrive.


I also found (much to my chagrin) that I can't do my super long walks with the dogs anymore without planning a pee break.  We usually go for around 1.5 hours a few times a week to a beautiful old cemetery near me that has miles of trails.  It's beautiful and peaceful and I love it.  Unfortunately, there is no restroom to be found and I feel kind of uncomfortable squatting behind a bush in a cemetery of all places.  It might just come to that though. 

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ithappened - yay!!  You got out finally, for 3.5 miles!  That's great!!


LilyTiger - sounds like you are still keeping up with awesome workouts and activity - I'm envious!


We've been flirting with 30F temps this week (crazy for this location), so I've been able to get out for walks around my 'hood for some fresh air.  It's funny how 20F temps seemed so frigid when I lived in New England, but now feels balmy here in Winnipeg.  I will never complain again when I go back home ..... I say come on Spring!!

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I'm so happy for you, ItHappened!  The first exercise after being sedentary feels so awesome.  Glad the running is working for you.  I think you should definitely post pics of the belly bra whistling.gif

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I totally will post pics if people want to see my stomach in a bra :D ! My friend will be shipping it from the states probably next week so I should have it in early March!

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Hey everyone!  I really don't want to sound braggy, so please don't take this as braggy, but I am really excited at how well my workouts have been going.  I slipped a disc last year and had to quit my usual weight lifting and so on while I did physical therapy and when I got pregnant I slipped it again around week 5, so I figured I wouldn't be able to do anything except bike and run during pregnancy, which are really not my favorite activities, especially when it's cold out.


But whether it's the relaxin or what, my back is 100% better than it was and I've been lifting comfortably.  Even some of my ugliest lifts in terms of form are really improving to the point where my trainer complimented me today on one of them.   I'm really optimistic about making it through this pregnancy being consistently active.  I know I have a long way to go and that currently I'm not dealing with weight shifts and stuff, but for now at least I feel crazy-great.  I did an hour on the bike yesterday (light interval work) and did strength today.  My goal is to do the gym four days a week and then run/walk with the dogs and spin the other days.  I'm really hoping this stays this good.


How are the other active preggos doing?  ithappened, it sucks that your son got sick right as you were getting your groove back.  Hopefully he's feeling better?


(someone remind me of this post when I have a bowling ball attached to my belly and my back is killing me and my pelvis feels like it's falling apart)

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yeah for good workouts! DS is doing better but I managed to get whatever he had over the weekend.. I feel like I should start a new thread called 'staying (in)active' until I actually leave the bed :shy

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Oh no!  It seems like you're getting hit with a double dose of everything, which I guess sort of makes sense since you have two in there.  But it also seems unfair.  I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but maybe when the weather gets better things will calm down a little.  I'm lucky that I'm not teaching this quarter, since college students (much like young kids) are like petri dishes and I'm convinced I would have caught everything those guys bring with them to class twice over.  I also don't have my own little petri dish to worry about (yet), so that makes it easier too.  winky.gif

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Lilytiger, the walk you talked about with the dogs sounds amazing.  Too bad there are not restrooms around.  Glad your workouts are going pretty well. 

ithappened, yay for running miles.  That is great.  I bet your dog loved it too.  

Newmumjoy, glad the weather is cooperating for walks.

I have been able to go swimming.  And I am really loving it.  It does wear me out but it also feels so great! 

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I wish there were better options for prenatal workout videos.  Everything I can find, even through the library interloan program, is all yoga or pilates.  I hate both of those.  I like to move around when I exercise and I can't find much for prenatal cardio.  Hopefully it will get nice soon and I can take Elsa out for a spin in the new stroller.

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Ninetales, most normal workout videos are fine for pregnant women.  The main things to watch for are plyometrics (instead of jumping moves, just do step ups or something similar), heavy weights (which most videos don't use anyway), and exercises on your back (usually to be avoided by week 20).  Your body will tell you if something feels off and you can avoid that particular move.  There are a lot of workout videos on Netflix that would work perfectly fine for pregnant ladies.  Your library also would have a ton of options.  I like the Crunch! boot camp stuff when I've done videos in the past. 


I've done a lot of research on this, but you don't have to trust me.  There are a lot of great resources up thread.  So, if you want to do Tae Bo or cardio kick or step videos, feel free.  Just start slowly and listen to your body.


Quick rant: I get really irritated that pregnancy is treated like a disease to the point where we need special workouts that are almost always, as you point out, really low impact yoga and stretching.  Pregnant women have been lifting babies, carrying water and wood, running, and doing more physical activity than most non-pregnant Americans for eons.  It's only in the modern world that we treat the female body as incredibly weak and then expect it to push out a baby after being inactive for 9 months.  Ugh.  Sorry, I just get really irritated by this stuff.

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The one thing I have heard pretty much universally from doctors and midwives is that you shouldn't start a new intense workout while pregnant, but if you were working out beforehand, it's totally fine to keep going as long as you listen to your body, like LilyTiger said.

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That's right, Cecilia's Mama.  I think, unfortunately, a lot of people interpret that to mean that you can't start working out at all while pregnant if you haven't before.  The most recent research suggests that sedentary women who gradually (and carefully) start a running, swimming, or even a weight lifting program still see huge benefits with no risks.  I'll hop down off the soapbox though.  orngbiggrin.gif

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I am finally starting to get back on track with staying active--I've walked 2.5-3 miles 3x since Friday and plan to get out today. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly, so I've been favoring it to the lake trail I use for running. The weather has been cooperating! We'll be in even-sunnier-place at the end of the week and I should be able to get a lot of urban walking in while there. I can't wait! I still am not getting into the yoga in the house, for some reason.

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I've been keeping active this pregnancy.  I get winded very easily so I've cut out all cardio except for walking which feels like enough.  I am lifting (pretty heavy) still three times a week.  Lifting is great.  I pick up the weight a couple of times and then . . . rest.  Then do it again.  I love it.  I wonder what folks are thinking in the gym though.  I have this feeling that they are looking at me weird like what is this pregnant chick doing here?  But I can't even consider stopping.  It makes me feel so good.  It's a great alternative to feeling like crap because of the nausea.  And I love that I won't be letting my gains in the weight room and in general fitness go to hell.  Also, I'm thinking if can do weighted exercise (weighted because of the baby), I'll be that much stronger after.   I'm considering purchasing a TRX Suspension Trainer as I get bigger.  I already have bands for support in chin ups and dips but I like the suspension trainer for body rows and push ups once those things get too difficult (if they get too difficult).  


And Andaluza, for some reason, I can't get into yoga at home either.  I would love to take a class regularly but none of them are at a convenient time.  

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It's only in the modern world that we treat the female body as incredibly weak and then expect it to push out a baby after being inactive for 9 months.


completely agree.



I am not doing much still, just walking and at most every other day since Ive been so sick. Pretty sure this 'cold' is pneumonia or something, Im going on week 4 with no improvement. I am going to the doctor on Monday.

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Ladies, I have fallen off the wagon!  I am determined to get back on, though.  I've been walking only a few times a week and everything I read says it needs to be EVERY DAY.  I even enjoy it, I just have been soooo tired and lazy.  


Also, I've been going to my regular yoga/pilates class once or twice a week-- any of you doing pilates?  The past few times I have noticed that I feel somewhat crampy afterwards.  Is that a bad sign?  I just told my instructor today that I'm pregnant, and she said she would cue me to do some of the moves differently from now on, and advised me to stay off my stomach (even though I'm only 13 weeks and not really showing yet) -- so maybe those adjustments will keep me from feeling crampy.  I don't want to put my baby at risk, but I do so appreciate that class (it's free and at work during my lunch hour!).

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