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rootsdawta, I love lifting!  It makes me feel so strong.  I've cut down the weights for deadlifts and squats so far, but I'm still doing pretty much everything else.  Do you do any particular kind of lifting? 


ithappened, let us know what the doc says.  I think you're doing everything you can.  Walking is good and helps boost the immune system.  But the preggo body takes longer to recover and the sick body even longer, so I think you're playing it really smart by not pushing yourself and just seeing how you feel.  I really hope they dose you up and you can start feeling better soon.  Is DS feeling any better?


lakeruby, that's great!  I felt crampy after doing a stomach thing at 12 weeks, and that's how I knew I couldn't do anymore on-the-belly stuff.  I'm still doing pretty intense ab work in other positions, so I wouldn't worry about it.  As long as the cramps are just sort of mild, I think you're fine.  I felt a sharp cramp early on when doing kettlebell swings and I backed off on those immediately (I fit them in later just fine).  I think with your instructor and your own body awareness, you'll know if something feels wonky.  That's great that your workplace offers that stuff.  I'm hoping when the weather gets nicer I'll be more active outside.  I've been good about the gym, but boy do I miss long walks with the dogs.


Andaluza, I cannot do yoga in the house.  I get sooooo bored.  If I need to, I'll put on a movie and just do long holds in specific stretches, but for the life of me I can't make myself do yoga videos at home.  Oh well.  Those walks sound great though.  I'm jealous you're getting sun. 

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LilyTiger-- thanks for the reassurance!


And I am totally with you about the yoga-in-the-house-- I NEVER do it!  I absolutely love it when an instructor is there guiding me, but doing it by myself gets boring super fast.  I do like to stretch in the mornings on my yoga mat, even though I'm not following a specific set of moves.  I just do what feels good that day.

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LilyTiger, I'm still deadlifting and squatting, doing overhead presses and rows although I'm cutting back on the weight and adding more bodyweight movements in (dips, chins and body rows).  I use bands for assistance if it gets too tough.  I also just purchased TRX Suspension Trainers and I'm excited to start using them for bodyweight exercises.  I renewed my gym membership for only 3 months instead of the year because I wasn't sure if I would want to keep training.  It's been especially tough because I am dealing with heart palpitation (worrisome) and shortness of breath.  I am hoping it goes away soon though so I can gauge how my physical activity will be throughout the pregnancy. 

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Im starting to get active again.. I have been run/walking (or more like slow jogging) a few times now and now that my health is finally better (due to the antibiotics) I am going to start skiing/snowshoeing and hiking again.. Im also looking forward to some lap swimming.. :)


Jogging is still comfortable but I feel like in the next week or two it will be more boderline.. looking forward to my 'belly bra' arriving from the US so I can try it out on a run.. :)

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Yikes, I don't know where the time went, but my race is this coming Saturday...I did drop down to the 5k instead of the 15k, but I haven't run since early January.  I'm hoping my residual level of fitness will allow me to just sort of go for it, but I have really not worked out at all.  Between 55 hour + weeks and nonstop m/s....I just haven't felt up to it.  I swear I am going to get back into working out now that I'm down to 40 hours and am able to control my m/s more.  I need to keep checking in on this thread so you ladies can inspire me. I think I will go for a jog tomorrow after work, see where I stand.

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post
I also found (much to my chagrin) that I can't do my super long walks with the dogs anymore without planning a pee break.  We usually go for around 1.5 hours a few times a week to a beautiful old cemetery near me that has miles of trails.  It's beautiful and peaceful and I love it.  Unfortunately, there is no restroom to be found and I feel kind of uncomfortable squatting behind a bush in a cemetery of all places.  It might just come to that though. 

ROTFLMAO.gifI doubt the locals will mind ...

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Rootzdawta, I'm still doing everything so far too, but I switched to kettlebell deadlifts after reading that they are safer.  Unfortunately, the heaviest kettlebell at my gym is 70 lbs, which makes for pretty light deadlifts.  Oh well. I can still squat away and pushups and bodyweight stuff still feels fine.


ithappened, I can't wait for your belly bra to show up!  I've been needing more support lately, but again I haven't really tried running.  Jumping feels a little wacky though.  I'm going to start by working out in my belly band for just a little extra support before upgrading to the full scale belly bra.  Glad you're on antibiotics and I hope things clear up so you can safely start kicking butt again.


Veritas, you'll get it back!  I took off almost a whole month at first because I was so freaking tired and now workouts feel great.  My workouts started to get really good around week 13 or so, so hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.  Good luck in the race!  I have a 5k planned for April 28, but depending on belly size it may be more of a walk/run.  Let us know how it goes.


moremadder, heh, I don't think the locals would mind either.  It's some poor sap walking his dog that I'd be worried about.  Yikes!!!


This week things have been feeling a lot more squished.  I ate a pretty big lunch and then worked out at 6pm and the first part of the workout was a row and for the first time rowing felt awful.  It was like there wasn't enough room in my abdomen for my lungs.  Everything felt super squished.  When I got home I.. ahem... went to the bathroom, and things felt much better.  I suppose I really have to get used to there just not being much room in there any more.  Does it get a little better when it actually pops out?  Or is it all downhill from here?  At any rate, I was a little worried after the workout because my stomach area just felt so weird, but it was all upper abdominal weirdness and not cervix/uterine weirdness and it was fine by the time I got home, so I guess it was just overwork and squishyness.  Anyone else having the squished feeling?



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lilytiger I hate to say it but for me it just gets worse, esp in the 3rd tri, as for the peeing en route.. I have had to do that quiet often already innocent.gif

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Lilytiger, do you remember where you read about deadlifting?  I am still using the bar although I've switched to sumo stance to accommodate my belly.  


And, yeah, the peeing is insane.  I have to stop mid-workout to go to the bathroom.  I just take it as an opportunity to wash my hands and you can't do too much of that in the gym.  


I am getting the squishy feeling too.  I have to be really careful not to eat too much (what I would regularly eat at one sitting) or else I find it hard to breathe.  


Got a little cardio in this  morning.  I feel like my energy is coming back.  I may try for a run at some point this week.  


Veritas, I hope you can do the race and I do think your residual fitness will pull you through.  5K is a really good distance for right now.  

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I did 5k today and felt reasonably OK all things considering. My energy feels like I am coming back so hoping this means I can go skiing Thursday afternoon for a bit.. Im really ready to get outside again. being sick for so long indoors was making me nuts...  surf.gif

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rootzdawta, crossfitmom.com has a list of general trimester-specific adaptations.  They admit to being more conservative than some might be about their recommendations, partially because programming weight lifting and circuit training for pregnant women must be a minefield of liability.  But they say there is a sightly increased risk of miscarriage from pulling the bar from in front of you rather than from directly underneath (which is what KB deadlifts let you do).  Some women have experimented with using a trap bar instead and say it works though.  We don't have one at the gym, so I don't know whether that works or not.  A sumo stance is probably better than a regular DL anyway because the bar is a little more under you.  I've been avoiding regular DLs, but I think if you're doing them without discomfort and you're not doing max effort you're probably fine.  That same site also has a helpful forum where you can ask questions, including if you want more specific information on particular advice (like the DL advice).


ithappened, nice job on the 5k!  I hope you get to ski a little.  One of the hardest things about being pregnant in the winter is the cabin fever, at least for me.  Sounds like the antibios are kicking in.


AFM, it's supposed to warm up here over the next few days, so I'm going to aim for a run one day this week.  I cannot WAIT for the sun to come out and spring to officially arrive.  I shouldn't complain though, since this winter was pretty mild overall.  Still.  I want to run and I am NOT a cold weather runner (I'm a wimp, I know).


It's a little ironic that right as I was finishing this post, my friend called to see if I want to grab Indian food.  Sooooo, I'm cancelling my noon workout and replacing it with a late afternoon spin workout so I can go gorge myself on delicious Indian food.  Yay!  I really don't feel guilty at all.  Has anyone else been craving ethnic food?  I could eat an entire Thai or Indian restaurant right now.  Or Ethiopian.  Ok, off to gorge.

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It's a little ironic that right as I was finishing this post, my friend called to see if I want to grab Indian food.  Sooooo, I'm cancelling my noon workout and replacing it with a late afternoon spin workout so I can go gorge myself on delicious Indian food.  Yay!  I really don't feel guilty at all.  Has anyone else been craving ethnic food?  I could eat an entire Thai or Indian restaurant right now.  Or Ethiopian.  Ok, off to gorge.

YES!!  I mean, I've always like ethnic food, but it's one of the few things that has sounded consistently good to me.  I haven't had indian food yet, though, and I'm ready!  Wow, I wish we had an ethiopian restaurant here (or I knew how to cook ehtiopian food :)

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I'm so glad I'm not the only person who finds home yoga totally boring.


I went on a long, easy-ish hike on Saturday.  I've been doing a lot of walking, which isn't nearly as fun as running, but still makes me feel good.  I've just been SO TIRED lately!

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lilytiger omg yes.. I cannot get enough thai or indian food either.. or mexican.. too funny!


penny my motto has become 'better doing something then sitting on the couch doing nothing' .. the exhaustion has been horrible this pregnancy for me and sometimes just getting out for a 20 min walk feels like a major accomplishment

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Thanks for the Crossfit mom recommdenation lillytiger! :)  Awesome resource!

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well I got to go skiing yesterday for 2 hours.. it felt great to get outside and in the sun.. hoping to go running tomorrow and planning to check out the gym in town next week (starting to get too big for running and impact sports)

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I finished the 5K race, but about 10+ minutes slower than my normal 5K race times.  I think I clocked in at around 36+ minutes.  Poor DP was so worried waiting for me to finish as my normal finishing times passed and then minutes kept on ticking by.  At about mile 2 I struggled with myself to not throw up, I was so nauseous.  It was extremely hot and humid during the race and much harder than I anticipated but I did it.  I feel like I can get back into working out more now that I am out of the first trimester and took this first step.  

Plus it was exciting to do the event together, DP did the 15K, so it was our first family race.  joy.gif

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woah VV that is so inspiring and great!! congrats!


I tried to go run my usual 5-6k yesterday and ended up walking half of it, I just didn't feel that comfortable or well. My stomach felt heavy and my throat started to feel sore.. I became very low energy fast... So I walked more then normal.. then this morning I woke up feeling really crappy again, like my cold was back, so I dont know what to do. This is getting really discouraging.

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Congrats, Veritas!  Great time!  I told my husband that are training for a race April 28 and he said "Don't you have to run to train for a race?" It's just been so cold!  So, no, I haven't been running.  And with the way my peeing has been going, I can't really imagine going too far from home.  I'm fine with weight lifting and short cardio interval work. 


Rootzdawta I hope you found it helpful!  I love that website.


ithappened, that just sucks.  I don't know what to tell you.  I hope you get a surge of energy sometime soon (before you get too big).  It sounds really frustrating.  :(

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I hope this doesn't continue to develop, Ithappened.  


And Lilytiger, I feel the not running in the cold thing, luckily it is warm here.  Usually it helps to me to register for a race I want to do, then I don't make excuses for not preparing (except this time, damn first trimester, I'm soooo sore today).

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