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Well I am going to force myself to be total inactive for 2-3 days.


This means no long walks, no runs, no skiing, minimal exercise unless its to walk to the car/the dog etc.


DH thinks Im still sick because I refuse to sit still and I'm not getting much sleep at night because DS is waking up a lot lately and often. So I'm pretty exhausted all day to boot.


So Ill be sitting/laying down a lot for the next 2 days, trying to not to much work.. drinking a lot of tea and not running, not walking long distances.. etc. I hope this does something..  praying.gif

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Congrats on your race, VV!  That must have felt awesome (other than the puking part, of course).


I'm starting to feel more energetic lately, which is nice.  I've been walking to the subway every morning, instead of taking the bus (it's a little over a mile), and I went on a 4-mile hike the past 2 Saturdays.  The weather here has been pretty crazy for March - it was in the low 70's all weekend.  So I'm trying to get out there as much as possible!


So sorry to hear you're still feeling crappy, ithappened.  I think babying yourself for a few days is a good idea.  Also, that little praying emoticon is cracking me up!

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at this point, I dont know what else to do.. bow.gif


The antibiotics brought me up to 70% but now Im just sort of riding there .. need that last bump to put me back into a place I can exercise and not feel like 30% after or for the entire next day.. ! Sad that my little 5-6k waddle I did on Saturday took me out for 2 days after.. it just shouldn't be like that. I want to feel and be healthy not sick and inactive. booo!


Anyhow :)

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I have a nasty head cold, but I've been trying to keep up with workouts (within reason).  I did a great workout today and it was the only time all day that I could breathe through my nose.  Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped moving my entire face clogged up again. ARGH.


A few people at my gym are doing a 100 squats for 100 days challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like... for 100 days you do 100 squats (no weight, just body squats) and you can break them up over the day however you want (20 before breakfast, 20 mid morning, etc).  I'm going to do it since squats are one of the best moves for pelvic floor strength.  Anyone else in?  You can always do a different move (lunges or even just holding a yogi squat or whatever), but the point is to make it 100 days without stopping.  It might be fun!


ithappened, any news on your horrible very bad no good illness?  How did taking a few days off go? 


pennywhistle, glad the weather has been cooperating.  It's been nice-ish here and it's amazing what a little warmth can do!  Am I right in thinking that Oakland has pretty moderate summers too so it won't be horribly hot?


How's everyone else doing on workouts and such?  Any new pregnancy modifications now that bellies are getting bigger?

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I'm going to do it since squats are one of the best moves for pelvic floor strength.  Anyone else in?



Me! Ill try to do it (mostly remembering will be the hard part)


I am feeling better, Im about 90% now! Also now big enough Im not sure I can run anymore greensad.gif the maternity support belt just came in the mail though, so I might try jogging with it just in hopes of getting a few more weeks in .. will update with results :)

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ok my weight has jumped A TON the last week or so. I think I am now up to like a 12lb gain from around 7 almost overnight.


Anyhow- I did try the maternity support belt today when I went for my 'waddle jog' and found it to be helpful. I could still do 5k (with some walking) with the belt on. I am going to try it again tomorrow.. I think now my weight is getting so high though its going to be hard to run just because of the impact. It wouldnt probably be such an issue if I hadnt been sick but since I was sick, I basically didnt run for 2 months and it really put me back a bit.


Regardless I think the belt will be great for lower impact exercise, the gym and once I get bigger, just to wear it all the time. I found it comfortable, sort of like a sports bra if you have really really big boobs whistling.gif

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ithappened, great to hear about the belly bra!  I'm planning on getting one soonish.  My belly really comes and goes, but the way it sits on my bladder makes any kind of jolting really uncomfortable.  So it would be nice to have some support. 

I got lucky (fingers crossed) that my head cold was just a head cold, so I'm pretty much back to normal minus a little bit of congestion and a slightly scratchy throat.  I worked out pretty much through the whole cold, which I think really helped.  The only time I could breathe properly was during a workout.  Go figure. 


Yesterday and today I just did 2 hour walks with the dogs (plus my squats) so those weren't like intense workouts or anything, but it felt pretty good to get outside.  We're expecting a beautiful week of weather (highs in the low 70s one day!!!!), so I'm really raring to get a short run in just to see if I can still do it.  I'll probably strap myself into a Belly band for a little support.

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Ive been doing 1.5 - 2 hr long walks with the dog while DC is at daycare or with DC in the jogging stroller in the afternoons since the weather is getting so nice here now... I found I generally now enjoy walking much more then my runs which is sort of bittersweet.... I am getting my bike fixed so I can start doing bike rides on the bike path here, and also found my swimsuit so I can start laps at the indoor pool.


I think this will be my last week of consistently jogging or skiing which I'm ok with- as long as I can find other things to keep me active.. I feel healthy and that's all that matters I guess.


Im also doing the squats lilytiger but youll have to let me know when 100days is up :) Im on day 3 or 4

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I'll do the squat challenge. I'll take any motivation I can get.


This is an interesting article from Katy Says all about squats. It's definitely worth a read. - http://www.alignedandwell.com/?p=864&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=223


I've been doing pregnant burpees (Squat + push up). I track how many I can do in 7 mins. It's surprisingly challenging. It was a WOD on Crossfit Mom. :)

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LeAnn, I love the pregnant burpees!  I hate real burpees, and I had to switch over because the getting up and down and jumping was just too intense.  But squats and pushups are a perfect combo!


ithappened, I'll try to keep myself on track.  Today is day 4 for me of the challenge.  I have to start doing more in the morning, because lately I've been doing like 50 squats right before hopping into bed, which probably isn't great for sleep quality.  Or maybe it is.  I don't know.

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LeAnn, great article too!  I just finished reading it.  I don't think I knew about the different birth outcomes, though I do remember hearing something about Gypsies.  Very cool stuff.  All the more reason for us to squat away for the next 100 days!

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LilyTiger, I love the pregnant burpees too! I can't stand regular burpees! But I couldn't believe how many push ups/squats I could do the first time I tried. I'm just careful to keep my breathing under control.


I'm trying to minimize time spent sitting on chairs/couches and using a birth ball or yogi squat instead. I'm working on getting more mileage in, too. 5-6 miles a day is tough!

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LilyTiger: yeah, Oakland summers are usually pretty mild - it definitely gets warm, but bearable.


What's a pregnancy burpee?!  Sounds...weird (does it involve burping?!), but I'm in for any sort of daily challenge!


I ran a mile a few days ago for the first time in MONTHS, and it felt awesome...then this morning I tried to run again and the base of my pelvis hurts.  It feels like it's in the bones/joints, like they're spreading, maybe?  I don't know exactly what's up - it doesn't feel like a problem, just sort of painful.  Not sure if it's from running, or just normal changes.

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Oh, I'm loving the pregnancy burpee!  Feels really good.  I loved burpees before and I was bummed about stopping till I read the Crossfit site you posted Tigerlily.  


I'm still doing weighted squats (breaking parallel).  But I'm worried about that causing too much tightening.  I'm using about 70-75% of the weight I'd normally use but I'm wondering when to cut out all weight.  Any thoughts?


I did step aerobics this morning and it was fun.  I couldn't get through the whole routine though but I did about 30 minutes.  

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Rootzdawta, I don't think you have to cut all weight until the third trimester.  A friend of mine did #200+ back squats when she was 8 months pregnant with her son.  She was also a competitive body builder, so I wouldn't necessarily follow her crazy example, but it's really about what your body was able to take before.  If you're feeling tightness or uncomfortableness after heavy-ish squats, you might want to take the weight down.  If you're just worried about tightening, I'd just add in some hip opener stretches.  I had to take down the weight on my overhead lifts because by around #75 I was just feeling too much pressure in my abs.  We haven't done weighted squats in a while, so I don't know what mine feel like.


Pennywhistle, a pregnancy burpee is a variation on a normal burpee, which is basically just a squat thrust but you do a pushup at the bottom and a jump up at the top.  YouTube has lots of burpee videos.  The pregnancy burpee is just a squat to a (usually elevated) pushup.  I've been doing squats and then pushups off a weight bench.  I can do a lot more of these suckers without getting winded than I could with burpees.  Pushups are great abdominal strengtheners too.  That sucks about the pelvic pain after running.  Maybe some deep stretching?  You're right that it's hard to distinguish between normal preggo pains and overworked preggo pains.


LeAnn, great suggestion for the ball.  I've been reading all these studies that say that people who sit for a living will all immediately die.  Ack!  But I feel silly bringing a ball to work.  But being preggo gives me an excuse for all sorts of silly behavior.  And most of my sitting is actually done at home since I stand when I teach.  So I'll try that this week.


We did 100 squats for time at the gym and I had the 100 squats challenge, so I had to do 200 squats today.  Yikes.  We'll see how my quads feel tomorrow.  I made up for it by doing a full two minutes in a yogi squat (which felt great) and another two minutes in frog pose.  We are all going to have great legs and butts when this whole thing is over!!! 

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I am in for the squats too.  Will need to set a daily reminder to keep it up. 


Been away from the blog for a bit but not away from the running.  I was feeling a little discouraged with my runs, feeling slow and sluggish, not being able to break the 12 min mark.  BUT today, I started with an 11:15 mile and then did a 10:30 mile.  Run felt good and I am looking forward to keeping it up.  I do have to rest a day between run days or I get excessively tired but otherwise it's going well.  I am trying to stick to 2 fast-ish 2 mile runs and 1 moderate pace 5 k a week.  Between my hip problems and my constant need to pee I cannot make it much further. 


LeeAnn, interesting article.  Any thoughts about why walking but not running is good for the birthing?  I enjoy the walk but LOVE the run.  Would be interested on the physiology behind that one.


I still really want to do a 5k race.  Anyone have one upcoming? There are a couple mid April but that will be 6 months for me.  Not sure if its too far along? 

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Thx Lily Tiger.


I'm in for 100 for 100!  :)  Got my kids doing it too.  

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LilyTiger - I love the birth ball. It's great because it encourages constant movement and healthy posture. Plus it's fun. :)


Mcampa - I think the differentiation between walking and running has to do w the type of muscle and strength development each encourages. She briefly mentions 'strength-to-weight ratio' and 'whole-body endurance' being directly impacted by the amount of walking done. I haven't done a lot of other research on this particular aspect. It'd be interesting to know more. I'm w you on the running! Although I've had trouble getting back out there after the exhaustion of the first trimester. I've really been trying to at least get the walking in. I'm doing a Wounded Warrior 5k on the 24th, just for fun. I'm not expecting a great time after all this down time.


In other activities, I've started refinishing some pieces of furniture. Sanding is hard work!

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I did a 6.5 mile walk with my mom this weekend.  She's training for a coast-to-coast walk across England in May.  It felt pretty good, but I still had to stop and pee in some bushes and by the end I was feeling some pelvic pressure/weirdness that made me a little uneasy.  It was warm but not too hot, but I'm uber-paranoid about dehydration.  I rested up a bit when I got home and the baby was unusually quiet, so that made me even more freaked out.  Then last night and today it's been rolling around like a maniac, so I suppose it was just tired too. 


Otherwise I've been doing my 100 squats per day and lots of weight training and shorter cardio work.  I'm hoping to squeeze in a run this week, but I've been so active at the gym that I'm not worrying about it.  I did want to start riding my bike into the gym (2 miles on mostly quiet roads), but someone freaked me out about getting hit by a car and now I'm seriously reconsidering.  :(

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6.5m!? awesome!



ETA: is the bike ride to the gym on a really busy road? I wouldn't worry otherwise

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