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lilytiger I def. have on and off weeks.. sometimes I feel like I'm not even pregnant (this week) and do long workouts every day but last week I think I barely did 2 workouts.. and mostly otherwise was walking.. but since I found out I have anemia and started to take iron, I feel like a new women.

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andaluza & lilytiger-- thank you both for those suggestions!  I will try them out and report back :)

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What about water walking?  At the Y that I go to, the pool has a lane designated for walkers.  It would probably be easier on your joints/bones, with less impact - might help the shins?


I've been doing aqua aerobics once a week for about a month and I LOVE it.  I've also kept up with my "brisk" walking, but have noticed myself getting winded much easier than usual.  Time to slow it down a bit, I guess.

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lilytiger I def. have on and off weeks.. sometimes I feel like I'm not even pregnant (this week) and do long workouts every day but last week I think I barely did 2 workouts.. and mostly otherwise was walking.. but since I found out I have anemia and started to take iron, I feel like a new women.

That seems to be what's going on.... I just did a great workout and the pelvis/groin/everything felt totally fine.  Eh, I guess I'll just have to play it by ear.  Glad you got the anemia taken care of!!!  You really sounded like you were hurting there for a while with the exhaustion, etc. 

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Andaluza, you can start light weights really at any time.  Your abs won't be too involved if you start with 5 or 10 pound dumbells and work your way up.  Pushups (I do mine on a bench to avoid the belly hitting) are a great ab strengthener and arm work at the same time.  The higher the incline (you can start against a wall as the easiest position) will be very easy on your abs.  You can also do static holds like planks (for total body) or tailor sitting (basically sitting cross legged with a straight back) with your arms out to the sides.  Do slow arm circles in this position and/or hold your arms out straight for 30-60 seconds to start.  You'll gradually be able to increase your time/number of circles.  For the leg stuff, lunges are fantastic (you can either do walking lunges or get into a lunge position and just move up and down, switching after a certain number of reps).  I also squat a ton.  "Good mornings" are great for butt and hamstring development, but you probably need to find a good video or trainer for form.  It's not difficult, it's just hard to explain via the interwebs.  I have those uterus pains after long walks and workouts too.  No idea what they are, but they are annoying.  Other peeps probably have some good lower body moves that I'm not thinking of.  I focus on lunges and squats, but there are lots of Pilates and other moves that I am less familiar with.


Thanks for the tips! I can do planks for sure, but just feel uncomfortable with the idea of pushups, since they always make my abs so well-defined so quickly (I am sure this is probably no longer be the case!) I like the idea of the arm circles, 

The squats and lunge-type things I do come from the Physique 57 workout (with a ballet bar or chair for stability), so I think they are probably in a similar spirit to the pilates style. 


I've got to get some work done first, but should be able to go for a walk before lunch today.

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I'm swimming laps (just doing the front crawl mostly and sometimes a little breast stroke but I find the breast stroke isn't as comfortable when going 'fast' right now)... thing is- I am going INSANE from not being able to go running lately, esp with the nice weather outside-- I am also riding my bike a lot instead of taking the bus but I really just miss running.. anyone else have this twinge of mourning, esp when the weather is that perfect evening 'summer running weather'?

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Yes!  I just run anyway... lumber is more like it.  It's uncomfortable for about 1/2 a mile while my baby bounces into the right position for me to run - and I have to actively use my tummy muscles to support the belly - but it feels really really good after that.  I just run for about 25 minutes and then walk before to warm up and after to cool down to round out the workout.  I also - at about this point or a month down the road in pregnancy (about 7 1/2 months) - start walking with weights instead of running.  It gets my heart rate going stronger. 


I am also more winded - but I don't think that's a sign of needing to slow down - rather I just think it's the fact that my baby is really pushing on my darn lungs/diaphragm!  It takes me longer to catch my breath now, which is causing some funny moments at work where I give a lot of tours going up and down stairs.  ;) 


I DO miss long long good runs though - totally know what you mean.  I am starting to fantasize about being post-partum already.  I'm pretty done being prego! 

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I DO miss long long good runs though - totally know what you mean.  I am starting to fantasize about being post-partum already.  I'm pretty done being prego!


me too innocent.gif



I REALLY would love to keep running but the weight of my stomach just doesn't mesh, maybe I'm doing it wrong :(


I think I need to find some good hikes with steep hills.. that will help a lot.

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I miss running a lot. Walking is a fine substitute, but it takes a lot longer and I loved how efficient running was as a workout for me. I actually had to run a little bit yesterday because it started to rain when I was on my walk and was really picking up near the end. But it was quite uncomfortable, especially since I wasn't anticipating doing it. I think in large part it's due to my not having kept up with it at all during the pregnancy. I do run a little in the house and back yard (after dh and the cat in play, for instance) without thinking and that's ok, but it's not really running, of course. Walking is keeping my lower legs limber and I haven't lost any muscle or tone there, but the thighs are a different matter. They are much looser despite the squats and stairs I've done all along. 

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Hey ladies, just checking in.


I've officially hit the 28 week wall of pelvic discomfort and ligament craziness.  I've had to cut out a lot of jumping moves in the past week, mostly because my bladder goes completely insane.  So jumping rope, running, and so on are out.  Otherwise, I'm still loving most weight moves (pushups, pullups, dips, squats, lunges, deadlifts, and so on) as long as I keep the intensity low.  So I'm thinking I will be slow but steady for the next few months.  Nothing fast, but focusing on constant movement.  Ironically, my strength has not gone down at all, it's just all the other stuff.  Instead of running or rowing I've been using the Airdyne at our gym (the bike where your arms move too), which feels really good, so I'll keep that up for as long as I can.


I'm also struggling with fatigue now.  I did a workout yesterday, cleaned the house, and walked the dogs around the block and by the time I got home I was so exhausted I couldn't stand up.  I crashed out right after our Bradley class at 9:30. Those of you running around after toddlers all day...   bow.gif

DH asked me to help him move some sheets of plywood into the garage and I almost bit his head off.  Not sure what I would do if I had a two year old.

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I've been going on as many long walks as possible.  I'm getting winded SO easily!  It alternates between being hilarious & obnoxious.  Also, I'm having REALLY bad pain in my pelvic bone afterward.  Like it feels like the bone is about to snap in two.  It definitely corresponds to how hard I've been working - yesterday I went on 2 long walks (an hour each), and by the evening when I stood up after sitting on the couch, I thought my whole pelvis was going to break apart.  OW.

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DH asked me to help him move some sheets of plywood into the garage and I almost bit his head off.  Not sure what I would do if I had a two year old.


You cry, then you get up and do it...  and often I pray a lot to the toddler Gods that he sleeps the entire night..  I also have a constant cup of coffee on me, pregnant or not.tea6.gif

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This pregnancy has been a lot more taxing on me physically then my singleton.. with DS1 I was super athletic up until the day before birth- I could hike for hours, cross country ski all day etc etc etcjog.gif I felt really strong going into the birth/delivery even if I did have a long recovery from birth my body felt great..


With the twins I am already finding walking over an hour or two gives me horrible horrible leg pain/cramps at night.  I'm basically down to long bike rides on the bike path (even doing hills on my bike over the weekend just about took me over, horrible leg pains etc). Swimming laps is about the only thing I can do right now without horrible 'side effects' at night or the next day..


I am scared what another 2-3 weeks will do since my stomach is just starting to hit the seat on my bike in a way that's not comfortable, biking might soon be out too due to my size alone which just sucks. I was really counting on biking/swimming to keep me sane for another 1.5 months..  and it looks like I might just be down to swimming..


I am not sure how to deal with anxiety/stress when I cannot just go out on my bike, or for a long walk/hike/bike.. swimming still just doesn't do it for me. . .


How is everyone else doing?

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Sorry to hear about the current difficulties, ithappened.  Can you look up some free yoga videos online?  Foam rolling after walks might help too.  Is there anywhere near you that rents bikes?  Beach cruisers would have room for the belly, so that could be an option, but I know you're limited in terms of rentals/cash.


I'm pretty big now too (though not twin-sized) and things are just loosening and stretching and getting generally uncomfortable.  I usually feel fine during workouts, but after I pay for it.  I can't sit for any length of time after a workout because everything gets super tight and awkward.  I have to remember to do a very slow walk with the dogs after every workout to keep things loose-ish.  Pelvic rocks and squats help a lot, but I'll admit I've had to cut the squatting down due to serious pelvic soreness last week.  I'm trying to reincorporate them slowly.


But yeah, things are slowing down in general.  The heat is still ok, but I don't really WANT to work out in it, so that becomes a problem of motivation.  I was freaked out about Ninja Fetus being super stealthy and not moving too much, and I was just sort of assuming I would have to cut down on my activity level, but the non-stress test I had done yesterday was great, so that really encouraged me to keep moving and not give up.  I do plan on doing a lot more walks and a lot less serious weight stuff.  I'm still hitting the gym three days a week, but I would really like that to be four.  Now that classes are over I should have an easier time scheduling workouts in general.


How about everyone else?  Are there moves you can't do anymore?  Anyone switching strategies to work around the belly?

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I found today by lowering my seat a bit and raising my handle bars Im upright enough it might just buy me a few more weeks ...


I'm really spent after any workout more then 30-45 minutes Lilytiger so I have to limit myself or by the time DS comes home I just want to go to bed which is never a pretty way to end the day.

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post


I'm really spent after any workout more then 30-45 minutes Lilytiger so I have to limit myself or by the time DS comes home I just want to go to bed which is never a pretty way to end the day.

Yep, I am totally exhausted by 9:00pm, which is fine for me but wouldn't be cool with a toddler. 


In other news, the Home Depot lady was seriously upset that I was loading mulch myself.  I told her it was fine and that I lift a lot of weights and that it's really not a problem.   Her response was, "If you were my daughter, I'd kill you."  Nice!

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lily most nights I pass out reading to my DS before he does.. but he also tends to not go to sleep until 11 or 12 thanks to the stupid daycare letting him nap as long as he wants..



I am really loving the outdoor pool here, but the weather is so inconsistent its hard to get to go regularly right now.. it can be freezing and in the 40-50s one day and then the next day be in the 80-90s and sunny..


I wish I could be more into swimming, but something about the cold water makes each lap session for me painful unless its hot out.. I am really a wimp cold.gif but better then sitting on the couch I suppose.. 



I am going to try another bike ride today and see if I can find a way to get my seat to work with my stomach otherwise I might be down to just the lap pool for the remaining 7-9 weeks..

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Hey everyone, just thought I'd check in.


I only made it to my gym twice this week, but I did a ton of mulching and gardening stuff and then running around with finals and graduation, so I don't feel too bad about that.  We've been doing some workouts at the gym that are actually pretty good for preggo ladies in their set up. 


The last one we did was 3 times through a circuit with one minute of activity and one minute of rest for each move.  You can make the circuit as long as you want, so you could incorporate pushups, dips, squats, and lunges for strength moves and then jump rope (if that's still comfortable), step ups, short jogs, or stationary bike/elliptical work for the cardio.  We did jump rope, step ups, and pregnant burpees (a squat followed by a push up on a bench).  It's a short-ish workout (as little as twenty minutes), but you warm up with weight moves and stretching and stuff.  As I can handle less work, I'll probably lower the intensity on my minute of work and then cut the rest period in half or so.  At any rate, just some ideas if anyone is looking for quick workouts to do at home.  You need minimal equipment, if any.


Other than that, workouts have started feeling better again.  My massive pelvic pain has subsided, so I'm doing squats again, though not as much as before.  Everything else feels great, so I'm hoping this keeps up for the next two months.  I suspect this little bugger is coming late, so I might as well prepare. 

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Hi all! This summer weather has jump started my motivation. I've been getting in a good walk every day, love the sunshine.


And I can finally report back about my Sporti suit. I ended up w classic workout bottoms, a sport top and a cute top. The trickiest part was figuring out sizing (tip - read the reviews!). I wear 34B pre-preg, measure at a 34D at this point. I really like both tops - sport top runs small, so I went w a Lg and its perfect. Cute top is made for D-cup and up and fits very true to size. The criss-cross tie racer back makes it super secure and adjustable! Bottoms are ok, more coverage than I'm used to and not so cute but they'll get the job done. They run pretty true to size and have a drwstring. I think I'll also order the bikini bottoms for non-lap swimming. All pieces are under $15/piece. Sorry for the delay!! I hope everyone's feeling great in their third!!

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how is everyone doing?


Im pretty much down to swimming as the only thing that is comfortable for me now. I did a hour bike ride today but it just wasn't very enjoyable my stomach rest on the seat and I have to peddle with my legs out or they hit my stomach.. I think its fine for a 10-15 min commute still but beyond that Im sort of over walking on pavement and biking..


sad. I have to admit.



Im still exercising on average 5 days a week (mostly swimming laps, once and a while I'll do a hike) but in general I am just SO exhausted this pregnancy. I can't believe I ever complained with my first pregnancy about being tired- I had no idea what it was like to other other kids and be pregnant- its a new level of hell duck.gifI also find its hard to be comfortable in any position other then laying down.. then my reflux is so bad that laying down sucks too :)

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