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I went back to my gym today for a kick butt series of interval circuits.  I really have to remember how much I love those classes, because just getting myself out the door was an all out civil war.  I was fighting it all the way to the gym.   It didn't help that it was 1 degree here, so not really good weather for wandering around town and getting sweaty.  In the end, I felt fantastic after, so I really really have to get there at least two days a week.  The other three days I can do workouts at home.

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made it up for the water aerobics this am. Cannot say it was a great workout but I imagine as I get bigger it will be a relief to feel free in the water. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am going to talk with her about jogging. I use to run pre-pregnancy (though not for a couple months before I found out) so I hope jogging is going to be okay. Otherwise walking and maybe a weight workout (if anyone has a good pregnancy weight routine I'd love to try).  Great job Lily making it to the gym. 1 degree is no fun at all (where in upstate are you?)


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ugh, I've been so lazy, but this thread is motivating me.  I made it for a 30 minute aerobic session on the elliptical, but I am having SUCH a HARD time waking up in the morning.  I started getting really queasy again in the morning and it's been cold, so I've been sending DP to the gym each morning without me.  I'm going to try eating right before I fall asleep, and then again right when I wake up, so hopefully I'll feel up to working out.  I can't believe I went from 6x per week to 1x per week.  dizzy.gif I'm hoping this feeling lousy passes pretty quickly.

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I cannot imagine waking up and going to work out. No wonder you're having trouble making it Veritas!


I'm having the opposite problem, we go in the evening and I'm way to tired by that time, so it's hard to drag myself.  I've been thinking about starting to go in mid day and see if that works out better for all of us.

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Made it for my walk yesterday (3 miles with my lovely 10 year old dog).  Thinking about finding a different class at gym instead of water aerobics.  any one have classes they enjoy (Besides Zumba ~ I am totally uncoordinated :) )

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I think I overexerted myself this week. I went to yoga on Tuesday and pilates on Wednesday. After pilates, my lower abdomen was incredibly sore. It's still pretty sore... greensad.gif

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Mcampa, I used to go at Body Pump class that doesn't require much coordination.  I'm with you, I went to a step class once and was a COMPLETE trainwreck.  I know they have it at LIfestyles and at YMCAs.  


Sallyrae, hope you feel better soon.  


Since waking up early isn't working out, and I'm too beat after work, I just bought a prenatal/postnatal yoga 4 DVD set.  It comes with workouts specifically geared to each trimester and a postnatal bootcamp.  

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I managed a beautiful 3.5 mile run along the beach (barefoot!) yesterday, but today I was just completely exhausted.  I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and then felt sick and had to stop.  So far, it seems like I can't work out consecutive days without being exhausted.  So, I'll respect that for now.  Frustrating though, because it's going to be hard to control weight gain with just three to four workouts a week.  I'm also on vacation, so I've been eating gelato and burritos every day.  Sheepish.gif


mcampa, I plan on doing water aerobics later in pregnancy.  I'm in Rochester, NY.  Are you nearby?

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I went on a nice 3-mile walk this morning with a friend - we're going to make it a weekly date.  I'm hoping to get back to running soon.  My first doctor visit is on Monday, so I'm going to talk to her about how I've been feeling and see if it's okay to push myself at all.  So glad some of you are still able to run!  And a little jealous... winky.gif

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I went running (or more accurately jogging) yesterday for the first time since the positive test!  I talked to my doctor and she said it was fine since I was running before and have continued to be active.  I only ran for 1.5 miles but it was great.  I felt like I could go longer but I want to ease into it and be safe (I have a tendency to push my body to do more than it's ready for).  I even started looking into 5k runs for the mid-2nd trimester since having a race to look forward to is always motivating for me.  I felt so elevated on the run that may be motivation enough, however (along with the 4 lbs I gained by my 10 week OB visit - oy!).  DP was worried about The Bean but near the end of my run I was in such elation I imagine the little one was having the time of his or her life.


Veritas ~ I looked into the other classes offered at the gym but I am a little hesitant about the lifting classes.  I've done similar classes before and they really kicked my A$$.  I should just try though and do it lightly.  Is anyone still lifting?


Lily ~ That's awesome about the run (and on the beach to boot!). I empathize with the weight situation.  I am use to working out daily and eating pretty much whatever I feel like but with the reduced activity load and the constant hunger that is clearly no longer the case.   I live in Saratoga Springs, NY but am currently on sabbatical in CA.  So, close but not too close :)


Penny ~ hopefully, you will be back running soon.  That I continued to be active (walking, elliptical, swimming) even though I wasn't running seemed to matter to my OB for the clearance so maybe it will be similar for you and everything you've been doing will help get you back out there.   

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mcampa, we have family friends in Saratoga Springs, but I've never been there.  I've heard it's beautiful.  I'm out in CA for a conference, oddly.  I've been on a sabbatical since the fall, but I start teaching again in March (boo..).  It'll be interesting to show up out of the blue with a bump.


I've also continued lifting.  I've been doing kettlebells and light squats and deadlifts.  I think the biggest thing is to avoid exercises that require you to "bear down", like heavy deadlifts and so on.  If you are interested, crossfitmom.com has a short blurb on the different trimesters and how lifting should change.  I haven't lifted super heavy since I found out, but I've been trying to do weights every other day just to avoid losing strength.  In later trimesters, my trainer said I should focus on continual movement and longer rather than more intense circuits. Again, the heavy lifting gets cut back with each trimester.  If pennywhistle gets the ok from her doc, we're going to train for races sometime in the second trimester.  You should join us!  I love having training buddies to keep me on track.  I think my 5k or tri (depending on what feels ok) will be around April 28.



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mcampa: so glad you were able to run!  Sounds like a good idea to keep it to the comfortable distance.  I too tend to go all out, and then pay for it later!


Went for another 3 mile walk today.  I feel pretty good with the mild exercise/movement.  Good point on not losing strength, LilyTiger - next week I'll start going back to the gym a few days a week to do some light weights.  I had been lifting 2-3 days a week before I got the positive test, so I'll just ease back into that routine (after checking with the doc, of course!) - it will feel so good to keep training!

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I was fairly inactive this past week, and I felt terrible for it. Started really getting in a fowl mood and my body was feeling gross. So yesterday morning I hooped and did some yoga and later got in the pool with my boys. My mood instantly improved and my body felt so much better!

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I've literally been floored by morning sickness and fatigue, but I try to dance around every single day so I at least get some activity (I'm a horrible dancer, but it seems to super amuse DP).  I keep having dreams about swimming (my absolute FAVORITE exercise, I love to zone out for an hour or so doing laps) and I wake up and I'm so sad it is cold and the lap pools are closed.  Since I live in Florida, there aren't really many indoor pools, and I CAN'T WAIT to find one in NC when I go up.  

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I still can't find my prenatal workout DVDs.  Grrr.  The library doesn't have any but can get them from interloan.  Only problem is, I work there, and I haven't told anyone yet so when they came in for processing everyone would see and I think that might give it away, haha!  Only one more week until my next appointment and then I'll be telling, so what's one more week?

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Because I *want* this baby to be on time and not early like his/her siblings (34 and 35 weeks), I have to exercise in order to keep my blood pressure under control. As a result, I am doing a walk-run Couch to 5K program and also Crossfit. 


I cannot say enough good things about Crossfit. I love love love love love it, and my trainer is absolutely amazing. While I know the workouts I am doing are not full-throttle Crossfit because I have to keep an eye on my heart rate, I feel amazing after doing them, I have a lot more energy, I am toning and strengthening my core to help me have an easier time schlepping my baby around later on, and I feel like I am accomplishing a lot in my workouts which gives me a lot more motivation when I feel like complete crap from my morning sickness. :)

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I got in the pool again yesterday. I really like doing squats in the pool. It feels easier, but with the extra resistance to staying down in squat position, I know it was doing even more. And boy can I feel it today on the inner thighs. Which makes me happy.


I've also been doing my kegel exercises!

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Carolina, I do Crossfit too.  I love that it's totally scale-able for pregnant bodies.  I didn't make it to class this morning thanks to horrible insomnia, but my goal is three days a week until I can't do it any more with running or biking on the off days.  So far it has felt great.


Jamie, I am all about the squats and lunges.  After reading the article someone posted upthread (I think it was this thread) about pelvic floor strength, I am all over that. 


Anyone else started having SI joint or pelvic pain?  It seems to be starting a leetle earlier than is usual over here, and I'm not happy about it.  I'm picturing how much worse it will be with a bowling ball strapped to my belly.

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I used the elliptical this morning for a half hour, and felt great!  I'm so excited to have found exercise that works for me, since running has come completely off the table.  I got home at 6:30am and ran into the bedroom and yelled "I CAN EXERCISE!!!"  Luckily my husband was amused to be woken up like that.  Phew.

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I need to pick up a prenatal yoga DVD. I would rather go to a class but the town I live in is too small to support a prenatal class and I can't really afford it anyway. Any recommendations?

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