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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.


Trying to Conceive #1


Gemmine (27) Me+ DH TTC #1 since July 2010. 1 loss at 5 weeks in April 2011. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/gemmine84


Shesaidboom (27) TTC #1 since 2007. Struggling with PCOS. Currently undergoing 2nd IUI cycle using Femara, Ovidrel, and Progesterone Suppositories.


Cbaa2010 Cait & B (26) TTC#1 since 10/10, 2 failed Clomid cycles, 1 IUI, also on progesterone for chronic LP spotting. 1 more go with Clomid, then on to injectables!

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/caitylady


Sourire (29) DH (32) - TTC # 1 since August 2010 with short luteal phase. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d1bce


Monkeyscience (27) and dh (25) TTC#1 w/ PCOS since 6/2010 - waiting till May 2012 for further intervention... praying.gif praying for some ovulation!

chart1.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d452e/


LuluRoo (28) TTC#1 since March 2011 after taking a break from TTC for a little while!!! Doing what I can to prepare for our first medicated cycle March 29th, 2011.


Renavoo  (35)  moved to graduates!!!!!!


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our 3rd Fresh IVF in Oct. after 5 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and a failed FET.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys - lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (30) moved to graduates!!!!!!


JodiAriel Jodie (33) married to Jay (31)  TTC#1 with PCOS, male viscosity issued, low progesterone.


Catheleni 35, TT#1. Male factor issues and consult with RE in November.


Chicajones  (27) DH (30) TTC#1 since June 2010. Just diagnosed with PCOS. Limited insurance/finances so we're going to try Femera then just try natural therapies if that doesn't work. Also adivsed that I have IR problems. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b


Trying To Conceive #2


MammaBird (42) moved to graduates!!!!!!


RCR TTC #2 since December 2007. One failed IVF, three failed medicated IUI cycles (follistim, menipur, and gannirelix). Planning a few more IUIs, then back to IVF if those don't work. Thankful every day that we have great infertility insurance coverage. Severe MF, poor egg quality, one early loss in July 2010.


Gozal (33) trying for number 2 since 2009. Finally diagnosed with prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding; PRL levels normal 4/11; ectopic pregnancy 6/11; trying first Clomid + Ovidrel cycle after three monitored natural cycles. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/324f8c/


Tinymama TTC#2. Male IF issues (poor count/quality/motility).


Trying To Conceive #3


zanelee TTC#3 for almost 5 years now. Secondary IF due to cervical cancer surgery. Had extensive endo removed and cervix manually dialated (so dh's boys could get in!) in late fall of 2010, and now trying on our own for a few months. Can't decided whether or not to start clomid. Praying for a miracle!


Brichole1214 Brandy (27) DH (31) taking a break in between our little precious bundle who came to us December 6th, 2010.  Planning on starting out TTC venture again in Septmeber 2011 since it took us 31 months to get pregnant with her and technically took me 5 years of off and on TTC to finally get pregnant.  I don't wanna wait too long!!!!

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654  


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

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Missing In Action...but we're still thinking of you

(please let us know if you'd like to jump back in)

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PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/delete/change in your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated! love.gif Weekend Wrap-Up: Name:Age:TTC #:CD:DPO (if applicable):Testing:Trying Since:Plan for this Cycle:Link to Chart (if applicable):Thoughts:


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Hi everyone and welcome to December!


I wanted to thank everyone for the votes of confidence back in the Nov. thread. I wish I could say I was feeling good about this cycle but for whatever reason I'm really down today. Well, one reason is that I think the ttc is finally starting to get to DH. We had a lot of difficulty completing our third post-trigger "assignment" last night. Granted it was the third time and I am 99% sure I ovulated well before. But the second was no fun, either. We've dealt with this before but to have it happen on my first (and potentially only) medicated cycle was just really discouraging for me. I know he can't exactly make it happen magically, of course, but it just seems...unfair...that I should stick myself full of medicines and then we can't even follow the RE's instructions for timed intercourse very well. It's (understandably) a mental thing for him that he can't help and I respect that, that it's very real. But I don't know what more I can do. I don't talk about babies all the time. I don't tell him any details of my cycle/treatment unless he asks. I try to keep it romantic and as low-pressure and fun as it can be. I do tell him when we get the "go" signal from the RE, but that's it. I feel like I've been holding it together for so long, and it's not even helping.


Whoops, I am out of time - I have to go pick up DS. I'll be back tomorrow night with personals, promise! I am thinking of you all.

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Hi ladies,


I signed up for this thread a few months ago then I pretty much disappeared because I was getting really depressed about infertility and I thought it would help to think about it as little as possible, so I avoided MDC! Well I don't think I'm completely out of that phase yet but after so many months away from MDC I realised I really missed having people with whom I could compare notes about medication side effects and so on, so I've decided to come back!


Over the past while I've tried Clomid and Prometrium, now I'm taking Femara and I'm about to try Crinone as well (to replace the Prometrium because I was having some issues with it). Also I'm scheduled to begin IUI in January with Femara, Crinone and Ovidrel. I would have started next cycle but I am planning to travel during the holidays so I have to wait until the following cycle.


gozal - DH and I have had a few experiences with not being able to complete intercourse on days when we both knew it was really important! Usually it happens when neither DH or I am in the mood and DH is tired. However a couple of times we've managed to salvage this kind of situation by watching some porn together for a few minutes... I know some people dislike porn but in our case it works for both of us and then we can go ahead and get the job done ;)

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Welcome back Sourire. I like your screen name btw.


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Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a couple of months and want to join now. I "know" several of you: cbaa, gozal, sourire (I missed you!), monkey, brichole.


My blurb: Gemmine (27) Me+ DH TTC #1 since July 2010. 1 loss at 5 weeks in April 2011.


To get a bit more detailed for everyone: I was on BCPs but have been off of them since 2008 or 2009 at the latest. We did NTNP in 2010, and had opportunities in the fertile window from July onward. In January 2011, I started charting and we started really trying. I got pregnant in March, had a miscarriage in April. Nothing since. I have an appointment with my OB next Wednesday and I will be bringing in all my charts and Excel data sheets (mm-hmm) and discuss what tests need to be done. I ovulate "on time" every month with a normal LP. I don't get fertile CM (or if I do, I don't see it) so I started taking EPO to help. That did absolutely nothing. Thinking of trying preseed this cycle. I started pineapple core last cycle. I'm expecting AF today to start my last cycle of the year.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Thanks for the new thread, gozal! Sorry you're not feeling hopeful for this cycle. BTDT with the whole dh thing. (Except I do talk with my dh a lot more about babies, what's going on, etc.) My dh can't "do his job" if he's stressed, especially about time. And yeah, if I'm not into it, he's not, either. And I'm just not the kind that will fake that sort of thing. But yeah, it is really frustrating - I know it isn't my dh's fault, but dang it, I cannot get pregnant without his help! And fortunately or unfortunately, there's zero requirement that I enjoy myself in order for pregnancy to happen. This cycle was also not super-great for us timing wise, so I'm less hopeful. Also, and maybe this is TMI, dh is not too excited about positions that give the best chance of sperm hanging out near the cervix. Sigh.


renavoo & rcr - I know a lot of people have that issue with BCPs, and that's part of what makes me hesitant. It would have been less of an issue before, when I wasn't cycling anyway, because there would have been nothing to lose. I'm still not cycling anything like "regularly," so I don't know if it would really mess me up that much or not. Of course, there's no way to know in advance, either. In my case there are two additional factors in favor of BCPs, besides the potential for weight loss: 1.) they are supposed to help shut down excess testosterone production by my ovaries, which is probably blocking my ability to cycle/conceive, and 2.) my OB/GYN's plan is to have me start clomid coming straight off of BCPs, so cycling on my own is less important. I really sort of wish someone would have bothered to explain the whole hormonal pathways connection between PCOS and BCPs before I started ovulating, because I might have taken them then with less conflicting emotions (and quite possibly greater benefits). Oh well - the past is the past. And really, I think quitting my high-stress job has been the biggest factor in being able to ovulate again.


Sourire - Welcome back! I'm sorry you've been having a rough time of it. I've gone through some pretty rough patches myself the past few months, and took something of a break, too. I say do what you need to do for your own mental health. It definitely can be helpful to have people to commiserate with, and to compare notes with.


Gemmine - Hello again, my fellow Houstonian! It seems like we were talking once upon a time about Houston doctors. Is the one you're going to next week a new doc, or the one you've been seeing for awhile? I saw a new OB/GYN at the beginning of November, and I like him all right. I did not actually have an exam with him, just an extended consult, so I didn't have to deal with my male-doctor fears. Let us know how things go!


AFM, 10 DPO today. (Yes, I'm officially sticking with that from now on, FF be darned.) Temp is actually UP today, higher than it's been so far this LP. In fact, my whole LP has mostly been one upward climb, not a lot of plateauing. It's weird. However, I got really high temps with my medicated cycle that I think were similar to this, though maybe a few days earlier in my LP, so I'm still not particularly hopeful. I still feel normal. Though I did have a very bizarre dream about being pregnant that I'm not going to go into, because it was just... weird. Anyway, still plan to POAS tomorrow at 11 DPO, as long as my temp doesn't drop. And at least I know that my LP will be at least 11 days, unless my body goes completely nuts. (I always get some sort of drop before AF.) Still no babies for SIL, as far as I've been informed, but apparently she still hasn't finished a big final paper for her master's, so probably a good thing. She could still have the babies tomorrow and I could maybe get to see them, but it's probably best that she wait till Monday when her OB is back in town. (On the bright side, the only other doc in the practice that will support her birthing vaginally if baby B remains breech is on call, so that's a relief!)

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I'm glad you ladies are so understanding. Thank you for the sweet comments. I really do feel a lot better about it now. Monkey, thank you for posting about the listening problem vs. fixing problem. I never thought about putting it that way, but part of the reason I really don't like talking about it IRL is that people feel they have to 'fix' it and that ends up with things like "it'll happen when it's right, just be patient" and that makes me feel worse. I'll remember to burn the paper over the sink! hehe.


brichole - busy busy with birthdays! Hopefully you're having a good time, and yay to the netbook!


monkey - 10 dpo!! You're so close. I totally understand the conflict over the BCPs. I'm hoping you won't even have to worry about that. I'm going to third renavoo and rcr and say that BCPs majorly screwed up my cycles, but in my case it could have been much more than that. Also, sending good baby-cooking thoughts to your SIL. I'm also crossing everything for your POAS tomorrow!

gozal - thanks for the new thread! I'm sorry this cycle has been extra hard emotionally, and that's causing problems with timed intercourse. Going straight into IUIs, I don't have the experience with the timed intercourse, but I think my dp would be going through something similar to yours. It is just so stressful. I wish I had some useful advice to offer, but I am thinking of you.


Sourire - welcome back. Hopefully we'll be able to lend you support while you go through your journey. I do hope your stay here is short because you get a BFP! I'm on Femara right now as well. What day in your cycle are you on?


Gemmine - welcome! I hope your stay is short too. We all need some nice big BFPs! I hope your OB is able to shed some light on your situation and offer some help to get you that BFP.


deborah - How are you doing? Anything new?


AFM, started cycle monitoring today (CD 10). Thankfully the lab is super empty since we're right before the holidays and it's hard to fit everyone's cycles in before. I got lucky with mine! I went in at 7:45 and was first on the ultrasound list and #4 for bloods, compared with last time being #18 or so getting there right at opening at 7:30. So here were my results for today:


Estrogen - 204, LH - 7, progesterone 6

10 follicles on the right side all under 1 cm

4 follicles on the left side, one at 1.6cm, one at 1.7cm and the other two under 1cm

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Hi Sourire, welcome back, we've missed you! I hope combining the Femara with Crinone does the trick! Have they been doing any monitoring or just using opks?

Hi Gemmine!! I'm glad you're here ( i mean only in that you're here to hang out with us, not that I'm glad you had to end up here, but that goes without saying, right?) i'm excited for your appt, i hope your doc has good suggetions..

Shesaidboom & monkey i agree too with listening vs fixing, sometimes it is just the ability to acknowledge that your sadness is valid, not to make it better, that matters most. For the most part, the feeling better, especially with IF, comes from words of encouragement, but mostly from time, we all have good days and bad days, it is normal. We are dealing with a struggle we didnt ask for and have very little control over, it is stressful!

That said, after a 4 day pity party, i'm getting my energy back today & preparing for another go on clomid. I think my side effects from it were more prominent in my lp this month, i was very anxious, slept poorly, short tempered, overwhelmed and apathetic. I cant wait for a BFP just to detox!
So i started a womens treasure herb from my acupuncturist for infertility & taking wheat grass shots first thing every morning... So far all ive got is a headache and the runs (hehe sorry). CD2, can i really make it 26 + more days... We got the most beautiful christmas tree today, i cant wait to decorate it once the branches fall joy.gif

Gozal i feel ya on the performance thing, we just try to set aside more time for pre-bd, it was hard there for a few months though, you'll get through it.
Ok i'll also admit here & nowhere else, i just bought my first little vibrator... My dh also doesnt perform well in positions condusive to babymaking or mutual o, so it is always annoying to have to do it a certain way that he doesnt like as much so we can finish together. Im still a little weirded out having never ever tried anything like this... But i refuse to let IF control the satisfaction of my marriage, so we will spice it up!

Brichole-party it up lady! Still testing tomorrow?

Monkeyscience i hope testing turns out well tomorrow redface.gif I'm glad to hear SIL is doing so well with her twinkles!
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Also, thans for the new thread gozal!! Can you update my blurb, Cait&B (26) TTC#1 since 10/10, 2 failed Clomid cycles, 1 IUI, also on progesterone for chronic LP spotting. 1 more go with Clomid, then on to injectables!
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We are TTC, again.  (get preggo, stay preggo, &  birth a beautiful living soul into our family)

This will be my 7th pregnancy.  

I am thankful for my 2 beautiful children.  Our youngest is almost 6.  We have TTC since she was a few months old.  Now, a few losses later....

Our most recent loss was the end of September.


My numbers all look good right now.  Let's see what happens...


Baby dust, baby dust , baby dust!





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cbaa - Glad you are feeling more upbeat. The first few days of a new cycle are always the hardest, I think, as far as negative emotions go. Along with the last few days of the previous cycle, if you were pretty sure AF was coming. Hoping you get your BFP for Christmas! (Or New Years, more likely!) I was hoping for a real Christmas tree this year, but alas... the apartment is too small, and we won't be there except for just a few days before Christmas, so no go. Last year we had an adorable (and fragrant) rosemary bush shaped as a Christmas tree. We named her Ophelia, and dh did a great job rigging up a a wire hanger to hold a star on top. Maybe we will do that again this year. Ophelia, sadly, did not make it through to this year. Still not sure if we were doing something wrong, or if she just didn't get enough light, or if rosemary is only good for one season? Anyway, we will see!


Also, just an FYI to anyone who made be thread stalking for tomorrow's results - I'm on Pacific time, so there definitely won't be anything before 8 AM Eastern, and we're also trying to leave for the airport about 6:30 AM, so I don't know when I'll get to post. It will probably be from my phone, so if all I post is BFN (or, less likely, BFP), that's why, and I'll be back with more maybe Saturday night or Sunday.

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Shesaidboom- My ultrasound isn't until next week, yet a bunch of people in my family already know. Not entirely my doing. Somehow my uncle just kind of figured out that I'm pregnant and asked my brother if I was. I asked my dad if he said anything about the IVF and he said he didn't think he had. The only thing I can think of is that my mom told him not to bother me when he called worried about how active my dad is. I am proud of my 74 year old father keeping active.  So, my brother called me and asked if he could share. He's in Texas at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. I'm a little annoyed by it, but if someone in the family asks I don't feel like lying about it. Now I wish I had just gone ahead and told the rest of DH's family so I wouldn't feel like I kind of betrayed them by telling my dad's side of the family with whom I am not as close before telling the majority of them. I know it's silly to worry about that stuff and I still think I'd like to wait until next week to tell others, but I'm a little annoyed. At the same time, I would have shared with my relatives on my dad's side of the family next week, so does a week make that much difference other than I'll know how many we have and how well he/she/they are progressing? Quite conflicted about what to do now.

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Hi, Gozal - please move me to the graduates.


The past week has been a roller coaster ride.  Got the exciting BFP last weekend, had a blood draw on Monday with not-so-good HCG results, another on Wednesday, with good HCG results, and now I'm just waiting for another test next week.  I thought I'd be happy when I finally got the BFP we've been trying for, and wishing for - for so long - but I'm mostly just terrified  I think last year's m/c affected me more than I had realized. 


Monkey - I am stalking the twins story & progress and am sending all my best wishes to your SIL and your family.  And, of course, I'm sending baby dust for you and hoping you get the BFP!


Renavoo - how are you feeling?


cbaa - I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better and it sounds like you have a great plan for this cycle.  I sure can relate to the defeated feeling that comes with each BFN.  I almost gave up after the BFN in October (happened to coincide with my 42 b-day), and now I sure am glad that I didn't.  It will happen for you.  I have a friend who was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and was told she had less than a 1% chance of conceiving.  She and her dh ttc for two + years before getting a BFP, and now they have a beautiful baby boy.  When I asked her what she did differently the month they got the BFP, the one thing she told me is that she drank wheat grass juice every day.  I hope it'll do the same thing for you. :-) 

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm currently at CD13 and no sign of O yet. I'm not doing any monitoring at the fertility clinic, all I'm doing is OPK's. Last month was my first time taking Femara and I O'd on CD12 (though my usual O is CD 17-19) so I'm not sure what's going on this month!


Gemmine - happy to see you again but sorry you made it into this group! Good luck with your appointment this week. Out of curiosity, what kind of data do you compile in Excel spreadsheets? I am a huge Excel user, maybe I could pick up some tips ;)


monkeyscience - that is wonderful that you were able to leave a stressful job. I just had a super stressful month at work (boss and many other coworkers were on vacation and I had a TON of new responsibilities dumped on me) and it sure doesn't make things easy... I kept having panic attacks at work and stuff... my boss finally got back a few days ago and I had a long talk with him about how I basically can't handle any stress at all or I might have to go back on disability leave. I hope the message got through. How do you feel about your SIL being on the verge of giving birth? My SIL gave birth a few weeks ago. I was pretty upset when she announced her pregnancy, then I got used to the idea and I was ok for the rest of the pregnancy... but the first time I saw that baby I had a really hard time because SIL and BIL are both blond-ish and their first daughter is blond as well.... DH and I both have thick dark hair so I always imagine my babies being born with a lot of dark hair (like I was)... anyways SIL's new baby has a lot of dark hair just like I imagined for mine so when I saw him for the first time I almost started crying and I couldn't bring myself to hold him. Anyways SIL and BIL are coming over to our place for brunch in about 1 hour, this will be the 2nd time I see that newborn... I hope I can keep it together this time!


shesaidboom - I know what you mean about listening vs fixing the problem! I am seeing a psychologist regularly ever since my breakdown this summer and she has helped me communicate better with my DH... one element we worked on was making sure DH knows that all he has to do is listen to my problems (and sympathise with me) and he doesn't need to fix them! That has helped us a lot.


cbaa - I've been investing a lot of money in vibrators too lately hehe. My strategy is to spend about 30 minutes pre-bd "warming up" on my own because I do find that being in the mood is contagious so if I'm really into it DH usually doesn't have any problems. Good luck with your new cycle. My SIL (not the same one who just gave birth) recently announced she was pregnant, it was her 3rd cycle on Clomid and her 1 year anniversary of TTC, hopefully it works for you!


deborah - Congrats by the way! Does your DH's family know your dad's family? If none of them talk to each other then I would say tell each group whenever you feel is best and don't feel bad about it! Everyone will find out eventually and I'm sure everyone will be happy for you when they do find out!

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Mammabird - looks like we cross posted. Congrats on the BFP! I hope the next few weeks go well and you can be free of worrying soon!

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Hi everyone!


Gozal, thank you for starting the thread this month! I'm hoping that everyone gets a BFP soon and I'm hoping that you get a threadkeeper's luck! By the way, DH and I got into a few difficult spots as well when he felt too stressed to perform. It's hard because we feel so much pressure throughout the month, especially at that time, so no matter how fun you try to keep it, there is always an underlying stress. I just try to think that it only takes one sperm so hopefully, your egg is nice and fertilized and getting ready to implant!


Sourire,  I'm glad you're in a better place now and I hope that your next cycle is successful. It really is such an exhausting time and breaks are definitely needed once in a while.


Gemmine, Welcome! I ate pineapple core when i did my IVF and i definitely am a believer. By the way, did you ever use preseed? It's also supposed to help supplement the CF. Also, I hear that taking guaifenacin (in robitussin, for example) can help too.


Cbaa, I'm glad you're feeling better! Yah! As for the vibrator, you go girl!! That's a wonderful idea and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun. You and your DH that is. haha


Monkey, lurk.gif


Mammabird, thank you for that hopeful story! It's such a great thing to hear. I hope that your blood work comes out well next week! it probably just took the hcg levels a while to ramp up but I bet having experienced a miscarriage makes you much more stressed, no matter what! I'll be waiting eagerly for your results! I'm feeling good. still dealing with fatigue and nausea but otherwise, just wondering what is going in there since i haven't had an us in a couple of weeks! So I'm hoping that everything is ok! But i don't have time to worry about it anyway because work has been so hectic.


Ladies, I really think this will be a good month (at least i'm hoping really hard!!) Let's get us some BFPs!!




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BFP... nothing faint about it! More later!
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Congrats Monkey! Sourire- That's exactly what DH's cousin said. They have all met each other (at the wedding), but they don't really know each other.  I am feeling a little better about it now. A happy, but different difficulty today is that DH is playing the trombone in a parade today and I can't follow the float like I usually do so I don't know where to park my lawn chair or anything like that. I would have preferred to go last night to the artwalk where they would be in one place, but I had dress rehearsal. I'm in a concert tonight. Busy weekend! I think I will do as much vegging as possible tomorrow, but I still have a ton of schoolwork to catch up on. Here we go! Maybe Monday will be a veg-out day. It is only supposed to be 6 degrees here, yuck.

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monkey: It's a new OB but she seems pretty popular! It's at the Women's Specialists of Houston in the medical center. I need to get my former place to fax over the medical records to the new place; I hope that's not too much trouble.


shesaidboom: Thank you for the welcome! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you this IUI cycle.


cbaa: Yay, we get to interact in a real live thread again instead of PMs! Not that I didn't enjoy our PMs though :-)


Welcome skeemama. So sorry to hear about your losses.


Sourire: My SIL had her first baby back in June and it was really tough to cope at first. I have 1 Excel sheet that has columns for each cycle, the day the OPK turned positive, the day I O'd, BD timing, luteal phase, cycle length, and any supplements tried (much easier to read format than anything non-VIP FF has). I have another one solely for BD timing because I'm trying to experiment with different patterns (every day, every other day, 1 day before O, etc). That's interesting that your O date jumped up so much! Oh and that's a good idea about "warming up"...I had forgotten about that but the one time I tried it things went so much more smoothly!


renavoo: Thank you! And formally, congratulations! I was lurking before you got your BFP :-) I'd like to try the core again but I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the rest of the pineapple in my freezer! I was thinking maybe I should just try the bromelain tablets? I'm looking to try pre-seed this month, though I'm unsure whether I should try that or the Robitussin first. I'll bring this up to my doctor too.


monkey: Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear your details!


AFM: AF came as expected yesterday, so now I'm plotting what to do this cycle. Dr appointment Wednesday so I'll see if she has any suggestions.

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YAY to the two new graduates - monkey and mamabird! BFP! BFP! Congratulations mamas. I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to hear more.


AFM, went to the faraway/busy lab this morning since the usual one is closed weekends.

I'm a little confused by my results from this clinic. This is what I got today (CD 11)...


Estrogen 299

LH 14

Progesterone 5


Two lead follicles on the left, one 1.5 and one 1.3 (smaller than yesterday?? I was told 1.7 and 1.6 yesterday), also lining at 0.7mm


They said I'm surging and need to take the ovidrel tonight and  have my first IUI tomorrow. I want to call and ask about the follicles, but the office is closed. I guess I'll ask tomorrow morning. They just seem small and why would they be smaller than yesterday? Could they have measured wrong? I'm nervous because last time my lead follicle got to 2.4cm before I surged.



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