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Deborah, conrgats on the twins!!


cbaa, boring?! Cait totally cracks me up. 


chica, I use those same tests and in my experience, they are extremely reliable (especially seeing them in person)...so I wouldn't doubt that those are +hpts! Sending tons of clarity- and stickiness-enchancing thoughts your way. Keep us posted!


Wendlynn - WHOA. Of course I am so, so happy to hear that your "cyst" was actually a perfectly healthy bladder but WHOA. I really am a calm person (on the outside anyway) but I would be livid. I really would have a not-so-nice conversation with the head doctor at your practice...


shesaidboom, you know what's funny? I've always had clear ovulation pain and yet this cycle with three mature follicles I didn't feel anything. Granted, I probably ovulated overnight while I was sleeping and I did feel a weird heaviness/soreness the next morning but I honestly thought I'd have felt something. Or woken up. Of course I don't quite believe it happened the right way 'cause I didn't get my usual pains. So yeah, o pain = knowledge = good. I hear you!


I'll just throw in my 2 cents about the reveal issue - obviously it's very personal - with DS we did not tell anyone except parents/siblings/extremely close friends before 14weeks and we've agreed following our loss last summer that if/when we get pg again we will try to wait until after the level II u/s. Last time I wasn't really showing much at that point so I hope I could potentially keep it under wraps.


So, finally 10 days past trigger (a.k.a. 7dpo) my hpts went neg. That's about all that's new around here. I wish I could stop feeling so gloomy. I'm no fun. The thing is that if I am not pg this month, that means that DS will be over 5 when we have another baby...not what I envisioned for my family at all...it really hammers home just how long we've been ttc. At first I thought, okay, three years apart...then four...now it will be over five...it is very hard for me to keep from crying in public when people talk about how big DS is getting. It's something that people use for small talk and it is so hard for me. See? No fun gozal.

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Just popping in to say good luck at your hsg today gemmine! Fingers crossed for open tubes!!
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Cbaa - congrats on your last clomid! So what is next for you if you don't get a BFP this month? Good luck with the sexathon, are you into romance books/movies? I find those help motivate me.

Chicajones - I am SO looking forward to your update this morning, I hope you have a super obvious BFP!

renavoo - I love the jumping on DH story. I hope I get an opportunity to jump on my DH soon wink1.gif

brichole - I hope your spotting ends soon so you and DH can get down to business! I know the feeling of never ending AF, before I started all these fertility medications I sometimes had AFs that dragged on for two whole weeks! Man that ex of yours is really messed up though, what he did is totally rude! Oh and congrats on the raise by the way. The extra money will help if you have another baby on the way soon smile.gif

Monkey - I also had an idea I would have problems getting pregnant before I started trying. I charted for 3 years before TTC an it was pretty obvious that things weren't normal since I had a 7-9 day LP and my AF usually lasted 10-14 days. However at the beginning I was hoping those things weren't going to prevent me from getting pregnant, but when nothing happened in the first few months I realized I wad going to have to do things the hard way.

Deborah - that's so exciting that you are having identical twins. Do twins run in your family? Were you hoping for twins?

gozal - sorry you're feeling down about DS's age difference with his future sibling. I have a brother 3 years younger than me, a sister 5 years younger and a sister 9 years younger. The older I was for each sibling, the more excited I was when they arrived so hopefully your son will be able to enjoy the new baby a lot more at his age. And today I have a very close relationship with both my sisters, but I hardly ever talk to my brother who is closest to me in age.

Well my spotting stopped after I started taking the crinone, so that's a relief. Also I haven't had any discharge so far (when I was taking prometrium vaginally I had to wear a pad all the time), though I've heard that with crinone it starts after a few days.

At this very moment I'm sitting on a plane about to take off for Vegas! DH and I just decided to take a fun weekend trip. I'm sure it will be a good time!
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Hee, Deborah, I love your sig. :) So cute!

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Ok, get ready for a long one lol...i wrote out what i was going to type before i typed it because i didn't want to have to bounce back and forwarth between the two pages...so here goes lol



chicajones:  No, my twin is a boy : )   And he and his wife never have had problems getting pregnant...and here's the whole story that I said would be long::::::


My brother and SIL have never had problems getting pregnant, in fact he had a vasectomy done almost 2 years ago.  They were very very fertal and my SIL's body couldn't handle another pregnancy w/ other health issues she has.  She started hemoraging pretty bad with the last 2 she had and they didn't want to risk her health.  We are all 27 and they have their 3 kids and had 2 miscarriages (1 before their first child and 1 after their last child).  I use to hate SIL for being so fertile...it's like they could look at each other and she would be pregnant.  The funny thing was they couldn't ever hide it from me past her being like 4 weeks.  I could just read her like a bood.  With my 1st niece we were seniors in high school and at a band concert at a local Theater House.  SIL was curled up in a ball sick most of the night so once we made it back to the school I confronted both my brother and sil (they were just dating at the time and she was one of my best friends).  I asked them point blank "when are you going to tell our parents?"  They both just looked at me with this dumbfounded look on their face and i was like "Ok, let me ask again, when are you going to tell my parents you are pregnant?"  LOL they were fumbling for words and promised to tell them that night.  Well, we made it back home and we all went into the kitchen and started shooting the sh*t with my parents and then they both looked at the clock and was like "well, bridg really needs to get home".  So they started out the door, and i just had this look on my face that probably read that i was pissed...and i was.  My brother was always quick to rat me out on just about anything that i did wrong so for them to just sit there and not tell my parents something they REALLY needed to tell them it made me mad.  Mainly because they were still letting my parents think they would be going off to college and staying on campus...and that was the converstaion we were having before they walked out the door.  Well, my mom looked at me and asked what my problem was and i just told her "i have no problems, you might want to stop those two from walking out your door and ask them though."  Then my dad went and got them and made them come back into the house.  My mom asked them if there was anything they needed to tell her and they finally told her yes, that they were pregnant.  My mom did the typical mom crying and made me stand there and listen to the conversation...like i needed to be reminded not to get pregnant that close to graduation!!! WHATEVER lol. Anyways, that was March 2002 that they told them and Rhylee Michelle was born November 2002.  I was jealous at first because my whole family made over her and my brother and sil but they didn't support my marriage to my 1st husband in August 2002.  We started TTC not long after we got married and by 9 months after our wedding day i was pregnant.  I was 2 months pregnant to be exact.  I didn't find out til late because I just kept pushing it off because my periods were weird anyways...when i started getting sick eating spicey food i knew something was wrong.  Well, DD#1 was born December 14, 2003 and after she was born i figured we were all done having kids for about 3 or 4 years.  Well, in February of 2005 me and my SIL were working together at our local Cracker Barrel and she had to have my dad come get her from work one sunday because she was so sick she couldn't hold her head up.  Everyone there thought she was just hung over or something but i knew different.  I knew she was pregnant and i was waiting on them to announce it at mine and my brother's birthday party that year...well it didn't happen.  They went on vacation for about a week in a half and when they came back they finally started telling everyone.  I just looked at my SIL and was like yeah, i know, i've known since the day you left work sick.  She still didn't get that i could read her body language better than anyone else.  (I guess i have a gift lol)  I did what i could to be happy for them again because me and my x-dh (we were still married at the time) were trying to have another baby and nothing was happening for us.  Well, 9 months came and went and Kaitlin was born in October 2005...and I still wasn't pregnant. I was excited that Kaitlin was the first and only baby i've gotten to see born naturally so i do have a close bond to her....but i was still jealous that i didn't have another baby at least growing inside of me by this time.  Well, 10 months pass and i go to see my mom one day and she looks at me and says "i need to tell you something" and i KNEW what she was about to tell me...so i just said it for her "Bridgett is pregnant again isn't she?"  My mom just looked at me like wow...she knew i was really hurt though...because yet another 10 months had gone by and i still wasn't pregnant again.  Well, William was born in March 2007 and by this point me and my x-dh were so stressed out about TTC that it KILLED our marriage and we got divorced in April.  Well, it didn't take me long to find DH (my current dh) and we started dating at the end of July 2007.  I knew that he was one man i would love to spend the rest of my life with and he decided that i was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with so he moved in with me at the beginning of September 2007.  We started TTC right away because i knew how long it had taken me to try to get pregnant and i still wasn't.  In October we found out that i had HPV and i had to remove some warts that had formed in my neather region...i was sad and depressed and found out that my x-dh had cheated on me with a girl who had the virus (i know A LOT of girls have it and now so do it) and that is were i was exposed to it.  I was devistated but the doctor told me i didn't have the cancerous cells and that we should be able to start TTC again after i healed from the surgery.  So we tried, and tried, and tried, and our wedding day came in April 2008 and still i wasn't pregnant.  So i was like okay, we will give it a little longer because we hadn't been ttc for quite a year yet together.  Well, October hit and still nothing. DH found out that he had a hydrocyle (where fluid collects in the sac around the testical) and he had to have that drained with surgery, so that postponed our baby making for a few weeks.  Then at his follow up i went ahead and asked him to have the doctor to do a SA and they ordered it and DH got that done. Everything came back good/normal for him, so i figured it was on my end. So at my yearly check up in January 2009 (obviously we still weren't pregnant) we talked to the doctor and told him that we had been trying for a year on our own without any help.  He started me on Clomid and we did clomid from January 2009 to October 2009 when the doctor finally realized that it wasn't working after taking me up all the way to 150mg.  That's when he finally refered me to the RE in our area and we saw him at the end of November 2009. I was so happy we finally were able to get in to see the RE because i was really getting tired of hearing people ask "When are you and Tony going to have a baby" and "don't you know that jayde needs a little brother or sister soon." It was getting frustrating.  On a good note though when we went in to see the RE the first time I was able to have my labs and u/s done that day because i was on CD3 which was nice.  We started oral medicaion (can't remember which one we tried first) and i ended up Oing on my own in December...so that was a blown cycle because we were told to hold off on DTD until we came back in for our u/s on a monday...guess what i Oed that saturday or sunday!!! GRRRRR.  The next cycle we did oral medication and injections (femera and menopur) well, it took my body forever to respond to the medication and so the doctor upped my dosage of menopur and we upped it too much and i ended up with OHSS and had to cancel that cycle too because i had too many follicles.  Then we were delayed an extra 3 weeks because i still had too many follicles to try to start out with!!!  FINALLY our last cycle before my insurance was to change I was on femera and menopur again but at a lower dose and we FINALLY got our BFP!! EXACTLY 7 years after i got pregnant with DD#1 i got pregnant with DD#2.  I swear i feel like i've been on this journy forever and I just want 1 more baby.  Is that really too much to ask for?  I am finally much better with my feelings toward my SIL...she was VERY supportive of me during my fertility treatments and always helped whenever she could.  I guess patients is something that i lack and i really don't want to wait another 7 years to have another baby!!! (well i would only have 6 years left technically now BLAH!!!)  I am just ready to have another baby and have some closure in this chapter of my life. It just frustrates me too that DH won't even go talk to the RE that we saw last time...i don't see the harm in at least talking to him!!!


okay, sorry for the book!!! i hope it was okay reading lol.


Deborah:  Hope your next u/s goes as well as the first one went.  So wonderful to hear that they both have very strong heartbeats!!!


Gozal:  Happy that the trigger is out...now give it 3 or 4 days and let's see a BFP for you this month!!! I really am praying hard for you!!!Big hugs for  feeling how you do when people mention how big your DS is getting.  If you read about you will see i completely understand!!!



Cbaa:  You are totally cracking me up talking about yourself in the 3rd person!! I LOVE IT!!!!


Gemmine:  Good luck today!!!


sourire:  How are you doing?  HOpe things are going well for you this cycle!!!!


TO ALL THE PREGNANT MOMMIES:::::  I hope that the baby/babies are treating you well!! Are you having any more symptoms or crazy cravings?  Does anyone have a special way they will tell extended family during the Holidays? 



OH!!!  I can't say anything on facebook because they aren't ready to tell ALL of the world but my cousin asked his girlfriend to marry him the other day and she said yes!!! I LOVE IT!!! He called all of his family at like 10:00pm night before last and i didn't answer my phone at first because i was already in bed.  I woke up when he sent me a picture of the ring...it is beautiful!! He and his fiancee are going to the university of alabama to get their masters degrees and i'm just so happy that they are planning on finishing college before they get married and have kids.  I wish i had finished school before i did either but i didn't and now i'm stuck doing one of two things for a job...either be a dispatcher or a server.  I don't have a degree in anything and I don't have the time with the job that i do right now and with the girls to take any college classes...i really didn't think out my whole life when i started my journy but i'm not really upset where i am...i'm happy to be a mommy and i feel like i do a very important job at the 911 center as a dispatcher/call taker.    Well, i need to stop typing or i'm going to take up an entire page of my own!!!


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Thanks Gozal!

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brichole - We don't know who we're going to be using for a health care provider yet, so no, no appointments set up. And yeah, we're out of town right now and won't be back until the 23rd. Also, sounds like you'll be making more than I ever did when I was an hourly worker. And probably more than my hourly wage would have been as a teacher, if I had calculated it that way! So yay for raises! And yes, that was an epic long story, but it's interesting to hear more about your background. :)


chicajones - Well, I felt a lot better in the afternoon, then had a long, tearful conversation with dh when he got home from work, then some amazing lovin', so it turned out okay. winky.gif I'm really hoping you get a nice clear BFP today!!

cbaa - Monkey also likes to talk about herself in the third person. Though when she does, she often calls herself "This [Monkey'sFirstName]" as opposed to just "[Monkey'sFirstName]". bouncy.gif Also, Monkey seconds the recommendation of romantic movies to help you get in the right mood for baby-making.


gozal - hug.gif I'm sorry this cycle is so rough for you. I'm hoping it's just your body pumping out lots of extra hormones to get you pregnant! Do you have a beta scheduled, or are you just going to POAS? Glad the trigger is at least out of your system!


sourire - Sorry that neither of us got pregnant surprisingly fast! But have fun on your weekend in Vegas - hopefully your little embryo will spend that time snuggling in!!


AFM, I am afraid this may all be ending for me way too soon. My temp was down majorly this morning, and to say it has me worried is to put it mildly. I've known all along that getting pregnant doesn't always mean you'll get a baby, but I was really hoping to not have to deal with miscarriage on top of IF. My guess is I won't really know anything till tomorrow. Usually my temp drops the day before I get AF, so I wouldn't really expect anything today, except maybe some spotting tonight. Hoping and praying that I am wrong!

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Monkey: So sorry that your temp dropped...maybe it's just from the travels.  I really hope that this little one stays put!!!!!! Have you taken any more tests to confirm the first BFP?  That test you posted a picture of was pretty clear...so not like you would HAVE to confirm it but i did, like 7 times lol.  I can't help but POAS once i see another line though...i think i have a problem.  Praying for you and your little one!!! STICK BABY STICK!!!!

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Only have a minute before I have to leave for a meeting, but just wanted to pop in with two things:
Monkey, oh, you are in my thoughts and prayers. :( This is my big fear right now, because it's so painful to get your hopes up and be excited, only to have it to be a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage. I hope this is a struggle you don't even have to deal with, and that your temp goes right back up tomorrow morning. Who knows, maybe it was a fluke temp. It's not over till AF arrives, and I hope she will stay far, far away from you for a good long time!
Quick update on me: I used my dollar store test this morning, but realized as i was reading the box that it's supposed to be used "1 day before your missed period," so I was feeling like nothing would show up. BUT there was a line. Another faint one, but it looks like a line and it look pink-ish (I think?). I'm stopping at Walmart on my way home from work today to get a FRER and maybe an EPT. Now I'm just trying to decide if I want to test tomorrow or Sunday morning. 
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chica - Okay, something is definitely going on there! Even if all three lines thus far were faint, seeing lines on two completely different types of tests seals it for me. You are preggo!! Hoping you can get a more reassuring line soon!


brichole - Well, we got here (Oklahoma) on Monday, so I've been temping here since Tuesday, and so far my temps have been up until now. So I doubt it's the travel. And yes, I got a very clear +OPK (aka ghetto HPT) the day after my first BFP, and took another HPT the day after that, also very positive. I don't have any tests with me right now, and I'm loathe to go buy any more. I assume even if I am miscarrying, there'll still be enough hCG to make the test positive, so I don't think it's worth it. Just have to have more of that patience I'm so very fond of. eyesroll.gif

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Monkey:  Big hugs!!! I know it's not fun!! I am happy i didn't temp when i got my bfp with Emma last year.  I started spotting at 6 weeks and found out that i had a small hemorage (i think they called i a hematoma or whatever) between the uterus and the placenta.  The doctors at the ER warned me that i would more than likely miscarry and i was soooooo upset all weekend long.  Went to my doctor 2 days laster and still had a really strong heart beat and the spotting stopped about a week later...so even if you do get some spotting don't let it worry you....it's the really heavy bleeding with clots that i would worry about.  I'm still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :)


Chicajones:  I see the pink!!! How many DPO are you?  I think you would be able to get at least a faint line on the FRER by tomorrow morning.  Definately by Sunday...but i'm impatient and can't wait for you to wait that long LOL HA

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Ok, back from my meeting and on lunch, so I'm going to try to see if I can respond to everyone. :)


Brichole, wow, thanks for sharing your story! That must have taken a long time to type, but it was great to be able to see your whole story. I can't imagine how difficult it was to watch SIL keep getting pregnant while you were trying for so long. What a blessing that you have been able to have two little ones (and especially after reading what you said about the spotting, etc, early on). But I know that even when you already have children, the TTC journey can be so hard, especially because you've already experienced it and it seems like if it's happened once, why so much trouble for it to happen again? One thing you didn't mention is why your DH is going back and forth with not wanting a third. You may have answered this on a previous thread, I just don't remember seeing why. It's so funny the way you could read SIL's body language--I feel like that type of thing happens with me with a couple of my very close friends. I've guessed they were pregnant far, far before they shared with anyone, and they were shocked that I knew. Sometimes you just know. :)


It's great that you are able to be in a position where you're helping people, even if you don't have a college degree yet. And yes, maybe it's too much to take classes now, but you never know how things will play out, or how much time you'll have as the little ones get older (even if you have a third to look after). I know so many people who thought they would never be able to get their college degree, but ended up finding it on their own terms. I also know just as many who never got it, but have still found wonderful careers that they love. 


Oh, and how crazy about your exes emailing you?! That's just nuts. I'd say you can't hit the "DELETE" button fast enough. In the words of Beyonce: "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!" lol.


CBAA, the beginning of a cycle is always the worst if you ask me. You're worn out from the end of the last cycle, not feeling like anything can happen yet, and sometimes it's easy to want to put all the BD-ing stuff up on a shelf. I hope that by the time O starts to near, you're ready to get back up and go sexathon crazy! 


Gozalhug2.gif I'm sorry you're feeling so down. It's hard when you've set certain milestones for yourself, thinking "surely this will have happened by [x]", and the [x] comes and you're blown away that you're still trying. I hope you're able to avoid small talk for a while, and have the quick thinking to easily change the subject when things do come up. I guess the good thing is that even though the idea of the age difference, etc, is a painful reminder now, once you do have number two it, it will fade into just a reminder of how thankful you are for them. 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on reveal--I know that a loss is definitely something that majorly changes how you want to share things. I'm really nervous about that, so I think we would try and wait until 14 weeks to share in general (Facebook, with work, etc) and only tell immediate family/close friends before that. I've seen a number of friends go through difficult miscarriages and sometimes it can be so much harder when you feel like everyone knows (or doesn't know, and asks about the pregnancy, etc). 


How many DPO are you now? Did you decide on a date to POAS, or are you getting betas? Will definitely be thinking of you while you wait!


Sourire, VIVA LAS VEGAS! What a fun little trip. I hope you have a blast and are able to really focus on being silly and having a great time with DH. Weekend trips can be the best thing in the world, especially when you're ready to just get away from everything for a bit. Let us know if you strike it big!


Ladies, thank you so much for your encouragement! Seeing lines on two different tests has definitely risen my excitement level, and seeing your posts finally let me have a little, "Eeeeeeee, I might actually be pregnant!" freak out moment. :) I'm either 13 or 14 DPO, depending on when I ovulated...I had EWCM and then just wet CM the next day, but I can't remember if you're supposed to mark O day as the last "wet" day or the EWCM day. We DTD on EWCM day, so it's possible it was either. At 13 or 14 DPO I feel like I should have darker lines, but then again I know it's different for everyone. 


We'll see how well I last...I might try and hold out for Sunday, but now I'm really dying to know. I'm thinking about getting the EPT, but the thought of getting a giant "NOT PREGNANT" kind of scares me.

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Sourire- We can't quite figure out the genetics on these twinsies. There were twins on DH's side but nobody can remember if they were identical or fraternal and on my side, my great uncle had either a vanishing twin or one that was stillborn at birth (so my dad thinks). The genetics have to be there somewhere though for identical. Thanks for the compliment on the sig Chica! Brichole- Thanks!

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So, I guess I had it backwards. There is no known genetic reason for identicals, but there can be genetic reasons for fraternal. However, we did ICSI which apparently creates a higher incidence of identical multiples.

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Monkey, how are you doing? I hope your temp went back up but i thought I read somewhere that the temperature gets really erratic once you get pregnant? (i can't imagine what my temperature would be because i have such erratic sleeping habits.


Chica, well? how about today! I saw the pink line from yesterday's image too. I hope you get a clear, bright pink line today! YAH!!


Brichole, wow, really?! What the heck is wrong with your ex to contact a married woman? I'm glad you just deleted the email. I hope your spotting has stopped!! How is it going? I enjoyed reading your story, by the way :o) It makes me feel closer to you, as if we know each other IRL!


Shesaidboom, i'm with you!! My husband always makes fun of me and says I'm so "stoic" about pain. haha i complain about papercuts! What's happening with you?


Gozal, just a few more days to hopefully, your BFP. I know you're feeling down and I'm sorry :o( it's hard to feel happy every month when faced with a BFN. when I was trying, I just kept telling myself that one month, it has to be a BFP...odds wise, it just had to be. I'm hoping that this month is your time!


Cbaa and Sourire, how are you two? Sourire, hope you're having a fantastic time in Vegas!


Monkey, I'm experiencing major mood swings too. DH is lucky because he's one of the few things that makes me completely happy almost all the time so I haven't really gotten upset with him. However, I'm a really cheerful person most of the time so he gets worried when suddenly I'm quiet or not cheerful. Sometimes, when I'm at work, I just feel like crying for no reason. I think I'm also a little stressed and tired but I manage to talk myself off the edge by saying 1) next week is almost over- the last couple of months have been really busy but after next week, things should slow down for the rest of the year and 2) they are just mood swings and not a real reflection of how I really feel overall. haha most times it works. How are you feeling otherwise?


Ladies, I hope everyone is doing well!! I am thinking of all of you and wishing for a mass of BFPs really soon!





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Brichole- Sorry I didn't say thank you directly to you. I was just skimming the other day. As for symptoms, the twins have been pretty nice to me the last few days. Only mild nausea last night and this morning and none for 2 or 3 days before that. I am having some other, unladylike symptoms (gas/bowel issues) that came back yesterday. Seems not to be an issue so far this morning though. I think maybe the little ones don't like pastrami (don't worry it was heated).

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Well, after spending a good deal of time sobbing last night, knowing that I was going to miscarry... I woke up with my temp back in its previous range this morning. No bleeding or any sign of it, either. So I am breathing a sigh of relief for now. I'm definitely going to figure out a way to get some beta tests done next week, though. I need some kind of reassurance! Prior to now, taking my temp has been pretty reassuring, but maybe I need to do some more research about what temps are like during pregnancy. But really, today is only my 18th high temp - that's when you can definitely consider yourself pregnant, according to TCOYF. So it should stay high that whole time, I would think. And yesterday's temp WAS above coverline, but it was almost a half a degree lower than any of my recent temps.


Anyway, hope good things are going on for you ladies, and we get some more BFPs before Christmas!

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Hi all, I don't think I ever got added to the front page, but Monkey suggested I come share my BFP with you.

I got a BFP after my FIRST cycle of Clomid. I started going to the RE in the middle of that cycle, I was fed up with my OBGYN. She told me Clomid would do nothing for me because she thought that I ovulated on my own. She also told me I didn't have PCOS. So my RE disagreed with her on both points.

I am amazed and so grateful for this, please wish me sticky baby vibes. This is my first BFP ever.


Hey Monkey, I know it's EARLY and I'm so nervous too, but do you want to be the coleader of the August 2012 group with me? We need two people and then we can start a group.


I was hesitant to post here since I know what a long struggle so many of you have had, making our 17 months look like nothing. But I just wanted to let you know that I after waiting so long to conceive I will NEVER, ever forget the struggle so many women are going through at any given moment to conceive. I had no idea before we went through this, and it's something that I wish more people realized, all those damn insensitive comments would be lessened. I also have had SO many women at various places who have been trying way longer than I have, who have had losses, encourage me to keep going and keep hope alive. That is amazing. Women are truly amazing and together as a community we are invincible.

I also am going to become a huge advocate for women going to REs and not just suffering with their OBGYNs. I have gotten so much support and they are monitoring me so closely and it's all covered by my insurance, I don't have an IUI or IVF benefit, or probably even injectable meds, so I was hesitant at first, but the diagnositics and monitoring are fantastic (Aetna).


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Oh, monkey!!  I breathed such a sigh of relief when I read your post. So glad to hear things are staying up. You're right, 18 temps is the standard, and most chemical pregnancies end around 15 or 16dpo, I think--so hopefully that gives you a little respite. 


I got a three pack of FRER last night and did one this morning. Only, I grabbed the box and sat on the toilet, and then realized as I was almost done that OMG, I was supposed to catch that pee! LOL! I managed to stop and get the last bit for the FRER, but I don't think it was enough. I think I saw a very very faint line, but it was pretty indistinguishable (and I didn't get a picture). So I did another Internet cheapie a few hours later, and this time the line was the darkest I've seen it! Still not as dark as I'd like, but I'm doing another FRER tomorrow morning and hopefully that will work. Still high temps, so yay for that. I wish I had a more concrete updates, but I guess I'm just not meant to be one of those early testers. Or early results-getters, lol!

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boots - YAYYY! So excited for you! Any idea what your EDD is? The August 2012 group actually already exists, and is crazy hopping, actually. It's a bit overwhelming, really. But you can find it here. I haven't been able to bring myself to click on the "Signs and Symptoms" thread yet... I don't have any, and I can't see how people are already having enough to talk about it so much! Also, I started a thread there for those TTC more than a year before their BFP, so feel free to jump right in! (MamaBird, if you're still lurking, feel free to jump in!) I'm hoping at some point there's a thread for first-time moms, because a ton of the talk seems centered on how to adjust to a new baby with the kids people already have, and that just isn't relevant to me!


chicajones - joy.gifSo excited for you! Sorry you're not getting a super-dark line yet, but it can't be a fluke after all these tests! Some people just take a long time to test positive. One of the ladies in the August DDC said she didn't test positive until 6 weeks with her first! And yes, I'm also really relieved my temperature went back up. Looking forward to seeing you in the DDC when you're ready to go there!

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