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Oh, you guys. Thank you so much for all the love. Me, wise? Graceful? Those words have carried me through some tough moments. And cbaa, thanks for weighing in on my career dilemma - I needed to hear that I'm not crazy to feel that way. Thank you ladies! Also for the camera advice - I think that was a fantastic distraction for me. Now I kind of want my camera to die. (Not really, even a cheapie replacement won't be in the budget for many months.) I never thought of buying one used! My dad is an eBay master so I'm sure he could help me get one. I wrote down everything you said for future reference.


Chica, I'm so very sorry that your little bean didn't stick. It's awful. Just so terribly unfair. You're in my thoughts - please be extra kind to yourself, okay?


Boots, awesome third beta!!! Don't be angry with yourself, you're only human and it is really hard not to share. (I mean, DH knows how strongly I feel about waiting but he still managed to tell a few friends during the week that we actually thought I might be viably pg back in June. I almost killed him, but it also meant a lot to me to see how excited he was.) Sending tons of good thoughts your way for a great u/s!


Deborah, I think that's a good way to put it!


Brichole, I'm going to sound like a broken record here (sorry!) but it isn't Aetna vs. Cigna, it's what type of plan your employer picked under each company. We also have Great-West/Cigna like Deborah but a bad plan. We used to have a great Cigna plan though. It sounds like your plan is a lot like ours, unfortunately. One bit of advice I can give you is that before seeing any new doctor or having any major procedure, call Cigna. Don't rely on their database or the doctor's office to tell you whether you are covered. Write down the name of the rep and the date and time you called for reference. I have had all sorts of problems with billing codes with Cigna, so ask them whether there are any billing codes they require (for example, my plan will reject any claims from the practice group name, so then I have to have the doctor re-submit the claim with a doctor's name on it and they will accept it). Also check very carefully that they are giving you the benefit you deserve. I've often had things billed as out-of-network when they are in-network. Open everything they send you right away and read it with eagle eyes. I would also call Cigna and ask what their policy is on secondary insurance. Sometimes they will pay less or refuse to pay if you have secondary insurance; it might not be worth it. I do not believe your emplyer can require you to buy the insurance package, though they can require you to prove you have insurance coverage. They should have a waiver form for you if you decide to go on DH's insurance. My university requires me to be covered but I don't buy their plan (it's much more expensive than DH's and also not that great) because I can prove I'm covered under DH's policy. I hope that' helpful! Also - congrats on getting a much-deserved raise! Thinking tons of BFP thoughts at you - I want one so much for you in 2011!


shesaidboom, I hope that cramping is for a good cause! Fingers crossed!


Thinking of all of you guys, as always.


AFM, tomorrow is test day. Yikes. It's a preschool morning so I'll wait to dip the stick till I'm home alone. It's hard for me to hold it together in front of DS and he's very sensitive. Incidentally if/when we do get pg we'll have to keep it from him for months - don't know how we'll do it! But wow is that a problem I'd like to have.

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Hey ladies, I got back from Vegas last night. So much has happened with you guys since I left! I'll just give a quick update on myself then start another post with personals since that is going to take a long time.


We had a decent time in Vegas. Ate at some nice restaurants, saw some cool shows (my mind is still boggled by David Copperfield making a car appear on the stage). We didn't gamble much because we aren't really gambling types but DH won 125$ in a slot machine which I think is pretty awesome! However I was pretty irritable the whole time (I blame it on the crinone) and I hated the hotel room which smelled like cigarettes even though they told us it was a non-smoking room and was too cold (who ever heard of a hotel room without a temperature control?) etc. So all in all I'm glad to be home... also it took me until Monday to adjust to the 3 hour time difference (I could barely keep my eyes open during the evening shows) and Monday was the day I left so now I have to readjust all over again... getting up for work this morning was brutal!


Anyways enough whining from me. I'm 7DPO today, nothing much going on. Not planning on testing until I absolutely have to (which would be 15DPO to make sure I can stop the Crinone).

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Alright here's my novel to try catching up on 3 days of personals!


brichole - I really enjoyed reading your whole infertility story. That is especially tragic that IF destroyed your first marriage. I always worry about what would happen to my marriage if DH and I were never able to have kids, we both want them so much.


monkeyscience - I'm so glad that temp scare was a false alarm! I think if I ever get a BFP I might stop temping to avoid exactly such scary things. Though it would be very hard because I've been temping for like 5 years, its so ingrained in me now!


chicajones - I hope you're doing ok. I was really rooting for you to be pregnant and I was so disappointed when I heard AF came. I hope you're allowing yourself some time to grieve because it truly is hard to be let down when you had such a good reason to hope.


bootsvalentine - Congrats!!!!!! And 17 months TTC is a LONG time, its longer than I've been TTC and I think its perfectly valid to find it difficult no matter how long you've been trying. It's especially hard when you don't have a doctor that is on the same page as you. When I had my major breakdown this fall (which resulted in me not being able to work for 2 months) I had just hit the 1 year mark of TTC. As my psychologist likes to tell me, you should never feel guilty or wrong for any feelings you have... all feelings are valid! The only wrong thing is trying to suppress feelings because you don't feel you have the right to them.


deborah - I'm curious about your story regarding endometriosis and starting IVF very early in your TTC. Would you mind telling us more? I've suspected for a while that I might have mild endometriosis but my RE always dismisses my concerns saying that even if I did have it, there is nothing they could do.


shesaidboom - wow the progesterone makes you throw up? that must be awful! I would be overjoyed to throw up for 9 months straight if I was pregnant but having that as a side effect of a medication just sucks. I really hope for you that it's not caused by the progesterone. I loved your Day in the Life photos! And I was super excited to discover that you are a fellow Canuck! I live in Montreal.


cbaa - wow that was a TOUGH night you had. I'm amazed at your strength for holding it together, you're my new hero! I was a in a similar situation a little while ago... I was having dinner with a few of DH's cousins who are around our age and then one of the cousins is like "you'll notice my wife isn't drinking any wine tonight... well its cause she's pregnant with our 3rd!" and then someone else noticed that I wasn't having wine either (I quit drinking for a while cause I thought it might help my fertility... yeah right) and they're like, do you have some good news for us too? (everyone knew we were trying) And of course I didn't have any good news so I started crying in front of everyone... AWKWARD!!!!! However that evening did have a happy ending...  I ended up explaining my story and then another of DH's cousins came out with her story... she had been trying for the same amount of time as us and was even going to the same fertility clinic! And a 3rd cousin was there with her newborn but she had been trying for 3 years to get that baby and had multiple miscarriages which everyone knew about... and she had also gone to the same fertility clinic as us.... so us 3 infertile couples ended up making all kind of jokes and laughing about giving sperm samples and all that other crazy stuff we go through in order to have our babies, and the one fertile couple there who had just announced their pregnancy (btw it turned out to be twins, they are ridiculously fertile) ended up being totally left out of the conversation which kind of made me feel kind of good because now they have an idea how us infertiles feel when they're in a group of fertiles who can't stop talking about their babies! Oh and I'm glad to hear your sexathon is off to a good start! Go Cait!


gozal - I totally sympathise with the annoyance of planning your whole life around a possible pregnancy, it's a pain in the butt and it makes you feel even worse when you don't get pregnant because you had to miss out on a bunch of stuff. I made a lot of decisions since I started TTC "just in case I get pregnant" including turning down a promotion at work. Now I've come to understand (my psychologist helped me a lot with this one) that my #1 priority in life has to be my own health and happiness and any other plans, including babies, come after that (it makes sense because my babies deserve a happy mom right?), so anytime I have a big decision to make that might be affected by a possible pregnancy, I choose whatever makes me the happiest and I figure that when I get pregnant, I'll deal with the consequences then!


Ok I'm not quite done with the personals but my web browser is doing weird things so I'm going to post now because I'm scared of losing everything I've written! More to come...



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brichole - that is a fabulous raise! congrats! are you doing anything to celebrate?


cbaa - that onesie sounds hilarious! I hope that I was somehow earning it while I was in Vegas (I was only 3-5 DPO so maybe a fertilised egg was travelling through my fallopian tubes/uterus on its way to implantation)?


monkey - I hope your DH turns out to be a good money manager! Me and DH still keep separate accounts so there's not much managing to do (except mortgage payments and stuff). I kind of wish we could put everything together though cause DH makes more than I do and he has a ton of savings (due to living with his grandma until 30 and not having to pay for any food or housing) but currently we split all joint expenses evenly and keep everything else separate. I would love to have a sugar daddy haha.


shesaidboom - I've never had breast pain that bad but one of my nursing friends swears by cool cabbage leaves in the bra (I'm assuming the cold would be a relief even if the cabbage leaf doesn't do anything). It's probably worth a shot if only for the entertainment value ;) Your 2ww sounds like a living hell btw... first vomiting, then extreme breast pain and now awful cramping? This better be worth it!


gozal - good luck with your test tomorrow. I am scared to death about POAS too. My fingers are crossed for you!



A little more AFM - so doctors keep telling me I should gain weight to help with TTC (I'm skinny, 105 lbs and 5'4" which is a bit less than 18 BMI) but I've never been able to do that despite my efforts... I've always been this weight and my whole family is really skinny, I guess its just genetics. My mom never had a problem getting pregnant and she weighs 95 lbs and is 5'2". Anyways since I started taking Femara I've been gaining weight, but in a really strange way. When I weigh myself, I've only gone up by 1lb, but for some reason none of my pants fit my anymore (except for 1 pair that used to be too loose), All the weight gain is in my belly (but it seems like more than 1lb... maybe I'm losing weight elsewhere?) but its not like flab or anything, its more like a firm bulge... and since I'm so skinny, my belly bulge makes me look like I'm just starting to show with a pregnancy... awkward!!! I really want to avoid embarassing questions so I try to make sure I wear stuff that downplays the bulge (some of my clothes make me look really pregnant). It just seems like such a weird problem to have!!!! I would love to have a belly, but for the right reasons you know? Maybe I should start doing sit-ups or something :P




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chicajones: I'm sorry hug2.gif. That is really cruel for that long cycle, and that line! There was a line! Only for it to be over. Even if you are glad to have a fresh cycle. Thinking of you!


brichole: Congratulations on your raise!


cbaa: Yikes; I was cringing on your behalf with that story. hug2.gif


Sourire: Glad to see you had a good trip. That's really weird about the weight gain in one place!


gozal: Thinking of you and your testing date!


Hi everyone I missed! I'm really behind so trying to catch up slowly. renavoo, deborah, monkey, one of you guys should make a graduate thread in the 'I'm Pregnant' forum for the preggies from this thread! We can stalk you guys in one handy place :-)


AFM: HSG went well. I didn't take anything beforehand, wasn't too bad. Hurt most when they put in the catheter/dye but it was over fairly quickly. They said everything looks clear! I saw some small clots in the 2 days after so I guess it cleaned some stuff out? BD-a-thon starting tonight, should O Thursday!

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chica - I'm glad you have such a good outlook. I'm sending wishes for a BFP for you next cycle, especially with all that BDing you'll get in!


monkey - Those would be some incredible maternity shots! Totally worth the cost/effort if you can swing it. Our wedding pictures might end up being maternity shots too, if I get a positive this cycle, I'll be about 7 months by that point.
Bith Center tours sound so exciting! I hope you post about them.


Bootsvalentine- so glad your betas are good!


deborah - what a great idea for your announcement. Not only is it sharing more about how special these babies are for you, but it's also being sensitive of and hopeful for those dealing with IF. You're so considerate!


brichole - being added to your dh's insurance policy sounds great. I was on both my mom and dads when I was younger and it meant extra coverage, which was really helpful.


gozal - check your local craigslist for deals too! I see a lot on there.
I'll be sending good thoughts for you for tomorrow morning! I'm praying for a BFP for you!


Sourire - glad you had an ok time in Vegas, but I'm sorry it wasn't better! I totally understand the irritation from the medication. I am just like that right now. I'm sorry you had to deal with that on your vacation. We're testing within a couple days of each other, so hopefully we'll be able to be a good support to one another! Especially as fellow Canadians :)
Thanks for the advice about the cool cabbage leaves. I'll have to try that. This 2ww has much more symptoms than last time, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
The Femara makes me bloat as well so I have a bit more in my belly, but I've actually lost weight on it. For me that's a good thing though since I have the opposite problem to you..my doc would like me to lose some weight.


Gemmine - glad the HSG went well! Have fun with the BD-ing!


AFM - couldn't sleep last night because of the breast pain/cramping. I started taking Tylenol for the cramps to take the edge off, even though I really don't like taking anything. 8dpo today and am already having a hard time resisting the urge to test! I really want to know now.


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Sourire- I just happened to get lucky that my OB is a very good listener. I actually switched to him and a month later he had me with the RE. I have a story written up that talks about my journey. I haven't updated since we got our BFP. I'm surprised your RE isn't listening to you. You may want to look for another one because they could at least do a laparoscopy and get things cleaned out if you do have it. Shesaidboom- I have always felt it best to be up front about struggles, but I just didn't want to share every detail with people unless they ask. AFM- Babies are doing great! Baby A had a heartbeat of 155 and wiggled his/her foot paddles at us and Baby B had a heartbeat of 161 and did the same with the hand paddles. We actually got to hear the heartbeats this week (not just see them)! Will post ultrasound pics later.

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Wow!  Ladies I was off line a few days & you girls have been BUSY!


Sourire, I used the Crinone last time I was preggo & it made my progesterone better (triple it in 3 days!)  I think I would be willing to go that route again if needed.


Congrats on the twins Deborah!  Sign me up!!


Waiting to test here.  Doubtful.  

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Gemmine - congrats on the successful HSG! I hope you benefit from the increased fertility they say you have right after an HSG. Happy BD-ing!


shesaidboom - wow we really are cycle buddies, we're only 1 DPO apart! I guess its bloating that I have from Femara, I've never had bloating before so I didn't recognize it lol. By the way I really avoid medication in general unless its absolutely necessary, but my DH is a pharmacist and he has convinced me that Tylenol is 100% safe in pregnancy (and I am really skeptical of meds so I was hard to convince) so you shouldn't feel bad about taking it!


deborah - I'd love to read your story even if its not up to date. Basically what my RE told me about endometriosis was that if it was really bad, they would have seen it on one of my ultrasounds and that the risks of laparoscopy outweigh the benefits if the endometriosis is not severe. I could probably have pushed more for the laparoscopy if I really wanted to but he kind of discouraged me from doing it.


skeemama - when are you testing? my fingers are crossed for you!


AFM - I'm kind of worried by my temps: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d1bce. Normally my cover line is at 36.6, but this month my temps have been a lot lower than usual, barely above where my coverline shold be. I didn't temp while I was in Vegas because I figured the time zone change would mess up the temps too much, and maybe I'm still recovering from the time change now that I'm back, but I'm really hoping to get a big increase in temps ASAP! When I was on Prometrium 2 months ago I had temps in the 36.9 range or above. However when I was on Prometrium I also have a lot of spotting during my LP, I'm hoping the Crinone fixes that.

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BFN. I'm going to take a break from all things ttc for a little bit while I wait for AF, so please don't worry if I'm not posting much.

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Sourire- Your RE is wrong. You can almost never see it on an ultrasound. In fact, at my former OB/GYN they said BECAUSE they didn't see anything on the ultrasound they felt more certain it was Endometriosis. The only way to find out if you have it is through laparascopy. I will find the story to post. I may update it first though :-). AFM- I am attaching ultrasound pics.


Top left picture= Baby A; Bottom left picture= Baby B, Top right picture= two babies7week 6day Ultrasound-.png!

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Deborah- amazing ultrasound pics, so cool to see them both hanging out in the same sac!


Sourire- I would say your symptoms sound like endometriosis as well, I think an exploratory laprascopy would be a great thing for you, it certainly increases your fertility chances if you don't have endometriosis clogging up your uterus. I am still hopeful for you with the Crinone though, no spotting is a good thing!


Gemmine- sounds like we will be cycle buddies again, I am going to O tomorrow too! I hope you're doing well emotionally with the passing of your DD, I was thinking of you all weekend. At least the HSG was easy, yay for open tubes!


Gozal - I'll be praying for you, I'm not sure if you're the praying type, but I know how hard the BFN was after my first medicated cycle, I could have used some prayers of healing. I hope you are back on your feet soon, we are all here for you.


skeemama- when is test day?


AFM- Triggered last night, IUI tomorrow at 10 am... I am feeling bloated. I had acupuncture today and we are going to do again tomorrow night I think. Time for Christmas shopping now.

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gozal - hug.gif Take whatever time you need. I'm so sorry that this wasn't your month. Thoughts and prayers are with you!


sourire - Glad you could have some fun in Vegas, even if there were some less-fun parts. I really had a hard time with all the indoor smoking when we were there last month. I really don't think that should be legal! I'm jealous you got to see some shows - we didn't end up having time for that. As far as your chart, it does look lower compared to your other charts, but it also looks like your overall temperatures have been lower this cycle. I'm not 100% sure about where to draw the coverline on a celsius chart, but it looks to me like all your temps would be above where I'd guess the coverline goes. I totally get why you're concerned (my coverline is also always pretty much in the same place), but it could still be okay. Hoping for good things with this cycle! Also, I totally agree with deborah - your RE is wrong. Everything I've ever heard/read indicates that endometriosis can only be diagnosed by laproscopy. If this cycle is not your BFP, I would definitely get a second opinion on the endometriosis. My best friend had to have a laproscopy for endometriosis, and it SUCKED, but once she recovered from it, I know she felt better. As far as finances - I guess I can't imagine being married and keeping our finances separate. Obviously, every couple is different, though. For dh and I, keeping separate accounts just doesn't fit well with our views and expectations of what a marriage partnership is. Plus, only one of us has been working for the majority of our marriage, so it would have been tough to keep things separate! (dh was in school when we married, and I quit my job to stay with him after he graduated.)


gemmine - Glad the HSG looked good - one thing crossed off of the list! Hoping your BD-a-thon produces the desired results! Oh, and if no one else wants to, I will start the grad thread in January. I want to be a little more secure in this pregnancy before I do that. By the first week of January, I should be 8 weeks, and hopefully feeling reasonable confident about things.


shesaidboom - I totally want to see BC in person after all the gorgeous pictures I've seen! And if we do make the trip, I'm telling dh spending the money is not optional! He's gotten to go skydiving and buy snowboarding equipment this year (not to mention the whole trip we're going on next week). My turn for some expensive fun! I think it will mostly depend on his work schedule, honestly. Do you have a maternity-friendly wedding dress in mind, or are you just going to adjust plans as necessary? With all your symptoms, hoping and praying you get those wedding/maternity shots! And I will definitely let you know about the birth centers once I visit.


skeemama - Welcome back! And yes, sometimes we get very chatty! Other times, not so much. It seems to come and go in waves. Sorry you're not feeling too optimistic this round. Was this a medicated cycle, or just the old-fashioned way?


deborah - Yay for another good ultrasound! And cute blurry baby pictures! I especially like the one of the two of them together.


cbaa - Hopes and prayers coming your way for this cycle!


boots - I don't remember if I said this or not, but I think you totally should start a first-time moms thread in our DDC. So we can have a thread where it's not all about how we're going to deal with a toddler and an infant, etc. I think a lot of moms would join in.


AFM, still feeling mostly queasy. 5 weeks yesterday, so yay for that. I know I should be more grateful for the queasiness (and be even more grateful I'm not actually throwing up!), but throwing up is one of the things I hate the most in this world, so I'm really feeling like I'd rather be less reassured and feeling better. I am grateful, though, that I have the ability to lay around in bed all day if that's really all I feel up to. Although I'm getting a little sick of it! At least a little sun is shining today. It's been pretty gray for several days, and it was really starting to get to me. I also had a little scare yesterday when I got a text from my dad that he was with my brother and SIL in the emergency room with one of the twins, who they thought might have an infection. Luckily, it seems that everything is okay. My brother actually called me today (and I had the hardest time not telling him the news, but dh asked me not to), and it sounds like the whole emergency room visit was probably the pediatrician overreacting a little bit, so I'm feeling a lot better about it now. I can't imagine how upsetting it must have been for the poor parents, though!


Hope I didn't miss anyone - I've been reading along on my phone, but not sitting up on the computer a whole lot.

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Hi guys Iwas referred to this thread and so far I'm enjoying the reads.So here's my long state of mind/emotions.


I don't know if I'm pregnant but I definitely want to have a child. I have been diagnosed with HYPERthyroidism since 2010 which may present infertility problems. And if I do manage to conceive it could result in early miscarriages. I've only been trying for 2 months but I feel like if I get a BFN this month I would be most disappointed and I know you guys would understand my fears and concerns with having trouble conceiving. I have been on meds for my condition for a while and I recently had my medication dosage reduced to 4 (from 8) becasue my T3 and T4 is now in the normal range but my endocrinologist is concerned that my TSH is taking longer to recover.


My period is due on the 18th or 19th Dec but so far I haven't had any of my usual pre-menstrual symptoms neither do I feel like I have any of the early pregnancy symptoms (at least not that I could identify them clearly). Usually I have very, very sore boobs but I don't have it this time. I also never get cramps but now I feel this extreme tightness in my stomach with mild cramping for the past week.  When I eat regardless of how little I feel over stuffed and bloated and my tops feel rediculously tight after. My stomach is also a little sensitive to touch.


I feel slightly nauseous on mornings after I eat but that could be becasue I eat breakfast way too late after getting up (10 a.m.). I feel extremely warm but that could be my thyroid. Plus a couple other little things which could also be my thyroid function going crazy which in turn could also be as a result of pregnancy...or not. I get some back pains but my work chair is horrible. I just can't pin it at all.


When you are TTC you pay attention to the slightest things but the anticipation of knowing for sure is killing me. It's even more difficult being unable to tell whether my symptoms are associated with my pending AF (which I hopw isn't delayed because of my deep concerns) or early pregnancy or my Thyroid issues. Yesterday a first response gave me a negative but I know I still have until the next week to be sure.


I am keeping hope alive nonetheless!! joy.gif

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Jukim: welcome! I hope that you get a BFP by next week and you won't have to stay too long :)  It's always nice to get those beautiful lines once you've started TTC. 


Gozal:  BIG HUGS!!! Take your time! We will be waiting here for you when you get back!!!


Shesaidboom:  Where are you in your DPIUI now?  I am really pulling for your BFP this month!!! I hope that both  of us can walk into the new year with a new belly monster hehe :)


Sourire:  So happy you had a great trip :)  I hope that your low temps aren't a bad sign!!! I am pulling so hard for you to get a BFP!!! Are you seeing an RE or are you seeing a OB/GYN?  Have they thought about coupling an injectable with the femera?  I only ask because that is what it took for me to get my BFP in 2010.  I hope that things work out though :)


Cbaa:  YAY for the IUI coming up!! I hope that all goes well!! Will be thinking about you and obsessivly waiting for your results hehe!!!


deborah:  Your babies look too cute!! :)  Thank you so much for sharing them with us :)  It makes things so more real when you get to see them and hear the heartbeats!!! Now, keep growing babies grow!!! Have you and DH already started thinking about names for the babies? At least you know you will need 2 girl names or 2 boy names :)  Are you going to find out the sex in about 10 weeks or are you going to let it be a surprise?


Renavoo:  How are your babies doing and how are they treating you?  When do you have another u/s?  I'm going to ask you the same questions I asked Deborah....have you and DH started thinking about names and have you decided if you are going to find out the sex of the babies?


EVERYONE ELSE:  I know that i'm horrible with personals today.  My schedule has been thrown off YET AGAIN at work. I'm working 2nd shift tonight and tomorrow night and then i work 1st shift Friday, off Saturday for Christmas gathering #1 at DH's family's in hickville back woods alabama, then work 1st shift Sunday and then off to my mom's side of the family's get together at my Aunt's house...which i'm not looking forward to because that will be the gathering where everyone will be talking about my cousin being pregnant!!! BLAH...PLEASE GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO MAKE IT THRU SUNDAY WITHOUT CRYING IN PUBLIC!!!!


AFM:  I missed a chance to BD this morning with DH because i was sooooo freaking tired from doing birthday dinner with the whole family for DD#2 last night.  She turned 8 today and i just can't believe that the 1 child it didn't take an act of congress to get pregnant with is already 8!! Only 2 more years and we will be hitting double digits and it's making me feel old lol.  I know that i'm not that old, but to know that 20 years ago i was in 2nd grade makes me kinda cring!!! LOL  

I'm still taking a very laid back approach to the TTC this month.  I'm going to try to get a BD in tonight after i get off work...i'm sure DH won't mind...but it will depend on if Emma is in our bed or not.  LOL.  She has an ear infection again and so she hasn't been sleeping good.  I'm sooooo sad that my babies suffer from ear infections...both girls have problems with their ears and i think it might be a genetic thing from my side of the family because i had really bad ears when i was younger. Well, i still have problems with them, i can't even scuba dive very deep because my ears won't clear the pressure out enough for me to go further than like 20 feet deep.  It really drives me crazy!!! ANYWAYS, i've really gotten off track lol.  I hope everyone is doing good.  I think i've gotten a BD in every day/every other day since AF left me so i'm excited about it.  That is much more than what we did the past couple of months...so MAYBE we will catch an eggie this month....speaking of eggies...i think i might be Oing tonight...i've started cramping pretty good on my left side and that is my dominate ovary, so i'm praying that i am and that I get to go home and get one more BD in!!!!  (We also didn't get to BD last night because of being out so late with the birthday girl, but she was worth it)....


OH lol, another thing before i go.  I was looking up and tracking when my periods would be and about when i would be fertile during the first few months of the year next year and LOW AND BEHOLD, if i did get pregnant in March i would be due on DD#1's birthday again....like i was with emma!!! Then i'd have to find another day in between the 6th and 14th of december to schedule my c-section (my OB isn't going to let me even THINK about a natural birth after the way he said my uterus looked when he did my last c-section).  I'm hoping that he will give me full blessings to start TTC again when i go see him at the first of the year.  He really doesn't want me to even be trying right now, but hey, i don't always listen to what i'm told lol.  I just thought it was ironic that i would be due about the same time again if i concieved in March (though i'm PRAYING that i get pregnant this week and don't have to worry about it!!) Gotta go stock up on the HPTs for Christmas morning...i really hope that i can take a test that morning, it be positive, and i can wrap the test up in a small gift box and give it to DH for christmas as a "extra" gift!!!  I know it's just a dream but i enjoyed getting to tell him on Easter 2010 that the easter bunny dropped off a special egg at our house :)



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Brichole- We will find out! We have started talking a little bit about names, but not real seriously yet.

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I have one unisex name I really like and am hoping to convince DH to use: Taryn Ash (Kelly-our last name). Taryn means "of the earth".

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Deborah:  I LOVE IT!!!!!  :  )      DH has a boy's name picked out if we get pregnant and have a boy!  But i think i'll get to pick if we have a girl again next time...it's fun and stressful at the same time trying to agree on names when you both have an opinion, i hope that your DH goes with your plan for that to be one of the babies names though :)

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ok, i think that i am Oing tonight for real...when do i need to start the pineapple core?  LOL I have seen it work for sooooo many women...i'm thinking about giving it a try this go round to see if it will help.....

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So I am pretty sure I am O'ing.... right now and my IUI isn't until 10 am... FML. I guess this makes it more 'natural' if we get a BFP right... I am so crampy especially on the lower left near my pelvis, it feels like I need to do #2 when I sit down, TMI, I know, but I don't need to do #2 (if that makes sharing it any better?!). Time to BD and cross my fingers!

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