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Skeemama - I am supposed to start the Crinone right after O and continue for 14 days, then stop if I get a BFN or continue for another 10 weeks if I get a BFP.

I think it would be dangerous to use any kind of progesterone during TTC if you aren't guaranteed to have a prescription that will last until the end of the 1st trimester because if you get pregnant while you are taking it and then stop after your BFP that could cause miscarriage.
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Just wanted to stop by real quick and say Happy Holidays to everyone!! I'm at work this morning and sitting on yet my 3rd BFN in a row...I really need to just stop taking tests like i said i was going to.  I also woke up feeling VERY crampy, so I figure by the end of the day AF will be here.  I'm a lot more depressed about it this morning than I thought I would be.  I guess i'm feeling more and more defective again as we reach a year of being off BC again.  I won't have insurance again until the 1st of February so I can't go in to see my GYN until then, but i will TOTALLY be in there once i get my insurance to see what he has to say.  I know what he's going to say though, give it at least 1 more year since i'm just not 1 year post-partum but still, it's really frustrating.  8 women who i was pregnant with when i was pregnant with Emma are pregnant again...so i'm pretty down about not having a sticky baby yet!!! I have been so positive for the past year I feel like the univers has to reward me and others who are so positive with a baby soon!!!! I am happy that I will have my OPKs come Wednesday......then i can get to testing for my surge and get to BDing!!! I just wish AF would go ahead and show up so I could get on to my next cycle!!!!  This waiting is killing me and I know that it's a bust!!!

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Happy holidays Brichole! Sorry about the BFNs. I'm thinking of you today. Hope you are able to enjoy your family and festivities.

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Sorry to hear about your BFNs Bricole. I hope you can still enjoy Christmas.
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I am not going to hold my breath (again) 

I have a positive OPK today.  Day 10, my temps have been whacked due to odd sleeping pattern at my house, although to day was a little higher.  This cycle is "on my own"/ no RX, except for progesterone.


Now, with a house full of people....sneak the deed & stay headstand or laying down for 30 minutes....

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Thank you ladies! I was pretty down this morning! Getting to get off work early to watch the girls open their gifts has been nice. I'm happy I'm out of tests until Wednesday so I only have to wait until then to either test again or wait until AF shows up.
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Brichole, hug2.gif I'm pulling for you next round!!



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