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Brichole- I plan to keep up with it until the last trimester. We'll see how well that works, but for now it makes sense. My professor was very understanding. I have not told her I'm PG, I just told her I felt fluish (lucky for me, it's flu season and it is viable). I sent the assignment to her in an attachment and it seems I'll get credit (even if I lose the 5% for it being a day late, I'll be doing fine). She also said she hoped I felt better. Which I do. I have a prenatal massage scheduled for this afternoon so that will help me wind down. I am done with this session on Thursday and go back after the New Year, so i have a couple weeks off and i have 3 weeks off from choir, so I have lots of relaxation scheduled. I haven't really been doing any paid work since I've been concentrating on school and DH understands how low my energy levels are. I have a lot of flexibility since I work for myself.

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Sorry, I mean next Thursday.

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Deborah:  Well that is good.  I kept up my schooling until the day i went into the hospital to have DD#1 lol.  I actually had to call 2 of my professors to reschedule my final exams and they were totally understanding about the whole thing which was nice.  I was able to take one of my finals before I went into the hospital, but that's it...and my dad had to drive me to college to take the only final i took while i was pregnant.  I felt like a big baby but i had my contractions stopped the day before and i was still shakey from the medication they gave me to make the contractions stop.  I guess i just have bad luck with going into labor before i'm supposed to lol...i did it with DD#2 also.  I hope that the massage is great for you!! It sounds wonderful! DH gave me a massage package for my birthday a few years ago and i was SOOOOOO relaxed after it.  I wanted to get a prenatal massage this past time but kept running into having stuff to do instead so oh well.  if i do get pregnant one day before DH is COMPLETELY against it having another baby.  I'm so ready for this TTC to be over most days.

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+ OPK this morning (CD15)... time for me and DH to get busy! Though to be totally honest DH and I are spending next weekend in Vegas, it would have been awesome to have ovulated then because we would have had plenty of time for BDing.


gozal - you can link my chart: www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d1bce


I agree that all the BDing tips were helpful, DH sometimes feels bad/guilty when he can't perform and I think he felt better when I told him he was perfectly normal and the DHs of my online friends had the same problem!


So far I like Femara a lot better than Clomid, though its still early. Clomid was a nightmare. I had hot flashes, dizzyness, numbness in my hands... and those were the easy side effects. The emotional side effects were really too much for me to handle. I started having panic attacks, I could no longer make even tiny decisions, sometimes I couldn't tell the difference between reality and fiction, and I was super b*tchy all the time. Actually most of the worst side effects came only in the 3rd month I was taking it. The first month I was taking only 50mg, so it wasn't so bad, then I moved up to 100 the 2nd month and stayed at 100 the 3rd month. The problem with Clomid is that it stays in your system for a long time (like 6 weeks), so everytime you take it you still have some leftover from the month before and you are getting exposed to higher and higher amounts each month. After taking my 3rd dose is when the sh*t really started to hit the fan, so I stopped taking it, but I still had to wait almost 2 months until I felt normal again (those are the 2 months I stopped working).


Femara on the other hand has had very little side effects so far. I've noticed I'm a bit more emotional in general, and I sometimes get mild headaches, and that's it! What reassures me the most about Femara is that supposedly it only stays in your system for like 2 days so I don't have to worry about increasing side effects every month.


And yes I am a Plan person... it always reassures me to know what the next step is, in case this one doesn't work :)


Welcome bootsvalentine! Out of curiosity, what are SSRIs?


cbaa - what time to you take your clomid? I used to take it right before bed and I would fall asleep so fast after I took it!


Wendlynn - sorry to hear about that cystic fluid in your uterus. Have you researched this at all? Do you know what it could mean? I hope you're feeling better after that shocking news!


brichole - that's so exciting you got a Kindle Fire! My DH really wanted one and I was planning to get him one for Christmas but they're not available in Canada yet :(

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Ladies, i need to just write...and i didn't know any other place better than to come here.  I am having a CRAZY emotional day! It's like everything from this past weekend and all of the stress that has been on me lately is just boiling up inside of me and it's ready to explode!!! I feel like just running far far away and not coming back for a while...or curling up in the floor and crying for about 5 days straight.   But i know none of that will help me.  I just feel like i'm about to crawl out of my own skin.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY?!!?  I don't get it and I want to call my doctor to see if there's anything i could do like take to make me feel better, but then I don't want to add any drugs to my body!!! I tried talking to DH and all he says is "sorry, hope you feel better soon, i'm heading back to work" BLAH!!!! I feel like I could just jump off a bridge at this point!!! It's really driving me crazy that my body/hormones/emotions have me feeling like this right now.  Please someone tell me i'm not crazy!!!!

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chica: I remember you! I am sorry to see you here but glad to have a familiar face. It does look like you've ovulated! I hope this is it for you, so you don't have to go through this anymore!


Sourire: I always pronounced your name in my head as Sue-Rear....lol what can I say, I'm country.


gozal: Keeping my fingers crossed for you this cycle; I've definitely been there with the blase feelings as of the last couple of cycles. :-) Also, here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/gemmine84


Hi boots. I used to lurk on the 30's thread so I "remember" you. I'm sorry you're here, but hope we can support each other.


cbaa: That's interesting you were thinking about taking the core for 7 days, I was considering that too...


Wendlynnn: Wow, that's a lot to take in! I hope everything is ok and you can get clear answers soon.


Brichole: You're not crazy. You have been through a lot this year and sometimes we think we're coping and one day we have a breakdown or a time when everything comes down on your head. Keep talking it out, don't keep it bottled in.


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Hi ladies, thanks for the welcome.


Sourire, SSRIs are seratonin re-uptake inhibitors, aka anti-depressants. I'm on 40 mg of Celexa/day.


Ladies, those of you with RE experience, when I was told to call on CD 1, and my cycle is longer than normal, should I wait to call? I'm on CD32 right now, first Clomid cycle. I think the plan for next cycle was just more clomid and a trigger shot if I need it, progesterone if I need it.

Thanks for your help.

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Brichole- I go online, so I don't have to be driven to class. That helps a lot.

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Brichole- You have definitely had a rough year and I can understand just all of a sudden breaking down. It happened to me after DH had his testicular cancer and I had my surgery for Endometriosis.

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Brichole-youre in the right place, we've allhad crazy days. I hope this evening finds you feeling better, ttc and life are a lot to bear somedays...

Gemmine- i feel like if i cut 2 cores into 7 pieces, im getting more per day up until when implantaion ahould occur... I thought about just taking the pills, but they are like a crazy high concentration... So im gonna stick it our with the actual fruit. Usually mine goes bad before DH can finish it...

Sourire- on the Clomid i definitely feel like my side effects were stronger month 2 than month 1, im only 3 days into month 3 and so far nothing... The first 2 months i took it at bedtime but had night sweats, this time im doing like 5-6pm, no side effects... I had a lot of headaches with AF which i've never had before and i was very gloomy, overwhelmed, stressed during AF... I'm not sure what was clomid and what was prometrium... All i know is i want a baby in here soon so i can get my life back... The femara does sound much better, but im hoping to just move on to injectables next cycle if this doesnt work...

Boots- IMO wait until you are sure cd1with full flow before 3pm. Are you on prog. now? I made the mistake of saying it was CD1 just cuz i was on the phone with them and had the 'af is coming any minute' cramps only to have it not start til the next am, so everythings a day off... Pain in the butt!

Gozal- hows it going... Are you eating your pineapple? Crunch crunch...

Afm- i feel like im getting a cold, actually im pretty darn sure i have a cold. Im in bed with some tea at 730pm... I had to skip the gym which annoys me a. Because i pay so much to be a member there, b. Because i love this class and c. Because i only get to go before o (recd by my acu to rest and not shake the 'house' of my potential baby) and i want to take advantage of the time i can go there! Poor me. Also my boss is a passive aggressive jerk and my work stresses me so much i swear its why i have IF... AND we were supposed to BD tonight and now i feel like caca... AND i have a 13 hour day tomoorow! Okay did i whine enough yet? Other than my complaints, nothing exciting going on here, i wish the clomid would give me a hot flash to counteract the chills.. Ok im going to try to sleep it off, toodles.
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Wendylynn- welcome!! I hope you get some answers soon, how stressful to leave you hanging like that. I'm glad you found us and hope we can make your stay pleasant!
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Monkey - I am stalking you!!  Congratulations!!!!!!

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Thank you ladies for the kind words of encouragement!!! I finally got a full nights sleep without having to get up because DD #2 FINALLY slept thur the night which was nice...until i woke up freaking out at like 440 this morning because she didn't wake up and i of course feared teh worst until i went and checked on her.  BLAH...I am hoping that today is a much better day though because I will be home alone with Emma all day by myself until i go pick up DD#1 (Jayde) from school at 230.  Today is Emma's 1st birthday and i'm excited, happy, and sad all at the same time.  My baby is growing up and I just know that I'm supposed to have one more but each day that I try to even talk to DH about it it's like he can't make up his mind what he wants.  I know that he would be super excited if we had another one but he still TOTALLY refuses to go thru the fertility treatments again...which is driving me nuts!  It's not like my body can't get pregnant on it's own because i did it with DD#1 but still, I think that if we could be monitored during the month we would have a better chance of getting pregnant. i just don't know how to make DH see that. 


Gemmine: I think that you are the only one i missed when i responded with my really long response yesterday at work.  I hope you are doing good...and i hate to see you having to come here...but i'm happy that you will be here with us to share your journy!!! I hope that one day soon we will all be able to graduate out of this thread and have a beautiful bundle of joy to enjoy!!!


Now, i'm probably about to offend anyone who's just started ttc but here goes i need to vent.  I was reading something on my facebook the other day (i know bad idea to even be on there lol) anyways, one of my friends was complaining because she has been TTC for like 3 months and nothing has happend!!! REALLY!!! 3 months?!?!  I tried for almost  5 years to get pregnant with Emma...and that sucked!!! I know there are people who have to wait even longer than that...but 5 years compared to 3 months is a  BIG difference.  I really don't think some people think when they post stuff like that on their wall but still...it hurt me to even see it so i hid her updates for a while so i didn't have to see it.  I was tempted to message her and explain that yes, it does take time most times to get pregnant...not EVERYONE gets pregnant the first month they start trying to get pregnant.  BLAH...ok, sorry i have a bad case of sour grapes today.  It's just hard knowing that Emma has been here for a year, and come the end of march will be the one year mark where i came off the BCPs that my doctor put me on after I had her...which means we've been "Able" to get pregnant for almost a year now and still nothing that has stuck!!! I am just frustrated today!! But i am happy that i'm off work for today and tomorrow....just not looking forward to finally having to work a full 5 day week again...lol...that will suck but i'll live!!


LO is fussing at me for being on the netbook right now so i'm going to go see what she is wanting to get into this morning.  I will check back with everyone later today...once emma gets happy or she takes a nap (i am really praying that she takes a nap for the full hour that she usually does...i have so much to get done at the house today!!!)

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Brichole - I hope you're feeling better today. We all have crazy days like that, I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel like you're going to explode because I felt like that on Sunday! You should try to pamper yourself a bit over the next few days and do things that make you feel good.

Gemmine - sue-rear is exactly how my name is pronounced in French!

Bootsvalentine - definitely wait until your real CD1 to call the RE's office. I have made the mistake of calling too early because I have lots of spotting in my LP and sometimes it's hard to figure out when CD1 is and everything is way more complicated when you're not on the cycle day they think you are. Since then my clinic has told me to consider the first heavy day as CD1 and ignore any bleeding before that.

Cbaa - you can whine as much as you want to us, it's definitely therapeutic. I bet that most of those things would upset you less if you weren't on clomid, blaming clomid always helps smile.gif I still remember how awesome I felt when the clomid finally got out of my system and I was thinking wow, is this how normal feels? I felt absolutely amazing!

Afm - I think I'm ovulating right now cause it hurts like crazy! Thank you Femara for giving me O pains so I can pinpoint the exact moment it happens lol.
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Sourire- I am feeling a little better today thank you : )   I just hate when i feel like i could just not be here and i would be fine.  I know thought that my girls would not be fine so i will just do what I can to try and feel much better for now.  ANYWAY, i hope that you are Oing now :)  and i actually liked the femera when i was on it.  I actually was on the femera and menopure injections when i got pregnant with emma!!! I am also happy that it is treating your body better than the clomid did.  I honestly hated clomid and felt like i waisted almost a whole year of being on it when i could of just been refered to the RE and started treatements!!! I had great insurance at the last place i worked and to my surprise i only had to pay the 300 retainer for the doctor and i didn't owe them any more money by the end of our treatements.  The only other out of pocket i paid was for medcications and they were covered under my prescription plan so i only paid a $45 co pay for each of the boxes of medication each time they ordered it.  I think the most i paid at one time was $160 and when i added it up for what they actually cost i stopped complaining and also made dh understand that we were getting a great deal!!!

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bootsvalentine & Wendlynn - welcome (back), ladies! Everyone here is beyond wonderful - I am so grateful for each and every one (you hear?). I'm so sorry you had to find your way here but I think you'll find the support you need and a warm place to share this @#&%!! experience. Let me know what you'd like your blurbs to be and I'll add you in.


bootsvalentine, I think your feelings are totally justified and I'm sorry your coworker was insensitive! Hey, I got pregnant in two seconds last time so I know how that feels too...and I had a sense of perspective and gratitude about it. Here is what I think is unfair/unreasonable to expect: for others to tamper their joy, for others to relate to our experience, for others to worry like we worry. However, to be smug about getting pregnant second try is insensitive. (Wow, I'm cranky today, huh?) Anyway, it's wonderful that you have an RE your like and trust to work with (I love my doctor, too, and it is such a stress-buster). Hoping your current cycle either gives up that BFP or ends already!


Wendlynn, yikes, how utterly maddening to leave the doctor's office in that state of uncertainty! I am hoping hard for you that it turns out to be nothing major. Please keep us posted.


cbaa, I know what you mean about the whole violated/relieved thing...mostly I like for people to kind of know but I don't like to actually tell them, so I would go with relieved in your situation! Hope you feel better so you can get to the gym (btw, I am very impressed, I cannot get myself to go), and that Clomid is getting your egg ready to make the cutest baby in the world. (Our babies are always the cutest ever, right?)


Renavoo, I just want you to know that I think of you and the twins all the time. :)


Brichole, yay for the Kindle Fire! I am waiting for them to make one with a camera and then I'm going to try to get one. (I want the camera because I regularly travel overseas with DS and I want to be able to video-Skype with DH using wifi.) Here is hoping you o at the absolute perfect time! Do you know why DH is against meds? After all, it's your body! Of course, it affects him also, I don't mean to say his opinion is not important, but - all he has to do is what he always has to do, right? You're the one who has to deal with side effects, pills/injections, and all the inconveniences. Sorry you have to be constantly going back and forth about it. No wonder you want to scream! I would too! 


Deborah, I was taking classes too during my first/second trimesters last time. It was my last semester of coursework so luckily I didn't have a crazy schudule like I had had all through grad school, and it all worked out. Sounds like you have that kind of flexibility too, so I bet you'll be totally fine. Funny though, everyone was clueless that I was pg. No one had any idea except my advisor, who I told. I was like, um, did you think I just gained a bunch of weight? I guess a belly always looks bigger to its owner than to others.


Sourire, a friend of mine also had an absolutely awful time with Clomid, like you're describing, which made me really hesitant to take it - so far I feel like I've gotten off the hook easy. Although, it's only first cycle, so I bet I'll be feeling it more if I do more. I'm so glad to hear the Femara is treating you much, much better. I am so hoping that you need absolutely no further plans. You need your BFP already, lady!


Gemmine, I am chart stalking you thanks to the nifty new chart linkage we've got going...and, is that pending ovulation I see?


Speaking of which, I think I got everyone's charts, but please let me know if something is off. I tried to test all the links but they tend to be troublesome, those chart links.


AFM, as of yesterday (6 days past trigger) I was still testing pos so I'm hoping it will go to neg this afternoon. I'm thinking I'll wait until 13dpo (Wed. the 14th) to test this cycle. I just want to be able to stiop progesterone right away if it's neg. 

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Monkey!!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif

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I will be back with personals in just a little bit... but please, please please pray for SIL... her OB is home with the stomach flu, she's in labor, and the on-call doc only does sections for twins. I'm hoping and praying that if it comes to it, brother and SIL will just refuse to sign the surgery consent forms. There is NO reason for this - babies are fine, at term, and at least baby A is head down - maybe both of them. Please pray they will all be okay!!

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Gozal- No one in class knows what I look like because I go online and we don't have profile pics to my knowledge. When I start my next class I will share because I'll be close to the 12 week mark, but I don't actually have any real requirement to share with them. I just figure if they know and something doesn't get in because I have an emergency or something, they will be a bit more understanding. Monkey- My thoughts are with you and your family right now. Is there only the one on-call OB? I would be really upset if that happened. 

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Does anyone know how to put a ticker on a profile here? I tried putting it in my signature and it just showed up as a weblink that is not even hyperllinked.

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