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MammaBird, so strange that you had a dream about bleeding--the exact same thing happened to me two nights ago, and I kept getting confused about whether or not it actually happened. Obviously for me it wouldn't be the wors thing (i'd be happy just to get a period), but it was still jarring. I think your other dream scratched the first one out though. :) BTW, congrats to you too! So very exciting. Keep us updated on your symptoms!
Sourire, I am taking Metformin 3x day (I started about a month and a half ago). My OB/GYN said to let her know if nothing had happened with in 2-3 months, so if I haven't gotten a BFP or AF by Dec 22nd, I'm making an appointment. We may try Femara next, but she said she's pretty optimistic that the Met will work. Another high temp today, so that's good! I loved reading what your screen name actually meant--hopefully you can remind yourself to smile every time you log in. :) Oh, and I'm right there with you in wanting a home birth--I think the truth is that science and medicine are great when you need to intervene (ie, things aren't happening correctly). So it's perfectly reconcilable that you'd need science to get to a healthy baby, and (hopefully) allow the actual birthing part to happen naturally. Oh, and it looks like you O'd yesterday? Yay! Some nice timing on your chart, fingers crossed!
Gozal (and whoever else that was talking about baby-making being hard), so far I've just avoided telling DH that it was prime BDing time, and just got more amorous with him when we needed to BD. I know that doesn't always work month-after-month, and sometimes it's easier (and better) to explain why certain things need to happen, but it definitely makes things easier for him if he doesn't feel that there's any pressure. We'll see how long that lasts. :)
BootsValentine, welcome welcome! Let us know how things progress with the Clomid. It's great that you're with an RE who makes you happy. Not so great when you have pregnant (and insensitive) co-workers. That stuff really is hard, and harder still because it's not something you can really call them out on.
Monkey, definitely keeping your SIL in my prayers. How frustrating to have natural birth plans go awry just because of technical hospital issues! Hopefully someone else will be available, or they can talk some sense into the other doctor. As far as things go with you, what are your plans for sharing your news with family? Are you going to try and do it in a "fun" way, or just tell them when you're all together?
Renavoo, how are things with you? Any upcoming appointments? Hope all is coming along nicely!
Brichole, yay for new toys! I've heard the Fire is a lot of fun. Sorry to hear that you've had some frustrating people in your life lately. I know when you feel like you're getting "down to the wire," normal patience can start to wear thin. I especially have a hard time when I'm already feeling down and other people are complaining about things that I've dealt with such a long time ago. Then again, I can hardly remember how I felt then, but it reminds me to be careful about what I vent about to people I don't know very well (excluding these boards, of course, because that's part of what we're here for)!
Deborah, I think you can only add them with images and numbers, and adjust them yourself week by week. I haven't seen any "advanced" tickers on here the way I have on other boards.
Whew! Okay, now that most of my lunch break is gone (this is what I get for procrastinating on the boards), here's my update. Feeling pretty normal but am so very optimistic that today was yet another high temp! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b Yay! I even went as far as to let myself daydream a little about what it would be like to test and get a BFP this weekend, telling DH, etc. I usually don't even let myself daydream that much, but I figure even if it doesn't happen, it can't hurt to have hope now and then. 
This month really would be a good month--that would put my due date at the middle/end of August, so I could probably still travel to my brother's wedding in June. But, it means we'll at least have a month or so before we move overseas, so my parents and in-laws could spend some time with the baby. Ohhhhh, I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up like crazy. But technically, if I did O (which it really really looks like I did), I'm at 11 DPO with high temps, which is somewhat unusual for me (the times I have O'd). I'm trying to decide when to test...I was thinking that Saturday (14dpo)  would be really safe, but I'm not sure if I can wait that long! I think I'll watch my temps and try to make it until then. I can deal with the disappointment of progressively lower temps better than I can deal with the anticipation and heartbreak of a BFN. 
Ladies who go their BFPs recently, who did you tell and when? I was thinking (wishfully) that I'll surprise DH with a pair of cute little baby shoes (red converse all stars would be ideal) as soon as I get a BFP, just for fun. After him, though, I feel like maybe I'd want to wait a week or so to tell some of my close friends. Then again, who knows if I'd have the patience. I certainly don't right now! :)
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Wow, there has been a LOT going on here since I've been able to do personals... this is going to be epic!


chicajones - Unless you switched thermometers, I'd say you pretty definitely ovulated! It's hard to pinpoint an O day with the data I can see, but those temps are so much higher than any of your previous temps that I can't believe it would just be your heater. I've gone over a year without O'ing at all, so I definitely know how it feels to be excited just to ovulate! I'm hoping good things came of your well-timed BD, and if not, that your body decides this O'ing thing is kind of cool, and does it again soon!


blueyezz - Always good to see you! You are one of the biggest reasons (along with rcr) I keep stalking the IVF thread. I soooo want to see you get your BFP!


MamaBird - Yay, we can be in a DDC together! And I think it's so odd that I don't recall hearing that cramps are totally normal. I've heard people talking about cramping at implantation, but never after that. My cramps are continuing on and off, and it's so relieving to be thinking of that as a good sign instead of thinking AF is going to show up any second. Actually, I'm still temping just to reassure myself, since I have no other means of assessing what's going on in there!


Sourire - Yay for enjoying your nephew! And I've heard that trick about smiling before, too. Sometimes it is so hard to do when you don't feel it! After having so many people tell me that I look sad when I'm actually happy, though, I try to make an extra effort to smile more! And I totally get the oddness of going for a high-tech conception when you really want a low-tech birth. I am really excited to have been able to get pregnant mostly the "old-fashioned" way, though I admit I'm still a little disappointed I can't be one of those women who doesn't even find out she's pregnant till 6 or 8 weeks, because she hasn't been obsessively trying! But on the bright side, at least we live when high-tech intervention is possible, so that we all hopefully end up with babies coming out, however it is they got in! I do like the idea of having a nice, normal birth as a sort of "healing" from all the IF trauma. Glad you got your +OPK, and hope that turns into another +. I also don't think I had any Femara side effects, which was nice. I never did Clomid. But my dh is paranoid about me taking medications because in the short time we've been married, he's watched me have pretty terrible reactions to Cipro, metformin, AND prometrium. Whereas the previous 26 years of my life, I'd had basically no bad reactions to medication!


deborah - Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on? What kind of school are you doing? Can't wait to find out how many little beans you've got in there! Boo for your professor overloading you! But glad that your late work was accepted, and that you're going to have a break soon! Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts. As far as tickers go, my understanding is you can't put them on this board, or even any HTML links in your signature. That's why most people just make their own tickers with smilies and asterisks.


gozal - I'm excited you're excited. I know every time one of the threads I'm on (or stalk) has a ton of posts, I always hope it's good news, too! And yeah, I'm really glad it was an obvious +. I didn't tell anyone, but I POAS at 9 DPO, and that was definitely a BFN, so I really didn't know what to expect. What you said about your dh totally makes sense. My dh is also very supportive, but he doesn't feel the need to know every last thing like I do. And sometimes he gets burned out with it, especially because he can't "fix" it. I hope you and your dh are able to keep things fun, because sex *should* be fun! And I hope you have an excellent surprise at the end of your TWW.


shesaidboom - Thanks for the clarification on the measurements. I'm glad your RE seemed hopeful. I really don't know who to call with questions right now - I quit seeing my RE after our medicated cycle failed, and the OB/GYN I've seen the most of isn't close to where I live and almost definitely won't be my HCP for this pregnancy, so I don't want to bother her. The most recent OB I saw probably won't be my HCP, either, and I don't have much of a relationship with him, so I don't know what to do. I hate calling people! I think he'd be pretty surprised to find out I was pregnant, too, since when I saw him a month ago he prescribed me BCPs! (But he also said to take them on CD1, which never came!) So much stuff to figure out still! I keep reminding myself that millions of women have no clue they're pregnant this early in a pregnancy, so probably everything is okay.


bootsvalentine - Good to see you here! Hope you can get some answers about all that's going on with you, and there are lots of people on this thread who can share their experiences! As far as your cycle - did you already take clomid, or you're supposed to start taking it once your next cycle starts? Do you normally have irregular periods? I know I had suuuuper long cycles, so my RE put me on Provera for 10 days just so I could get a withdrawal bleed, and that bleeding was what counted as CD 1. If your cycle is normally pretty regular, I'd probably give it a few more days. (And probably take a pregnancy test... but that's just me!)


cbaa - I want to be a planner, but God just keeps showing me that I am not in charge of my life! Basically nothing about my post-high school life has gone the way I planned it, but it's all gone rather well, really, so I can't really complain about the job He's doing. But darn it, I still would like some advance warning about some things, you know? Anyway, hope this cycle turns out to be a BFP! Have they checked your lining to make sure the clomid isn't thinning it? I can't remember if you've mentioned that or not. I know my RE said they never did clomid without adding estrogen supplements for that very reason, but every doctor is different! Oh, and UGH for being sick - that is the worst! I hope you get better soon!


renavoo - Always nice to see you pop in - I'm a frequent stalker of the IVF grad thread! (Speaking of which, have we ever considered having an IF grad thread, so we can better stalk people??)


Wendylynn - Glad you found a great RE to work with! How long is your LP normally? I'm guessing you didn't start Clomid because of the cyst on the ultrasound? Please let us know what you find out - that does sound scary! I hope it turns out to be nothing. hug.gif


brichole - Sounds like it's just one big party at your house. Enjoy the new toys! Oh, and UGH about your family pushing your dh to have a vasectomy. How is that anyone's business but yours and your dh's?? Okay, just read a newer update - not a party! But no, you aren't crazy. I have days like that, too. And they pass, eventually, though it sucks when it's happening. Yesterday I was just angry for a large portion of the day for no particular reason. I hated that I was so grouchy, but I just couldn't seem to shake it. Today, I feel great! Glad you seem to be doing better, too! And yeah, I get frustrated with people who are upset they don't get instantly pregnant. At the same time, I try to remind myself that a lot of them are just blessedly naive about infertility - it's never really touched their life, so they have zero idea that a LOT of women try for YEARS to get pregnant, and that it's actually considered NORMAL to take up to a year to get pregnant. And if you are really clueless about that sort of thing, I suppose 3 months does seem like a long time! But I probably would have hid her, too. And/or said something like what I just said. Which probably wouldn't have been the best idea.


Gemmine - Did you see your doctor yet? Any plans so far?


Smiles - Hi!! I did not know I had so many stalkers! I'm flattered. winky.gif I'm still hoping you can find a new doc and get something figured out for you!


AFASIL... though I would update on her first. Still no babies (that anyone's told me about). My mom did call to say the on-call doc had one of his/her actual patients who was progressing at about the same rate as SIL, so they might call in another doctor for SIL, hopefully one that would be good with vaginal delivery. I am on pins and needles waiting!


AFM, woooowwww, it took me a long time to go back through everything! I've forgotten what it's like to be on a really active thread! I am, so far as I can tell, doing fine. It still seems really surreal that I'm pregnant. I'm mostly sticking with being optimistic, but it still seems like I'm just kidding around with dh when we talk about this baby. dh says it seems real to him, so good for him! We did have a somewhat long conversation about HCPs and where to have the birth. dh is on board for a birth center!! I think it makes him a little nervous, but not as nervous as a home birth. We both agreed that since we had no idea where we'd be living, but that it would probably be an apartment, we were both not too sure about home birth. (I'm more for it than dh, and I know people in apartments homebirth, too, but I don't want to have to worry about what neighbors think of the sounds I make!) dh also said that it's "unacceptable" for the birth center to be more than 20 minutes away, so we will pick our next apartment based on where I want to give birth!! I love my dh, even if I think he does worry excessively some times!


I also keep wanting to tell people IRL that we're expecting, and I'm having the hardest time keeping my mouth shut. But I realized that I really wouldn't want to "untell" casual acquaintances, if it comes to that. (Family is a different story.) I just have to keep my mind on planning the Christmas surprise!

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chicajones - Must have cross-posted with you! Thanks for your prayers. I am hoping to tell my family in a "fun" way - I haven't worked out all the details, but I think it will have something to do with a picture of me holding a picture of a sonogram over my stomach, and something about "Grow your own grandbaby!" Since I'm not actually getting a sonogram, I'm going to put an asterisk next to the picture with some note about how actual products may vary. orngbiggrin.gif We'll see.


As far as telling my dh, I just didn't know what to say. He was trying to get packed up (we were in a hotel) so we could make the 4-hour drive to catch our flight home, and I was just sort of stunned. So I ended up just taking the test out of the bathroom and showing it to him. He had to ask if it meant that I was pregnant. I just nodded, and he got really excited and hugged me. And then we had to ride in a car with someone else for 4 hours and not talk about it! It's funny - I was saying something to SIL a month or so ago about how hard it was for me to tell my dh on Mother's Day that I wasn't pregnant, and she was like, "What? He wasn't there when you took the test??" And I said no, I usually wake up really early to go to the bathroom, and he's still sleeping, etc., and she said my brother would FLIP OUT if she took a HPT and he wasn't there. She said that he's the one that times the test, and they look together. Which I think is super sweet, just not the way things have happened with me and my dh. I don't want to wake him up at 5 AM for a BFN! But it's interesting how everyone does it differently!


Right now, dh doesn't really care about telling anyone either way - he's pretty much letting me call the shots. He doesn't feel the need to tell anyone, but I don't think he objects to telling, either. We're planning on telling parents and siblings at Christmas (almost 7 weeks), and think maybe we'll tell the extended family the next week (8 weeks), and then probably just slowly leak the news out from there. But I'm really not sure. A LOT of people know about our struggles with IF (I'm very open about them, though dh is not), so I want all the people who've been cheering us on and praying for us to know soon. But I also want to get past the riskiest time, too. So we will see.

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Monkey- I'm going to school for a graduate certificate in Business Administration. We only take one course at a time, so that helps. I don't think I've got all that much going on (or at least not more than I expected to have going on). I knew when I started class that there was a strong possibility I'd be pregnant while going. 

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Quick update - baby boys are here!! No other info than the pic I got of them - they look huge to me - but I will let you know more as soon as I know more!

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WHEW! So, the weekend Dr. messed up. My Dr. did a repeat and said she sees nothing. Turns out the other Dr. mistook my bladder for this weird cyst (and the u/s screen was on reverse - so it confused her).


I'm SO relieved and starting my first round of Clomid tonight. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!

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Wendylynn - WHEW!! Sorry you got scared, but glad that's all it was! GL!


Twins update: Twins were born in an uneventful vaginal delivery! Both in the 6 lb range, both healthy and nursing, mom and babies doing great!!!

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Wendylynn, that's wonderful! I can't imagine what a relief that must be!


Monkey, so glad to hear the boys arrived safely! Hopefully the birth went well and as planned. Also, I can't imagine having to keep quiet for four hours after just discovering we were pregnant! That's crazy. I love "Grow your own grandbaby" idea, so cute.


My DH is definitely not a "I want to be in the bathroom when you're POAS!" kind of guy. I've taken countless pregnancy tests without his knowledge at all, simply because I do the same thing as you. Early in the morning, plus it's usually me just getting POAS-happy, and I feel like I'd be more disappointed if he were there every time. Then again, I guess it depends on how long you're TTC. I'd like it to be a surprise (at least a small one) unless I lose it and really can't hold it in. 


Regardless, I'm pretty much certain I O'd this month, so I'm super happy about that. Hopefully it means things are finally falling into place.


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bootsvalentine - welcome. I hope your stay is short because you get a BFP! It looks like we have a lot in common. I'm also a teacher with PCOS.


cbaa - back to back iui, but we're bd-ing tomorrow just incase it took longer to O. My follicles were still bigger yesterday, but I've been having intense cramping so I think they burst. They do check estrogen, lh, and progesterone too, but I never actually get the results.
Sorry about your cousin spreading the word. Definitely not his or her place to!
How are you feeling? I hope the cold is passing.


renavoo - I think your dh is right. The tech who measured the day they 'shrank' was brand new as well so probably a bigger margin of error in the learning process too. Beta will be done two weeks from yesterday. I'm going to try to hold out until then and not POAS this time.


Wendlynn - welcome back. WOW! I can't believe they mistook your bladder for a cyst. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious though. Back on track!


brichole - thanks! I'm hoping for a BFP Christmas present forsure.
I'm sorry your family is being so unsupportive. IMO your and your dh's reproductive choices are your business and not theirs.
I think a breakdown is completely understandable. You have been through so much!
I totally understand about the FB comments about people complaining about TTC for three months. I'm sure it's still hard, but I sometimes want to give them a huge reality check. It can take a year for a fertile couple. I definitely think it's something people take for granted though. I did before I realized I was going to have trouble.


Sourire - I'm glad Femara is treating you better than Clomid. Those side effects sound awful!
Hurray for O! Those Femara O pains are terrible, aren't they? I couldn't bend over when mine was happening, but I had two follicles this time so it was much worse than last.


bootsvalentine - CD 1 is always the first day of your period, so make sure you do call then. Just make sure you really are flowing. Sometimes it`s hard to tell at first. I definitely had that problem.


monkey - Welcome to the world monkey's little nephews! Congrats Auntie! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.  


chica - Yay for O! I hope things do fall into place for you this cycle.


AFM, second iui yesterday. I`ve been having intense cramping, and had a little bit of spotting on Sunday night (after first iui). I started the progesterone this morning and am already getting some side effects. I`m feeling very restless. I am going to be so happy when this 2ww is over. I still have to book my beta test, but it`ll be for two weeks from yesterday. I`m going to try not to test before, but I`m not sure if I`ll be able to hold out.

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Only have a minute to chat it's about time to get my 8 yr old (well almost 8...it's only a week til her birthday) but i wanted to say thank you ladies very much for enduring my rants the past week!! Things are gettin better here i think and i've decided to let my family just keep talking but i'm going to do what i want to do with or without their support.  It's my body they can deal with it.  I will look in to the fertility coverage on my new insurance i will be getting at the first of the year and see where it can take us.  If it's as good as the last time i will totally be talking dh into at least going in and seeing the re and see what he could do for us this go round.


Monkey:  Just want to say congrats on the twin nephews!!!! I bet they are adorable!!! I am happy your sil came thru the birth without any problems and i'm super excited that she got her vaginal birth!! If i were to have twins here in huntsville, al there is NO WAY that i would be allowed to vaginally deliver. HECK even with a single birth right now i wouldn't be allowed to because i've had 2 c-sections!!! IT is really frustrating to live in the state of alabama right about now...we are sooooooo behind the times!!! It's like women really don't have much of a say in what they do.  One of my friends goes to Tennessee to have her babies in a birthing center and she is always worried about having problems getting the birth certificate.  I think she might have delivered the last one at home and she was more worried than ever that alabama wouldn't issue her birth certificate without giving her hell. BLAH!!!!


Anyways, i need to go get the princess out of bed before we are late to school.  I will talk more after i take her to school and emma to her 1 year well baby check up!!! WISH ME LUCK!!! She HATES the doctor lol

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oh my, wow, I'm behind. I can't spend a lot of time on personals but I did want to say a few things...


Brichole, glad you're feeling better and ugh to the family members pushing your dh to get a vasectomy. How is it their problem ?! It's so annoying. Why are they pushing him anyway?!


Monkey, yah for your nephews!! How are you feeling?


Chica, I am hoping the best for you this month! In fact, I'm hoping the best for everyone this month! i'm anxiously awaiting more BFPs!! 


Sourire, yah for ovulating and Gozal, i think 14 days is a great idea. i tend to start testing around 13 days but if you can hold out until day 14, more power to you!


Shesaidboom, oooh ovulation cramps are a good thing. I used to get them when i took clomid and femora before the iuis as well. Looking forward to your countdown.


I'm sure I missed a lot of people but i just wanted to say that i was thinking of you all and sending positive vibes for a lot of BFPs before the new year! (and after...I'm not picky) haha





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chicajones - Maybe you already said this, but when are you going to test?? Inquiring minds want to know!!


shesaidboom - Hope the cramping was just your ovary releasing SUPEREGG!! And I hope you get your BFP for Christmas. You're a lot more disciplined than me about POAS. :)


brichole - Yeah, I've heard some pretty terrible things about birthing in Alabama. :( I am SO GLAD SIL delivered vaginally, because I know they want more kids, and I don't want her to have to fight the VBAC battle. Plus now she can spread the words the twins CAN be born vaginally! My mom said the people at the birth said SIL made it look easy. :)


AFM, I'm feeling fine, mostly. I wish I were in town so I could see my new nephews!! It's going to be 2.5 weeks till I get to see them, and it's killing me. I have gotten a few pictures and a few updates, which is good. (The pedi cleared them to go home with mom tomorrow!) But I feel very emotionally invested in these kids and their big sister at this point, since I spent so much time taking care of my niece and SIL. I think dh honestly thinks it's a little weird. He admitted last night that he's really just not that excited about the twins, and he feels bad, because everyone else is. But honestly, it's not that surprising - it's not even his family, technically. Just some people he's related to by marriage and doesn't know particularly well. And he's really not a new baby person, either. He has fun with my niece, but until babies are 5 or 6 months old, he's scared to hold them. So no, he's not as excited as me and grandma (my mom), but I told him that's normal! But that he'd better be more excited about our baby, and he assured me he was. (He has also promised that yes, he will hold our baby when he/she is little!)


As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I've still got nothing that feels different from the rest of my life. Still getting the cramping, which feels just like menstrual cramps. I feel a little tiny bit sick to my stomach sometimes, usually if I haven't eaten in awhile, but that happens to me non-pregnant sometimes, too. I am tired sometimes, but that's also not unusual for me. So that's probably part of the reason this pregnancy is so surreal... other than a couple of pink lines, I have no solid proof it is real! Even the lack of AF isn't strange, since I can go months on end with no AF. Anyway, I'm sure soon enough I'll be wishing I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms!

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Monkey (et all), I think I'll be testing on Saturday morning (that's 14 dpo, I think--so should be far enough along to test?). If AF doesn't show up before then, that is. 

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Glad to hear she was able to have a vaginal birth, Monkey! 

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Monkey- Yay for a vaginal birth with twins for SIL! I'm glad nursing is going well too redface.gif i like your announcement idea too, 20 weeks seems like a loooong time to wait to see the babe, but i get not wanting too many u/s.

Shesaiboom. -as annoying as o pains are, i like to know when its happening... Only 2 more weeks til you know! I hate the progesterone, sorry youre already having side effects

gemmine- dr today right? Whats the news?

Im feelng a little better today, ive been aking mucinex and I may just keep taking it til o, see if it helps with ewcm. Today is my day off so now i'm just laying around resting... I hope this doesnt delay o...
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Congrats on your little nephews Monkey! I am also glad to see vaginal with twins since, I would like vaginal regardless unless it is medically necessary to do a c-section.

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cbaa: I forget what the concentration in the tablets are versus the fresh core...I need to look that up! I still haven't used up the rest of the pineapple from last cycle (in the freezer). Guess I'd better do that before ovulation rolls around. That reminds me, I was going to take Mucinex (or generic gua...whatever it's called) this cycle too! I need to look to see how far before ovulation I'm supposed to take it. I thought it was only a few days before, but are you taking it earlier?


gozal: No ovulation yet! I should ovulate around the 15th. I'll be stalking you! I hope your trigger cooperates and goes away and is then replaced by your BFP. One of the ladies from another thread had a trigger that stayed the entire 2 weeks 2 different cycles. It was extremely frustrating.


chica: I tried the not telling DH about the fertile days for a while, then I had the miscarriage, and then if I started something and he said he was too tired or something I would blow up and get really upset. So now I tell him. It's easier some months more than others. Your temps are looking nice! I agree, it's nice sometimes to just dream and hope uninterrupted by negativity.


monkey: Good idea about an IF graduates thread; I'd be glad to stalk you all over there. One of you start it!


AFM: Saw my new OB today. She is AWESOME. I didn't even have to show her my charts (though I did anyway, haha)! She sent me to the lab to get tubes-o-blood drawn for hormone level testing, gave me paperwork for my DH to schedule a sperm analysis and paperwork to schedule the HSG. They told me to call on CD1 since it has to be between CD7 and 10 but then I yelled, I mean blurted, I mean calmly stated that I was on CD6 and can we do it THIS cycle? So I got it scheduled for Friday! I'm nervous but excited. I'm glad to feel like I'm finally doing something.

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Thanks everyone for being excited with me about my nephews!


cbaa - Glad you're doing a little better - I hope a day of rest helped a lot!


Gemmine - Yay for liking your new doctor! And for being able to get started so quickly with some of your testing. I hope they're able to figure out what's going on so they can help you more! And I'm not confident enough to start the IF grads thread myself just yet... I'd really like to make it through a few more weeks. Maybe one of our less-recent grads will volunteer? If not, I'll do it in a few weeks. :) I still haven't officially joined my DDC yet, 'cause I don't want to be a hello-goodbye member. But I really think (and hope, and pray, obviously!) that this little one will stick around.


deborah - Wasn't your ultrasound today? Or am I confused? Either way, I hope you are doing well!

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gozal - I know plenty of people who got off easy with Clomid easy so chances are you will too! My SIL had almost 0 side effects when she took Clomid... oh except for a BFP of course!!! I hope that is your only side effect! That goes for everyone else on Clomid as well!  Thanks for putting up the link to my chart, it appears to be working fine!


chicajones - I hope your daydreams come true this month! I can't wait to hear about your test results. I often try to imagine what my reaction will be when I get my first BFP and I can't figure out whether I'll be crying with joy, jumping around with excitement, or just numb with disbelief! I guess I'll have to wait and see!


monkey - I love that you can accept that you're not in charge of things. My whole life I've always identified what I wanted, then gone and got it. Everything has always gone my way. TTC is the first time things haven't worked out according to my plan and I'm not handling it very well! Sometimes I wish my life had been just a little bit harder so I would have learned how to deal with failure earlier! Anyways I'm very slowly learning how to accept that I have no control over when I get pregnant... though I don't think its through any personal improvement, its more because I've tried so many things and they all failed so I've pretty much given up hope. I've tried acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, vitamins, supplements, meditation, yoga, massages, nutrition, excercise, cutting out all alcohol, and the list goes on. I'm sure I'll get pregnant someday but now I rarely think it's going to be *this* month, I usually imagine it happening sometime in the next year, and I don't try to do anything to convince myself I have some control over the process. Though I'm still taking meds so obviously I haven't managed to give up all attempts yet!


Wendylynn - so glad you don't have a cyst after all! It reminds me of the time I went to the fertility clinic for an ultrasound. It was supposed to be between CD3 and 5 but I had gotten confused about when CD1 was (due to weird LP spotting) and ended up going while I was still in my LP. So I told the Dr that it was the wrong cycle day but she decided to go ahead with the ultrasound anyways. She confirmed that my lining was thick like during the LP, then she found some kind of cyst or something on one of my ovaries and thought that since I was still in my LP it might be an ectopic pregnancy and she starting FREAKING out and sent me to the emergency room and tried to convince me that I had to get someone to drive me there because it wasn't safe for me to be driving and basically scared the crap out of me. Of course, it was nothing and when I did another ultrasound a week later, it was gone.


shesaidboom - progesterone tends to give me some side effects too. What kind of side effects are you having? I always find the side effects are worse in the 2nd week I take it, things irritate me easily and I'm always hungry and if I don't eat as soon as I feel hungry I turn into a crazy person!


gemmine - so glad you like your Dr! Let us know how that HSG goes, its awesome that you don't have to wait a month.


I've asked my DH before if he wanted to be there when I POAS but he is not interested so I just do it on my own. It's so terrifying waiting for those results though I almost wish he would do it with me. Most months I don't even bother testing but when I'm taking progesterone I have no choice because I need to know if it's ok to stop taking it.


Has anyone taken Crinone before? I will probably start taking it tomorrow for the first time. I think I'm 1 DPO today since I had the O pains yesterday but its not clear since my temps are doing a slow rise thing apparently... I'm sure I'll have a wonderfully high temp tomorrow then I will know for sure I O'd. I was just wondering whether there is any advantage to taking Crinone in the morning vs in the evening. With the Prometrium the question never came up because I was taking it twice a day.


Today I had spotting, which is odd for me at this time of month (though the same thing happened the first month I took Clomid and it continued my entire LP), but hopefully the Crinone will make it go away.

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Gemmine- i am SO glad you liked your OB!! The HSG was only uncomfy for abour 60 seconds right after they injected the dye. I took 3 advil about an hour before & went right back to work. Im only taking the mucinex now cuz of the cold, but i figure by the time i'm better i'd be getting ready to o so i'll just keep taking it! I can't eat pineapple because it is a blood thinner, so most of ours goes to waste unfortunately.

Gozal - i'll be interested how long the trigger stays active, was your ovedril 250? i wanted to poas to follow it, but i only have a few left so i'm not going to... I am not looking forward to the prometrium phantom preg. signs, torturous.

Monkey- in a few weeks you will start the IF grads and then we will all join you, ohhhhkay? Cuz we are all blowin this pop stand, asap.

So are the headaches cuz i'm sick or the clomid.. I've had a headache almost all cycle that tylenol just doesnt even touch... Time for my last clomid pill evahhhh.. Goodbye little pains in my butt.
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