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Sourire- ive heard good things about crinone, it would cost me like 14$ a day so i stick with prometrium! I have heard you need to kinda 'clean out' every few days because it gets kinda crusty up there. I so get what you mean about acheiving things easily once you set your mind to it... I've felt like the past 10 years have been easy breezy until IF... Teaches a lot of lessons, someday when baby is here we will be more thankful for the lessons! I hope the spottin stos with te crinone!
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Um. So. I couldn't wait. 



And...maybe I'm crazy, but this looks like a faint line!!! I have done many, many of these tests and have never seem more than pure white staring back at me past the control line, but this--this gives me hope. 


Same test, two photos (was using my iPhone; don't want to tell DH until I have a definite line):




And the same image, with the color levels adjusted in Photoshop (I didn't increase the reds at all):



Guys?! What do you think? Is that a line? 


I really really was going to wait to test, but last night I was craving all sorts of random food before bed (I know, it really would be too early for that), and my stomach has felt just slightly "off" all day (I feel like I have a really subtle cramp on the left side of my uterus). When I looked back on the thread and saw that Monkey tested on Day 12, I decided what the heck, I'll go for it. 


I plan to test first thing tomorrow as well, hopefully will get a clearer test? It's funny, I'm so cautiously calm about this. I'm so scared to get my hopes dashed that I'm not bouncing around out of control, but I've just got this nervous excitement. Eeeeeee!

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It looks like you might have a faint one, but maybe retest in a couple days for a clearer one.

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Chica, i can definitely see a faint line!! let us know how today's test goes!


Cbaa, haha you're too funny. I'm definitely ready for you guys to blow this pop stand, as you say! GO BFP!


Sourire, oooh bleeding may be a good sign of ovulation so i wouldn't worry. I got that a few times, complete with these horrible cramps during ovulation when on Clomid. I always attributed it to having more than one follie ready to burst. Yah to being in the 2ww and hopefully, you're getting a BFP this month!


Monkey, i feel like i'll never be completely confident of my pregnancy until I HAVE the babies. haha. I want to at least wait until 12 weeks before I announce it to the majority of people although apparently, DH's friends have already told each other. Almost all my friends are still in the dark. :o)


by the way, I took the decision of whether DH was going to be there with me after testing away from him. I usually just test alone as well but once I got my BFP (at 3 am, no less), i ran into the bed room, started jumping on him so he woke up and told him the news. i probably could have done it in a cute way but to be honest, we have been trying long enough I just wanted for us to both revel in the BFP. Also, I was tired so I didn't want to think up a scheme. haha I'm so lazy.


Gemmine, i'm so glad you like your new ob...that's really important since this is such an important, personal journey. As for the HSG, good luck! i remember going into the HSG scared out of my wits but it actually wasn't too bad It wasn't comfortable, by any means, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Try to take an anti inflammatory agent before...ibuprofen or naproxen.


Wendlynnn, whew for not having a cyst!!


Brichole, how are you doing? Just thinking of you!


Shesaidboom, also just thinking of you. I know you're in the boring part of the cycle but i'm hoping that soon!! a BFP will be your big news for us!


Gozal, are you going in for an progress US soon? Sorry, I can't remember!


big hugs ladies!!




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Update from this morning--the second test is also faint, but I think it looks a little darker than last nights (they're both still pretty light).


This morning's test is the top one, and last night's is the bottom:


I've pretty much screwed myself at this point--now I'm going to be testing every day until I get a good one (or it disappears). 


Renavoo, I think if I had gotten a super BFP, my silly plans would have gone out the window and I would have freaked out to DH too. :) But since I still feel so uncertain at this point, it's giving me lots of time to process things. I don't want to say anything unless I know it's not just a fluke. I will say that even if the lines are super super faint, two in a row is definitely encouraging (and makes me think it's not just an evap line or something).


The one thing that makes me nervous is that I haven't had a period since August. It seems like maybe my body would need to, um, clean things out a bit in order for a pregnancy to be healthy? Then again, maybe there wasn't any build up of anything since I wasn't ovulating? I have no idea. I do actually have a friend who is pregnant right now who hadn't gotten hers in months and then got pregnant (she also has PCOS), and things are fine for her. So, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

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Chicajones: That looks like your tests are getting a bit darker...go out and get you a FRER and test tomorrow morning and see where you are with that!! I'm really praying that this is your month!!! Seems like we've been having a BFP explosion this month!! PLEASE LET IT BE MY MONTH TOO LOL!!!


Renavoo: I'm doing MUCH better today! I guess i was just really exhausted and needed to just chill out.  Emma got her shots yesterday (i HATE living in Alabama, if we don't get shots on time it can delay her getting to start school on time because she HAS to have these shots to do public school or private school and will need them when we put her in pre-k. BLAH i'm soooooo tired of this state but kinda have to stay here until DD#1 graduates from high school since i know she would never forgive me for moving away. (those who don't know me and her dad are divorced) so...until that day i will just have to keep getting the shots done and watch my poor baby go thru the pain!! They also had me take her to the hospital to have blood drawn to test her iron and heavy metals...i didn't have to do this with my oldest but this is another couple of tests that they have required for the peds to test for at 1 yr old.


I'm on CD7 i think (i'm so lost lol) and still spotting...i'm so tired of this.  One month my period only lasts a couple of days and this time it's lasted a whole week.  I would just like for all of the bleeding to be over with so that me and DH can get down to business.  I really am planning on DTD EVERYDAY and making sure we put 24 hours between each one so that i know his supply is back up to par each time lol.  I just really want a baby this month.  I just have a feeling that we need to go ahead and get pregnant before he completely changes his mind about having another child and them i'm stuck wanting but not able to have one!!!! 


One of my x-boyfriends emailed me last week and told me that he loved me and missed me and wished he had married me. I get really tired of hearing that from men.  he's like the 3rd one in 4 months to say that to me.  I just delete the email and keep trucking.  It's not worth my time to respond to people like that lol.  He was even saying how he wished that he could come up and see me (he lives in Orange Beach, AL in south alabama and i live in huntsville, in north alabama)...then mentioned he wants to have a baby with me and i'm just like "REALLY, you decide all of this crap now? when i'm happy and married and have too much to lose to just throw stuff away."  MEN!! Okay, that was my rant for the day lol..i think i will go have some decaf coffee and enjoy my morning at work.  I have TONS of work to do though. We are getting ready to merg with another dispatch center here at redstone arsenal and i have to put together some spread sheets for my boss. BLAH...i hate being the nice person because it's not like it's manditory, i just type much quicker than anyone else here...so i get volunteered to do all of the crap work.  GOTTA LOVE IT!!!


I hope everyone is doing well, and i will do my best to get back on line before the end of my shift or once i get home tonight from picking little bit up from my grandmother's house.  Talk soon!!! SUPER EXCITED for all of the BFPs lately, keep it up and pass on your luck hehe!!!!

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7 week ultrasound this morning! I will update as soon as I get back. I may go to lunch with DH afterward. We were considering breakfast, but he couldn't get his butt out of bed.

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Deborah: LOL you just made me LOL at work haha... Everyone is looking at me like i'm crazy :)    I hope that today goes well!!! Can't wait to see how things look!!!  I pray that there is a beautiful heartbeat looking right back at you!! (maybe even 2 hehe).



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renavoo - I'm glad for the ovulation cramps because I feel like something is going on, but I'm such a baby when it comes to pain! I'm going to have to man up if I get that BFP.


monkey - I think the only reason I don't want to POAS this cycle is last time I got a faint line and was so excited about a possible BFP and then it turned out to be negative. I don't want that to happen again. Knowing me though, I'll probably test anyway. I'm trying not to though.
I'm glad your SIL and nephews will be comfy at home soon! I totally understand being so close to them. I am that way with one of my good friend's daughters even though we're not even family (one of them is my goddaughter though). Dp doesn't get it either. I'm sure your Dh is super excited about your own babe though!


cbaa - I like the o pains just to know it's happening, but they are definitely annoying, you're right! I'm counting down the days until we find out. I hate the waiting game.
Glad you're feeling better.


Gemmine - glad your OB is awesome and you're getting started this cycle. You must be so excited!


Sourire - Mostly I feel very emotional and everyone annoys me, and I am so nauseated. I got the hunger thing too last time I was on it. I really don`t like taking this stuff, but I guess I don`t have a choice.
No experience with the Crinone, but I hope it treats you well and makes the spotting go away.


Chicajones - I definitely see a faint line, and a slightly darker faint line on the next one. Keep us updated! I have a good feeling though.


brichole - I`m sorry AF is lasting so long this time. I really want a baby for you this month too. Sending lots of baby dust and good thoughts to you!


deborah - I`m so excited to hear about your ultrasound!

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Sourire - Knowing and accepting are two different things, if you know what I mean. winky.gif I still have plenty of temper-tantrum moments, or even just really sad moments, when I wonder why I can't just know what's coming, or at least when something's coming. But I guess that I started running into roadblocks started a long time before IF for me - and IF was not at all a surprise roadblock. I definitely hoped that things would magically change with my reproductive system when I got married, but I knew years before I met my husband that getting pregnant would likely be a struggle, so I've had a lot of time to adjust to that fact. Hoping your spotting was just ovulation happening, and that Crinone works well for you!


cbaa - I'm all about blowing the pop stand! Nothing would make me happier than to see the entire IF forum shut down for lack of demand. And sorry about the wicked headaches - metformin gave me those. Nothing made them go away except stopping the medication - and even then, it took days! Bleh. Hope you feel better now that you've taken your last pill!


chica - No one here will criticize you for not waiting! I do see the lines, but I can't tell if they're pink. I think if they aren't pink, they're not valid? Not sure, but very hopeful for you!! I'm assuming these lines appeared within the designated timeframe? Anyway, I hope you can get a more definitive answer soon! As far as the lining question - I'm not sure. But I think you are right that most likely your lining wasn't really building up much while you were anovulatory. If it had, eventually it would have gotten too thick and started disintegrating, and you would have had bleeding then. Excited to hear more updates!!


renavoo - I totally would have jumped on dh if we got a BFP in the middle of the night, too! As it happened, I was deeply procrastinating getting out of bed the morning of our BFP, partly because I didn't want to pack, and partly because I was dreading POASing. I knew you ladies would understand if I had chickened out, but I promised I would do it! Also, I kept telling myself that if it was good news, I'd rather spend more time being happy. But yeah - that was probably the hardest time I ever had convincing myself to POAS.


brichole - Wow, some people have really strange ideas of what is appropriate! I can't believe anyone thinks it's okay to contact a MARRIED ex-flame and declare their undying love and their desire to have children with that person. SHEESH! Glad you are feeling better, though.


deborah - On pins and needles waiting to hear about the ultrasound!!


shesaidboom - I totally understand how wary you are of POAS after last time. hug.gif You know we are here for you either way. Hoping and praying you join me in the August DDC!!


Everyone - I just looked it up, and apparently tomorrow is the last day to conceive to be due in August... so get busy!! winky.gif No, seriously, I'm happy to stalk the September DDC as well. orngbiggrin.gif


AFM, I have been riding a WILD emotional rollercoaster today for no apparent reason. I am currently feeling much better and calmer, but UGH. I want to blame hormones, but I don't really know that that has a thing to do with it, and I don't want to start blaming hormones for everything. I mean, I'm 4w2d... how many hormones can there really be?!?

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My twintuition was right! Here's the kicker, though- identical!

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WOOHOO!!!!!!!! THE IVF TWINTRAIN CONTINUES!!! So excited for you, deborah!! Are they sharing a sac? Is that how they know they're identical?? YAY!!

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Monkey:  I know right?!?!?! LOL people amaze me!! Maybe there is more than one little bean sticking in that uterus of yours!!! HEHE!! That would account for the high hormonal imbalance today :)   Have you called the doctor to set up an appointment yet?  Didn't you say that you would be headed out of town this week?  HOw long will you be gone?  Is DH totally stoked about the BFP still?  I know you said that he sees it as more believable than you at this point due to lack of symptoms but hey...A BFP is a BFP and i am Sooooooo praying that your little bean sticks!!!  I was sooooo geeked for you when i read the post and had to re-read it to make sure i was reading it right lol.


Those of you who know about my job situation that has been stressing me out guess what...i think they are actually going to take all of us!!! YAY!!! They have posted that we should make about $16.32 an hour...which isn't much to some but is a lot to me lol.  It's almost a $2 raise so that is great news for me and DH!!! I am SUPER excited.  It totally takes a lot of stress off of me right now.  Just waiting to see what kind of insurance they will be offering us...hope to know that before the end of next week. (seeing as our contract ends on December 31st and the new contract picks up on January 1st)  Hope everyone has a great day!  I will be back when i get home tonight...it's nice to get to write to you ladies from the comfort of my own home :)

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Deborah:  sorry i x-post so here's my YAY FOR TWINKIES!!!!  (from the fellow twinkie hehe) I say this everytime someone gives the news of twins but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a twin...it's such a different relationship than just having a brother or a sister...it's much more i don't know ....it's just different.  I am soooooo excited for you though!!!

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Shesaidboom:  Thank you btw lol...I hate that AF is being a total witch right now for me too!! Where are you in your cycle now?  I could probably go back and read but i'm in a bit of a hurry lol big wigs are headed this way!!!

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TWINSIES!!!! So cool that both you and renavoo are having twinsies. I'm so excited for you!

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Yay!! Congrats, Deborah! So exciting!!! And identical, wow! Also so great to hear that everything is going wonderfully so far!


Brichole, that's awesome about your job! A $2/hr raise is fantastic, especially the way things are with the economy. That certainly should make Christmas feel a little lighter. :) I know what you mean about posting in the privacy of your own home--I try to post from work now and then, but it's so easy for someone to walk by, and the board has the giant "Infertility" label at the top, lol. I usually type up my posts in another window if I'm at work, but then I'm still going back and forth so I can respond to things. Also, I didn't know you were a twin! How fun! Just curious (and you may have addressed this in the past), but is your a twin a sister? And if so, has she had issues TTC as well? That stuff is always interesting to me.


Shesaidboom how are you feeling today? I hope the 2WW goes by quickly for you! I'm glad you're feeling strong about waiting to test. I hope you can hold out as long as possible--I really wish I had! I feel like if I had gotten a clear negative or positive it will be so much easier than being all wishy-washy.


Monkey, sounds like you could use a little bit of chillin' with your feet up time! I hope you have a nice, relaxing evening and your hormones settle down a bit. I know it's early, but that doesn't mean your body isn't busy making that bean grow! That takes energy, and low energy = higher stress. Thanks for your kind words! I can't tell if the lines are pink or not either. I know if they aren't, then it's likely they're just evap lines. Sometimes they look pink, sometimes I can't tell. Ugh! Those photos are all from within the time limit (well, except for the day one test in the second post, since that one was from the day before). But the lines did definitely show up within the first 5 minutes. You're probably right about the annovulation not building things up very much, that definitely makes sense.


Wendlynn, so glad to hear your cyst wasn't actually a cyst! That must have been such a relief! I can't believe they got things mixed up like that, but then again doctors have done crazier things.


I slipped out to the Dollar Tree on my lunch break and got one of their cassette-style tests. I was going to get a FRER but didn't really want to blow the money on one, plus it would have taken too long to get to Target/Walmart and back. Still going back and forth between feeling really hopeful and feeling like I don't want to lead myself on, lol. Thank you all for the encouraging words! I'll just keep praying and POAS-ing until something happens! I guess the good thing is that I'll know soon enough either way--Saturday will be 15DPO, so by then or Sunday I should have something solid (or AF--which I have to remind myself, I'll also be super glad for, since she hasn't appeared since August). 


So, tomorrow morning, testing again! I won't overload you guys with pictures unless there's a significant update. :)

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Monkey- Yes, they are sharing a sac. In fact, the tech thought there was only one at first and then noticed another little embryo. She was like, wait a minute, you're having identical twins! They are both measuring wonderfully and have strong little heartbeats. I have now shared with all of my family, but am still waiting a few weeks for the public announcement. I will get lots of extra monitoring, but that's a good thing because I get lots of extra assurance too :-).

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Congrats on the identical twinkles Deborah!!! How fun!

Monkey- sorry youre having a hormonal day, that babes already making you crazy!

Chica- i see it on both tests, i hope you have a nice dark line in the morning!

Shesaidboom- again, i hate the 2ww even more when i'm on prometrium, all the pain and so far none of the gain... I hope this time is different for us both... Hang in there!

Wendylynn- im not sure i said it yesterday but i'm so glad that there was really nothing on your ultrasound... 8cm cyst... Ugh, or my bladder ya moron... Ever taken anatomy class before?!?! How stressful for nothing, but still, im glad its nothing..

Day 8- cait is bored of waiting but hopeful now that the virus is gone that her eggies are growing big and strong... It makes it less boring to talk about myself in the third person... My cold has impoved, my sex drive has done the opposite... How am i going to start my sexathon when i justdontfeellikeitatall.
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Thanks everyone! I will have another ultrasound next week and my RE will be doing it. Originally we were going back in two weeks, but my RE said she wants to do one next week since we're having twins! Brichole, that's so nice to hear how special of a relationship you have with your twin.

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