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Tell me about birthing in Midcoast Maine hospitals

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Any info/opinions folks might have of any of the Midcoast hospital options would be awesome.


My son was born before we moved to the area and since I'm hoping to be pregnant in the not to distant future I'd like to have a better sense of my options.





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I don't know if the Ellsworth Hospital is close enough (Maine Coast Memorial) to you, but I delivered my daughter there 2.5 yrs ago.  I had a natural birth and used the one room with a birthing tub.  I really liked their practice, and saw the midwives at Maine Coast Womens care.  The only thing I didn't love was that each prenatal appointment was with a different midwife, so I didn't really get to know anyone well.  I'm homebirthing this time, but not because my experience in Ellsworth was bad.  I didn't to have an IV, just had intermitten monitoring, could eat, and basically do what I want I want, much better than my experience in Bangor in 07.  

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Thanks so much for replying.  Ellsworth is actually only a few minutes farther (in the opposite direction) than my current first choice of Miles Memorial in Damariscotta.  I have a couple friends who also had good birthing experiences there but until I just google mapped it in comparison to Miles I hadn't really considered it as an option.  Thanks!

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I would NOT recommend EMMC in Bangor. 

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I thought I'd bump this back up since I still don't know where to go and I actual need to make a prenatal appointment now.


Has anyone been to the midwives at Pen Bay in Rockport?


Or given birth at the hospital in Belfast?

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There are so many amazing homebirth practices in the Belfast area, if you aren't wanting to birth at home maybe they would tell you which hospital they use for backup. They probably go a little further to arrive at a friendlier hospital, and might have some insights to share.
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My birth experience was amazing at Maine Coast. Like the previous poster mentioned, they are of a "you can do it, and we'll help you", lowest possible intervention approach. I happen to see one of the midwives there for my regular care, and at first I balked at having to see the other 4 midwives. I found I liked a few better than others, just clicked well with them- the more experienced 3. And I ended up having the most empowering, beautiful delivery supported by one of my "top 3". Although, I would have felt comfortable with any of the 5.

I actually live equidistant from Waldo County in Belfast and Msine Coast in Ellsworth. To me it was the best of both worlds- the midwife experience in a medical facility. As low intervention as possible, with resources of a hospital, had we needed them.
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I recommend pen bay! They have 6 lactation consultants and a very flexible staff that will let you go unmonitored, get into any position for birth or labor, and they have great facilities (birthing balls, labor tubs, etc). Best of all, we were told 3 women in labor on one night is RARE! Lots of individual attention. I can remember the names of my nurses as they really became fast friends. And when I broke down crying at 2am one morning because my milk wasn't coming in, one nurse sat with me and talked to me like a friend. Priceless!
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Thanks for the replies. I ended up planning to birth with the midwives at pen bay and then having a very fast surprise home birth with my doula turned midwife. I did really like everyone at pen bay but my son had other ideas.
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Ha! Congrats to you! smile.gif
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