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Sooo.....I don't think I made an official guess on the last thread....but I've been having strong boy feelings from the beginning.


And...It's a stork-boy.gif!!!!


We're really happy. I think I always had the thought that I would have a girl (we really only want one child) and I had these big dreams of having a total Gilmore Girl relationship....but now that I know it's a boy, it's like "Yes! It's totally supposed to be a boy!"



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Congrats on the boy!! I love my boy....and it may sound odd, but I am glad he will be the only boy. He is such a mamas boy that I worry how he would react to sharing me with another.

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Congrats daylicious! 

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Yesterday, I had a really clear feeling that my baby is a girl.  I kind of hope it's a boy, so that my son can have a brother.  Obviously it doesn't matter, but it would be so nice!  My husband has the sense it's a girl and he's been right every time, so far.  We'll see in April!

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We found out this morning!

The feeling was girl and the confirmation confirmed that it is indeed a girl!

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i am new here, having a girl, due april 13th

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Congrats tarasue, and welcome!

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Wow, we are staying really close to even on the boy/girl front. :)

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I've updated the list from the Master thread with a few I missed. 

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I wonder who is still waiting on an ultrasound to find out? Or has everyone who's gonna find out already done it? :)

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I find out in a few hours!  

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It's a boy! We are excited although now we don't have a name, since we only had a girl name picked out.

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I had my ultrasound last Wednesday, but dd has been sick and I havent had much time to go online. We found out we are having another girl! My dr does 3d ultrasounds and her face looks identical to dd's ultrasound pics from 20 weeks. She was also acting super shy, covering her face, turning away and keeping her legs crossed until the last second, just like her big sister did. No idea if that means they will have similar personalities, but dd is an extremely shy toddler (which is totally fine with me, some of my friends have wild two year olds lol). 

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Congratulations on your girl! And I envy your shy toddler, I have a wild 2 yr old and a wild 4 yr old.  I'm praying this baby is the shy introvert I've always dreamed of, but I think it is a slim chance with me as a mother.

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Congratulations Carolyn! 

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Congrats to all who have just found out! This is so much fun!

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I know I'm a little late in the game to be finding out, but....It's a stork-boy.gif!!!! I'm so glad my intuition was right, and DS is THRILLED. Now to settle the name...I'm suddenly debating that.

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