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Blessings, all!

I am writing this post in hopes of getting to know the community here, I stumbled upon this site mostly by accident.

I am a second mother (step parent role) to a wonderful little girl, who is my partner's biological child.

We recently were just married, and thrilled to be together for several years now.

I found this site looking for support and suggestions dealing with parenting a child in a non traditional home, and also seeking advice from other moms who are or have dealt with custody struggles.

Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated!


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welcome and congrats on your recent marriage.  :)  I know there are a lot of "non traditional" families here at Mothering.  Check over in Parenting and I'm sure you'll find a lot of support and BTDT ideas. 

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Thank you very much! It is great to see a community with this much information out there!

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