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Adriannas birth story =] <3

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h_adrianna_11182011.jpgmy pregnancy was very long, and i guess you could say scary.

i found out i was pregnant at the beginning of march and me and my bf were very excited, and shocked.. it just didn't seem real.

towards the end of march i had this constant pain in my neck and at the base of my skull and when id get worked up or mad it hurt all over my head. i went to the doctor for it and they said it was an ear infection.. it got soo bad that i couldn't sleep i got maybe 8 hours of sleep in a two week period.. i went to the er 5 different times, my eye started to cross and i knew something was seriously wrong and no one would listen to me..

as a kid i used to get head aches really bad and id tell my mom that i had a brain tumor.

one day i went to the eye doctor for my eye and he said that my optic nerve was swollen, and i needed to get an emergency MRI. i was so scared. at this point I'm barley 5 weeks pregnant. 

i got my MRI and they diagnosed me to have a pseudo tumor cerebra. (sp) they explained it as a fake brain tumor, and my body was putting fluid on my brain to protect it.. i got took to another town by ambulance to get a spinal tap.. the ammount of fluid was .54 psi and its supposed to be in between .5 and .10 psi.. my doctor said that he was surprised i wasn't dead.. :/


i got another spinal tap 2 weeks later and it went away.. thankfully.


around 36 weeks pregnant i was having sharp pains, like period cramps and i had no idea what it was so i went to the er and they said oh your contracting every 3-5 mins and they stopped my contractions.. i was very angry, how are you going to stop my baby from coming.. well they tried to tell me that her lungs went developed and i knew that they could give her a steroid shot to help her if something was wrong when my daughter was born..


at 39 weeks my doctor induced me on cytotec, (BIG MISTAKE on my part) 3 times in one day..,  nothing happened my cervix didn't change at all.. 

well i went back to the doctor about 3 days later and they induced me on pitocin, and kept me over night my cervix still didn't change at all... so they sent me home, at this point I'm getting very angry at my doctor, who never checked my cervix before i got induced, and never measured my stomach.. she didn't do her job in my eyes..

well on the 18Th of November me and my bf decided to call a diff hospital and see what we should do, we told them my story and they said come out here now. so we drove 1 1/2 hours to a diff hospital, they checked my cervix, and gave me an ultra sound to see if the amniotic fluid was OK or not..everything looked good, except the doctor was worried that i was having contractions and not dilating, so he gave me 3 choices, 1 go home and wait 2 get induced again and 3 get a c section..

i really didn't want a c section but i was very irritated at the previous inductions.. me and my boyfriend talked about it and decided that  i should do a c section.

my c section was scheduled for 7 pm that night.. 

they made me take this nasty shot of something to stabilize my stomach acid in case i puke from the anesthesia.

they got me all ready for my surgery and i got sick 3 times,.. 

when the doctor pulled my daughter out he said uh oh the umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck and my heart dropped, i was so scared then 5 secs later i heard her cry.. the doctor said that her cord was wrapped so tight around her neck that she wouldn't drop anymore which is why i wasn't dilating, and if i did deliver naturally she would have died..

i am very thankful for the doctor and nurses out there, who actually listened to me and saved my daughters life..

i am glad i went with my gut feeling..


Adrianna Nicole was born on 11-18-11 and 7:36 pm weighing 7 lbs 5 oz and she was 19 3/4 inches long..


she is an amazing baby, she is my world and i couldn't imagine my life with out her already, shes only been in this world for 2 short weeks but it feels like sooo much longer, she is everything i could ever want =]


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What a cutie pie!  OOOOOH I could just eat her up!


I am awaiting my cesarean birth on December 7th - it was nice to read yours.  


Have a wonderful babymoon!

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thank you! =] i wish you the best of luck and a fast recovery. =] 


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