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2nd time (or more) mamas - what are you buying for this baby?

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If I have another girl, I really don't think I NEED a darn thing - I saved everything.  But I think I might splurge on a few things.  A nose frieda thing, and some aden & anais swaddling blankets (seem like a good option for a summer baby).


What about you?

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Well, if this baby is a boy we might need *some* clothes but really not much at all.  If it's a girl, we need nothing at all.  I would like to have a Nap Nanny or something similar because our babies always seem to have reflux and spit up a LOT and of course the only way to get them to sleep is to put them in an upright position.  I honestly can't think of anything else we would need for a newbie.  That's good though, save us some money this time around.

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Although this baby was planned, it took a long time to even think about planning another baby.  My two children will be 7 years apart.  I only saved a few things: a wooden high chair, a rocking horse, about two special outfits, one baby blanket, and a wrap for a tiny baby.  So I need everything!  My mom and I are going to sew cloth diapers, sleep sacks, bibs, and anything else that we can.  I am just starting the second trimester and I am almost ready to put the word out to friends to save their baby things for me.  -thecountrymouse


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We're getting 2 car seats and I'll be making extra cloth diapers.  Haven't decided on which car seats yet, tho.


That's pretty much it.  We have a lot of gender neutral clothes stashed away from when DD (4) was a bb and I went through the newborn stuff, and so far most of it was good still. 


Of course, DD wants to buy a special pair of pajama's just for her baby brother or sister.  And I'm sure we'll want some other stuff.


Oh!  I'll need a new breastpump.  My PIS died for some reason, and I can't get it to work anymore.  Also, I was never that impressed with it.  I'm miffed that it's not a closed system, too, because of all the humidity here.  It makes me worry that mold or something will contaminate stuff.  That's probably what killed it, anyhow.  I think I'll be getting one of these


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We probably won't get much of anything either.  The only things I can think of right now are-- a 2nd car seat, and a twin bed to extend our current family sleeping arrangement.  I'll probably knit a couple things for next winter, or maybe even a lightweight sleep sack for the summer.

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We need everything! My youngest will be nearly 5 when baby is born, and all his stuff is long gone! I only saved two little newborn outfits from each of my babies. My sister-in-law has a 3-month-old girl, and she's giving me a gender neutral swing, bassinet (probably won't be used), and changing table, and she's also saving all her baby's clothes in case I'm having a girl. But if it's a boy, I need it all!
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MY youngest is 5 so we don't have much left.  I'm buying an arms reach cosleeper, a new carrier or 2, carseat, clothes, and some cloth diapers for sure.  This one will go to daycare at my work (unlike the others who I stayed home with) so I'll have to buy a pump and bottles.  I've never used a bottle so this will be a new experience!

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We got rid of most of DS's things, but kept the quality stuff we actually used: wooden high chair, few cute outfits, slings & carriers, and I THINK I still have diaper covers.


We will need:

-new car seat

-prefolds & diaper covers, wipes

-nursing pillow

-simple cotton outfits (I don't know what they're called, but I'm thinking for early days, those cotton "dresses" that cover baby but open & close at the bottom for easy changing...that way I figure I can use diapers without covers....we EC'd DS when he was a bout 6 months old, and I figure cover-less might be an easy way to start while we get things figured out in the beginning and those things would lend themselves well to that vs. onsies that would be tight to the crotch and get wet when soiled).

-receiving blankets

-Stretchy woven wrap for newborn days (didn't use on ewith DS, but would like to this time around. I have my eye on this: http://www.sewfunky.ca/baby-slings/wraps/  that my neighbour makes and sells).

-maybe some padraig cottage slippers....still have DS's but didn't get them 'til he was a toddler

-some form of bouncy chair/place to rest the babe when I need a minute.


Dare I say that may be all.....no crib, no change table, no stroller, no fancy outfits (I'm sure some will be gifted), no bottles.


....I will try the nursing tank/nursing bra thing this time around....with DS I just wore crappy bras that were easy to pull up. 

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RIght now all I am planning to buy is a My Brest Friend pillow to replace my Boppy.  Lots of my friends with second children upgraded to the My Brest Friend and said they wished they had it the first time around.

Otherwise, I think we have everything we need!  We have a daughter, so if it's a boy I am hoping to get all of my nephew's clothes so I don't have to get any new clothes.

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i need a new boppy. gave mine away. i need a car seat but i havent decided if i wanna get a bucket or a convertible. it isnt like i will be taking the car seat out of the car so it boils down to which would be safer. i wont need clothes. i gave most of it away but they all say they still have them to give back. if it is a boy i got people who will give me clothes too. 

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I don't think we'll really need anything.   My daughter was born in early March and my son in the middle of April.  I might convince myself we need a few summer newborn outfits, but I guess it will depend on the weather and the child.   The baby will get a new homemade receiving blanket and probably a few new homemade diapers.  Oh and I'm going to make one of those hats that looks like a boob, for baby to wear while I nurse.  I would also like a few more supportive nursing tanks.  My mom already made me a new non-stretchy wrap, which was the only thing I could claim we "needed".  Oh and we're going to get a newer minivan next year before baby comes, ours is a 2000 and starting to fall apart.

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I'm going to need a nursing pillow (My Brest Friend). I have lots of gender neutral NB clothes. I'd like to get some more cloth diapers, plus if I have a boy, I may need some more boy clothes, since I gave away quite a few of DS's clothes (he'll be 5 when baby is born). (Unless my sister w/an 8 mo DS wants to hook me up. Lol). I have plenty of girl clothes. I'll probably need a new car seat too. And a new sling of some sort. Preferably one that actually works once baby gets bigger. I think that's about it.

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We won't really need anything. If it's a girl we might need some girl clothes for 6 months and on - but for under 6 months we'll just use what my son wore. It was all pretty gender neutral. We didn't want too much stuff when we had my son, and I feel the same way this time around too. For me, less is more! 

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I forgot that we need cloth diapers :)  I sold all of DD's.  Have to start researching what I want to use for newborn dipes this time.  We were big Flip fans when DD got bigger.

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I won't need much here if it is a girl and only a few things if it is a boy, as much of the clothes and bedding are gender neutral. 


new Breast pump

cloth diapers (some are just worn out)

either a crib/or a full size bed…depending on how we decide to rearrange DD (2 yo)



Another carrier to feed my addiction…think a BOBA…but not sure

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My kids will be 8 and 10, so I have almost nothing.  All I saved is a few blankets, a few outfits (boy), and for some reason my newborn sized fitteds which now all have shot elastics. And one cover, a Very Baby that I loved. Oh and some prefolds.


I am expecting to get some stuff handed down once the word gets out.  If it's a girl, one of my good friends has offered a carseat and other pink stuff.  I need some more cloth diapers and covers, maybe a cosleeper, a pack n play with a bassinette for downstairs naps and visiting grandma, a carseat, a breastpump and bottles since I'll be working this time.

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Only an infant carseat (we borrowed one last time around) and a double stroller. In TX sometimes it is too hot to wear baby, especially outside, so I did use a stroller with DD. We didn't find out the sex with DD, so we have a ton of clothes up to 6 mos that are unisex.

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Those of you with gender neutral clothing, have you actually used them on both boy babies and girl babies?  Because I had a ton of gender neutral for my son and when I had my daughter, I swear it was all a "masculine" gender neutral.  I didn't want tons of "girly" either, but the neutral just didn't look right to me.  There were a few "feminine" gender neutral, but not many.  Fortunately people LOVE buying girl clothing.

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@ Nicole730, my first was a boy, so I had a bunch of yellow/green stuff with him. Some of it did seem a little more masculine, but it worked for DD. Just add a hair bow or some ruffly socks or something if it seems too boyish. She was born in the fall, so if she was in her carrier while we were out, she had a pink blanket over her most of the time. Though DS had a onesie that was white with aqua colored stars on it, and when he wore that, a couple times he was mistaken for a girl. And some people seem to think yellow is not gender neutral. I once got a big bag of nothing but yellow baby clothes from a friend who just had a boy when I was pregnant w/DD. Lol.

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nose frieda

a twin mattress for DS

that's all I can think of for now


We saved everything from DS so I think we're set. 

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