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Epidural queens make me irritated. I hate being told what I should do with MY baby/body. What else I'm over? Pregnancy gingivitis. Seriously, I have another abscess and I'm almost positive I'm gonna explode. I went to the ER for the last ones (one was in my tooth, the other ON my gums) and this one is on my gums, same spot. It's huge. I'm irritated. I'm so close to being done with work and school though - very exciting. I just want to relax. And hope that my little one comes early so I can spend as much time with her as I can before going back to school/work. 

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TMI: I've been getting a bit of plug the day after sex for a few weeks now.


So either baby is in an credibly weird position or, it's twins. I'm determined to believe twins would have shown up one at least 1 of the ultrasounds though. When I palpate, I can only feel one body, but seriously seem to be feeling at least 6 limbs. It's very disconcerting. And doesn't help that my fundal measurement is consistently way over, which I know can be caused by a weird position. I measured today and got 3 different numbers on 3 tries, but even the lowest was 40. So anyway, crossing my fingers for weird position, because I have not been eating well enough for multiples.


I am so exhausted, but tomorrow I need to get my birthing area sorted. It's starting to stress me out that if i were to go into labour, I have nothing organized. And I need to figure out where to put clothes & diapers.


I did actually get a tiny bit of baking done yesterday, though, so that's progress.

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Originally Posted by Devaskyla View Post


I am so exhausted, but tomorrow I need to get my birthing area sorted. It's starting to stress me out that if i were to go into labour, I have nothing organized. And I need to figure out where to put clothes & diapers.


This. Also doing, probably tomorrow... I had a weird nesting urge yesterday and rearranged the bedroom so we can cosleep safely, washed ALL the diapers (including 3x to prep the new ones) organized ALL the baby clothes and put them in bins by size, AND put up the Christmas tree. I was totally exhausted today.


But with all that's been going on in my body lately I'll be surprised to go over 40 weeks for sure! Have been telling baby to stay cozy in there for now... 


And Devaskyla, not sure if this is any consolation, but my baby positioned itself rather strangely at my 34 week appointment and I measured 42 weeks initially... we waited a bit and baby changed position once I rolled more on my side and I went down to 35 weeks instead. I don't know what it did exactly, but it was pretty weird.

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Originally Posted by Devaskyla View Post


I am so exhausted, but tomorrow I need to get my birthing area sorted. It's starting to stress me out that if i were to go into labour, I have nothing organized. And I need to figure out where to put clothes & diapers.

Urgh.  I hear you on this.  It's weird, because up until last week, I felt like I had all the time in the world... but now some switch has flipped in my brain and I'm like MUST GET BABY STUFF READY, NOW.  But without the time/energy to back up the frantic feeling.  :P


The end of this pregnancy is starting to resemble the end of my first pregnancy a little more than I really care for.  With my older son, I had uncomfortable BH contractions for several hours every day from weeks 34-41.5 (when he was finally born).  Same thing this time around, except more intense this time, even though I've been mostly ignoring them/don't think they're leading to anything at all.  The other night, I had them all through the night and they were intense enough to keep me awake-- which did give me a moment of "oh sh**, am I having this baby right now?!" terror.


My bp is also still climbing up.  I'm now officially "somewhat" hypertensive for the first time in my life ever, and my OB wants to keep a close eye to make sure I'm not developing pre-e.  Bleh.

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I need to celebrate here... HUBBY AGREED NOT TO CIRCUMCISE!!  joy.gifWe hadn't had the discussion, although I kept pointing out that we had to talk about it (and then he would change the subject or just stay quiet, which would make me chicken out).  So this past Friday at the m/w appointment, she asked what our thoughts were.  Hubby said he was leaning towards circ but didn't really know why (he's circ'ed).  My lovely "tell it like it is" m/w started pointing out the benefits of not cutting (without being confrontational), and reminded him that the child could always choose to circumcise when he was 18... She said: "Remember which choice you can take back."  Then she lent us two graphic books on circumcision and encouraged us to watch a YouTube clip (which I pointed out that I hadn't been able to watch all the way through without crying). 


I think all that info blew hubby's mind and this morning after ignoring the books for a week he looked at the book covers and said: "I'm happy not circumcising if it's a boy.  I just don't want to look at the books or the video."  HURRAY!!!  I thanked him and told him that I felt it was important to give our son a choice (just like we would give our daughter the choice to pierce her ears at an appropriate age because they're HER ears).  I also told him that I felt he was beautiful the way he was and our son would be beautiful the way he is.



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Pilar - I still remember the moment when my husband said he thought I was right about not circumcising.  It's a great feeling!

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Oh, I am so happy for you...I am crying!!  Such wonderful, wonderful news!! love.gif

Originally Posted by montessorimama1 View Post

I need to celebrate here... HUBBY AGREED NOT TO CIRCUMCISE!!  joy.gif


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Awesome news! It must be a relief to have that decided finally & know you don't have a fight on your hands.

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37 weeks today.  last night dp threw up and felt overall blah.  today she was exhausted, nauseous again, didn't eat dinner (nothing sounded good), had intermittant ctx and back pain.  she's sleeping now but had the nausea and back pain up until then.  oh yeah and she lost some of her mucus plug this morning we think.


i don't think babe is ready to come yet but obviously dp's body is beginning to prep.  yay!



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Oh wow... I'm so excited for both of you! Those all sound like good signs to me!

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Well, we have no hot water. Gas company came by to change our meter (no clue why) and they had to turn off the furnace & hot water tank. The hot water tank wouldn't come back on. Repair guy is here now & says it's not worth trying to repair, we need a new one. Called the landlords and told them. Just hope they're around and they get back to us soon. I have a ton of laundry & dishes to do. Floors to clean & a birth pool to test fill. If we have to, we can boil water to wash dishes & do floors, but that won't help with laundry or the pool.


It could be worse, it could be Christmas instead of a couple of weeks before, right?

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That seriously sucks!  Are your landlords usually good about taking care of things?

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They're not great, but not horrible either. Took them 4 days to replace our stove. That was fun. If we can get hold of them, they'll probably have it taken care of within a few days. It's the getting hold of them that's sometimes tricky. Dh used the last of the residual hot to run the dishwasher & wash a bunch of dishes, so at least things look a little better around here & we'll have clean dishes for a few days without having to boil water to get them.

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devaskyla, do you have hot water yet?  i hope that's figured out.  we're having furnace issues right now, and the timing is rotten!  : (    i really hope you get your water back soon!  this time of the year, and with so much to take care of before the baby, you don't want to have to think about that!  you're in my thoughts!

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YAY thats so great!  

I asked my husband what he thought, since he has a penis and all, and he looked at me like I was crazy and said of course the baby should be circumcised if it's a boy...  



Here's the thing.... we are planning a home birth, so circumcision means finding a dr to do it, and bringing baby into a hospital, or wherever, when its so new etc... 

If I don't literally plan these things myself,  I have a feeling they won't get planned.  

If they are not planned,  they probably not happen. 


I know if I don't bring up the conversation again, it won't come up at all... Could this be considered passive aggressive?  


Should I force the issue and have him make the calls, find the doctors, figure out himself how this works, or should I let time just sip by.


Do you think I will end up with a newborn and being exhausted AND having to have this conversation, or maybe a newborn and a husband who can't bring himself to hurt him once he meets him and the decision is in his hands...


Maybe I should email him that youtube video...   (haven't seen it yet, and don't know if I want to) uhoh3.gif


I don't even have a regular pediatrician lined up yet because baby will be on DH's insurance and I don't have access to the lists (even though I have asked about them)  


I know I can get on his case about the pediatrician and he would never even think about the circumcision issue. 


Don't get me wrong, DH is WONDERFUL and super excited about baby, but is one of those guys who kinda does whatever I ask him with little to no hesitation, but not much else.  









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I think whatever you need to do to protect your baby is the right way to do it. If just kind of ignoring it works & is less stressful for you, then that's the way to go. Some men do change their minds once they've had time to get to know their baby. And if he doesn't & tries to force the issue, you can always send him the video at that point.


HCM, we do have hot water again. They ended up replacing the tank, it was so old & had been repaired so often. And it was so old that buying one that size actually costs more now, so we ended up with a bigger tank. Not hugely bigger, only 10 gallons, but even that bit extra will be nice. It might wind up being more, since the other tank was probably 30yrs+ old & who knows how much sediment it had built up. So, yay for hot water. Now I just need to find time to shower. lol

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