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December General Chit-chat

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November's over. The cat's out of the bag. Record and discuss December's random thoughts here.

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Anyone else all over the map emotionally lately? I feel schizophrenic, frankly.


I've become weepy today off and on like I haven't been in forever. I worry that it might be depression creeping back in, but then realize it's most likely just hormones. And lack of sleep. One thing I have to weep about is my difficulty getting and staying asleep. It's dreadful, and I wonder if some of my "pregnancy brain" is actually lack-of-sleep brain. When I do manage to get to bed at a decent hour, then I wake up at like 2 or 3am and can't get back to sleep for forEVER. ugh. 


anyone else w/ the weepiness/mood swings/insomnia? (my temporary schizophrenia tells me they are all conspiring together...)

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Not too intense on the weepiness front yet. I mean I get teary, but I know I have potential to get MUCH worse!! shy.gif

I am however moody and having sleep issues. By 7pm, I'm super tired and a grouch. I'm ready for everyone to be in bed. My mom lives with us full time and my brother and his two kids are here temporarily and I'm trying really hard to make sure I don't end up with everyone hating me! eyesroll.gif My patience just runs thin and it's difficult with so many people in one house.

I'm sure if I could get normal sleep that wasn't interupped by absolute insane dreams, I might feel better.


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Mark it down in the record books: I SLEPT WELL last night. I got to sleep by about 12:30 (sadly, that's the earliest in weeks) and slept until after 10am! DH had taken the boys to the basement (I was on the 2nd floor, so I couldn't hear them at.all) so there was nothing to wake me. AHHHH. 


...and I do feel a little less crazy-shaky this morning. 


AmBam, I think I'd have to strangle someone or go insane if there were that many people in my house. Actually, now that I think of it, there's no question that would happen if one of those people were my mother!!

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Im very irritable... a bit weepy but just snapped at hubby for leaning in to kiss me before he put the groceries away.


AmBam you are awesome, good job on that roster, it looks great!

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I am grouchy. The 100000000 questions of my 5 year old are getting to me!
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I actually had the raving lunatic hormones right around when my preriod was due, and then I started to feel better after MS set it.  I'm getting tired, though.  Like I get up, get the kids up and ready, then I'm practically ready to go back to bed!  Of course that's not possible, but my body tells me it sure would feel good.  :)


I haven't really been feeling nauseas lately.  :/  Which is great, except that it gets me worried, yk?  I get a wave of yuckiness right around dinnertime every day, but that's it.  I shouldn't complain, I know, but it was a helpful sign that everything was ok...


Sadly, I get annoyed with my DH really quickly.  I'm not mean to him or anything, but I'm just thinking it to myself, lol.  My sensitive sense of smell is just really bothering me, and he smells like a dirty hippie to me, lmao.  He really is clean, he showers almost every day and brushes his teeth and all that, but I can just *smell him*,  It's weird.  I'm trying to remind myself that it's just pregnancy and it'll even out soon. This has never happened with previous pregnancies.  I'm having to try hard to get "in the mood" because of it, and I can't wait for the end of pregnancy bloodflow to increase in that area.  :D 

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I'm an emotional mess just now. DH sang the wicked witch of the west tune about me tonight and I did not take it well. He's going to have to buy a lot of chocolate to make up for this one. 


Yeah, I'm not holding things together very well. A lot of it is because I'm just feeling so useless just now, so I expect people will hate me or be frustrated with me, so I start acting as if they already are, so then they do become frustrated. sigh. 


I'm feeling SO overwhelmed. I have a lot of things needing done and not enough energy to do them. I have people asking me if they can come and visit, and I keep faffing it off because my house is a mess and I'm just too tired to clean or entertain. I feel like I'm trying to hold the world at bay but it's exhausting me to do so. And I'm too tired to jump back in. 


So I'm yelling one minute and bawling the next. I'm just a mess. Looking very much forward to the amazing 2nd trimester....

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I am grouchy too. I feel bad because my poor kiddos are already getting less of mama because I am so tired and nauseated and then today I kept snapping at them :(  I am going to have to try to not let the preggo grumpies take me over.


I am flying tomorrow, alone with my 2 year old and 4 year old... and my morning sickness. Wish me luck, I am pretty darn nervous. We fly a lot, but this is just not going to be fun. 

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I'm super grouchy.  Dh has been complaining about me not being as on top of the house stuff as usual, and I don't really blame him.  The grocery shopping is totally disorganized.  We make trips like every other day and always forget stuff because I'm just tired and don't have it together enough to make a menu plan and a list to go with it.  Sigh.  And don't even get me started on actual cooking....it's a nightmare.  He is doing alot around here right now, and I really appreciate it.  I just don't appreciated being made to feel useless, even if I kind of am right now.


DS3's night wakings are killing me.  I can't sleep while nursing him anymore, so I just lay there waiting for him to fall asleep so I can pop him off, and half the time he wakes up and gets mad.  Sigh. So irritating.

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How can we make suffering severe morning sickness worse?

Painful cramping! Been going on a few days, is getting worse. I'm not worried about it, but it hurts.
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This is my second pregnancy and it's interesting to see already how different the symptoms are from my first! I've had nausea, but no hardcore morning sickness like I had with my daughter. So far I've only actually vomited twice. I mostly just want to EAT. Constantly! My breasts have went up a cup size and feel really full, though they are more sore around the sides than the nipples. I've been having very, very vivid dreams - a lot of them not very good. I think a lot of them are a play on the worries going through my head throughout the day. But the two worst things I'm dealing with right now are exhaustion and GAS. THE GAS HAS BEEN CONSTANT since I found out a month ago! IT'S RIDICULOUS! 

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MaerynPearl - are you still taking zofran? It really messes with my gut and causes those intense cramps.

Good luck today Stephenie


AFM: I'm starving, but nothing stays down. I am taking zofran (24mg daily) and still struggling, AND get to deal with the cramping and headaches. I am so terrified of being back on the HG train. Going back next week and seeing about adding reglan. 

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Originally Posted by ivymae View Post

MaerynPearl - are you still taking zofran? It really messes with my gut and causes those intense cramps.

yeah, I thought of that as a possible connection but googling yielded no results... if you had the same reaction though that's a good sign that that is the issue.

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Is anyone else finding that their nausea is getting better?  I thought it seemed a little early, but I haven't felt like I was going to vomit since right before Thanksgiving (so just after 8 weeks), and I've slowly felt a little better every day since then.  I still have the super sensitive nose, and food cravings and aversions, but I feel surprisingly mostly normal nausea-wise.  I'm not complaining, but I'm also a little worried.  I'm 9 weeks 4 days now, and I didn't expect this for at least a couple more weeks.

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Is anyone else finding that their nausea is getting better?  I thought it seemed a little early, but I haven't felt like I was going to vomit since right before Thanksgiving (so just after 8 weeks), and I've slowly felt a little better every day since then.  I still have the super sensitive nose, and food cravings and aversions, but I feel surprisingly mostly normal nausea-wise.  I'm not complaining, but I'm also a little worried.  I'm 9 weeks 4 days now, and I didn't expect this for at least a couple more weeks.

No but with my DD1 I started to feel better, then got sick again, then started to feel better, then started to get sick again... it's normal for it to come and go.

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I had nausea from 6-9 wks w/ 1st preg, then from 9-12 wks w/ 2nd preg.  I'm hoping I only have another week or so of it with this one since it started at 6 weeks.  praying.gif


Ok, I was really short with 2 of my kiddos this morning.  :/  They had attitudes with me first, but I know I could have handled it differently if I wasn't dealing w/ pg hormones.  Oops...


Mostly just dealing w/ the sleepiness now.  Can't wait to have energy back.  I'm going to fill my belly with some creamy potato soup, and then sprawl out on the couch and watch football.  Hooray for lazy Sundays.  :)

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I found out this week that a good friend of mine is due just 4 days before me!! :D Hopefully she'll join us over here sometime soon...


Also...I have a wardrobe question:

I'm thinking I'd like some dresses I can wear with various thicker tights...Do I just get a larger size of tights? I don't think I require "maternity" sizes, and even if so, wouldn't just a larger size work, anyway? If I got actual leggings, would those be too big in the legs if I got them a size or two larger than my usual?? Maternity pants are all too big, but regular pants are already uncomfortable and too small. I'd love to bypass the whole pants/jeans issue altogether. I never even considered dresses with my last pregnancy because I was still nursing my #1 & that was too big of a PITA with a dress. Anyone btdt with the dress/tights/leggings thing??

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How about a killer headache?? Anyone else? They are killing me. I know I'm not getting enough water and when I start to, it will help some, but headaches are a normal symptom for me. I just hate them. They are very annoying.

I hope I don't gain 8000 lbs. I'm already overweight and can't believe how hungry I am. I get very nauseous if I don't have something on my stomach. Hopefully this symptom passes quickly.

Despite my complaining, I feel very grateful today. Grateful for this little life inside of me. Grateful for the opportunity to be a mama again. Grateful that I'm almost 8 weeks and still pregnant. I'm praying hard that I get to keep this one.


Raegan~ I LOVE the dress legging/tight idea. I'm thinking that's a great idea. I don't know about the maturnity though. I do think if you just buy a bigger size the legs will be too baggy. I don't know how quickly you show, but I would say you could get away with regular for quite some time.


Leah~ Totally agree with the "Hooray for lazy Sundays!" Now I just wish I had some of your creamy potatoe soup!  Mmmmm!


inkandpaper~ I think it's totally normal too. I will have a pretty good day, then it will come back. Maybe it's just the end of morning sickness for you too! That would be wonderful! :)



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Hi all. I jumped in a few weeks ago but my exhaustion makes me a bit fairweather about contributing much!

Are any of you feeding toddlers?

I'm only just 8 weeks and my 3 year old seems to be weaning. I'm a breastfeeding counsellor and I've read all the science which does not support the theory that milk can dry up. Thus, I suspect that my milk has changed flavour and DS doesn't care for it. He's feeding only at bedtime and some nights, only for 10 seconds on each side. Now when I try to hand express some milk out, there's very little there so I guess the supply is going due to DS being less interested.

Maybe it's unrelated. He is 3, afterall. But I feel really sad about it. And I never thought it would happen either. This kid has always been rabid about the boob and only 3 months ago was feeding like a newborn!
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