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los angeles hospital natural births?

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im 5 weeks with my 2nd right now and have just moved to LA from chicago.  im wondering if anyone could give me their experience on natural or intervened births and at what hospitals with what docs/midwives?  im in pasadena, but it looks like we might have to travel a bit for the right place/doc/midwife/  


i would love to homebirth, but financially it's just not in the cards right now unfortunately.  thank you!

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I've had three natural births in different hospitals in Southern CA.  The very best hospital was actually Ventura County Medical Center.  You are encouraged to eat and drink in labor, walk, pain meds are not offered, etc.  That may be too far of a drive for you though while in labor.


Other than that I can only say that I do NOT recommend California Hospital Medical Center in downtown LA.  Nothing about my experience there was positive or natural birth friendly.


Natural birth in Southern CA is rough if you can't afford some of the very expensive midwives.  I have heard good things about the midwives at both UCLA and USC, but I have no personal experience to back it up.  Neither would take my insurance and both were rude about it on the phone.


Hope you can find somewhere great. :)

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I had a natural birth at Loma Linda Medical Center, if you want to go for a drive.  I was origionally supposed to deliver at whittier presbyterian in LA county but they didn't have a level III NICU and i had a lot of complications.  My OB insisted that i had to have a c-section and that i wouldn't be able to breast feed... at the very end, around 36 weeks I moved to the inland empire and finished up at the LLMC's high risk clinic with a WONDERFUL OB who respected my desire to have a natural birth and breastfeed.  turns out the complications would not hinder this and i was able to do everything I wanted.  Even when I was frustrated with breastfeeding in the beginning, they strongly encouraged me and went to great lengths to help me out in any way possible so that i wouldnt give up. 


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Midwives at UCLA practice as part of a larger OB/GYN practice. TIf I recall, their natural rate is about 40% and the OB "natural rate" is zero. That said, their patients have a very high rate of vaginal delivery like 90% or so.


I delivered with them and had very good care with a complicated labor. Did, amazingly have a vaginal birth, although I ended up with an epi that I am grateful. Would have ended up with a csection otherwise. I was with them with my second babe but had an accidental homebirth instead.

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Dr. Mark Dwight, and to a slightly lesser degree, the other doctors at Spectrum Womens Health are supportive of natural birth. They deliver at Good Sam, which is downtown. My first I delivered there completely naturally -- no IV, labored in the shower, could eat/drink if I wanted to. Due to complications, I did have a hep-lock with my second, but still was in the shower, on the bouncy ball, etc.


Good luck finding the right place!



p.s. Here's the link:


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