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*~*~*Official July 2012 Roster*~*~

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Welcome July 2012 Mamas!!

Congratulations on your pregnancies! Here's wishing everyone a happy and healthy nine months!! Anyone is welcome to join anytime. We can continue to add info such as  gender if/when we find out! I will also add babies as they are born with names, date, weight, etc!

Congrats again mamas!!


~~Early July~~

June 28th:Nicole730~Baby #3~Homebirth

June 28th:  Lovin_Life~Baby #3~Homebirth

June 30th: JoyfamMama~Baby #3~VBAC2C

Early July: Charliemae~Baby #1~Homebirth
Early to Mid July: smilingmama23~baby#2~Homebirth

July: BeachLove~Baby #2~Birth Center
1st: DeltaWife~Baby #1~ Birth Center

2nd: doularebeckah~Baby #1~Homebirth
2nd: LamisDove~bABY #2~Homebirth

4th: inkandpaper~Baby #1~Homebirth or Birth Center
4th: maxnmaizy~Baby #3~Homebirth

4th: Mamja~Baby #3~Hospital
4th: Jodie~Baby #3~Homebirth

4th: Love2bemommy~Baby #7~Homebirth
5th: BigmamaBear~Baby #7~Not sure yet
6th: sadhanamama~Baby #1~Homebirth

7th: MaryLang~Baby #6~Hospital
7th: Flomomma~Baby #2~Hospital Birthing Center

7th: triple07~Baby #3~Not sure yet

7th: Polly67~Baby #2and3~Not sure yet TWINS!!

7th: Kmoon~Baby #1

8th: SamsMuffin~Baby #3~Homebirth

9th: ThreeLittleBirds~Baby #3~Unassisted Homebirth

9th: ibkw~Baby #3~Hospital VBAC
9th: reelala~Baby #1~ Hospital Birthing Center
9th: GoofyinOK~Baby #1~Homebirth

9th: talk de jour~Baby #1~Hospital

9th: ModestMothering~Baby #1~Homebirth

10th: WendyJo410~Baby #2~Homebirth
10th: ms.shell~Baby #3~Not sure yet
10th: Alex424~Baby #3~Not sure yet
10th:sjdragonfly~Baby #1~Hospital Birthing Center
10th: blumooned~Baby #2~Hospital


~~Mid July~~

Mid July: nicolemarie~baby #2~Hospital
Mid July: always hope~Baby #2~HBAC

Mid July: otheramerica~Baby #3~ Birth Center

11th: MaerynPearl~Baby #4~Homebirth
11th: eireann

12th:beccabus~Baby #3~Hospital VBAC
12th: Mom2a4Rashelle~Baby #5~ Homebirth

12th: DecemberSun~Baby#3~Homebirth

12th: stegenrae~Baby #3~Homebirth
12th: scowgirl~Baby #1~Hospital Birthing Center

12th: craft_media_hero~Baby #3~Homebirth
12th: Shinyredstar~Baby #4~Hospital

13th: LuvlyMom2Be~Baby #1~Not sure yet

13th; abeautifullove~Baby #3~Homebirth

14th: Schneckennudel~Baby #2~Homebirth
14th: tolovemercy~Baby #4~Homebirth

15th: LindyGirl~Baby #5~Homebirth

15th: th1021~ Baby #1~Hospital

15th: angelpie545~Baby #4~Homebirth

16th: forestdweller~Baby #2~Hospital
16th:Bryton~Baby #4~ Homebirth

16th: mamaladd~Baby #2~Homebirth

16th: sojourner~Baby #3~Homebirth

17th: thatgirliknew~Baby #3~Homebirth
17th: orandalady~Baby #2~Hospital Birthing Center

17th: luckymommy07~Baby #3~Home or Hospital

18th: Choaners~Baby #2~Hospital

18th: DeepLove~Baby #3~Hospital
18th: Iowa~Baby #2~hospital
18th: Ruth13L~Baby #1~Hospital
18th: Chic_Mama~Baby #3~homebirth

19th: diana_of_the_dunes~Baby #2~Hospital

19th:ivymae~Baby #4~Homebirth


~~Late July~~

Late July: rsps~Baby #3~Hospital

20th: XanaduMama~Baby #3~Homebirth
21st: cgknit~Baby #3~Hospital

21st: curransmama~Baby #3~Homebirth
21st: lisarenee25~Baby #3
21st: thearrys~Baby #2~Hospital VBAC
22nd; sylvermama~Baby #5~Homebirth
22nd: trauerweidchen~Baby #2~Homebirth

23rd; adventuremom~Baby #3~ Hospital

23rd: Jula~Baby #1~Hospital
23rd: pagoda24~baby #2~Homebirth

24th; Cczar~Baby #3~Not sure yet

24th: devasma~Baby #3~Homebirth
25th: deoborahbgkelly~Baby #1 and 2~Hospital TWINS!!
26th: Stephenie~Baby #3~Homebirth
26th: Patches~Baby #3~Hospital
26th: kimmom~Baby #6~Just go with the flow :)
27th: littleBirdy~Baby #2~Homebirth
27th: lactomom~Baby #3~Homebirth

27th: Kinza~Baby #1 and 2~Birth Center TWINS!!

28th: Belia~Baby #2~Hospital
30th: blessedbymore~Baby #6~Not sure yet
August 1st: Love Wins~Baby #2~Hospital


~~In Our Hearts~~






Please let me know if I've made mistakes, left anyone out, or if any of your info changes. Just post to this thread and I will try to stay on top of it.

Edited by AmBam - 1/3/12 at 6:35am
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Thanks for doing this! :D

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You're amazing, AmBam!  Thank you.  :)

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Wow, thanks!

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Wow! That must have taken a lot of work! Thank you

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One more, me.


This is baby #3 for me.  Due date?  No clue.  Technically July 21st - however, I think there is something weird about my body.





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Wow!!!!  That's awesome!! :)  Good work!!


Can you move my date to July 12th? And add a hospital VBAC :)  Thank you!!!!

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Updated to here!


Thanks ladies! The worst of it was that dh closed it out when I had it about half done, so I had to start all the way over! Owell, its there now and will be fun to add things as we progress!

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Hi- Could you add me to the list?  I updated on the other one but I'm not sure if you're still cross-checking.


Due July 28 with #2.  Will birth in a hospital.


Thank you!

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AmBam-  Thank you SO MUCH for this awesome list!  You are awesome.  :)


I have a teensy change, too, if it's not too much trouble.  I've decided to home birth instead of the birth center.  Woo hoo!!!



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I've been lurking on and off, and thought I'd actually join the roster! I don't post much on MDC anymore, but I remember my DDC from my first pregnancy with fondness, so here goes.


EDD is July 22 based on ovulation/conception (I was charting). We are planning another home birth, if all goes well, and even hope to have the same midwife we had with our first, though we are starting prenatal care with a different midwife because we're currently living in a different state. It's going to be a busy 7 1/2 months!

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Thanks for the list!


Could you add me?


July 27, Babies 1 and 2, birth center.



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Updated to here!


Congrats mamas! Two sets of twins! How exciting! :)

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Updated from the original July 2012 thread!


Three sets of twins now!! I'm secretly hoping I have two babies in there too!


Congrats everyone!

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Originally Posted by AmBam View Post

Updated from the original July 2012 thread!


Three sets of twins now!! I'm secretly hoping I have two babies in there too!


Congrats everyone!

I always secretly hope that too.

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duh.gif goodness, I've forgotten all about this ddc! I've been so incredibly busy lately.


I have a tentative dd of July 9th and it will be a hospital birth.

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Originally Posted by AmBam View Post


I'm secretly hoping I have two babies in there too!


I very much hope not for myself... but I'm pretty confident there's only one in there, despite having a high risk of fraternal twins. Only find one baby on doppler.

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Oh goodness, I hope it's not twins for me! Haven't had a doppler or anything yet, just a physical exam, so we don't know yet lol.gif

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Wow!  Great work!  I have an update for mine - early ultrasound for dating purposes moved due date to July 8th and we've settled on another homebirth.

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So I had an u/s and found out I am 11 weeks 2 days! I though I was 9 1/2 weeks so it looks like I was already pg when we decided to "try". I don't have normal cycles so I thought I had O pain but it must have been stretching! 


Please change my EDD to June 28th!


We also found our midwives for our first HBAC. So excited!

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