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Hello everyone.  Looks like I'm due at the end of July.  We're a little freaked out since we weren't trying, and our other kids are 11 and 13.  It will be a hospital birth. 

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I'm July 23 with #3 and Hospital birth.  Hello to all and congratulations!

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Could you amend mine?  It's Baby #3, not 1, for me :)  Thx for doing the list!

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Could you please add me?


Due July 17, Baby #2, Hospital Birthing Center




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Hi everyone,


I've read these forums here at mothering since I was pregnant with my first, but don't post much.  I think this time around I'd like to be more involved though!

Could you add me in?


EDD July 16th with number 2.  Planning a homebirth with the same midwives we had first time around!

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I'm new.  "July 9 ~ ModestMothering ~ Baby #1 ~ Homebirth"

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This is baby #3 for me and we are planning another home birth, guess date is July 13 , but we haven't seen anyone since we moved so of course that could change once we find another midwife lol, but it's no matter!

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July 11th :)

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 This is my 4th baby, and I'm due July 15th.  Hoping for a sticky after some issues with subchorionic hemmorhage, which looks like it's resolving itself.  So far, HB looks good on the scans. :)

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New to the group! Was recommended by a friend after I had a bad experience on another websites group. My name is Kayla and am due on July 7th, 2012! My husband and I were married on 10-04-2011, talk about surprise!

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I'll join! This is baby #3 for me. I'm due July 16th and planning another homebirth.

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We are updated to here. Congrats to all the new mamas joining us! Let me know if there are mistakes!

Sorry I'm so slow!

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Hi all.  I'm fairly new, but I belong here!  I'm expecting #1 on July 1st, 2012.  DH and I are thrilled (this is a Clomid baby). 

Right now, we're planning on a birth center birth for our first - wish us luck!  We're not planning on finding out the gender - we want to be surprised. 



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I noticed you have an extra o between the e and b of my name. Otherwise, all is well!

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Hi there! Kind of new here, but I'd like to join! Expecting #4 on July 12th, hospital birth because it's a high risk pregnancy this time around. Yucko.
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*bump*  To bad we can't sticky this. 


Can you change me to just "early July". 


I'm the 4th by LMP, the 7th by suspected ovulation, and the 9th with my midwives dizzy.gif.  So I'm streamlining to early July and accepting that babies don't come on due dates most of the time anyways.  

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I will make the changes!

And Charliemae, we are stickied! Look at the very, very top of all the threads...You'll see us there! :)

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Oh gees, it is right there! duh.gif


Thank you

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My due date is July 2nd. Took me a while to find this DDC. Kept wondering why there wasn't one passed April. smile.gif This is my second. Having a homebirth.

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I'm lurking right now but was wondering if I could be added to the list as well? We're expecting #3 on July 17th. I'm hoping to talk DH into a homebirth but it will probably be a hospital one this time around. =(

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