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Updated to here ladies. If someone would like to take over this thread since I'm out, I would appreciate it. You can just contact the mod to see about how to change it. Thanks and good luck mamas!!

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I don't know if anyone's taken over adding names yet, but you can add me! Thanks!
Early to mid July, not sure yet! - Baby #3 - Birth Center? Hopefully!
You'd think I'd have some of this straightened out by now, right? lol

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Whenever changes are made, could you please remove me from the list (12th)

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I am having trouble figuring out how to contact the mods, but would be happy to take over. I'm sure it is simple to contact them, but my brain just isn't processing it.

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I think someone already took it over by starting a new post.

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Yeah. I saw it after I posted.

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Hi Mamas,  Time to join in too.


I'm expecting Daughter #4 around July 15th. She was a big surprise, thought I was protected by my IUD.......  First trimester was a big crisis, husband freaked out,overwhelming etc.  but things are settling down and I am enjoying this pregnancy.


I will be 42 when this baby is born and never thought I would be expecting a newborn at this point in my life LOL but the pregnancy is going great.


I have 3 older daughters who will be 10, 8, and 5 when baby comes and they are really excited, so that brings us a lot of joy. They are excited for a homebirth and a newborn to fuss over.


It's been fun reading the DDC posts :)



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Can you add me? We're expecting our first on July 8th! It'll be a hospital birth, with a midwife. Thanks! joy.gif

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i'm confused, how come there are two "official july 2012 rosters"? 

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Hsquared - this is the old one.  AmBam (who was managing this thread) had a miscarriage, so MaerynPearl started a new one.

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