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Maternity Clothes

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Here we can talk about all things that will cover our bump!


Last pregnancy I started wearing maternity clothes around 8 weeks. My jeans were already getting tight and it felt better to wear maternity jeans. I was really looking forward to wearing maternity clothes too! shy.gif I wanted people to know I had a bump! I tried the belly bands, but they didn't seem comfortable to me. How about ya'll? When did you or when do you expect to start wearing maternity clothes?


I like to shop at Motherhood, but they can be a little expensive. I found a few summer tops on sale the other day so I picked those up. I've also been watching Zulilly and Totsy for maternity deals. Where do ya'll like to shop?

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Last pregnancy I never wore maternity pants-- I just wore yoga pants under my belly. I plan to do the same this time! lol.gif

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I'm embarrassed to say that at 4.5 weeks, I already had to go buy maternity. But it's not so much that I'm showing (although I am extra bloated). It's because I gave away all my old jeans this summer, in plans to get new jeans for this fall/winter. I literally kept one pair. Ack! So I'm not going to go buy a bunch of regular jeans. I broke down and bought one pair from Motherhood yesterday. They are comfy and look nice. I'll prob. buy 1-2 more pairs of jean style pants. But then I'm with CM on yoga pants. I also really like dresses and skirts in general. So I may just do the elastic waist band style of clothing to get me through and layer under dresses and leggings under skirts.  I did also buy two shirts at Motherhood, but they are easily worn as non maternity.


I'm actually really excited about maternity winter wear. I've never been pregnant in full on winter. Although I have a Jan. 1 baby, it doesn't get that cold and stay cold in Mississippi until January. My other baby was born in Sept, so I was only early pregnant in winter. This time I'll be several months pregnant by the time it's really cold and I'll certainly have a bump during that time. So bring on the cute winter maternity sweaters and such. smile.gif

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I have gotten several cute things in the past from Old Navy maternity. Target is really hit or miss IMO.

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I live in a really horrible place for maternity clothes as I discovered in my first pregnancy. We have one tiny Destination Maternity, Target (hit or miss), Kohl's (too expensive and sizes are too small), JC Penny (miniature selection), and the expensive department stores which don't carry anything in my size. That's literally it. None of the Old Navys have maternity. I made do with borrowed things and some clearance finds. And big t-shirts from Hot Topic.
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I'm excited to pull out all the things I shoved to the back of the closet after someone asked "Are you pregnant??" when I wore them. (Nope, not pregnant, just fat. And struggling to get pregnant, so thanks for the reminder about that and for commenting on my body, rude person... is what I wanted to say, but I usually just said No and changed the subject). I also just bought a couple regular scoop neck tshirts at Old Navy (for $5 each, love a bargain!) that are tunic-shaped so they will accommodate a bigger belly than I already have. I only wear 2 pairs of pants (for wearing outside the house) anyway, and most of my skirts & dresses are knit, so I should be fine for awhile. 

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I'm dying to know people's opinion about belly bands. My best friend loved them. Anyone here used them?



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I never used one while pregnant but I started using it after I had the baby, and I still use it.  My belly tends to hand down over my waistband and shirts don't cover it well.  I use the band to cover it up in case I raise my arms and my shirt rides up.  It also keeps me from showing plumber's crack.

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What I want more than anything is one if those pseudo-girdle things you wear after the baby comes to suck everything back in.
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i wrapped after the first one (the psuedo-girdle thing) and, although i have nothing to compare it to, i'm pretty sure it did something.  at the very least, it kept me from feeling like everything was just all jello-flopping around all the time.  it really did seem to tuck everything back in quite quickly.  (at least, as far as it was ever going to go...the lower belly situation remains a little messy to this day, but i think that was unavoidable.)

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What did you use, just bandages or somethig more?
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I want one of those wrap things too - I just got a fit pregnancy magazine and they had two to choose from. I'm getting one of them. What did you use Blueviolet?


I ordered a cute coat and sweater from Old Navy for under $40 when they had their 30% off sale last week. But I'm dying to have some cute clothes while preggers so I don't feel like a fat cow. I need recommendations.

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post

What I want more than anything is one if those pseudo-girdle things you wear after the baby comes to suck everything back in.

I'm not sure what you are talking about but I'm interested! Do you have a link?


I tried using the belly bands, but I didn't like them. They didn't help hold my pants up and it always moved and scrunched up  (and down) around my belly button.

What style of maternity top on pants do you all prefer? I think they are called: under belly, mid belly, or secret fit.

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Given that I tend to just wear yoga pants, under the belly for sure for me!


Basically it's a wrap that holds your belly in after you have the baby. Since your internal organs actually do shift around, and many women suffer from ab muscles separating, it can help move everything back into place. This is one that I have heard about, but I am interested in a DIY solution so I don't have to spend over $50 for it!

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i got one for around $20(?) on amazon.  it was not specifically designed for post-pregnancy.  more for general surgical recovery, but it was exactly the same thing.  just like everything else, if it's marketed to pregnant women, they jack up the price.  so this was a cheaper solution.  i'll try and find a link for it or something similar.  it was cheap but it was STRONG.  basically, it should feel a little uncomfortable or it's not tight enough.

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I broke down and bought some summer maternity stuff on clearance from ON/Gap. I don't really have much summer maternity bottoms anymore, since my youngest was a winter pregnancy. I may have to buy some maternity jeans if I show early. I'm hoping the friend whom I've loaned maternity clothing to in the past will return the favor and loan me some jeans so I don't have to buy any!

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post

What I want more than anything is one if those pseudo-girdle things you wear after the baby comes to suck everything back in.


I wrapped after my last and there was a HUGE difference... :) I will do so again after this one! It really helped pull everything in... and in my opinion it's silly to spend a fortune on the expensive brand name binders. I used a $10 cheapie for abdominal surgery and had wonderful results.


I'm surprised I'm not popping out already... usually I get a positive and can't button my pants but I've lost so much weight recently that all of my pants are still big on me. I have a couple pairs of mat pants when regular pants become uncomfortable. I don't think I'll be getting anything new until later on down the road... with both of my daughters I went through all the sizes sm - lg lol Buying clothes that fit me was a terrible PITA.

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I love Gap maternity and love Old Navy.  I also like Target for some things.  I've also bought quite a few things second hand - so I've got some sheeshy brand-name stuff that I love and paid pennies for.  


I tend to like under the belly for the most part, but then, when I get gargantuan, I do like the full, over the belly pants, especially for anything fancy - it just smooths everything out and I don't have to yank the pants up.  I have one pair of very dark blue skinny legged jeans that have a full belly panel and I love how they fit!  


I've never tried that belly band post-partum - I'll have to look into it!  Sounds great!  I pretty much still have my waist after two kids, but I can tell I've had kids when I bend over and my skin sags together :).  I'm sure #3 is going to feel different because I'm not getting any younger!  


I think I switched to full maternity around 14-15 weeks with my last pregnancy.  I hope that's the case this time, because I'm traveling abroad until 14 weeks and I don't want to haul around two wardrobes.  I'll be bringing the yoga pants, just in case though!  Being newly prego during the holidays is sure to bring on the weight gain a bit faster than I'd like! ;) 



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I used belly bands a lot last time. They worked well for me. I had a things from Motherhood Maternity, Gap, and Pea in the Pod (for dressier stuff). Mostly I wore a lot of stretchy regular clothes - Old Navy worked really well for me. I prefered full belly jeans pretty much exclusively, they felt comfortable and I didn't worry about the falling off (I have no butt or hips to hold anything up)
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I've been browsing JCpenny this morning. Found several things I like at good prices.

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