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Do you avoid soy? for yourself? or your kids?

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I stopped eating soy when I was pregnant with #2 (Midwife's suggestion plus read some compelling literature at the time.  My question is should I only avoid while pregnant? I have been avoiding with the occasional edamame or tofu dish. I have been restrictive for my kids, but they are suddenly very much into tofu dogs and I am not sure if it is ok for them to have them everyday or just occasionally.  Plus, sometimes they want to eat bars with soy or other packaged food.  What do you wise mamas do?


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Avoid soy at all cost.  Over 90% of all soy found in processed foods is GMO Monsanto soy.  Even if its 100% organic soy, soy is horribly digested, and the manufacturing process of tofu is really disgusting.  I can't believe it is still even on the shelves of health food stores.  The only acceptable form of soy is from organic fermented soy as in Miso or perhaps Tempeh.  For more detailed info about the tragic health consequences of eating soy check out dr. Mercola's website which goes into the details and the scientific studies done in regards to eating soy. 

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We try to keep our soy intake to a minimal. I have heard different things about overly-processed soy and how soy is mucous forming.

But my kiddo eats tofu. She loves it and it is a good protein for her. Other then that we buy very little processed food (so no soy lec.)

and we drink rice milk, coconut milk, or almond.


Interested to hear others opinions on soy too.

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I"m dariy and soy free right now due to my 7mo intolerance to them.  I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I tried some soybean oil this past week to test my son and I have felt awful ever since; tired, irritable and constipated with gastrointestinal issues.  I always thought soy was such a great food and my MIL eats it every day but after being on this diet there is no way I will every eat as much as I did before (although since most of it is hidden I had no clue I was eating so much).  That being said, I love Chinese food and I will eat it again, but not nearly as much as I did in the past.

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We are soy free and have been for years.  I say soy free, but I do keep organic tamari in the house, which is naturally fermented.  I haven't found a good replacement for it in a few places, although I can replace it in many.  I'm an avid label reader, and the only soy I "allow" (because it's bloody difficult to avoid) is lecithin.  Soy is prevalent in an abundance of packaged foods, and hides often in places you wouldn't expect it.  From vegetable protein isolate to vegetable oil to lecithin, it's all soy.  A person who eats even 2 servings of convenience foods a day is likely getting far more soy in their diet than they realize.  And if you eat grocery store meat, you're even getting it there, since pretty much all feedlot animals are fed soy. 


As for prepared/packaged foods, it comes down to label reading and making choices.  I do buy a few convenience foods (granola bars, crackers, cereal), but they have to be gluten and soy free.  It can be done, but it requires reading a LOT of labels, and maybe shopping around.  A lot of things I've learned to do without, or make versions with safe ingredients. 


And we don't do fake meats at all.  Unless you're veg, I don't see the point.  Find a brand of hot dogs with ingredients you can live with.  If you're into ethical husbandry, or really wanting to avoid soy, there are brands that use pastured meats - you will obviously be paying for it, but they will be truly soy free. 


In my house, the one big exception to the soy ban is DS' formula, and that's just because I can't find a soy-free brand anywhere.  They all have it (soy oil).  I've been trying to wean him for over a year, and only in the last week has he started drinking cow's milk willingly.  With luck the formula will be gone in another month. 

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We do eat tofu on occasion - I love the panang curry tofu at our favorite thai restaurant. But I do not get into "fake" soy stuff like soymilk or hotdogs etc. I guess my general rule is that I dont eat soy stuff any more than I would the non-soy alternative.
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We avoid soy also! Very hard to do, but it can be done! All soy,whether organic or not, is an endocrine disrupter in the body. Bad enough for adults, even worse for growing kiddos!

Just in case you didn't know... What's worse is that non-organic soy, usually in the form of lethicin, is allowed in organic foods. The label must specifically say 'organic soy lethicin' for it to not be conventional. Scary stuff!

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We avoid soy for the most part. We still use Brag's occasionally, though. We very rarely eat packaged foods, so it hasn't been difficult. I make snack foods to bring with us when we're out or when we just want a quick snack (like Lara Bar type things, roasted chick peas, snack mix, et cetera), or just pack some fresh fruit and nuts (both kids will eat their weight in berries) so that we don't end up in the position of having to buy convenience foods.

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I have a severe soy allergy and am contact reactive.  Needless to say, our household is strictly soy-free.  No soy derivatives, no soy products, nothing.


DS and DH can have it outside the home if they don't plan on touching me or kissing me for several hours.  Needless to say, they typically avoid it, too.


We use South River Miso's chickpea or adzuki miso tamari (GF and soy-free).  Coconut aminos are another option for us.

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No,  we don't avoid soy. We live in Hong Kong and eat it fairly often. Mainly soy-based sauces + tofu about once a week. Sometimes DS likes to drink a soy-based drink called "Vita-soy". Every once and while DH and I like to have fresh soy milk, especially warm and sweet in the winter. We haven't experienced any problems with it.


My sister who lives in the USA had to avoid soy for over a year while she was nursing, because it upset her child's digestion. It was quite hard for her, but she managed it. The child outgrew the soy issue and seems to eat tofu without problems now.

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We don't avoid it, but we eat tofu and edamame mainly, also soy sauce, and not fake meat.

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I grew up eating meals with tofu and soy sauce on a regular basis (probably 2 or 3 times a week). Older family members recall having to make their own tofu because it wasn't sold in any stores "back in the day". I didn't eat tofu for years because I didn't like the texture. We eat soy (tofu, soy sauce, edamame - no fake meat) now, but as in all things, moderation..... 

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I halfway avoid a lot of things and soy is on the list. I am not at all strict about it and will enjoy some tofu from time to time and one of my kids likes veggie dogs as well although she is not a vegetarian. I have a well-managed thyroid condition and soy is not good for the thyroid so I try not to overdo it. I also try to go "lite" on gluten and dairy. We also don't eat a ton of meat and were fairly vegetarian (except for fish) for awhile. I cook the occasional chicken tenders or chicken breast, but I don't do whole animals. I do cook seafood. 


I would rather have a Larabar over a Cliff bar, but I decided not to worry about it too much. I do feel better off gluten, but a sandwich with friends and family every now and then is not going to kill me. So, I try not to base my diet around soy or dairy or gluten or meat, but I do indulge in all of those things occasionally. Fruits and veggies are tops in my book!

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My family and I are vegan so we don't avoid soy since it's a key ingredient in a lot of what we eat but we only try to eat it 3 times a week because to much soy is not good. We turn to things like beans and tempeh as well! 

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We don't avoid soy, just consume in moderation. Probably 4 times a week at most. We're vegetarian eat.gif

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I try to avoid it as best I can.  We still have soy sauce in occasional recipes and it sneaks in with various convenience foods (to keep on hand for my own sanity), but I still try to avoid it.  First, because of GMO.  Second, because thyroid issues are huge in my family.  I'd like to keep my thyroid limping along as best I can without having to resort to meds that I'd be on for the rest of my life.  Third, yeah, our local grassfed beef just sounds/tastes better than any locally available tofu.  Those are just my own personal reasons - I know other folks adore their soy, and none of my own concerns faze them.  :)

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