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Baby bumps from "half way" through the end

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Since we're all moving, and the thread was getting really long anyway, I thought we'd break the baby bumps thread into two...the first half of pregnancy on the old board, the second half on this board. So, any interesting bump pics recently??? I know I saw some great ones of Wendybird....maybe she'll post them...and who else?

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23 weeks







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Your bumps look fantastic! I'm jealous. I still have rolls. 


Courtney your baby girl hugging your legs is ADORABLE! Cute cute cute!

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Zuzu, what are you measuring? I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and measuring 28-30. I plan to post my hugeness tomorrow.

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i love baby bumps!

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Ashley, I'm 23 today also, and measuring 30...so pretty much the same...I know with me it just seems to all be sticking right out front (normally I grow more side to side, but not this time).

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you said you have a shorter torso too right? that would make sense...and I LOVE all out in front bellies!

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My midwife said that I was carrying more narrowly, so all out in front, rather than to the sides. Which could explain why I had that big jump. I will definitely be posting a pic today. Brande, I wish we could do a side by side (in person) comparison; I wonder which of us is actually bigger!


For the record, I'm 5'3" but with a longer torso for a short body, and this is my 2nd kiddo.

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Yeah, I'm 5'4" but with longer legs and a shorter torso (although I'm not so sure it's really short, so much that it looks short because I'm high waisted and my waist and my chest seem to blend together because of chest size).


Heck, we're only about 6 hours away...it would be doable if we met in Gary, IN or something LOL

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I'll be in Chicago over the holiday... :)


My body shape is kind of odd. I'm short, but back when I was thin me and my runway model (for realz) friend could share shirts no problem. I'm fairly hourglass but fat, which is also fun. I like my body but finding clothes to fit it is always interesting. Reasons why I'm getting more and more into sewing.

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19 weeks and 4 days-Thanksgiving.png






This is me at 19 weeks and 4 days, on Thanksgiving day. I felt horrible but I still went ahead and got this pic. This was the week that Eleanor really popped!


I will probably take some more today for fun. :)

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23 weeks.JPG


Me about 10 minutes ago, 23 weeks and measuring ~30.


Also, cuz I'm a nerd 100_3522.JPG


Look! I haz long curly hair! I'm transitioning to completely natural hair care and happen to think my curls look amazing, and I wanna show off :)

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Wow Ashley, you look great! I wish my curls would curl again (looked like Shirley Temple as a kid LOL), but the ends are so damaged it just frizzes :p

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Ashley, so cute! I love love love the curls! I'm one of those girls who could only achieve that with a perm. 

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Thanks! With my new care routine my hair has been curling tighter than it has since I was a little girl, and I love it. But I've been pretty anal and vain about hair care for a long time and I do just about everything I can to protect my ends. There's all sorts of info out there about preventing split ends and hair damage, and I baby my hair. Back when i didn't it was a giant frizzy mess.

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Ashley your hair is beautiful! I don't often see curly hair that long. I would be vain and anal too if it would give me hair like that :)

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19 weeks


I love all the beautiful bellies!

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wendybird- Now I want to see a pic of your tats smile.gif

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I finally figured out how the webcam works!Photo on 2011-12-04 at 14.30 #4.jpg

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