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Kate, I totally have bunny ears from my last pregnancy :)


40 weeks.JPG


40 weeks (in 5 hours)

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Everyone looks so cute!

 Alethia- You always look so happy!

Kate- That is so interesting! I have stretch marks on my tummy already from some weight gain so I actually haven't taken any uncovered belly pictures yet. But yours look rather light, they aren't bright pink like mine are. My best friend's stomach looks like a toilet bowl flushing, and that is her description, not mine. I don't think she used any vitamin E oil or cocoa butter.


Here is my DSS and I last Sunday at 37 weeks. I had irregular contractions for about 7 hours that day, hence the pjs. I told DH and his response was to burn the brush pile in the backyard. So manly! lol.



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Everyone looks so round and beautiful! 


Here is my latest, from a trip we took last week (our last trip as a family of two!)...I'm between 35 and 36 weeks here, really rockin' the maternity jeans style...lol


35-36 weeks.jpg

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39 weeks!







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37 weeks.

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37 weeks.Definately feeling it!!!

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38 weeks 3 days


38 weeks 3 days.jpg

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Here i am, 38 weeks! you all look so awesome ! love the big bellies!

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I just had my blessingway yesterday, at 37 weeks. I'd love to share some pics of my belly and the beautiful henna that now adorns it. The phoenix bird represents me (quite literally since that's my name), the dragon is DH and the tree is the baby, with the lotus flower representing my body opening and blossoming in birth. The birthing necklace we made from beads sent and contributed by family and friends near and far (most live very far from Australia) so I will have their blessings with me when I labor and birth.


37 weeks 1.jpghenna belly 37 weeks for mdc.jpg

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chapluqa, how wonderful!  Love the henna, its beautiful.  


Everyone looks beautiful!  So fun to see so many babies in bellies!  

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Love the henna!  I was supposed to do that, but it fell through.  :(


Here's me at 39 weeks.


Photo on 2012-04-08 at 13.05 #5.jpg


Photo on 2012-04-08 at 13.09 #3.jpg

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40 weeks, hopefully this is my last pic!!

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39 Weeks...


39 Weeks

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39 weeks 5 days. Just in case I don't make it to exactly 40 weeks (yeah right) I took another baby bump photo. I hope I don't offend anyone with my skivvies...none of my maternity clothes fit anymore. Seriously.


39 weeks (Medium).jpg

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Everyone looks adorable and ready to have babies!


Saudade- No offense taken, dear.  I stayed inside and wore my nursing gowns that were big and roomy for the last two weeks. I hope your little girl is ready to see the world soon!

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saudade- offended?  are you kidding?  i might have to strip down to my skivvies today, too.  I'm so tired of nothing fitting.  maybe i'll just wear a bed blanket around the house.

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Sooo cute Saudade!

Here's me on the eve of 39 weeks smile.gif

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My henna belly- It's our tree of life:) I have all of my immediate family's horoscope symbols hidden in the branches with my little Aries(if this kid decides to come out before it changes over to Taurus!!!) symbol in the middle. This was done at my blessingway last week.






This was taken 5 days ago at 39w. I can't believe that I'll probably be taking a 40w shot in 2 days...sigh~




Beautiful bellies everyone!!!!

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Tula, that's beautiful! 


It's so fun to see everyone's bellies, at their biggest!

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