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It's the same here.  She's obsessed with the "meek"s and always wants to be grabbing them, especially in bed.  We're working on that.  In the tub or something she'll latch on for half a second and pop off.  Doesn't seem bothered by it, though.  I'm all for tandeming if it's something she wants.  I feel like if I allow it, she won't see the baby as an interloper stealing her milks.  And in all likelihood, she's the type of kid that if I don't make a big deal of something, she loses interest.

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We are still going strong on the nursing here.  A few months ago, it looked like my daughter might self-wean as she was definitely loosing interest.  But then I started working like crazy and she got seriously reattached to "momma's milk" as she calls nursing.  She usually nurses in the evening before she goes upstairs to get ready for bed and a long session when she wakes up in the morning that can last 30min-1hour, which is a bit tough on my body and usually leads to tons of contractions.  And when I'm home, she nurses a few other  times during the day as well.  I'm definitely assuming we'll tandem here.


I'm a bit nervous about the whole tandem thing though.  I think mostly because my husband, who thought we should have weaned DD as soon as I got pregnant, thinks it is going to be disasterous and the cause of all sorts of sibling rivalry, so I feel a lot of pressure to prove him wrong as it were. It seems as least as likely to help matters as hurt to me.  But I guess we will see.  In any event, whatever happens I'm actually really glad that with all these changes happening (including starting preschool in two weeks, yikes!), DD has one source of comfort that will remain constant.


I do think I need to work on being better about telling her not now, when it  really isn't a good time, and probably in cutting the morning session a bit, since both things willl likely need to happen once the baby comes.


And one practical issues has me worried, which is what happens during those first few days after the baby is born before the milk comes in.  Does anyone know if it okay for DD to nurse, or will that adversely affect how much colustrum the new baby is getting?  I certainly don't want to do anything that will be harmful for the new baby, but it also seems like a terrible time to deny DD.  I had a huge oversupply last time, so once the milk comes in, I have a feeling there will be more than enough for everyone. 

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I'll only feed the older ones once new baby gets his/her share. That way I don't have to worry about it too much. Milk production is constant, so it's not like there's a limited store of colostrum that will run out, but it can take a while to replenish.
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