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Texasfarmom- It really isn't as painful as you think it's going to be. At least, it wasn't for me. I was really dreading nightweaning (my son is 2 1/2). He also co-sleeps with us and I was the one who consoled him all night. So, here's what I did. He'd breastfeed to sleep and when he woke up he would cry for milk, but I knew he really had to pee. I'd put him on the potty, he'd pee and then usually go to back to bed. If he didn't, he'd cry. The first night, he probably cried for about 1/2 hour. The second night it was maybe 15 minutes, 5 minutes the third night and virtually not at all by the end of a week. Anytime he'd wake up and want to nurse, I'd remind him that we would nurse in the morning but that I was there to cuddle. I'd also offer water. I mean, it's not easy, but it's not meant to be. I would also explain that there would be more milk in the morning if he waited (which was true). I think he actually slept 7 hours straight one night after that first week. I about died. He had never slept more than 4 or 5 hours his entire life. :) Anyway, I learned that talking didn't really help anything, he was just upset. So I'd tell him that I understood that he was mad, but that he'd get milk in the morning. Sometimes I'd get frustrated, though, and tell him I was going to sleep downstairs if he didn't stop screaming in my ear. He generally stopped crying immediately when I said that and cuddled back to sleep. That's just my experience, though, and it will probably be different for you. I wish you luck and hopefully you'll get through it quickly and as painlessly as possible!

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I'm still nursing my toddler as well. Joey will be 2 in Feb and still nurses before and after every sleep time (so about four times a day). I definitely think my supply has gone down, but I don't know if its from the pregnancy or Joey self-weaning. I had agreed with my DH by not protesting to start weaning Joey at two years old, but we'll see ;)


I've been fortunate so far not to have any painful side effects. I'm so sorry to hear some of you are having a hard time. I don't recall any of them, but LLL's book on tandum nursing had quite a bit of info/tips on painful nursing and weaning when things got too bad.


My mom already knows how I feel about tandum nursing (which is that its perfectly fine if mom/baby are happy, of course), but I'm nervous for my MIL to ask the question.

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Well I've decided night weaning must begin tonight. I can't do the all night nursing every 20-30 minutes any longer. I don't sleep while she nurses and I'm not getting much sleep at all. Today I'm such an exhausted mess I can hardly take care of myself and my family. I hope that it goes well, but I don't think it will. I want it to be as loving and gentle as possible. DD is 17 months and has always coslept with us. We all go to bed together around 10. The best thing we know to do is put DH and DD in another bed, in another room. I'll nurse her to sleep then move back to the master bedroom. DH will console her through the night until the sun comes up around 7. Then I'll nurse her and hope she goes back to sleep for a while.


Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting more sleep but really dreading the work and tears it will take to night wean. It must be done though-for me!


What you are describing is EXACTLY how we nightweaned DD, and it worked well.  Well, it worked as well as we could have hoped.  She was upset a few times, but nothing that he wasn't able to calm for her and sometimes I would go in and help, but just not offer nursing as a solution.  Good luck!!


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We are now at the point where Cecilia is only nursing to go to sleep at night, and per the advice of a 4 times over mama friend of mine, I have begun singing her the same song as she nurses to sleep ("Sweet Baby James," by James Taylor, in our case). The idea is that in a couple of weeks, I can try shortening the nursing session and still singing to her, until she isn't nursing to sleep anymore but still gets her song.

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I am not having any issues yet, but I have no idea what to expect during this pregnancy.  DD is 20 months old (hi Cecelia's Mama!) and nurses all.the.time.  She nurses to sleep, half the night, and many times per day. I am frightened of losing my most powerful parenting tool.

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Well, hello there!! Cece was born 4/6/10; maybe these babes will be 2 days apart too! lol.gif

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Actually my forum name isn't really accurate - DD was DUE on 4/4/10, but she didn't actually join us until 4/18/10!  I would change the name but I don't really know how lol.

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Hi! We're still actively nursing, my DS is 17 mo. It's been feeling ok so far but I am nervous that I may have the extreme MS and nursing becomes impossible. So nervous of that happening. I am open to nursing during pregnancy and tandem nursing (it'll help so much with preventing plugged ducts), I just hope that my body can do it, for I too dread losing such a powerful mothering tool smile.gif

I've added an extra 300 calories, 24 oz of water and extra protein to meet the increased nutritional demands. Sound about right?
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I'm nursing DS, who is 16 months. He nurses to sleep for naps and bed, and nurses upon waking. DH can put him to sleep without a bottle or anything, but he definitely wants to make up for any lost nursing sessions.


I don't really think I am producing that much milk anymore, even before pregnancy! Does anyone else feel this way?


I went away for the first time for the weekend with DH, and pumped the whole time, and came home with only about 15 ounces for the 2 days. He's a great eater, so I don't worry about the nutrition too much - he just loves cuddling and nursing, and its a much nicer way to start the morning snuggling with a toddler for 20 minutes or so, rather than being thrown into the day the moment he wakes up!


So far, no noticeable nipple soreness, but I felt ever so slightly nauseous while nursing this morning, and right before his nap. I hope its just my imagination, because morning sickness isn't supposed to kick in for me for 2 more weeks, based on past experience....

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I'm 4w, 1d and still nursing my nearly 22 month old.  He nurses constantly as he still doesn't eat a whole lot of solids.  This is the second pregnancy I've nursed through, and the last one was no big issue except my milk dried up around 5 months.  We tandem nursed after that for about a year, and I'm hoping to tandem nurse again with this baby and my toddler.

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Hi! 4 wk, 1 d here, too! Nursing our 21 month old has been painful, but I've found that it's mostly her lazy latch. ;)

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I don't think I'm making as much as I used to.  I can usually tell by the way Elsa nurses.  Sometimes she gets those big swallows going and I know she's getting something.  Other times I think it's not as much.  During the day when she asks she only goes on a few minutes, and then loses interest.  At night, if she nurses to sleep she goes down quick and I can slip away.  Most times she goes with her binky instead, so getting to sleep isn't the problem.  She still nurses quite a bit during the night.  I don't know if she latches herself on in her sleep and I'm out too deep to notice, or I help her out while asleep but I wake up with her latched on without remembering how she got there.  And she definitely likes a good nurse when she's waking up. 


I'm really not ready to wean her without her being on board, and I'm definitely not ready to move her to her own bed.  We're thinking of getting a twin mattress to put at the foot of our king size and see if she'll start doing stretches there. 

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I'm 6 w 4 d and nursing my almost 28 month old son. We're down to mostly night time with maybe 2-3 sessions during the day, less if we're not at home and he's busy. It started hurting last week. It's not unbearable but certainly enough for me to try to distract him to avoid it if I can. He is insistent that he will nurse until he's 3 which will be two weeks after the baby is due. :)

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It was during my son's pregnancy that I started counting for his older sister when she nursed. I would tell her when I get to 10 we are done. She learned to count really early!  LOL.  But it also helped me with the nails on chalkboard feeling.


Tandem nursing was an absolute blessing and delight to me.


I would recommend:  Adventures in Tandem Breastfeeding and So That's What They Are For.  Both excellent books on nursing into pregnancy and beyond.

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Originally Posted by intime0 View Post

It was during my son's pregnancy that I started counting for his older sister when she nursed. I would tell her when I get to 10 we are done. She learned to count really early!  LOL.  But it also helped me with the nails on chalkboard feeling.


Tandem nursing was an absolute blessing and delight to me.


I would recommend:  Adventures in Tandem Breastfeeding and So That's What They Are For.  Both excellent books on nursing into pregnancy and beyond.


I just ordered that book! Of course, my 21-month old has only nursed twice a day over the past couple of days.

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My youngest is still nursing a little. She'll be 3 in February. She just likes a few minutes at each breast at bedtime most nights. I don't think there is much there anymore though. When I was 8 weeks pregnant with her, my oldest stopped nursing all on her own so I'm curious to see if that happens again. 

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Suddenly I've turned into the all night milk bar again. It's not so terrible - I can generally fall/stay asleep easily. But it's surprising that she won't take her binky during the night anymore.
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Hi there.  I'm still nursing my 22 month old.  He nurses often -- especially at night.  I'm okay with it, but I do think my supply is starting to go down already which makes it uncomfortable.  My daughter weaned during my last pregnancy around my 20 week mark, so I am expecting him to do the same.  If he doesn't self-wean, I'm fine with tandem nursing.

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Hi. I'm still nursing my almost 23 month old at least three times a day. She gets so much comfort from it, I really don't feel ready to wean. But I'm definitely scared of it becoming super painful. With my first pregnancy my breasts were so sore, it hurt when my DH gave me a hug. Hopefully, it won't be the same this time.
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HAHA! my son is only 10 days younger than yours! LOL! 



My 20 month old is still nursing, i'm trying to not cut him back, but limit his nursing to nursing at home or NOT in public, while nursing in public is AMAZING and crazy fabulous, I get such a level of BS for nursing him period, that if I can do it in privacy, I can let him nurse until he's done (3? 4? who knows!)  and nobody will be the wiser (this was suggested by his G-dmother who is a former La Leche league leader and I think its FABULOUS advice because my family is a bunch of judgey mc judgersons

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