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Originally Posted by thomatuttle View Post

so, i decided to add a few more things/update things (in blue) that i had forgotten about!


get prefolds and covers back

get cosleeper back

organize and paint DD's room  one wall finally has color on it!  then i promised DH not to do anything today so that i could rest.  hopefully the rest will be done tomorrow!

get more all in one's/covers  none needed

start/finish knitting babies blanket

start/finish matching hat and booties for baby

organize house  this will be a never-ending task for the rest of my life, so i'm ok with not having it crossed off at the moment

freezer meals  one lasagna, 2 shepherd's pies, 7 hamburger patties done: breakfast burritos and mini quiches are on the plan for tomorrow

borrow or craigslist an ergo probably not going to happen, only one i know with one still uses it and don't have the money to buy one new or used right now

buy or craigslist a double jogging stroller

wean DD

start collection of boy clothes

find big sister/little brother clothes

knit sweater for baby

pack hospital bag

clean babies carseat and put it in car

start/finish baby sweater  sweater has been done for over a week, but not "officially" done because i still need to make/buy buttons for it

make booties to match sweater



ok, so the only thing that i really have left on the list is to put the carseat in the car, and have a baby!  we've got the freezer meals done that i have listed, except for the breakfast burritos and mini quiches (we'll see if i actually get around to those or not!).  we also added 3 mac and cheeses and 2 tamale pies.  booties to match sweater are done, and i am working on making some buttons for the sweater.  my mom finished painting dd's room and arranged it, even though i'll probably rearrange it when she leaves, but that's ok.


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I'm nearly finished my to-do list!! Woohoo!!



-Watch my Newborn checkup DVD

-Inflate pool and give it a wipe down

-Go through birth supplies one more time and make sure everything is in order



-Make 1 more freezer meal, cookies, waffles and pancakes too, if I have time:)


Project to work on once I'm finished my list- Baby quilt


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Ooo! I'm so close to being done! The first three on the list will happen today and tomorrow, the rest as needed, but I could get by just fine with only the car seat at this point. Looking forward to finding more craft projects to keep me busy once I get through the list!

Get new van and dogs licensed with the city
Sign and notarize documents—dinner tomorrow night to do this!
Convince DP to put her stuff in the hospital bag
Install car seat
Clean the house and do laundry as needed
organize pantry
File paperwork
Put in longer light cord and hang mobile in nursery
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Well, I'm adding things to my list again - mostly around the house stuff that doesn't need to get done but will be easier to do now than after the baby. Hoping to avoid the feeling of 'everything is ready, now where the hell is my baby?!' as I approach the 40w mark.

Originally Posted by lalazap View Post
For baby
  • get carseat and figure out where and how to install it in car
  • wash and organize baby clothes
  • get/make change pad
  • finish knitting baby blanket
  • sewing: flannelette blankets, t-shirt gownsmuslin swaddler  

For the birth/pp

  • towels
  • food for birth helpers there's plenty of easy stuff in the freezer now: muffins, spanakopita, burritos
  • labour food for me (remember frozen pineapple/mango skewers coconut water, gummy berries, frozen fruit ... along with our regularly overstocked pantry
  • HB supplies in living room dresse 
  • get birth pool at 38w, test it out! 
  • hospital bag

In the house

  • empty bedside table drawers
  • recover chair
  • put photos up
  • entry table and inboxes
  • tidy up filing box
  • clean car and get it washed
  • organize upstairs bathroom drawers and cupboards
  • clean downstairs bathroom if DP doesn't do it first love that man!!


  • birth gift for DSS: camera
  • birth videos with DSS

Administrative stuff

  • life insurance
  • look into RESP
  • finish 2011 taxes, meet with accountant
  • discontinue EHS benefits once doula reimbursed can't do this until after the birth ...



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1. Finish renovation on the basement office (at this point, it's mostly installing the flooring.)

2. Move office from upstairs to downstairs

3. Buy furniture; paint; and setup old office as new "big boy" room for DS.

4. Move DS into new room.

5. Set nursery back up as nursery - put crib back from toddler bed to crib, launder linens, etc.

6. Get baby things (bassinet, swing, pack-n-play, boppy, etc.) out of storage, clean and setup.

7. Sterilize pump parts, bottles, pacifiers. (won't use bottles or pacis for several weeks, but might as well clean them.)

8. Get infant dipes out of storage and launder.

9. Make cloth mommy pads.

10. Make mommy freezer packs.

 I bought some instead. Might still make some, we'll see...

11. Make a new boppy case, if time permits.


Oh yeah... and make and freeze MORE dinners/meals.

      Got our new deep freeze

  1. 2 glass pasta sauce jars full of pasta meat sauce (24 oz each)
  2. 4 glass jars (24 oz each) of chicken orzo and veggie soup
  3. Breakfast Burritos
  4. Mini Meatloaves
  5. Chicken Tortilla Soup
  6. Mini Quiches
  7. Shepherd’s Pie
  8. Enchiladas
  9. Ready-to-eat Bacon Slices
  10. More Meat Sauce/but with pureed veggies added in
  11. Pasta Salad
  12. Chicken Curry (Saagwala)
  13. Thai Coconut Chicken
  14. Turkey Chili
  15. Banana Bread (or pumpkin/zucchini/carrot/apple bread)
  16. Curried lentils and sweet potatoes


FINALLY got the bulk of the house projects done. Adding to the list...


  1. Assemble bookshelf for new office
  2. Move office "stuff" onto bookshelf, out of guest room
  3. Launder guest bed linens and tidy room for my mom's stay
  4. Launder and tidy our master bedroom once I'm over my cold so the sheets will be nice and clean when we come home from the birth center.
  5. Tidy the common rooms (got a bit messy this weekend) so I'm not embarrassed to leave friends in the house to watch DS while we go have our baby. :-)
  6. Launder the couch cushion covers as soon as DS is over his cold ( he's been wiping his nose all over it :-\ )


Still hoping to make some more mommy pads... but I won't fret over it if there isn't time. :-P


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