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Physical Therapy for hip pain?

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Anyone tried it?  I'm really surprised at the level of pain and comic waddling that I already have with this pregnancy.  Chiropractic doesn't always feel good to me, especially when I'm already hurting.  My body seems to respond best to it as maintenance care, if that makes any sense.  So, I'm thinking of trying manual PT and wonder if anyone has experience?  The biggest stress will be childcare, I think...sigh...  I'll be mad if it ends up not being worth it.  LOL

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No one?  I asked my mw for a referral, today.  She's going to put it in the mail for me.  I'm having a hard time chasing my little one and the pain is really severe at night.  Not sure how I'll work out the childcare, but we'll just take it one step at a time.

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I have also been having severe hip pain and am interested in whether or not the PT works for you.  Yoga and extra stretching is helping me some, but the pain is getting worse and I'd like another option.  

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I'm sorry you're in pain, too!  Ugh.  If we were near the end, I would be more inclined to just deal.  The kicker for me was when my son got away from me and pulled the fire alarm, last week, during my daughters' swim team practice.  I was hesitant to get up and chase him because it hurt so badly, and then it was totally MY fault!  greensad.gif  I can't spend another 5 months like this...


I e-mailed some friends and got a wonderful rec for a place that does manual physical therapy, so they incorporate acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release and massage therapy!  I can hardly believe that they take my insurance!  I think it will be a lot better than the typical PT of doing some exercises and then ice and stim.


I will keep you posted! 

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Whoo..I thought I was the only one! Mine hurts when I stand up and walk on it (sometimes it makes putting on clothes interesting, since I don't quite trust my leg to be supportive) and then the pain goes away as I walk more. Chiropractor and OB had no ideas to make it better--please post if the PT helps!
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Got my Rx!!!! jumpers.gif  Now, I just have to figure out how/when to schedule an appt!

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i get awful him pain on the right side, when i get up i feel like i am 80 years old, have to limp to the bathroom. as it progesses i cant lay on my back, to turn in bed after that i get lots of hip pain. it helps me to get a massage, but its not long lasting, just stretching i suppose.

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We have no idea when to schedule an appt.  :(  But, I think my husband became more motivated last night, when I broke the headboard off of our bed. Sheepish.gif  It hurts so, so much to roll over.  I reached up and tried to used the headboard to help me kind of lift myself up and then roll...  Well, it didn't go over so well...loud noises and such... 

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My sister is a massage therapist and does cranio.  She says that she has had success with two clients with severe hip pain. I'm almost ready to beg her to come over and work on me.  It's just my right side as well, but by the end of the day I can hardly walk.  I'll let you all know how it goes, and exactly what she does to me.

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its great to know other ladies have that hip pain, my mom looks at me like already, your not even that big yet.. grrrr i had to have dh help me out of the bath the other night, no more baths for me :( thats pregnancy i was at a hotel with a friend and layed on my back to long, lol she had to help me roll to my side. luckely it goes aways right after i have the baby

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